Annie Babysits the Kids Ch. 05


Author’s Note: To all the fans of this series I offer my apologies for the delinquency of submissions. Real life often sneaks up on us and I’ve had little time to devote to the series between moves, jobs, computer crashes, and other miscellaneous crises in the last year. I do appreciate the feedback (both good and bad) which has been the driving force in continuing this series, the result being this extended version of Chapter 5. I have several more chapters planned and hope to get them out soon!

Chapter 5 – All in a Day’s Work

Previously I described my fiancée Anne-Marie blackmailed into becoming a sex slave for two guys she babysat when teenagers. Although coerced into doing things she would not normally have done, she enjoyed every moment. Instead of getting upset, their dominance over her resulted in me hornier than ever and wanting to see her used more.

During their first outing to the mall, they bought her a new wardrobe suitable for her role as a personal play toy. Her adventures were quite interesting resulting in her sucking off a bunch of my friends and co-workers in a public restroom, and later being gangbanged by a group of strangers in a furniture store after hours.

I have discovered most of what has happened reading Annie’s diary, where she describes every detail, conversation, and thought she has. Additionally, I have had the pleasure of watching some of the events unfold, unbeknownst to her. Now the story continues…


I could barely sleep Sunday night, being the first to arrive at work Monday morning. I was anxious to see how my buddies would behave after their weekend suck-fest with my gorgeous fiancée at the mall.

This was a dream come true for all of them. Since high school every guy who met Annie had tried to fondle, fuck, and get close as they could, especially my friends. She often complained about their forwardness, particularly about Rick my closest friend; however, I knew how desirable she was and could not fault them for following their basic instincts. Annie is not only desirable, but a natural tease and extremely sexual. This past weekend they finally fulfilled some of their wildest fantasies.

Annie was the best cock-sucker I ever had the pleasure of, and often bragged to the guys, teasing them about her techniques until they were ready to burst out of their pants with lust for her. It was normal for us to talk about our girlfriends in the crudest fashion at the auto shop where we worked, and most conversations ended up talking about Annie. The guys would often make fun of me, saying she should leave me to fuck and suck them, or me teasing them about how good she was the night before, describing every little detail. Now that they finally “sampled her wares” and had an idea of how sexual she truly was I was anxious to see how the conversations around the shop would now become.

It was an odd relationship amongst us guys. Most people would not consider them friends due to the way we talked about the woman I was marrying, but I enjoyed other men lusting after Annie. Although she has never approved of how they act around her, I was proud she was so desirable to others, sometimes even asking her to dress provocatively to show her body off more. Knowing they were hitting on her when they thought I was not looking was a huge thrill, especially Rick who has always lusted after Annie. They were my closest friends, and I knew they were only doing what came natural around a beautiful, sexually opened woman.

I could not be angry at Annie for this weekend either; I loved her sensuality and knew she loved me regardless of what she did with another guy—or in this case, guys. Sex in my mind was a physical act unrelated to our feelings. I never understood the emphasis placed on monogamy, nor agreed with most stories concerning “cheating” when only sex was involved. I considered “making love” and “fucking” two different things and was pleased Annie was able to experience some of her darker desires.

My reverie was broken as the shop door opened and Greg Smith arrived. He was the shyest in our group and other than looking at me strangely and mumbling good morning, avoided me. I knew nothing would happen until everybody was in the shop and Rick arrived. Rick was the ringleader of our group and would be the first to start any talking. His lust for Annie was greater than all my friends combined, and he would be the most opened about what occurred.

In fact, Rick was the main reason Annie always found an excuse not to go out when she knew the guys would be around in order to avoid him. This aversion was partly because of how openly he hit on her; however, her main reason was due to what happened at a pool party we attended after graduation a couple years ago.


At this particular party Annie and I had too much to drink so Rick offered to drive us home. I was so drunk I ended up passing out in the backseat, but awoke up to the sounds of groaning and whispering. Peeking between the seats I saw Annie turned towards türkçe alt yazılı porno Rick, her breasts bare and shining from the day’s worth of suntan oil reflecting the dashboard lights! She was obviously giving Rick a hand job, her breasts swaying to the motion of her arm as her hand slid up and down in his lap. Far from being upset, the sight immediately turned me on more than I could imagine, and was the first time I realized I enjoyed watching her with another guy.

