Comforting Her Sister

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This story contains incest between 2 step sisters.

ALL characters in this story are above 18 years of age.

* * * * * * * * *

“Alyn, it’s Uncle Haldor, we haven’t seen him in years, he used to play with us when we were little, remember?” The blonde-haired maiden said, tugging her sister’s hand.

“I do Ness, but I’m sorry. I just can’t let you see him. Father ordered everyone to stay away from him, especially you,” she said, pointing at her sister. “You know very well what will happen if we don’t listen to him.”

“Since when were you such a goody-two-shoes,” Nessa grinned. She slowly crept toward the doorway, hoping to make a dash for the exit.

Alyn caught her sister at the corner of her eye and immediately moved in front of it, putting herself between her sister and the exit.

“Alyn,” Nessa huffed.

“Think about it. Father and Uncle used to be the closest friends and one day he just vanishes without telling father a word.” Alyn gestured with her hands. “And now, after all these years, he suddenly decides to reappear. Aren’t you the slightest bit curious why he’s finally returned after so long?”

“Nope,” Alyn replied shaking her head.

“But Alyn-“

“No means no Ness, end of story,’ the black-haired beauty said crossing her arms.

“Please Alyn,” Nessa pleaded in an almost crying voice. Alyn knew that defying her father was a bad idea. If he had found out about their meeting, which he very much would have, it would spell disaster for them both. But Nessa was still her dearest sister after all, and she wore a face Alyn couldn’t possibly say no to. Not since their mother’s passing. It has been 12 years since then.

Alyn and Nessa were not true siblings; They did not share the same blood. Nessa was born into royalty while Alyn was merely a street orphan. Her parents died due to unknown causes as was the usual back then. The queen took pity on Alyn and adopted her into the family without the king’s approval, but she didn’t care, she was the queen after all.

Alyn and Nessa lived very different lives even though they had the same parents. Alyn’s life was rough gowing up in the palace. She was largely unloved by her father, while Nessa got all his affection since, in his view, she was his real daughter. Unlike the king, the queen acted like a loving mother to her children regardless of who they were. She cared for both dearly and treated them like they were her own. She played an important role in bringing Alyn and Nessa closer together as siblings which made them what they were today.

For once in her life, Alyn felt like she was part of a family. However, that joy didn’t last long, and it was soon to be ripped away from her.

A few years after Alyn’s adoption, their mother, the queen, came down with an incurable illness. Alyn and Nessa spent the last few wonderful months with her while their father, the king, searched tirelessly for a cure. A few months later, she passed away peacefully, with only her two lovely children by her side. What Alyn saw on her sister’s face that day, the sorrow, the despair, the grief, she couldn’t bear it. Alyn vowed to never let her sister cry again regardless of what the situation was.

She unfolded her arms and sighed deeply remembering her vow, “Fine Ness. Don’t let me regret this.”

Nessa’s eyes sparkled brightly upon hearing her sister’s words. She sprang forward, surprising her with a grateful hug and a huge smile on her face.

“Thank you, Alyn!” Nessa exclaimed, wrapping her hands around her sister’s waist.

Alyn blushed and looked away, thinking whether it was too late to stop her.

* * * * * * * * *

Alyn and Nessa stood in the courtyard waiting for their guest to arrive. Nessa paced back and forth, a million questions buzzing in her mind. They were simple things, but it overwhelmed her, having not met him after so long. Alyn, on the other hand, was cautious, her eyes scanning her surroundings, instinctively looking for any signs of danger even though they were in the safest place in the world. Alyn knew Uncle would not do anything to harm them, but she couldn’t help but feel anxious.

“Oh, there he is,” Nessa whispered, pointing to a middle-aged man dressed in a simple suit.

As he approached, his gaze was fixated on the entrance of the palace, his stride unchanging and only moving in one direction. He failed to notice them waving at him.

“Uncle Haldor!” Nessa shouted, waving her arms frantically.

“Girls,” he replied. His gaze shifted to the two ladies by the courtyard.

Nessa sprinted towards him with her arms flung wide open.

Uncle Haldor embraced her tightly.

“Nessa, it’s good ısparta escort to see you again.”

