Andy , His Daughters Ch. 01


When Andy walked in to the house, everything seemed very quiet, which was very unusual. With two teenage girls in the house, there was always a constant background noise, either from the TV, the stereo or even just the constant tick of fingers on a computer keyboard.

He was about to call out to see if either girls were home, when he heard a slight giggle coming from the direction of his bedroom. He followed the girly laughter and the low whisper of voices until he came to his bedroom door which was slightly ajar.

“Do you think Mum used to put this up herself?”

That was Lucy the youngest.

“Perhaps Dad couldn’t get it up.”

That was Jenny who was coming up to her 20th birthday and just 18 months older than Lucy.

Andy heard the low hum as the girls obviously switched on his late wife’s vibrator.

“The batteries still work, perhaps Dad uses it on himself.” Lucy again followed by much giggling from both girls.

“It’s not like the real thing though is it,” said Jenny.

Lucy laughed, “How would you know, have you been fiddling with Michael’s dick again?”

“I’ve had a feel,” said Jenny.

“But has he put it up your pussy?”

“No I won’t let him, though he wants to, he has to make do with a hand-job.”

“Ohhh does he cum?” asked Lucy.

“Shut up, anyway you wanted to see if Mum’s vibrator was still in the house, are you going to use it then?”

Andy couldn’t believe his two little girls were talking like this, but of course they weren’t little anymore. The days of Barbie were long gone and his two little girls had grown into young women. Okay so he had noticed, who wouldn’t? Jenny was just like her Mum, big breasted, full figured and jet black hair, whilst Lucy still looked much younger than her 18 years, with small breasts (just a 32A, he had checked her bra size), petite figure and long blonde hair. Young women they definitely were. In the 3 years since his wife died, he had noticed the change, especially because he wasn’t getting it anymore, and there had been times when he had seen his two daughters in states of undress, normally in their underwear, and soon found himself shamefully having lustful thoughts.

The vibrator was still humming behind the door.

“Go on then stick it up your pussy,” Jenny said.

“Not whilst you are watching,” Lucy replied.

Jenny doeda laughed, “Oh sister dear I’ve seen all you’ve got.”

“Anyway,” continued Lucy, “It will hurt first time and I don’t want a piece of plastic to be my first fuck.”

“Well just rub your clitty with it, see how that feels, better than your fingers I’ll bet.”

There was a few moments quiet and then there was a slight change to the tone of the vibrator.

“Is that good?” asked Jenny, “Do you want me to do it for you?”

There were a few Hums and Ha’s obviously emanating from Lucy and Andy felt his cock stir in his trousers as he listened to his youngest daughter masturbate.

“Okay Jen, you do it, but be careful.”

The hum of the vibrator increased as Jenny obviously turned up the dial and Lucy’s moans increased.

“Oh Fuck Jen, that is good, much better than doing it myself.”

“Mmmm my dirty little sister is getting so wet,” Jenny said in a sultry voice.

Andy decided to try his luck and take a peek round the door.

Jenny had her back to him but she wasn’t sitting square on to Lucy and Andy could see past her back & see the pink vibrator in her hand and see that she was running it up and down Lucy’s open pussy lips, stopping periodically at her clit to let the vibrations run through her sister’s sex. He hadn’t see Lucy’s pussy for years of course, but it didn’t seem to have changed much, still tight and puffy but now with whispers of blonde hair all around it.

“God I’m going to cum Jen, don’t move, just hold it there,” Lucy said.

Andy watched mesmerised as Lucy’s legs started to quiver and then a stream of juice squirted from her tight cunt.

“Fuckin’ hell Lucy,” exclaimed Jenny trying to avoid the stream of cum, “You’ve soaked Dad’s bed.”

Lucy seemed not to hear, she just let out a big sigh and collapsed completely onto the bed.

Andy could still see a little stream of cum dribbling down Lucy’s wet labia as she held her legs open. Suddenly his legs went weak and he let out a little groan as a spasm ripped through his lower body. His wet cum stain spread round his crotch and Andy couldn’t believe it.

He couldn’t ever remember doing anything like that before without some-kind of stimulation from either a hand or a pussy or arsehole or some lips. But eş değiştirmeli porno just watching his daughter orgasm had brought him off.

