A Simple Fantasy


My Master stands before me, beside a petite young woman. My eyes linger adoringly on my dressed Master, remembering the way his skin feels under my fingertips and how his cock feels in my mouth, before turning to examine the lovely female. She is utterly naked beside him, her breasts small but full, her hips slightly rounded below her slender waist.

Master speaks to her, his voice low so I cannot hear what he says. The effect is immediate, and she turns towards me, her hip-length hair falling forward across her body, so that her erect nipples poke through it, but her breasts are covered in lustrous black hair. It slides across her pale skin like ink splashed down her beautiful body. She glances up towards me and I see for a bare moment her incredible eyes, green with flecks of vibrant gold. I imagine her skin feels like warm silk, and my mouth waters to taste her pussy.

“Down on your knees, bitch!” Master orders her. His voice is a little rough with his desire, which is clearly evident in the hard line in his unbuttoned jeans. She slides down to the position He commanded: high on her splayed knees, hands tangled in the silken hair at her nape, elbows up so her breasts are pulled upwards a little. She moans softly as her hairs brushes against her sensitive nipples. Master smiles at the sound, as do I when I see his smile.

Master unzips his jeans and grabs her hair close to the scalp and yanks her face around to face his cock, then presses it against her lush, soft lips. She opens wide to let it in, and with a small slurping sound, takes it deep into her throat. Master locks her head in place and she struggles to breathe. He holds it there and she grabs his hips, trying to push him away to no avail. tayland porno Slowly, her struggles grow weaker until her hands fall away completely. My pussy burns at the sight, and I release a soft little sigh. It is then that my Master pulls away from her. His groan as his wonderful cock slips from her throat and mouth echo in my ears.

After giving her a moment to catch her breath, he yanks her up by her hair to her feet. His free hand slides down to her perfectly waxed pussy and he thrusts two fingers deep inside of her and fingers her roughly. Her sighs turn to moans and her moans into screams as he stops just as she reaches the brink of orgasm. My own pussy spasms in remembered pleasure of the times He has done just that to me. I want so bad to touch it, but Master told me earlier not to until she has a cock inside her pussy.

Master then sits in a nearby chair and pulls her over his lap, and begins to spank her. Gently at first, then harder. Between each loud smack of his hand, he pauses for varying lengths of time so she never knows when the next onslaught of pain will arrive. As the whipping progresses, she begins to cry, the tears running down her lovely face. A quiet moan escapes my lips. Master hears and casts a smile in my direction making me glow with a quiet joy.

A short while later he ends the spanking and moves to the small padded bench nearby. Two other men quietly enter the room, both fully naked with their eyes downcast. A brilliant grin lights my face. My joy is boundless with the new additions. Master orders one of the men to lay down on the bench, then has the woman straddle him, her feet on the floor, knees bent, so that her pussy is poised tecavüz porno above the male’s stiff dick.

Master pulls her face up to his and looks her in the eye and says, “Do you want to cum?” I watch her eyes slide shut as he presses her shoulders down, pressing the dick below her into her fragrant pussy. I can smell her arousal so clearly. My own hands slide down to the edges of my pussy in anticipation as I quiver with my own needs. “Do you?” he demands when she doesn’t answer him.

“Yes…” she finally moans when she is fully seated on the dick inside her. My fingers slide inside my pussy, readying myself for my toy. I want to use it now, but Master told me not to until she has two dicks inside her. And I always obey my Master.

“Good,” he says, and pulls out a pair of nipple clamps connected by a fine chain with a medium sized weight suspended on it. He attaches them to her nipples and she lets out a groan, causing me to shiver with pleasure, my fingers busy inside me.

“Now you may fuck him.” he takes his hands off her shoulders and she lifts herself up off the man below her and drops back down slowly. Slowly, she repeats the movement. Master grows impatient with her slow movements as she tries to keep the weight on her nipples from moving too much. He grabs her hips and forces her to move faster. Her face twists in pain as the weight bounces against her, pulling fiercely on her tender nipples, but she keeps the pace after Master lets go of her. Slowly, her groans of pain turn into moans of pleasure as she nears her climax. Suddenly, Master grabs her shoulders and forces her to stop. My hands shudder to a stop, on the edge of orgasm myself. I groan quietly tombul porno in mingled pleasure and disappointment and he casts another wicked smile my way.

“Do you want to cum?” He asks again. She immediately nods her head as she fights the urge to roll her hips. He motions to the second man, who had been standing quietly at the door. He walked up behind her and presses his cock into her dry asshole. My pussy clenches spasmodically around my fingers. I pull them out and begin fucking myself with my toy. It makes loud wet sounds as I it move inside me. Master looks my way and winks at me.

Master nods at the man, and he slowly presses inside. I watch the woman’s face as the large dick inches its way into her. Pain twists her mouth and her eyes close tightly as if she can wish away this pain. When the second dick is fully seated inside her now sore and painfully stretched out ass, the man behind her begins to fuck her forcefully, thrusting in and out hard and fast. She screams in agony as her ass is brutally fucked.

“If you want to cum, you must move, for this man,” He motions to the man beneath her, “will not.” She frantically begins to fuck the man beneath her and the weight on her nipples starts bouncing again. The pain is intense, going by the look on her face, but she is determined to cum. Eventually her moans grow in length and intensity until she’s ready to cum.

Then Master grabs her by the hair again and pulls her head to his cock. She eagerly slurps it down into her throat and again he holds her there. After a moment she starts to come, her body thrashing around beautifully as she tries and fails to pull in air.

After a short while, she slumps down and Master pulls away from her and helps her up. They all leave the room. I lean back in my chair, away from the peep-hole in the wall before me with a smile. I hadn’t come, Master told me not to, so I had done well. A moment later my Master walked into the dark room I was in and turned on the light with a smile.

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