“Us too uncle,” she said, pulling away from him and smiling widely, “but, what took you so long, we were worried about you.”

Uncle laughed, “Sorry kid, I’ve been really busy over the past few years.”

“So busy that you couldn’t even come by to see us once?” she frowned.

“Unfortunately, so,” he said tapping her shoulder.

He glanced over to Alyn, “Hey kid, it’s good to see you too.”

“Likewise, uncle,” Alyn replied, nodding slightly.

“Ah girls,” he placed a hand on Nessa’s shoulder, “I’m glad to see that the two of you are growing up nicely. Your mother, she would have been very proud.”

Alyn and Nessa fell silent.

“I would love to catch up with you two some more but, I need to see your father first. It’s an urgent matter. Is he in the palace right now?” He asked.

“I’m afraid not uncle,” Alyn replied shaking her head.

“Do you know where he went?”

“No clue,” she shrugged. “Nowadays, father rarely tells us where he goes anymore.”

“I see,” he said, his head tilted slightly.

Nessa looked at her sister with pleading eyes.

Alyn added quickly, “Perhaps, you could stay a while longer? Father might come back. It’s been quite a while since he left.”

“Yeah!” Nessa chimed in, a bright smile working its way over her face once again.

He paused; his eyes bounced between the two ladies.

He sighed, “Ah, I suppose I could.”

* * * * * * * * *

The conversation, mostly between Nessa and Uncle Haldor, was heart-warming and nostalgic. Alyn and Nessa felt like they were kids once again, listening to uncle regal tales of his youth, exploring uncharted caves and ruins, in search of treasures and artifacts. Nessa sat quietly, grinning to herself as she listened to her uncle share with them his adventures over the past few years.

In Nessa’s eyes, it felt like her uncle had finally reconnected with them after so long. But Alyn sensed that something really bothered him, it was as though he wanted to say something but was held back by something else. From the smile he wore to the hearty laughter in his voice, it all didn’t seem genuine.

“Listen, girls,” he said, clasping his hands together. His eyes narrowed and his tone became grim. “I must confess something. It’s only right that you know.”

Their eyes perked up.

“The real reason why I’m here is to stop your father.”

“What do you mean uncle?” Nessa said.

He took a deep breath and continued, “Remember when your mother came down with that incurable disease several years ago.”

The pair nodded slowly.

“You see, your father and I, we searched endlessly for a cure, anything that could save your mother’s life. We would ride out even at the smallest chance we could find it. But we never did find it. As your mother grew sicker, we became increasingly desperate.”

The pair listened on.

“One day, when I was off on a tip, your father, he-“, he paused and took another deep breath. “He did something unthinkable.’

“He had a whole family slaughtered just because they lied about having found a cure.”

“You must be joking, father wouldn’t do such a thing,” she replied with a stutter in her voice.

“I thought so too kid,” he sighed, “when I got wind of it, I couldn’t believe it at first. But as the days went by, more reports came flooding in about such atrocities, farms burnt and ransacked, whole villages razed to the ground, countless innocents massacred. I couldn’t ignore it. Your father, he became a madman.”

“I don’t believe you,” Nessa said, shaking her head vigorously.

He ruffled through his clothes and pulled out an envelope. He set it on the table in front of him, gesturing for Nessa to open it. She picked it up, ripped it open, and pulled out the contents inside. She flicked through all of them one by one.

“I had hoped that after your mother passed some form of normalcy could return. I thought we could forget all about it and move on. But your father, he still couldn’t let go.”

Nessa’s hands trembled uncontrollably as her eyes scanned through each report. Details of the violence and killings were all written down in black and white. The seal of her father was stamped at the corner of each individual document.

“Ten years, I tried to stop him,” he said, slamming his fist onto the table. “But, he wouldn’t listen to reason. He just kept on killing countless more and for what?”

“Stop, uncle. Please,” Nessa cried, “Why did you tell us any of this?”

“I need your help, both of you,” he begged, “Please, help me put a stop to kastamonu escort this.”

Tears began welling up in her eyes. She let the reports she was holding onto fall to the ground and covered her face with her weak hands.