Without them knowing I was awake, I watched Rick’s hands stroked Annie’s hair and back, whispering how he had always wanted her. Mesmerized I stared transfixed as he guided her head down without her objection into his lap, telling her unless she wanted to explain to me why there was cum all over the car seat he should cum in her mouth. Annie offered no resistance as she bent over his lap, her soft moans revealing her yearnings. Listening to the soft squish of her mouth over his cock, I watched her naked torso bob up and down almost cumming myself. Suddenly Rick groaned and I heard Annie softly moan, the sounds of swallowing revealing her craving as Rick orgasmed in her mouth.

Rick made Annie stay topless the entire ride back to her house as I feigned sleep, wondering what else may happen. As he drove, he continuously rubbed Annie’s breasts, legs, and back without any protest from her. Annie’s breathing was very audible during the car ride, betraying how turned on she was. When we arrived at Annie’s house Rick checked to make sure I was still asleep, and then escorted Annie to her porch, still topless. I raised myself to view them from the car, enjoying the clear view of Annie standing in front of another man topless, wearing nothing but a sarong and string bikini around her waist. Her body glistened in the porch light from the day’s worth of suntan oil over her body, the light’s reflection exposing every part of her body.

I watched them talk, about to fall asleep when Rick’s arm wrapped around Annie, pulling her to him and giving her a deep French kiss. Annie offered no resistance, leaning into him as his other hand moved up and down her hip. Although the movement was innocent enough, I saw the sarong slowly loosen and knew it was no accident as it fell to the ground. Unaware of her predicament, Annie continued to kiss Rick as his hand slowly moved to the ties of her bikini bottom. Knowing what was about to happen, I watched mesmerized as he slowly untied the band, his hand sliding over Annie’s bare hip as the material fell away and gripping her ass cheek, pulling her body further against him. From Annie’s lack of protest I knew she was excited as I watched the scene before me in anticipation. Slowly Rick’s hand moved in front of him, Annie’s knees buckling and knew without doubt he was fingering her!

Rick continued for several minutes and it was apparent watching Annie’s body she was enjoying the attention as her hips slowly rocked in motion with his arm. Wondering how much more she could take, Annie suddenly tilted her head back, her moan apparent even from the car as she came, Rick’s fingers buried deep inside her pussy.

Giving her one last kiss Rick turned away from her and walked towards the car as I quickly laid back down, again pretending to be out cold. The ride to my house was uneventful, other than Rick calling one of our friends to tell the whole story. I almost laughed when he told them he would be back at the party soon and they could all smell his fingers once he dropped me off at my house. I pretended I was still out of it when we got to my place as he shook me awake, the odor of my girlfriend’s sex obvious on him as I stumbled to my door, watching him drive away. I quickly went to my room and jacked off—I was so excited at what happened. At that point I realized I wanted to watch Annie with other men, also knowing I cared for her more than anyone in the world.

Not only was it the first time I watched Annie with another man, it was also the first time I read her diary without her knowledge, wondering at the events leading up to when I woke. I read how Rick told her it was payment for the ride home, refusing to take her any further until she agreed on getting him off. Based upon her diary—which Annie never lied to—Rick fondled her breasts, swiftly untying her bikini top as he continued to caressed her breasts slick with suntan oil. Although she protested, she became incredibly turned on and to avoid being caught topless by me waking up, agreed to the hand job.

She admitted she was so turned on she would have fucked Rick right there on her porch if I had not been in the car. Rick told her he was returning the favor of her getting him off as he made her cum, reading her description on how carefree she felt, yet guilty and mortified at having cheated on me.

Since that evening Annie refused to go to any parties Rick attended, both of them keeping the outcome of the ride a secret, neither knowing I knew the truth. I had not bothered to read any more of Annie’s diary since then.

In doeda porno my opinion Rick was only acting on the instincts of a man around a beautiful woman. I could not fault him for desiring Annie, especially as much as she teased the guys at the party, continuously flirting and strutting around in her bikini. I knew all the men were lusting after her and would have done the same thing had I not been around. Rick’s actions neither surprised nor upset me.

