Grad Student Slave Ch. 02

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The dinner went until 10, but I barely remember the end of it. Even as I was cleaning up after, all I could think about was what would happen to me tonight. I couldn’t believe the situation I had gotten myself into. Or the man I had gotten into it with. Had it been a nice blowjob, I wouldn’t have minded servicing my benefactor regularly. Hell, I probably would enjoy it. But not this man. He had fucked my throat hard, degraded me, and put me in a spot to be exposed to others. I had no idea what would happen. I was going to find out soon though.

We finally finished cleaning around 11:30 and I headed out. I checked my email just in case, and found one from Mr. Samuels. It took me a second to realize it was on my school email account, not my “special” account. Shit.

– Don’t forget, midnight at my room. And I want you in a pink thong again. –

I wasn’t wearing a thong now, and I didn’t have much time if I had to go home first, so I just jumped in my car and headed out quickly. After getting home, changing into the only pink thong I had left (a stretchy spandex one) and rushing back, I made it to his door at 12:01. It was cracked open again, and I figured I knew what he wanted. Soon I was back on my knees, naked except for the thong, waiting for Mr. Samuels.

When I heard him coming I looked up to see him back in his robe with his phone in hand. I knew I had to say something.

“Mr. Samuels, please I can’t do this. I value my work and my position too much to jeopardize it like this. I’m sorry about earlier, but can we please just forget -“

I stopped at the hard slap across my face. I looked up hesitantly to see the flash from his phone going off.

“Looks like you’re going to take some more training slut. First off, you’re late. Second, you assumed you had the right to use my name. And third, do you actually think you have the right to talk?! You will be punished for all of those this weekend. Maybe by the time Monday gets here, you’ll have learned your place. You’re my slut now. I don’t care what you value or want. I want a cockslut to use, humiliate, and fuck whenever I please. You are now that slut. If you don’t do everything I ask, I’ll show John this picture and tell him that you showed up here tonight begging for my cock and that I can no longer justify funding you or his lab. How do you think that will go over?!”

I couldn’t believe it. If he did that I would be ruined! I would never get into another lab. The career I had been working towards for a decade would be over before it had a chance to begin. He really did own me. And he knew it.

“That’s right slut. I see you’re starting to realize what’s going on here, so here are the rules. You will refer to me as Master or Sir at all times. That includes in public. You can tell everyone else you’re just being respectful, but you and I will know it’s really because you’re my personal fucktoy. You will NEVER talk back to me again and you görükle escort will ALWAYS do what I tell you. If not you will be punished. I won’t expose you to anyone you know as long as you obey me, but if you ever disobey me I will ruin you. You are mine now. I own you and you will be my slut and whore and fucktoy for as long as I want. Is that clear?!”

I had no choice. I had put myself in a situation I couldn’t get out of.

“Yes Sir.”

“Good. Dumb fucking slut.”

He left me there and returned to the room for a second, but before I could figure out what I should do he was returning with something in his hand. At first I thought it was a pink belt, but realized it was too short and didn’t have a normal clasp. It was a collar with a leash attached. Without a word, Sir placed it around my neck and slotted one end into the other, pulling it snug. I felt him twist something and heard a click as he stepped back holding a key. He didn’t say anything or explain anything, My new Master just grabbed the leash and started walking back to the living room and his armchair, pulling me with him. I had been here less than 24 hours ago, but now I was here as an owned slut. What had I gotten myself into?!

“Now slut, you need to be punished for your earlier fuck-ups. To start off with you’re going to beg to be my slut and for me to train you. I expect you to be convincing too. If not, the picture goes to your advisor. You had better convince me that being my whore is everything you desire from life!”

I couldn’t think about it anymore. I had to just do what he wanted and hope he would get tired of this quickly.

“Please Sir, allow me to be your slut! All I want is to please you and be used by you in any and every way you want. Please train me to take your beautiful cock in my throat and pussy like a good whore! I’ll do anything you want and obey and worship your cock just like you deserve! I’ll do whatever or whoever you desire if it’ll please you, all I want is to submit and be your cockslut, and fucktoy, and whore for as long as you want!!”

I would’ve kept going, but that seemed to be enough as Mr. Samuels pulled open his robe and pulled me forward with his leash until I took his cock in my mouth. I knew what he wanted and bobbed and sucked on his cock for all I was worth. Maybe if I could get him off fast enough he wouldn’t start fucking my throat again.

“That’s a good start slut. Maybe I’ll consider it one of your punishments. Maybe not. Either way, when you suck my cock, I expect you to moan like the slut you are. Nothing should be more important or enjoyable to you than having my cock in you. By the end of this weekend you’ll be able to take my cock all the way down properly. That training will happen quickly if you don’t want me fuck out your vocal cords. Right now though, I think you need some idea of what’ll happen when you disobey me.”