Alyn could feel her sister’s pain. She cursed her father’s name silently despising him for what he did. Alyn knew that to her sister, what her uncle revealed was life-changing. Her father meant everything to her, especially after their mother passed away. Alyn clenched her fists and stepped forward.

“Uncle, I think it’s best if we spoke another time,” she said.

He bit his lip, stopping himself before he could push for more. He nodded and left the room quietly closing the door behind him.

Alyn knelt beside her sister, wrapping a comforting arm around her shoulders.

“Ness, I’m so sorry,” she said.

“Why would father do something like this,” Nessa said fumbling her words slightly.

“Perhaps father thought doing all of this will bring mother back.”

“But he knows it won’t! Mother is dead, and nothing is going to bring her back. Father should know better.”

Alyn could see her sister beginning to cry as tears slowly rolled down her face. She knew she had to do something. In a split second, Alyn leaned in and kissed her sister on her lips. Nessa didn’t resist. Nessa’s eyes widen, searching her sister’s face for an answer.


“Shh…not another word,” Alyn cooed softly, tapping a finger on her sister’s lips.

She touched her sister’s delicate face wiping away her tears. She whispered calmly, “Come on, let’s bring you somewhere safe.”

Nessa nodded slowly.

Alyn lifted her up from her chair and cradled her in her arms. She left the room and headed straight towards her sister’s bedroom.

* * * * * * * * *

Nessa laid down on her bed, her head nestled between her sister’s laps. They watched in silence, taking in the tranquil night sky through the large open balcony beside the bed.

“I still remember the day I met you, in this very room when mother brought me to see you for the first time,” Alyn said softly.

“You were dressed in that expensive green gown that you always adored, while I was still dressed in my dirty clothes that haven’t been washed in days. I remembered you then raised your hand out to me and with that bright arrogant smile of yours, you said, ‘Nice to meet you, I’m Nessa!'”

“When I had heard that, I hated you so much. You reminded me of one of those princesses from those stories. They were obnoxious, snobbish, and annoying. You even looked the part too.”

Nessa let out a slight chuckle.

“But you know, the longer I lived with you the more I got to know the real you.” Alyn continued, slowly running her hands through her sister’s long hair.

“The way you stood up to father and how well you cared for me, not because mother told you to. I still remember that one time you got into serious trouble with father because you snuck into my room to hang out with me,” Alyn laughed.

“But my point is Ness, you are better than those other princesses. You’re not obnoxious, or snobbish, or annoying.”

Nessa got up from her sister’s lap and looked at her sister with her hazel eyes.

Alyn squeezed her sister’s hand tightly and stared back.

“You’re the strongest person I know,” she smiled warmly.

The room was completely still. Their eyes locked, yearning for each other. For a while, nothing was said. At that moment, everything that transpired earlier was erased from their minds.

Then, almost at the same time, the pair surged forth and kissed each other, their mouths collided, and their tongues intertwined dancing in each other’s mouth. They broke away several times, to catch glimpses of each other faces, before diving back in for another kiss.

Alyn’s hands wandering their way up and under her sister’s gown, gliding its way past her slender stomach to her bare breast. She teased her nipples lightly, grazing them several times with her rough fingers. Nessa moaned softly from the sensual caresses.

“Are you sure?” Alyn asked breaking away from their kiss.

Nessa nodded bashfully, her eyes searching for a place to hide. Alyn held the hem of her sister’s gown and in one swift motion, lifted it up and over her head prying it free from her body. Alyn was stunned and her gaze fixed on her sister’s goddess-like body. Nessa quickly covered her breasts with one hand and rested another on her lower region, her face turning scarlet to the tip of her ears.

Alyn giggled at her sister’s plight. She stood up and prepared to give her sister a striptease. She unhooked the back of her tunic kayseri escort and let it fall to the ground, revealing two well-endowed breasts. Nessa’s jaws hung slightly, she’d always knew that her sister’s breasts were huge from the quick glances she snuck at her, but she’d never expected it to be this big. Alyn turned around showing her curvaceous back to her sister. She continued to remove her leggings, wriggling her tight ass cutely in front of her sister. It eventually fell free, revealing another pair of wonderful assets to her already amazed sister. Alyn turned back and stared at her, with her bare body on full display.