I could not fault Annie either, knowing how sexual she is and how alcohol and dancing make her more horny than usual.

Since we first started dating in high school I had fantasized about her with other guys, wishing she were more “loose” and asking her to dress more provocatively. It was a dream come true for me to see her being used like that, so I was not upset with either of them, wishing more happened…


I was lost in thought finishing my cup of coffee when Rick and the rest of the crew arrived together. His face immediately lit up with a big grin when he saw me. He said something to the other guys out of earshot causing them to laugh as they walked into the garage with big smiles on all of their faces.

“Heya Bobby boy!” Rick said cheerfully.

“Hey Rick, how’s it hanging?” I returned, trying to act nonchalant.

“Funny you should ask,” he smiled at me. “After this weekend it’s hanging pretty well!” he laughed. “It’s a damn shame you weren’t with us this weekend, eh boys?” He looked at the others, all smiling though none looked directly at me except Rick.

“Why is that?” I asked innocently. I could not believe Rick was mentioning their weekend the second they walked in the door. Then again, I knew the event had probably been on their minds all weekend and they were as anxious to talk about it as I was to listen.

None of them would mention Annie by name; they were not spiteful or trying to ruin our relationship. We were friends regardless of how unorthodox we were when talking about each others’ girls; a tradition and bonding experience as each girl we dated became “fair game” for the others to talk about as crudely as possible. For them Annie was a conquest, they would not break our friendship talking about her directly; however, I was curious to see how far they would actually go.

“Well, we actually had an excellent weekend!” he laughed, the others nodding their agreements. Looking at him with a puzzles expression he continued. “I told you we were going to hang out at the mall, same shit as usual, but this time you should have joined us. We were planning on just watching the chicks, and it was pretty much the same routine until we met this girl…” He looked at me grinning as he trailed off, like he knew something I did not.

“Only one?” I asked. “With six of you I would have thought you needed at least a few,” I laughed, goading him on. I wanted him to talk as much as possible, my cock already hard recalling how Annie’s diary described her episode with them.

Leaning against the car to hide my erection, I tried to remain nonchalant; however, my pulse raced knowing Annie’s lips had been wrapped around every cock in the room this weekend. Everyone’s except mine I suddenly realized, the thought somehow turning me on more as my mind created erotic visions of their weekend.

“Let me tell you, this slut handled ALL of us…and probably could have handled more! I tell you Bob, she was the most gorgeous piece of ass we had ever seen, and could suck your nuts inside out. She sucked off all of us!” His voice had an odd mixture of exasperation for me to believe, as well as obvious gloating from cumming in my fiancée’s mouth.

“Sure Rick. In other words you guys sat around all weekend and did nothing, eh?” I said jokingly.

“Honest Bob, we had a goddamn suckfest with a single slut! Fucking unbelievable…every guy’s wet dream came true feeling this chick’s lips around our dicks. This is one to write into Penthouse!” he said as the guys laughed in agreement. “We were walking around the mall same usual shit and saw this chick dressed to kill—I mean she was a slut with a capital ‘S.’ She was wearing some ‘fuck me’ biker outfit with a tight leather top laced up the front showing off her tits and cleavage into our faces clear across the other side of the mall. And shit, her legs! God they were the best things I’ve ever seen. Christ, she had on this black miniskirt barely covering her ass—and these high heeled shoes screaming out for her to be fucked.”

The guys joined in agreement, commenting on how fine “the slut” looked.

“Yeah, right Rick; some hot chick in this town dressed like that? You guys sound like goddamn porn movie writers,” I laughed. I wanted to see how far they would go and continued to show my disbelief, inwardly enjoying their praise of Annie’s looks.

“I shit you not Bobby. We all got sucked off this weekend at the same fucking time! This chick was not only dressed to kill but fucking horny as hell and ready to trot. Without a hello she let me feel her up right there in the goddamn Food Court. And she wasn’t wearing any panties! Damn that bitch was a firecracker she was so wet,” he told me.

I again uttered my doubt as he looked at me. “Bob, you’ve known me for how long? Fifteen years? Look at me; I swear to God I’m telling you the truth.”

I looked at him and saw he was dead serious. Even without knowing he was telling the truth I would have believed him.

