Wandering Musicians Ch. 01

Ch.1: The Innkeepers daughter

Waiting for his friend to catch up Chris watched the sun disappear under the horizon. On a good day it would have been a close thing to reach the next town before dusk, and today had not been a good day, not at all. Rain had greeted them when they wore up in the haystack they had been offered by the friendly farmers wife to sleep in. In return for a few songs and a story, most townsfolk would offer a haystack or a corner of the barn to sleep in, but Chris would have preferred a proper bed. The sun had come out sometime during the day, but by then they both were soaked to the bone.

Matt rounded the hill and cursed when he saw the chimney smoke they had been seeing for hours now come from behind yet another hill. “That town better have an inn,” he grumbled, “another night in a haystack will be the dead of me.” Chris glanced sideways at his friend, it had been long since the last inn. there had been an inn in Halfhill, the town they passed two days ago, but some bard had already been performing when they arrived and they could not afford to pay for a room. Many innkeepers would gladly offer a room and food if they promised to perform all night. Artists resulted in a full common room and a full common room promised money.

They quickly rounded the last hill and found themselves looking at the town where they hoped to find a bed. Brownriver was not a large town, but since it was the only town in miles with a bridge across the Swift it could count on a steady stream of travelers and thus had a rather large inn. The inn was called Mothers Kettle and when Chris and Matt entered they were greeted by warmth and laughter. The large common room was cosy but by no means full, and the innkeeper was very quick to promise them food and beds when Chris played a few tunes of ‘the mayors daughter’ and Matt demonstrated some of his juggling.

It was a night like many others. They started with a few songs, Matt singing and Chris playing his flute. Then they showed a few juggling tricks. Later, Matt told the story of ‘the hunt for the Silver Snake’ and Chris sang the ‘Hymn of the rose.’ Then they left the tables that had served as stage and went to the kitchen to eat.

It didn’t take Matt long to have a pretty kitchen maid sitting on his knee.

“It never took Matt long” Chris mused eying his friend softly whispering in the girls ear. Probably he was telling her how pretty her brown curls were or how much she resembled the Hunting Queen. Matt had a way with saying things to women, always knowing exactly what to say to make their eyes glitter. Chris was also good with words, just not with saying them. Chris wrote most of their songs, and especially the bawdy ones were usually very popular, but Matt sang them. He always gave Chris the credit he deserved but women usually fell for the singer, not the writer. Chris didn’t mind much, usually, he did not have Matt’s insatiable appetite for women, but he wouldn’t mind pornhub someone to warm his bed a little more often.

He was pulled out of his musing by someone pulling at his sleeve. A small girl was looking up at him with big round eyes. As soon as he looked down at her she hid herself behind the skirts of a woman who had been standing two passes behind her. “You ask him Elly” she whispered.

“I don’t think so, you wanted to hear the story” She winked at Chris, “he won’t bite.”

“Could you tell of the mermaid and the water castle?” the sma3l girl whispered.

“I was putting her to bed,” the older girl said, “but she refused to go to sleep before she heard the story.”

The little girl was forgetting some of her shyness and squatted between Chris and her sister. “Will you tell it?” she pleaded.

“I will,” Chris answered, “deep, very deep under the sea lies a kingdom….” He told the story while letting his eyes wander over the other girl, she couldn’t be much younger than him. She had a very pretty face and long brown curls. He toughed about what Matt would do, he had heard his friend enchant a girl a thousand times. When describing the beautiful mermaid, he added some of the girls features. She caught his eye and he gave her a small smile. A blush appeared on her face, making her even more pretty.

Just when he finished the story, the kitchen door banged open. The innkeeper was standing in the doorway. “I’m not feeding you lot to entertain my kitchen maids” he growled, and his face darkened when he added: “or my daughters.”

Before Chris could say anything the small girl ran to her father and said: I asked him to tell about the mermaid father!”

“Well…” the innkeeper seemed a little calmed, “You boys better get back in there before people start leaving.”

Matt blew a kiss at the kitchen maid before entering the common room. Chris didn’t dare to do anything of the sort for Elly with her father standing there, so he just gave her a quick smile before following his friend.

The night went by in a blur. People shouting songs they wanted to hear, and applauding and laughing at Chris’ compositions. When finally the last guest went up to his room, Chris put his flute in its wooden case and went to the bar. The innkeeper smiled and put two silverlings on the bar: “That and a good breakfast tomorrow,” he said, “You did well. I’ll ask one of the maids to show you to your room.”

“I’ll show them,” said the maid who had been on Matts lap. The innkeeper gave her an reproachful look, then shrugged and went to the kitchen.

“This way,” the pretty girl said, and led them up two stairs and a ladder. She showed them to a small room, then whispered something in Matt’s ear. Chris entered the room and found to beds.

“You’ll have those to yourself,” Matt said, “it seems I’ll be sleeping in a warm bed tonight. He disappeared in the dark following the giggling maid to her room.

