Young passion: Forbidden Pleasure

Alison Tyler

This happened just the day I turned 20. I had started to explore my feminine side. My partner in crime was my friend. We were roughly the same age.

It had been some time since my friend and I were involved. We started out exploring each other’s bodies as would anyone else. He also knew my inclination towards getting dressed. Times alone with each other were spent in playing house. I was the wife and he would be the husband. I would be the young wife waiting for my man to come home. Ready to receive him at the door. Make a cup of hot coffee for him as he relaxed. He would bring flowers and “surprise” me (We did this every week) and finally we would find time for a little romance and end up in bed.

Since we were of the same age and our parents knew one another, there was no restrictions on meeting up – Except for his sister. My guess is that she suspected what we were up to. Sometimes in fact he used to bring me her clothes to wear and I guess she had her suspicions. But as long as we were together she could never find any “proof”. With time, we had learnt how to evade her very well. During the vacations is when she would really become a thorn in our side. We just could not evade her “Eye of Sauron”. So as an alternative, we decided to meet up at my place. Parents never had a problem with that. They in fact thought we were studying together. So every now and then when he stayed back they weren’t suspicious. We of course had some time at night – after they went to bed to play under the covers. Sometimes he would manage to smuggle his sister’s clothes, so I could wear those for him. But most times… well we had to make do with our fertile imaginations. Most of the time, we would spend reading soft core magazines – especially the “Questions and Answers” section to see what other people “did” and how we could adopt those for our own purposes.

This incident happened on a day we had some guests around. Some of them stayed back overnight, so we had to make do with camp escort bayan beds for everyone. He was around to help me out with my chores. Just that since we were amongst the last ones to wind down, we were asked to sleep on the roof. We had a few other people as well. He had very strategically put our bed around a corner on the roof. It was later I realized how strategic that was. But at that time I was just too tired to notice anything.

Anyways it was down to our shorts and vests (It was a very sultry and humid night around 100+ Fahrenheit or 38 degrees Celsius). We dispensed with the bed sheet and curled up. I guess I was asleep in the first two minutes.

It was around midnight when I felt him nudging me. I was just too deep in sleep to wake up. The nudging continued for a while and I slowly opened my eyes. He was right there next to me. Trust me I almost yelped and jumped up. My first thought is if someone (and there were at least 6 other people on the roof with us) – If only someone had seen us, it was game over.

I guess he saw me and quickly clamped his hand over my mouth. Put a finger to his lips to calm me down. Slowly as my breathing returned to normal, he slid down on the bed with him spooning me. He told me he just wanted to cuddle a bit. I too had missed him during the day and didn’t mind. Sweet nothings, pillow talk, spooning all started to happen. I was enjoying this little rendezvous and that too under a clear night sky. He started to kiss my cheeks every now and then. First I was not too sure but then let him carry on as long as he kept the noise down. He was kissing my neck and shoulders while I pushed myself back towards him. He started to grind me and I turned my neck around to kiss his lips. All this very slowly and very silently.

We were aware of the folks around us. Once we heard someone cough so we had to hide ourselves in the covers. Another time someone woke up to have a drink of water. We carried on however as soon as we altıparmak escort felt the coast was clear. By now he had started to grind me hard. Somewhere along the line, he slipped his shorts off and mine followed as well. We were anyways on our side and spooning. By now I could feel his hard shaft grinding into me from behind. His hands had slipped into my t-shirt and curled around my nipples. Slowly his hips started to pump me. I was beginning to moan into his mouth. I wanted to feel his lips on my nipples. I started to lift my t-shirt and he held my arm down. Secrecy was essential. So we had to keep our top halves dressed, while our bottom halves under the covers were absolutely free to do anything.

His hands slid down my thighs and he asked me to pull my leg up to my chest. So me lying on my side, bottom less and I had to pull my leg up to my chest. One leg straight and the other one pulled up. I was wondering why and then I felt it. His finger sliding down my back to tease my tight hole. I gasped, but he was very ready with his hands. He first clamped my mouth down with his hands as he teased me. He had already lubricated his finger (don’t ask me when he did that). And now he was getting me to open up.

Slowly I started to relax and let him work his finger into me. By now I was starting to moan. He used to shush me or clamp my mouth or flat out kiss me to stop me moaning. Even when we kissed I couldn’t help moan into his mouth. Once he was done opening me up, he moved in behind me. I could already feel him rock hard just waiting there at the entrance to get inside me. Moreover, with one leg up to my chest, it was the perfect position for him. He told me what he was going to do and asked me to keep my mouth shut. I firmly closed my mouth with both my hands and nodded to him. He slowly and gently started to push into me. God knows how I controlled myself. I just clamped my hands over my mouth harder until first the head and then finally mudanya escort his shaft entered me. We just lay there for a while so I could get my breath back. Once he sensed I was back to normal he started his pumping. Very slow, very gentle and very rhythmic. So that no one heard the noise of our thighs slapping together.

I just squeezed my eyes shut and held on. I have no idea how I controlled my moans as he pumped me. After a while I was unable to control myself. I caught his hand and slid it over me and made him cup me. His hands first started to caress and then gently squeeze me. By now I had given up any illusions on trying to control myself. My moans were suppressed, but still audible. Our kisses were getting more wild and so were my moans. I just lifted my leg higher to give him all the freedom he needed. His hands were already stroking me as he pumped me from behind. God I just wanted to scream my lungs out. That was how much I was frustrated in not being able to be vocal. Just those suppressed moans under my breath. At one point I just wanted to lie flat on my back and have him on top and fuck me. Again he held me down, Status quo had to be maintained if we were to continue.

Finally, slowly at first and then like a surge my orgasm built up. I buried my head into the pillow to stifle my screams (no more moans) as my hips bucked again and again and again and again to one of the most intense orgasms of my life. He too came shortly after, just flooding me on the inside. But I hardly noticed since I was still recovering from my orgasm.

If you think “forbidden pleasure”, this had all the ticking points. My parents’ house, Open air, the night sky, People around and we had to keep the voice down. It probably was one of the most intense silent orgasms I had and especially the guilty pleasure of almost doing it in public.

Finally, when both of us had caught our breath, he rolled off and went to sleep on his own bed. Not that either of us really slept that night. Even after he left, I could still feel his warmth seeping between my thighs. I quickly cleaned myself up, slipped on my shorts and then went to bed. And lay wide awake for the next three hours. By the time I mustered some sleep, it was dawn and time to rise again.

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