Kathy and Surprises Ch. 02

Female Ejaculation

After Kathy and I had lived together for a whole school year we decided we would live together again the next year of community college. We had become an item. No one knew her secret except me and her family. Kathy had a cock. That’s because she started as a guy and was in transition to becoming a woman. I loved sucking it while she sucked mine. But the semester was ending and she was going home for the summer. So was I. We had both reached nineteen during that last semester.

We decided to make our last night of the semester special. We had spent the whole year either jerking off together or sucking each other. Kathy, of course, was a transgender person. And her cock was bigger than my seven inches. But she was all girl too. Her blond hair was still in its pixie cut and her body was still fine, with the tits like round globes on her chest and her nipples always swollen. She was a delectable girl. She really knew how to fuck my face with her cock.

Tonight we would explore new territory for both of us. We were both addicted to porn on the internet and we had seen things that we had mulled over in our minds. Now we were going to talk about it and maybe try something really naughty. I would not have done any of the things I did with Kathy with a guy, and what we did tonight was the same. It was between me and my love, Kathy.

We were to learn something tonight that was a great thing for us both. I will explain later. First we went out to eat and had a nice evening together. We loved dating that way. It pleased me to know what she had in her panties that none of the other guys, ogling my sweet Kathy, knew was there. I found it quite amusing. We finished eating. I paid as the gentleman should and we went out arm in arm.

After we arrived at our one bedroom apartment we decided to warm up by watching some porn on the computer. We went to the sites with transsexuals and she-males, of course. She hated that term, but she loved watching them have sex. While the porn tubes were playing, we stripped all our clothes off and snuggled up together on the couch with the computer on the coffee table.

I was fondling her tits because I loved them so much, and she was caressing my chest and my stomach, not quite getting to my prick. We were both sporting huge boners, but hers was bigger than mine. That had never bothered me at all, at least not since we had become lovers.

Then, as the evening progressed our hands moved to each other’s dick. We started stroking each other slowly. Our plan was not to make ourselves come this way but another way. So we did not work ourselves into a come, not yet. We held each other’s cock and kissed. We both adored kissing. Lips or cocks, it did not matter.

Finally the moment to try something new came. We were both completely aroused. We now decided to follow the tubes we had watched and fuck each other in the ass. I told her I would let her have the first fuck. I did adore her so.

We went into our bedroom and got on a bed. I was on my elbows and knees with my hairy ass waving in the air. Kathy got the K-Y out of the side table, lubed up her hard prick and rammed some into my ass for good measure. Then the vixen just took her cock and jammed it into my ass with no warning.

I yelled with pain. This was my first time. She just pulled out and jammed it in again. She was giggling and enjoying being the one on top. She started fucking my ass like she would never get to fuck again. In and out she rammed it and I was getting harder and harder.

Then I discovered the little pleasure one had when doing this. I could jack off at the same time! I started jerking my meat as she fucked my pucker hole. We were so worked up by this new pleasure that we both started squirting come more quickly than usual.

Her cock was filling my ass and seeping out and running down my thighs. My cock started shooting and came all over the bed. It had done so before, but never with another dick up my bunghole. I was coming in spurts and it was so fucking good. I pushed back against her huge cock and she kept fucking as she finished coming.

As I glanced behind me I could see that she was istanbul escort squeezing and mauling her titties and nipples. Finally she withdrew her prick and I shook off the last of my spunk.

Then my angel woman got down in front of me as I raised up, and she licked my cock clean. She loved the taste of cock and come. Actually, so did I now.

We relaxed in each other’s arms. I fondled her flaccid cock. She fondled mine. We were not ready for more yet. We just watched the television for an hour or two. As we were watching Skinemax we both started feeling a little randy again. Her prick was hardening and so was mine. Now it was my turn. This would be her first time too. But I was going to be a nice guy and be soft and gentle for her, the tart.

This time we tried it a different way. I was going to take her ass virginity as she was standing with her legs spread apart and her luscious ass cheeks spread too. She leaned against a dresser just high enough for her to rest her arms. I got down behind her and I lubed her with my mouth. I loved licking her ass and always had.

I put some K-Y on my cock, and I eased the head into her tiny virgin asshole.

Slowly I began pressing inward and she started whimpering and moaning. I eased all my seven inches in and then began a slow fucking motion. She clearly dug it. She was pressing back, wanting me to be harder and more aggressive so I started really fucking her ass. She moaned louder and started jacking her cock off with her hand. She knew how to jerk off. She had been doing it since she was sixteen years old.