Jenny though had heard his little grunt and was off the bed in a flash.

He reacted too slow and the door opened just as he was turning his back.

“Dad, what the fuck?”

Andy stopped, but didn’t turn round, his face felt crimson.

“Dad, what were you doing?”

Jenny’s voice sounded desperate. Just after his wife died , he had walked into the bathroom and found Jenny sitting on the toilet. He had embarrassingly backed away but not before Jenny had virtually screamed at him.

Her voice sounded the same now as it did then, high pitched & loud, embarrassed and angry.

Andy still didn’t turn round “Nothing love, I just got home.”

“What’s going on Jen?” Lucy had obviously joined her sister at the bedroom door.

“I’m not sure, but I think Dad was watching us.”

“Oh my God, you’re joking,” Lucy sounded hysterical now.

Andy felt a hand on his shoulder and felt the pressure as Jenny tried to turn him around.

“Dad, talk to us,” she said.

Andy turned slowly.

“Look girls, I just heard you, so tried to sneak away before I embarrassed you, sorry okay?”

“Oh shit!” Lucy exclaimed.

Andy looked past Jenny at Lucy who was still standing in the bedroom door. Her eyes were fixed on his groin and the dark sticky patch that was there.

Jenny looked at her Dad, then back at Lucy and then followed Lucy’s gaze.

“Oh my God!” she said “You played with yourself didn’t you?”

Andy’s face was on fire, his stomach was lurching, he thought he was going to throw up.

“No Jenny, honestly I didn’t, it just happened.”

Without any further warning Jenny hit her Dad flat on the chest.

“You dirty old bastard,” she screamed, “You had a wank whilst watching your little girl cum.”

The thump had hurt and Andy suddenly felt annoyed. This was his house, how was he supposed to know he would come home to find his daughter’s playing at sex in his bedroom. He caught Jenny’s hand as she made to strike again.

“Look,” he said through gritted teeth, “I came home to find you two doing what you were doing. Okay so I came in my trousers but it just happened, that genç porno is the truth.

Jenny relaxed as she realised that it hadn’t all been her Dad’s fault. Her and her sister had been in his bedroom using their Mum’s vibrator, it was not like he had come to the privacy of their rooms.

Andy released her and Jenny stepped back.

“Look,” he said “What happened, happened, but let’s just try and forget about it and move on. We’re family and we have got to live together, so we will all pretend today was a normal day and never mention it again.”

Jenny turned away and walked down the hall to her bedroom. Lucy took one last look at her Dad and followed suit.

Supper was a quiet affair. After the encounter with his daughters, Andy had gone into his bedroom and changed and at the same time stuffed the pink vibrator back in its box under the bed. He had then cooked and the two girls had joined him at the table, but no-one exchanged a word. After supper both girls went to their own bedrooms and Andy heard their individual TV’s come on. He himself had watched TV and finally went to bed about 11.00pm.

He pulled back the duvet and climbed into bed.


It was still damp, Lucy had obviously pulled the duvet over her pool of cum, when everything had kicked off and he had forgotten about it. He pulled the duvet off, and looked down at the sheet. There was a large dark stain on the white cotton, just where he normally lay. It was drying but was still slightly damp & cold.

“Good what a mess,” he said to himself.

But strangely as he looked at the stain, the image of his daughter’s moist pussy lips darted through his mind. His cock twitched into life as the memory of Jenny’s hand moving the vibrator and Lucy squirting filled his head.

Before he realised what he was doing, he had bent over and pressed his face against the damp cum stain. The smell was so familiar, even after three years without sex and so arousing. He inhaled his daughter’s cum smell and then losing all control, he licked it, tasting her. His cock ached as he thought about Lucy and he reached for himself and began to wank thinking about her lithe young body.

He then reached under the bed for the vibrator, pulling it from its box. It was slightly sticky having not been cleaned and Andy licked its length and then started to suck it, tasting his daughter on it. As he did so, his balls went tight and then he shot a thick wad of spunk into the air.

He fell back on the bed, berating himself for being a dirty old man, but in truth it had been the best wank for years, and Andy wondered if it would stop there.

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