“Are you fucking shitting me? Was she a dog?” I asked.

“Hell no; this chick was as good looking as Annie,” he grinned slyly. A few guys burst out laughing, a couple literally choking on their coffee at Rick mentioning Annie’s name. “We saw her in the food area and sat to talk with her. Jesus she looked good enough to eat. And you wouldn’t believe how fucking horny she was. Shit, I started rubbing her leg and she actually slid towards me to let me finger fuck her right there!” he said.

I again played dumb, “C’mon, you expect me to believe some chick hot as Annie was waiting in the mall to suck off a bunch of assholes?” I asked, acting incredulous. “That’s insane; you might as well tell me it was Annie herself,” I laughed, hoping I was not pushing too far.

“I’m telling you the truth. This chick was a full ten, dressed to the nines and horny as hell. She ended up blowing us all off in the men’s bathroom like she couldn’t get enough!” he exclaimed.

I shook my head again showing my doubt when he grinned and said, “Let me prove it!”

I wondered how he would prove what happened as he reached into his coveralls, pulling out his cell phone. I almost thought he was going to call Annie as he started pushing buttons. “What is he doing?” I thought.

Looking at him questioningly he smirked, “I took a few pictures for posterity.” He chuckled as I looked at him in amazement. The other guys looked uncomfortable and I wondered if things had gone too far, but Rick continued. “Unfortunately since it’s only a phone camera I didn’t get any good shots of her face,” he said smiling over at the guys behind me, who broke into nervous laughter, “but there’s enough here to show you I speak the truth!”

He pushed a few buttons and handed me the phone. “Here’s the first one with my dick in her mouth,” he smiled. “Also, make sure you look at the time stamps, I wouldn’t want you to think I was lying when I said she sucked us all off together,” he grinned.

I looked at the phone wondering how far he actually was going to go as my attention immediately was drawn to the picture. On the display was a picture of the top of a girl’s head—Annie’s I knew—but from the angle it was impossible to tell her identity. Without knowing who it was, dressed in such a slutty outfit I would not have recognized Annie.

The girl was sitting on a toilet with her head bent over somebody’s—apparently Rick’s—exposed crotch. Knowing this was my fiancée with my best friend’s dick in her mouth almost made me cream my pants right then and there!

I stared in shock as Rick laughed, obviously thinking I was surprised at him telling the truth about some girl sucking them, but for me it was a dream come true seeing more of Annie’s mall experience. I had watched the movie of her mall gangbang all Sunday, jacking off so many times my dick was sore; however, my only regret was not having any visuals of her escapades in the bathroom. Here was a wish come true.

Rick took the phone and pressed a few more buttons. One of the guys hissed “Rick,” and I glanced over at them as they stood there looking uncomfortable. This obviously was not something they expected either, as Rick interrupted all our thoughts; “Here’s one of her sucking Greg off. Notice this was taken only a few minutes after the one of me.”

Handing the phone back to me, I again saw the girl’s head buried in a different man’s crotch—Greg Smith’s apparently. The angle of the picture was different, showing the girl’s back from above and behind her and I knew Rick must have been hanging over the stall wall. One of her hands was in front of her, apparently holding Greg’s dick for support, while the other was in her lap fingering herself!

It was again impossible to identify Annie, although I could see her whole body and most of her outfit as she sat on the toilet sucking off one of my friends! I looked at Rick incredulously as he smiled, the expression on my face misinterpreted as one of amazement at the truth of his story, not of seeing my fiancée sucking one of my friends.

Looking at the picture again I noticed smaller details, such as the filthy toilet she was sitting on, her outfit showing off incredible amounts of her body, her long legs spread open, and her thighs splattered with shimmering moisture of spit and cum.

Rick showed several more pictures, each one conveniently hiding the identity of the girl, but proving without doubt the validity of his story. Most pictures were from behind, conveniently hiding the girl’s face, although a few were bolder, being zoomed in pictures of the lower part of her face, from the nose down, showing a cock in her mouth, her chin dripping with cum and saliva. Although none of the pictures Rick showed me identified Annie, I knew without doubt he had more pictures based upon the one he sent to her cell phone yesterday.

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