Again, we had mutual orgasms. We both shot our spunk out, mine into her asshole and hers all over the dresser. We both kept creaming until we had used up all our juices. And again, after wiping it off, she sucked my dick empty of its come. She never liked to waste good come. Then we embraced and kissed to share the taste of jizz with our mouths.

The next day we had to leave for home. She went to her house in the next county and I went to mine across the state. The whole reason we were in community college was to prepare for regular college. But we had chosen a community college close to home. Neither of us had far to go. In fact we only lived about two hours from each other.

This gave her a good reason to ask her folks if I could come visit for a weekend during the summer break. Apparently they did not mind. I think they were happy that their unusual daughter had actually found a boyfriend. Anyway, I was invited to drive over and spend Friday and Saturday nights with her family. She was an only child with just her mother and father at home with her.

I arrived and was greeted with friendliness from the family. Kathy’s best friend, Karen, was also there. Karen was now nineteen years old. She and Kathy had graduated together, over a year ago. She had once been just a female friend before Kathy began her transformation.

Kathy’s mother was taller, but had the same blond hair and was still in good shape, even if her tits sagged a little. The father was there, but not there, if you know what I mean. I understood he was some kind of scientist, and was often working late at the lab where he worked.

Kathy had told me that her whole extended family knew about her trans character. None of her high school friends knew. At graduation, all of the students were over eighteen. Kathy had begun her transformation in the summer after graduation. She had started to wear ladies clothing and put on makeup. By the time the summer ended Kathy had breasts.

When Kathy left for community college in August she and Karen had a date. It was a special one. They had never done anything before. Even though Kathy was beginning to wish more and more to be a real girl she still had her cock. She had taken Karen’s virginity on their only date together. At eighteen both girls knew they love sex. Karen had been hooked on fucking ever since. So Kathy told me.

Before it had happened, Karen had touched the cock and had watched it grow and get hard. She had even watched as Kathy showed her what happened when she jacked off. She had giggled escort bayan as Kathy shot her come into some tissue. All this occurred the summer before Kathy and I started college and shared an apartment.

That had been been when they had real sex together the first time. And Kathy had enjoyed learning all about a young lady’s pussy, after they became lovers. She wanted to be a woman, after all.

Anyway, they had explored each other’s bodies during that final date, and had remained good friends ever since. When Kathy had come home for a few trips they had renewed their sexual friendship. Now we all were nineteen. But Karen had stayed here in this little town, and had never went away to college.

I was to spend the night in the guest room. Kathy and Karen were allowed to share a room, because they were such good friends, so Mom thought. The family knew we were dating but they did not know about our sexual relationship. So I was alone on my own in that lonely room, after we had finished dinner and had talked until about 10:00 o’clock. Around midnight I was awakened by someone opening the door and coming into the room. I was certain it was Kathy, of course. It was not. It was Karen.

She slid into the bed with me, giggling just like her friend did, and cuddled up with me. I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t scream for goodness sake. I couldn’t even grab her and push her out the door. I knew Kathy was next door and I didn’t want to create a ruckus. Oh hell, I thought, I was invited here and I was going to be a good guest. I kind of smiled as I thought about it though. She was stark naked. Her first move was to kiss me.

I returned it. It had been so long since I had been with anyone except Kathy. Then Karen surprised me. She told me that Kathy had sent her. Kathy thought I might be missing pussy and she knew her best friend was a little slut. After playing with Kathy’s cock, Karen had played with many more and she told Kathy all about it. They were very close, indeed.

Karen knew I had been getting lots of cock sucking, both giving and getting, so she made it clear her pussy was ready for a good fuck. While kissing me and making out, she moved my hand to her pussy. It was wet with her juices. I stuck my middle finger into her cunt and then made her come when I found her G-Spot. She was as sexy as Kathy, just lacking the cock. Anyway, I finally put on a condom. I still carried them with me.

It had been awhile so I wanted to fuck her mission style. I wanted to watch her face as I rammed her as hard as I could with my cock. I got her on her back, with my cock jutting out the hole in my boxers, and stuck it into her juicy cooze. I put my arms under her knees and pressed them back as far as they would go and began humping her hard and deep.

She was squealing with pleasure and I was grunting with my efforts to give her a fuck to remember. I thrust hard and deep and faster and faster. After just a few minutes, while she had been coming all the time, I shot a huge wad into her pussy. It filled her cunt full.

We went to sleep that way, with my cock still in her pussy.

