A Day at Black’s Beach


I lived in San Diego a long time before I decided to try Blacks Beach. When I finally went, I realized what I’d been missing. I love being nude outdoors but I didn’t realize how much better it was being nude with hundreds of other nudists at the same time.

Anyway, today was only the second time I’d been to Blacks Beach, which is a nude beach at Point Loma in San Diego. I was ready to spend the whole day there. I had on my black, onionskin jogging shorts for the trip down the hill from the parking lot (It’s about a 200 ft. hike down a steep cliff). I had my spray oil and a water pack. I also had a little smoke to help me relax.

I locked up my car and started down the cliff. I wanted to strip off my clothes before the hike down, but there are other businesses at the top of the cliffs, and that’s where the shorts helped out. The liner in the jogging shorts was easy to move to the side and let everything hang free, so I pulled it to the side and let my cock and balls get some fresh air. It was quite exhilarating. I had to make some fairly large steps down the steep cliff which totally exposed me to anyone watching. But the closer I got to the beach the less it mattered. I passed a good looking blonde girl on the way up who was nude. She was looking up as I was stepping down a two foot step. She just kept starring as I passed by, which started to get me a bit aroused. That made it difficult to hike down as now the thin material was tickling my semi-erect cock with each step I took. I tucked it back into the liner quickly and pointed it down so I could continue without walking along with a tent in my shorts.

As I got to the bottom of the path to the beach, a man who must have been in his 40s was standing off to the side, nude, with his massive, well tanned cock sticking straight out. As I walked by he would reach up and stroke himself a bit and then stop. He kept repeating this as I walked away. (I looked back) I called him “The Greeter.” When I got about 50 ft away he just started to openly wank himself off. My cock was reacting to the spectacle by pushing my thin lining further down. It wasn’t that obvious to anyone who saw me, I don’t think, but I didn’t care anyway.

I was hot now from the hike and decided to start the day off with a swim. I found a good spot to drop my things including my shorts. I was still semi-erect but I figured as long as I didn’t have a full on woody, nobody would mind. The water seemed like it was very far away. The stimulation from the sun, the wind, the walking and the other nude bodies all around was having an effect on me. About half way to the water I was sporting a full erection. I still had to pass some guys walking down the beach who started pointing at me. There was nothing I could do so I just kept going. My cock was swinging back and forth as I walked. After I passed the group, I jogged the rest of the way, but then it just bounced up and down. It actually felt great but was a bit embarrassing. I finally got deep enough into the water to swim and submerged myself.

Every once in a while some good sets of waves would roll in. I dove through several and when the water mellowed out a bit I could see around me. The beach here is enormous, stretching out in both directions for as far as you could see. At the tops of the cliffs the hang gliders were taking off and flying up and down the beach. The thought crossed my mind that if someone got too caught up in the scenery at the beach they might crash into the cliffs. I wondered if it had ever happened…

BLOOSSHH! I was slammed by a crashing wave. My face was planted into the sand at the bottom. I was swirling around in all directions. When I finally figured out which way was up again, another wave crashed down on my head. I was more ready this time and didn’t fare so badly. I stood up, dazed, and looked around. I’d been washed back into shore and was only in two feet of water. The waves had taken my breath away and I decided to go back to the beach. The water was chilly enough to chill my member out a bit. I love the look of my cut cock after an erection. It’s full, but it hangs well. It’s something to be proud of, I think, at eight inches hard and about five & a half while hanging.

I leisurely strode back to the place I had dropped my things, taking in the scenery. I was at the “entrance” to the beach and there were a lot of overweight people here. “Fine for them,” I thought, “but I like the exercise that hiking down the beach brings.” I gathered my things and started on my way north up the beach. I kept walking slowly, making sure I didn’t miss anything. The typical nude volleyball game was going on in one place. It looked like a nudist club gathering, so I slowed my pace and watched them as I walked up. Nude volleyball is quite a spectacle. As people jump, nothing is held in place. Tits and cocks flopping and spinning around in circles, slapping back and forth. görükle escort How they can do that without feeling stimulated is beyond me.