“You are so beautiful Alyn,” Nessa gasped as she let her eyes roamed over her sister’s voluptuous body.

“Thank you, Ness,” Alyn cooed. She sat back down and touched her soft cheeks. “You’re beautiful too.”

Nessa blushed, “but mine aren’t as big as yours, and I heard people like larger breasts.”

Alyn nudged her sister’s face lightly and grinned, “Don’t be silly Ness. I like them, just the way they are.”

Alyn lowered her head, prying away her sister’s hand that was covering her supple breasts. She leaned in and let her mouth and tongue explore every inch of them. She nibbled at her stiff nipples causing Nessa to squeal cutely each time she did. She alternated between each breast, fondling one with her hands while sucking the other with her mouth.

Alyn moved her free hand down to her sister’s wet folds. Nessa’s arm that used to cover them now hung loosely by her side. Alyn teased her sister’s clit lightly, tracing shapes around her delicate mound. It didn’t take long for Nessa to feel something building up in her pussy.

“Something’s coming Alyn!” Nessa squealed; she gripped her sister’s round butt tightly.

“Let it all out Ness,” Alyn said, rubbing her sister’s clit more furiously.

Within moments, Nessa screamed, and her body convulsed slightly. A gush liquid squirted out of Nessa’s pussy, completely soaking Alyn’s hands and the bedsheets below. Alyn caught her sister’s limp body and laid her down slowly on the bed; her body still reeling from the very first orgasm she had.

“That felt weird,” Nessa said, resting a hand on her chest. “Weird but in a good way.”

Alyn inched herself closer to her sister. She touched her face and went in for a quick kiss.

“Can you still go on?” she whispered softly into her ears.

Nessa nodded slowly.

Alyn flung one of her legs over Nessa’s body, straddling her hips just above her sister’s face. Nessa admired her sister’s pussy up close and blushed slightly. Alyn then leaned in and rested her face just above her sister’s soaked pussy.

“What should I do Alyn?” Ness asked, a mix of genuine concern and excitement in her voice.

Alyn giggled, “Just follow my lead Ness, you’ll be fine I promise.”

Alyn dived into her sister’s pussy, lapping up all the squirt that remained around her outer folds. She then licked her clit again, which was already over-sensitive from her prior orgasm. Nessa moaned at every lick, but not wanting to disappoint her sister, she did the same. It was awkward at first like a cat licking treats off a food bowl. But Nessa, always a quick learner, eventually got the hang of it. Her tongue found its way to Alyn’s clit and she licked it skilfully, tracing shapes like Alyn did with her fingers before. The overwhelming sensations forced Alyn to momentarily break away.

“Fuck Ness! You’re so good at this,” Alyn moaned rocking her hips back and forth, “Are you sure it’s your first time?”

“Mhm,” Nessa replied, her face still buried in her sister’s pussy.

Alyn tried to lean back in, not wanting to let her sister have all the fun. But Nessa responded by burying her tongue deeper into Alyn’s pussy, twisting and turning it with every lick. Even though it was Nessa’s first time exploring her sister’s pussy, she knew exactly where her weak spots were. She barraged them with her tongue sending her sister into pure ecstasy.

Alyn arched her back and clutched the bedsheets.

“FUCK!” Alyn screamed as she came, her body jerking violently from her orgasm. Alyn rolled off from above her sister and after a brief rest, sank back onto the bed beside her.

The room fell silent again.

Alyn slowly turned her face, and her gaze met her sister’s once again.

Alyn smiled at Nessa and she smiled back.

“I love you, Ness,” Alyn whispered.

Author’s Note

Hey, thanks for reading my story. I hope you enjoyed it. I’m still constantly looking for ways to improve my work so please feel free to leave comments and feedback if you have any.

Small side note, I didn’t think much of their ages when creating this story and I realized my huge mistake after submitting (Thanks Lit Admins!). I therefore must reiterate that Alyn and Nessa are above 18 years of age – Alyn in her early 20’s and Nessa just turning 19.

Cheers, and thanks for reading my story once again!

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