When I awoke she was licking my cock clean. I returned the favor. I licked her pussy clean of her juices and of mine. Then she tripped,

giggling away. That was a good way to be welcomed into Kathy’s home, don’t you think?.

Kathy came in soon after and she grinned as she told me how much I had pleased her bestie. Now we pleased each other. We did a 69, with me on the bottom taking in her long thick prick into my willing mouth and her jacking up and down on my cock with her mouth making it sopping wet with her eager slobber. I had the additional pleasure of her tits hanging down for me to tickle and squeeze.

I pinched her nipples with my fingernails to make her moan around my cock. Her fat swollen nipples just made me harder as she bit my cock with her little sharp teeth.

As we got closer and closer to coming in each other’s mouth I heard the door open and the giggle of a female. Karen was watching us. I glanced over and saw she had her hand in her panties playing with her wet cunt. Her Ataşehir escort other hand was touching and fondling her little titties that were smaller than Kathy’s, pointed out like cones and with swollen nipples.

She got me so turned on I began coming into Kathy’s mouth and the sudden spurt made her gag, but she was quick to begin swallowing all she could, and she started shooting her spunk into my mouth. It filled my whole mouth and I had a job drinking it all down. Her huge cock always gave more come than mine did. She was a living wonder.

Then she rolled over beside me and our still hard cocks were sticking up in the air. Karen came over with lots of curiosity. She had never seen her best friend and another man with their cocks in the air. She grabbed both and began jacking them.

“It isn’t any use, Karen. I’ve come too much in the last few hours. I haven’t got any more spunk for you,” I said.

Kathy just let Karen keep jacking her. She had more to give.

Karen began sucking on her friend’s cock. She licked from the base up to the head and all around. She twirled her tongue around Kathy’s prick and it kept throbbing as she used her little hand to jack it.

I leaned over and began to make out with Kathy. I licked her neck and sucked on her ear and then moved to suck on her lips. She liked that. Then we began making out as she moaned from the cock sucking her friend was giving her.

It was finally too much. Kathy started giving Karen her reward. A mouth full of trans come. Karen loved her and loved what she had done for her. We all relaxed in the bed for awhile. After a few minutes we all decided we needed showers. There was only one shower on the second floor. Kathy’s parents shared a master bedroom with its own bathroom on the first floor and they seldom came upstairs.

With lots of giggling from the young women, we all went down the hall naked to the bathroom. We were going to shower together. It was still only about 7:30 in the morning. The parents were certainly still in bed on a Saturday morning. This was going to be epic. I was grinning like a loon.

Entering the shower, we turned on the spray and began washing and scrubbing each other. We were enjoying ourselves immensely. We were washing all over our bodies and of course I started growing hard again. I saw that Kathy was too. And both ladies had their nipples getting harder and harder, like little pearls on their precious breasts. I started sucking each girl’s tits, one after the other, and lots of giggling ensued.

Then Karen grabbed both of our cocks and looked at her friend with pleading eyes.

“Kathy, I’ve never had anyone fuck my ass. I’ve always been afraid. But I wouldn’t be afraid of you.”

Kathy looked startled and then surprised me again by turning Karen around and pushing her against the shower wall. Then she took her cock in her hand and spread Karen’s cheeks and pressed her dick into the little puckered hole. Pushing into Karen’s ass she began to fuck her old girlfriend.

I thought this was a great chance. I got down on my knees and licked Kathy’s ass and stuck my tongue into her winking little hole. She started grunting as she fucked Karen, but was moaning as I sucked her ass. Then I rose up and stuck my cock into her ass too.

We began humping together. Kathy would fuck Karen’s ass and I would fuck Kathy’s ass. We were a synchronized fuck. Both of us grunting with our effort, and Karen whimpering and crying with the pain of her first ass fuck and the pleasure of creaming down her legs in the shower.

Neither Kathy nor I had any spunk left to come but we stayed hard long enough to make Karen very happy. This was the best welcome I had ever received in a girlfriend’s house before. Then Karen screamed as she came hard and long.

Suddenly the shower curtain was drawn back and Kathy’s mother was standing with her mouth agape.

“I was calling and calling. I was making breakfast. Oh my god. What is going on?” She was aghast, it was clear.

Kathy and I pulled our cocks out and Kathy hid her body from her mother. Karen did the same because she was clearly terrified of Kathy’s mother. I was stunned and just stood there. I was guessing there would be hell to pay. I grabbed a towel and scrambled back to the guest room. I could hear loud voices but I was staying clear of it.

Kathy would handle it, I was sure. I hoped so, anyway.

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