A True Story

Big Clit

I met a stranger from the dating site for a date. The chemistry was very intense, I knew the second I laid eyes on him that physically this man did it for me. He was my favourite look.Everything I find desirable physically he was!!! We had supper touched each other far too much, I am sure the people in the restaurant thought we should just get a room.!!! He kissed me so beautifully, his kisses were deep and penetrating, if this is how he kissed, he must fuck up a storm. We parted company, I almost asked him to come home with me but he really was only a stranger, ever though I find him hot, he is a stranger.

He called me when he got home and spoke to me on the phone until the sun came up, I must have got half an hours sleep. He called me again at about 8am just before I started work, we set up the meet, We spent the night together; The next day we both went to work, then met again on Friday Night and spent the weekend together: This is how the weekend begun.

He met me at the door of his home, he was so beautifully dressed, neat clean and exactly as he described himself on his profile, beautiful shoes, designer shirt: The combination of his aftershave fragrance and his beautiful body had my juices leaking from my pussy already when he just kissed me Hello. He handed me a beautiful red rose, the fragrance was amazing, it was an old fashioned rose that had been picked from his garden not store bought.

He led me through kuşadası escort to the lounge which was open plan to his kitchen and dining room, there were candles burning: no lights on at all . He poured me a glass of chardonnay, he remembered my preference from one of our conversations, it was in a beautifully thin, cut glass crystal glass, the yellow liquid sparkled in the candle light.

He kissed me for about 10 minutes, never touched me inappropriately just gently kissed me and stroked my back and shoulders, I was pressing my body into him, my pelvis was off the couch, I was so hot and excited, My pussy was soaking wet!! I was dripping, and I WANTED HIM SO BADLY.

He got up to check on the supper he was cooking for us. Fuck!!! who wants supper? not me that’s for sure, I will fill my pussy with him, and then eat him. I definitely am in no need of food. But I sit there sipping my wine, I sit like the perfect lady, My hair shimmering down my back, I flick it over my shoulders, he looks at me knowingly, he knows I am trying to act cool, he knows by my arching back and lifted pelvis that I am ready. He brings me more wine, pours himself a drink.. ooh boy, this man is a master of tease.

He sits down next to me ever so calmly and so cool, he kisses me deeply again, this time his hand goes inside my shirt at the back. He slowly strokes the small of my back, slowing reaching higher and higher. His hand reaches my bra strap, he expertly undoes it. Takes my glass out of my hand, puts it on the table; He tell me to stand up and lift up my arms. I do this. He pulls my t shirt off, then he positions my hands out in front of me, pulls my bra to my wrists, then quickly uses my bra to tie my hands together. He smiles at me, my pulse is quickening, I am a little afraid, but he is gentle. It is the unknown that scares me . He asks me to step out of my high heels. Which I willingly do. He puts his hand up my skin tight, black pencil skirt and pull my black thong down my legs, I step out of them.. He bunches my skirt up to my waist. Asks me to step back into my black high heels. Again I do as I am asked. He kisses me again, I can’t rub my pussy against him as my tied wrists are in front of my pussy. this does not deter him. He pressed himself against me I can feel his huge cock, its HUGE!!!. Then he starts to undress. He is a beautiful specimen, he has generous calves, his thighs are trim and heavily muscled, his belly is flat and furry. He leaves his undies on; I can however see a very big bulge. He takes his beautiful shoes and shirt off too.. nibbling my nipples and kissing me in between the undressing. I am standing in my high heels skirt hitched up into my waist, hands tied in my red and black bra.

He tugs on my bra and takes me around to the back of the couch. He kisses me again, reaches for my wine and feeds it to me. Kisses me again and tells me to bend over the couch. I comply, he positions me as he wants me. I see him removing his briefs but I cannot see his penis. He has his hand on my back preventing me from look backwards, I am looking out of open french doors and the rose garden or down at the seat of the couch.

He slowly penetrates me from the back, his penis is huge, he stretches me, he is soo big!!! whispering in my ear how deliciously wet and tight I am, slowly pressing on, he tells me how sweet my breasts taste and how delicious they feel. He has his body on my back, his hands on my breasts. He is pressing himself into me. he is so big and I am so tight, I am a little worried that I may not accommodate that huge powerful cock. He fills me completely. The slowly starts to move in and out. I can feel my self building to climax, his movements get quicker and quicker, his breath quicker, he is gently pinching my nipples. My breast and jiggling back and forth to the rhythm of his deep thrusts. My back is arching, I am pushing my backside back tightly on to his pelvis very time he plunges in to me. I can hear how wet we are, the sound of that wetness is getting louder and louder, my groaning is almost a scream, I am begging him for more, deeper and harder. He is pounding so hard the couch is moving.

He pull his penis out of me and stands me up straight in one smooth move!!! he turns me around and unties my hand. Kissing me ever so calmly.. NOOOO!!!!!! I cant stop now!!! I have juices running down my legs, my pussy is screaming to be filled….

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