Chris porno 92 sighted and closed the door. He just got ready for bed when a soft knock on the door startled him. He opened the door and a shadow darted past him instantly closing it again. Chris blinked when he saw who had entered. “Elly,” he whispered, “are you mad? Your father will kill me if he finds you here”

“Father hasn’t been up here for nearly three years,” she answered, “his bad knees won’t allow it.”

“And if he finds your bed empty?”

“Will you be quiet! You told my sister a story, I think I deserve one to.” “You might start with telling about that beautiful mermaid again,” she added with a grin.

“Well, she had eyes to drown in…” he started, softly touching her face. Her smell was intoxicating. He didn’t get far before he was silenced by her lips touching his.

He puled her close e sighted when her tongue traced his lips. They kissed passionately and in the candle light he recognised the hunger in her eyes that he was sure would also be visible in his.

Her hand went to his tunic, undoing the cord. When he reached for the hem of her dress she stopped him and stepped back. His disappointment faded quickly when with one fluid movement the dress slid from her shoulders and he was looking at her, naked as her name day. She seemed to blush over her whole body when his eyes took her in. She was not the first girl he ever saw naked but she definitely had the most beautiful breasts he had ever seen. Not to big, perfectly fitting her body. Her nipples surrounded by dark areola stood erect.

She slowly walked towards him and whispered: “You better take these of.” He was happy to oblige. As soon as his dick sprang free she gave a little purr of delight.

He softly pushed her on the bed and kissed her. He felt his dick pressing against the wetness between her legs but he did not enter her, not yet.

He planted soft kisses on her chin and cheek, nibbled on her earlobe and then went down her neck towards her breasts. His hands kept caressing her body while he kissed her breasts and softly sucked on her nipples. She made soft sounds of delight and her hands kept wandering over his body, going through his hair and caressing his back. He continued his way downward and let his hands stroke her sides. Goosebumps appeared all over her body. He kissed her bellybutton and went further down.

When he reached her mound she pressed it towards his face, but he continued further down to her legs. A disappointed pleading sound left her lips, softly begging him to put his attention where she yearned for it. She grabbed his hair and pulled his head towards her wet lips.

He grinned and parted her lips with his fingers, softly blowing on the rosy flesh between them. Soft moans escaped her lips ad one hand left his head to caress her breast and pinch her nipple. He ran his tongue over her slid, barely touching it, up and down, up and qiqitv porno down. She folded her legs over his back and continued her pleading: “stop your teasing,” she begged, “please.” He sought out the little bud above her slit and flicked it with his tongue. “Oh yes” was all she could manage to say. He continued, blowing flicking, blowing, flicking, until he heard her sight and felt her muscles tighten when her orgasm racked her body.

Hazy eyed she looked at him. “Continue the story,” she whispered.

Her demand surprised him, but he obliged non the less. Anything to please this heavenly creature. As soon as he continued the story her hands started to caress his body. his voice faltered when she started to stroke his dick.

“Why do you stop,” she asked, “go on.” He tried but when she took the tip in her mouth and started to swirl her tongue around it all he could say was: “oh Gods.”

“Oh yes” she purred, “You are ready.” She positioned herself on top of him. Chris was so worked up he was sure he would explode as soon as she lowered herself on him. But she put him in her so slowly that he managed to control himself.

“I knew you could do it” she whispered in his ear. She kissed him while holding her body perfectly still. He felt the heath and the wetness of her vagina surrounding his dick.

“You feel so good inside me,” she whispered, “so hot and hard.” She continued her dirty talk in his ear, only stopping to kiss. All the time she didn’t move her body. Chris, feeling he was still close to coming didn’t move a muscle either.

After what seemed an age she started to move up an down. she straightened her back, giving him an awing view of her body while fucking him.

He knew he would not last long enough this way. So he used his thumb to softly rub her clitt. Her eyes glittered. When he felt his orgasm starting he sat up, bringing his face up to hers. he wrapped his arms around her and felt her nails digging in the flesh of his back. They kissed while they both tensed because of the orgasms surging through their bodies. They fell to the bed, exhausted.

Just before dawn he felt her leaving his arms. He looked up and she put a finger to his lips.

“I know you will travel to the next village today” she whispered.

“One last kiss?”

She leaned forward and he pulled her back onto the bed.

“Last night was the best night in my life,” he said.

“for me to”

“Dawn hasn’t come yet”

This time he was on top. First light peaked between the shutters when she sneaked out of his room.

When he entered the common room, Matt was already at breakfast, wearing his ‘Just had amazing sex’ grin. They left directly after breakfast. Matt received a final hug from his maid before he departed. Chris did not look around for Elly, he knew she would not be there. But when they left the inn he saw her standing behind a window on the first floor. She blew him a kiss…

Matt looked at him with wide eyes, “don’t tell me… BLOODY HELL…”

They started towards the road, Matt shaking his head, Chris wearing a grin he knew was as foolish as matts.


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