I started feeling the heat again and continued on. I thought I should put on some tanning oil. It’s only SPF 4, but that means I can get sixteen hours of sun instead of four, before burning. In addition, it’s enjoyable to put on.

There were random, small groups of people in the area, but the beach is so huge here that everyone is pretty well spaced out. I put down my things and got my oil out. I sprayed a liberal amount of oil all over my body, tossed the bottle down and began to massage it into myself. I started with my face and ears, and then moved to my arms, then my chest. Then I bent over and rubbed the oil into one leg starting at the ankle, moving up my legs, brushing by my balls, and then going to the other ankle. I worked my way up and began rubbing the oil into my cock and balls and ass. I was rock hard in a matter of seconds, but I only rubbed the oil in without any obvious extra stroking. I got as much of it on my back as I could and then stood back up. I looked around from behind my sunglasses to see if anyone had been watching.

I was sure that I was being watched by several people around the area but it was hard to tell with all their sunglasses. I started on up the beach, now fully oiled up and sporting my large cock out in front of me. As the beach was getting a little sparser with people, I gained confidence in my nudity. Walking around now with my hard cock wasn’t such a big deal, but it did begin to lower a bit as I walked, which was good for now. For a while, I passed lots of people, but none so closely that I could see much activity.

I walked for about 15 minutes and started feeling like a swim was in order again. The beach was narrower here, but not by much. I found a spot by the cliffs to drop off my things. Someone else’s things were about 20 feet away but there was nobody around that I could see. I ran to the water as fast as I could this time, all the while my cock was flopping violently as I ran. By the time I got to the water I was rock hard. I ran in and began to cool off. I love swimming with a hard on, as my cock sort of “wags” as I swim. It’s like a rudder. I stayed in the water for a bit this time. When I finally got out I was a bit chilly and was looking forward to a little basking in the sun.

I got back to my spot and laid down on my front, soaking up some rays. I was only there for a few minutes when, walking down the beach towards me had to be the most handsome specimen of a male I’d ever seen. He was blond, with an even, golden tan all over his mostly hairless body. He was muscular, and well defined but not some kind of hulk. He was watching his large, semi-erect cock swaying back and forth as he walked. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. I was getting very hard in the sand as I watched, as he kept coming towards me, almost in slow motion. When he got about 20 feet away he turned toward the cliff and walked to the stuff that I’d seen earlier. “Oh, that’s his stuff” I thought.

He picked through his things then climbed up to a place I hadn’t noticed earlier. It was a place on a corner cliff with a notch taken out, leaving a large flat deck like area. This guy proceeded to climb up there and sort of pose. He’d lean with one arm against the cliff and the other on his hip, shifting his weight from one side to the other, causing his butt cheeks to flex. It was like he was working over his cock from the way he was posing, without actually touching it. His member would jump up on its own occasionally and then bounce up and down a few times. He carried on like this for a long time.

When he climbed down from his perch he got into his things again. He took out a bottle and squirted some hot oil into his palm and climbed back up with one hand. He plopped it into his chest and began to spread it around. It dripped right down onto his cock as he rubbed his chest. He did his arms and then went to the main muscle. He slowly rubbed the oil in using circular motions around his cock. His other hand cupping his balls and squeezing.

I really didn’t know what to do. Even though I was only a few feet away, he never seemed to look over at me. I got the impression that he was doing his own thing and didn’t care if someone watched but didn’t want to be bothered either. I finally sat up and turned over. My cock was throbbing so hard that it stood up off my abs. I didn’t touch it, but just turned my head so I could continue to watch the show. Even though I was so close, he never looked like he looked over at me, but there was nobody else around. He kept getting oil and rubbing himself down with it. His cock was now pointing straight up and out. I’d guess that was a good eight inches around. He pushed it down and let it fling back up and slap his belly button. Then bursa sınırsız escort bayan he did it again, encircling his cock with his fists. He stroked it slowly so that the head would slide out of his fists and then let it slap up again. Then he just stood there staring out to sea, naked and hard. Every muscle on his body seemed hard. I stood up and brushed off the sand. I looked out to sea to see if I could tell what was getting his interest. When I turned around to see him again, he was gone! I turned and looked all around. Weird! His stuff was gone too. Very weird! That guy had a body that burned an image into my minds eye that I still have not forgotten.