Sir picked up his phone as I görükle escort bayan continued to suck his cock, moaning loudly like a good slut. I had no idea what he was doing, but his cock was rock hard again and I just wanted to finish him off fast. After a minute he set down the phone and grabbed something from the table next to me. Pushing my head down, he reached back and pulled my wrists together. I thought he must be tying them up again, and was mostly right. The feeling of metal and sound of ratcheting told me he was cuffing me this time. I guess the collar wasn’t the only thing he had gotten today. After that he just sat back and turned on the tv behind me. He was watching SportsCenter as I sucked his cock!! I couldn’t believe it! Still, I guess it was better than him throatfucking me again. I figured he just wanted to enjoy relaxing, so I just kept at it, trying everything I could to get him off. I wasn’t sure what he was going to do to punish me, but I was starting to think maybe he had changed his mind. Then I heard a knock on the door.

“Don’t forget what I can do to you slut. You’re mine and this is what happens when you disobey me.”

Sir called out for whoever it was to come in, and for a second I tried to pull off his cock in fear. He wasn’t having it though and quickly grabbed the leash, reminding me of the picture. My heart sank. I was trapped. Squeezing my eyes shut tight to try and shut out the humiliation, I started sucking Sir’s cock again moaning like a good whore.

“Hey, I take it you’re the maintenance guy. This slut said the sink in there is broken, can you take a look?”

I couldn’t believe it. Here I was, collared, cuffed, naked except for the thong, on my knees sucking my new master’s cock as he had a maintenance guy doing repairs. Fuck!!

“Excuse me sir, the sink seems to be fine, I guess your…uh…slut…was mistaken.”

“Seriously?! Goddamn, dumb sluts. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to find a good one. They’re all eager to suck my cock, but can’t even tell when a sink is working properly. You wouldn’t believe how eager this one was. Begged me like a good whore.”

“Really? That’s crazy. He sure seems to be enjoying himself though.”

“Oh yeah, I’m serious! Here check this out.”

I heard Mr. Samuels messing with something above me and SportsCenter switched off for a second. When I heard the TV again I froze. It was my voice! He had recorded me earlier somehow and was playing it back for the repairman!

They both cracked up at me degrading myself for Sir, but it quickly got worse.

“Tell you what, for wasting your time how about the slut’ll make it up to you. He’s not great, but he’s at least an acceptable cocksucker.”

“Damn, I don’t know. Sounds kind of gay. I’m straight.”

“Haha don’t worry, having a slut suck your cock isn’t gay. It’s the natural order. Real men get what they want. Sluts do what they’re bursa escort told.”

I hoped the repairman wouldn’t be convinced, but after thinking a second he agreed and walked around to me as I felt Mr. Samuels hand him the leash.

“Here you go, feel free to make the whore pay for wasting your time, I’ll be right back.”

Sir pushed me up off him as he stood up, and I was quickly pulled over to the repairman. I hadn’t seen him before, but now I was getting an up close look at him from the belt up. He wasn’t as old as Sir, but still at least in his 40’s. He also had a bit of a gut and was definitely not as clean cut as Mr. Samuels. I glanced around for a second before seeing Sir shoot me a warning glare. One way or another this wasn’t ending well for me, but sucking off another stranger was probably the best of bad options.

The repairman didn’t seem to care one way or another though as he unbuckled his pants and dropped both them and his boxers.

“Fucking slut, what were you thinking wasting my time. Don’t you know real men have better things to do?!”

His rapidly hardening cock was right in front of my face and he wasted no time grabbing my head and shoving it into his crotch. He smelled of sweat and work as my nose pushed into his pubes, but he quickly pulled me back and aimed his cock at my open mouth. I never would have chosen a guy like this to service, but it obviously wasn’t my choice anymore. Luckily he wasn’t too big, maybe 6 inches, and fit mostly in my mouth. That didn’t stop him from shoving his cock in as far as he could though. Even at his length I still choked and gagged as he fucked my face hard, pulling me all the way until my nose was flattened against pubes. All I could do was kneel there and take it as he grunted and called me names.

“Unh, yeah, take it you fucking sissy. Fucking faggot cocksucker, wasting my time. As if it wasn’t bad enough I’m on the night shift. You fucking whore, you’d better swallow it all. FUUUCCCKKK!!”

He didn’t last long and yelled out as he forced his cock all the way in and shot his load. I swallowed as quickly as I could, trying not to gag over the thought of what I had just done. Off to the side, I could hear Mr. Samuels laughing to himself as the repairman quickly pulled his pants back up.

“Sorry again for wasting your time. Feel free to use the slut again if you ever see him around the hotel. If he talks back, just let me know.”

“Haha damn, thanks that’s a hell of an offer. I’ll be keeping an eye out for the little slut.”

Mr. Samuels laughed again as he came in and sat back down. I just knelt there trying to fight back tears.

“I told you you would be punished. You’re lucky this was a stranger. Next time I’ll make sure it’s someone you know. You will never disobey me again. You’re my property and you will do what I say. That includes servicing that man whenever you see him from now on. Now get over here and get those lips back around my cock, whore.”

I stumbled back over to Mr. Samuels as he pulled on my leash. In less than 24 hours I had been used, degraded, enslaved, humiliated, and now loaned out like just a cheap fucktoy.

And it was just the start of the weekend.

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