I got a bit creeped out by his sudden disappearance and decided to go further up the beach. But first I had a little smoke and drank some water to re-hydrate. I immediately started feeling the euphoric effects of the smoke. I started walking up the beach, still holding my breath from my last toke. My sand covered cock was full but not hard, just kind of sticking out on its own a bit. I walked back to the water to continue up the beach because the sand was getting hot now.

I passed a couple of dunes that looked like they had been built by bulldozers. And then a lifeguard tower with nobody around. “I didn’t know there were any lifeguards on this beach” I thought to myself. As I passed by it, I realized that there was somebody on its deck tanning himself. I didn’t see any red so I figured someone just commandeered the tower for tanning.

From here on, past the tower, almost all I saw were guys. A group of about ten really handsome guys passed right by me as I was walking. Each one was in various states of excitement from flaccid to totally erect, although that one’s was very skinny. I stopped as they walked up and asked, “How much farther does this beach go?”

They all stopped and one guy replied that it goes for several more miles. We made some more small talk and I noticed that I was being scoped out. One guy actually started stroking himself while we were talking. I was turning these guys on. My cock started to harden and I thought I better move on. I was here for scenery mostly. Walking around with an erection was about enough for me.

“Thanks for the info” I said. “See ya around” and I walked on. Not for long though as the next scene stopped me in my tracks. About 100 meters up the beach, I saw a group of a dozen or so people standing around what was unmistakably, somebody ramming their cock into the ass of another guy on all fours below him. I couldn’t see closely but I knew what I saw. I imagined my jaw must have dropped as I stood there like a deer in headlights.

They were totally going at it in the middle of the beach. I had to get a closer look, so I started walking further up the beach, but not directly toward them. There were mostly men standing around but a couple of really hot ladies were watching from a blanket up from them towards the cliffs. At first I was a bit turned off by the public display, but that turned to excitement after watching the effect that they were having on all those around them. There was something odd about some of the guys watching them though. They stood motionless like zombies or something, just watching, totally expressionless.

I moved up to within twenty meters or so and put my stuff down. I lay down on my back to relax and enjoy all of the eroticism going on. Thinking that I would probably go unnoticed by those watching the main event, I oiled my body again and began to stroke my aching, throbbing member. I went very slowly, not wanting to blow the moment, so to speak. It was difficult not to get myself off, so I stopped. My cock was bobbing up and down on my chest as I watched. The guys had switched places and were now in a new position. The guy on the bottom was on his back with his feet up and his cock in his hand, with the other dude slowing inserting himself into his ass.

I’m not personally into that but I like watching cocks and other body parts of naked people, men and women. As long as their somewhat in shape and look good. Both of these guys were hot as were most of them standing around. I looked over and one of the girls I saw earlier was obviously watching me. My cock was still bobbing on its own, blood pumping into it with each heartbeat.

One of the watchers walked over and sat down right behind me about three feet. I said hey but got no response. Unlike everybody else, he had on Speedos, with a small bulge. He just rubbed himself and lay back in the sand. I decided to put on a little show of my own, so I lay completely back myself and began to pump my cock by contracting my buttocks. It would go rigid, hold, then plop down to my chest. I kept doing this for a bit watching my cock and the dudes still slowing going in and out of each other a few feet away.

I bursa otele gelen escort bayan turned my head for a moment, to the guy whom sat behind me. He was rubbing his little hard on through his Speedos. Maybe it was the lack of size that kept him covered. I looked over at the girls and both were looking over at me know. One had her breast cupped and was massaging it while watching me. I would normally have moved over to the girls but watching these two put on a show in front of me still had my attention. The guys standing around were now all jacking their cocks and seemed to be slowly moving closer to the center “stage”.

Those two dudes both started yelling, “Argghh!! Argghh!! Argghh!! And the one on top pulled out and finished himself off over his partner, shooting large streams five and six feet out. His cock was enormous. It must have been a foot long. I thought he was going to cum for days as the spurts seem to just keep shooting out. The guy on the bottom then came as well, holding his cock strait up, shooting his stuff strait up like a “geyser”.

The others around them all started bringing themselves to the brink and spraying onto the beach in front of them. I’d never seen so many guys coming at once. I only wish I’d brought a camera.

The two both collapsed for a moment and their crowd started to disperse. They then walked down to the water to wash up. I guess I’d been preoccupied, watching them. The guy behind me was gone too. I looked over to the two girls. The closest one was walking toward me. She was being very seductive as she walked. She walked up and straddled me as I lay on the beach. I held the base of my cock straight up and she slowly dropped down to meet my awaiting cock head. When we touched, she paused. I slowly moved my cock head around her moist opening, sliding the sides of her folds around. My cock was super sensitive by now and kept jumping with each touch. Then, she eased herself down on me. She stayed there for a moment, and then started riding me very slowly up and down. She placed her hands on my chest for leverage. Her pace quickened. She rode me like a horse, throwing her head around in ecstasy.

I looked over to see her friend, but she seemed to have disappeared. I looked back down at my cock to watch it going in and out of this hot pussy. She was going so far up that the edges of my cock head would pop out of her pussy lips each time she would raise up. Then I saw her friend. I saw her by looking past my cock. She was walking up from the water. It was then that I also saw the feet of several others who had gathered to watch the show I was putting on.

I wasn’t going to last much longer. We both started to scream. Aaahh! Ahhh! OOHH! AhhhHHGG! She lifted off just as I started to stream cum up into the air. It looked like a geyser going off. All the guys standing around started cuming soon after, standing while thrusting their hips like there was something there.

Everything felt so good, that I just lay there, watching the hard bodies, naked and spent, slowly disperse once again. I fell asleep covered in cum and sex juices with my cock lying over my left hip.

When I awoke a bit later, the sun was about to go down so I went for a swim to clean off and cool off. When I got back I realized that my clothes were gone from my stuff. Someone must have stolen them! With no other option, I hiked back down the beach to leave, which took about an hour. By the time I got close to where I had to exit the beach, my cock was rock hard again from being sore and slapping against my legs on the hike, and the sun was down but it wasn’t dark yet. There were still naked people lying out in the evening, cooling off.

I felt like all eyes were on me and my hardon as I kept walking towards the exit path. I didn’t have much choice but to just go to my car naked. I hiked up the large cliff very slowly, taking my time so my erection would subside a bit, at least. I passed several people on their way down. I was resting a one spot when two handsome guys and a very fine blond dropped down off a rock to go past me. They stopped when they saw me and started talking to me like I wasn’t even nude. But they were all hot and all I could think about was the fact that they had clothes on and I was sitting here talking to them naked. My shlong was starting to come to life a bit again. It bobbed between my legs with each heartbeat and the girl took notice. Her eyes locked on it, which just made it grow even larger!

That was when I said “Yeah, someone stole my clothes and being naked around others seems to really arouse me. I really can’t help it. The more you look the bigger it will get.”

“Can I touch it?” she asked.

“Hell yeah!” I replied, “Go ahead if you want.” I looked at the two handsome dudes to see their reactions. They both had on dark blue board shorts and apparently no underwear or maybe boxers. Their cocks were pushing out with a large ridge showing the edge of their cock heads. They were both looking at their girl friend in slight unbelief.

She proceeded to gently caress my cock with her soft hands. I was once again erect and hurting so good from all the erections and action I’d had today.

To Be Continued…

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