Womanhood for Jenny Ch. 01

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Big Dicks

NOTE – This is a work of fiction, intended only for the entertainment of adult readers.

The muted alarm-clock brought jenny awake instantly. She reached over to shut it off. Being ever so careful not to disturb Master, she slipped out of bed and gazed lovingly at the sleeping man. From their earliest intimacy, He had accepted her completely as a woman, His woman, not a trans-gendered male or a gay transvestite. For that alone, she vowed to serve Him with total devotion for as long as He desired her. With a last glance, she made her way silently to the bathroom. After five glorious years serving Master Charles, her morning ritual was fully ingrained, meticulous, and efficient. Shedding her nightie, she prepared and inserted the low douche of thick liquid soap and vinegar, with enough hot water to make one quart. For daily use, she was permitted to use the bulb syringe with the thick douche nozzle, which she used to rub her G-spot/prostate. Since she was denied masturbation, it was her only solo pleasure. It took three fillings to drain the whole quart from the mixing pitcher. When Master gave her punishment or discipline douches, He would use the large hanging multi-quart bag or the manual pump. Touching the thick nozzle, her guts gave an involuntary twitch in memory of the horrible cramping and terrible pressure He subjected her to on those occasions. But her normal daily douche was welcome and refreshing.. True, there were the usual cramps from the liquid soap, and the sting of the vinegar, but she held the steaming liquid easily as she shaved her armpits, legs, and entire bikini area. Hormones. electrolysis, and laser work had pretty much eliminated other body and facial hair, so only feminine shaving was required. Once finished, she sat down and expelled the liquid. Taking the douche syringe into the shower with her, she filled it with lukewarm water and rinsed herself of the stinging chemicals twice before completing her shower.

Drying quickly, she put her gown and used towel in the hamper and set out a fresh towel for Master. Just inside the bedroom door, a chair held her clothes for the day. If Master didn’t specify anything, she laid out her clothes the night before to avoid disturbing Him in the mornings.

Panties, bra, the tight open bottomed girdle He liked her in, black nylons, a soft blue dress, and white four inch high heels were her wardrobe for today. He allowed her to prepare breakfast without makeup. That was her first duty after breakfast, though, even before doing up the dishes.

The snug fit of the bra and figure control of the girdle were comforting as she smoothed the stockings up her legs and fastened the six thick garters. Master preferred what He termed, “working whore garters” to the skimpy ‘lingerie garters.’ “Wide garter straps are for ‘go’ instead of ‘show.'” Master’s tastes and desires were definite and non-negotiable, which suited jenny perfectly.

Once her heels were on, jenny flexed her legs and took short mincing steps on the balls of her feet to keep the stilettos from clicking on the floor until she reached the kitchen.

A flick of the switch started the coffee maker loaded the night before, She put a skillet on the stove, got out a bowl and everything else needed to make French toast and bacon.

When Master’s alarm went off, reflexively jenny looked to the kitchen clock, confirming the time. Yes, everything was on schedule. He would be pleased.

Exactly thirty minutes later, Master came up behind her, gripped her waist from behind and gave her a slit-tingling kiss on the back of her neck.

“O-o-o-ohh, good morning, Master,” she garbled.

“Good morning, my lovely slut. You look delightful today. If I didn’t have to be in Court this morning….”

“Naughty, naughty, Master,” she bantered, but secretly pleased. He obviously approved her choice of clothes.

As He sat down at the table, she brought Him a steaming mug of the rich coffee. Sipping slowly, He admired the curves of black nylon as her legs moved about in the high heels. He thought about how lucky He was to have found such a perfect submissive woman to share His life with. Her love, and complete devotion to their S and M lifestyle far overshadowed her lack of a vagina. Besides, her eager mouth and anus were ample compensation. Theirs wasn’t a gay relationship in any sense of the word. She was His woman, and He used her as such. On the special occasions when He gave her an orgasm with the body massager to her large ‘clit,’ it remained in her panties, shielded by a sanitary pad, with her bag’s contents strapped down tightly.

They made normal husband-and-wife small talk as she served the French toast and bacon, sitting opposite Him.

Watching her over the mug’s rim, He told her, “You know, I’ve been thinking about some changes we need to make.”

Bowing her head, she replied, “You are my Master. Any changes You desire are always welcome. You know that, my Love.”

“Well yes, but these are a bit more complicated than most of the things we’ve done.”

“Anything istanbul travesti You wish is one hundred percent fine with me, You know that by now, Master,” jenny countered.

“I know that, but these are extreme enough, that we need to discuss them first.”

“Alright, Master, but You already know I will lovingly submit to anything You desire.”

“It’s been a very good year at the office. You know I’ve had a couple of large accident settlements. The house is paid off, the cars and boat are too. In another year or so, the beach place will be free and clear. I’d like us to take a vacation, to Deb’s place in the Caribbean. I think it’s time for your ‘boob job’ – and we’ll have them shorten that clit and remove those lumps in your ‘labia’ at the same time.”

“Oh Master! Boobs? Really and truly?” jenny gushed. “I always dreamed of them, but never thought it would actually happen! Oh Master, that would be wonderful! You are amazing! The best Master in the whole world!”

“Whoa, slow down girl. We’re talking about more than a simple ‘boob job’ here. The clit work I’ve got in mind would be permanent, and the castration would be irreversible as well. We need to talk this through completely so you understand exactly what is involved,” the professional lawyer cautioned.

“But Master, I’ll agree to anything You wish anyway, and to get real boobies at last…” the dazed she-male said.

“There’s another thing as well, jenny. Since you won’t even technically be male anymore, we will legally change both your name and sex. Would you like that?”

“For such a gift, Master, Your slut-slave would be honored to become the complete woman You desire, name, sex, I suppose I’ll need a new driver’s license and everything, won’t I?” jenny rambled at the thought.

Her Master smiled, “Yes, girl, everything, passport, social security card, and so forth. In the eyes of the law you would be a one hundred percent woman. I’ve got that hearing downtown this morning. We’ll talk in more detail when I get home tonight. Oh, and Doctor Deb is coming for supper. I think grilled chicken breasts, fettuccini in garlic and olive oil, a light salad, and a chilled white wine – three bottles, would be appropriate.”

“Yes, Sir,” jenny replied. “Er, Master, am I allowed to tell my girlfriends about my boobies yet?”

With a laugh, Master hugged her, “Yes, you can tell them about the boob job. They all think of you as a woman anyway.”

A quick kiss and a squeeze of her ‘barely B –cups’, Master grabbed His briefcase and was out the door.

Caught off guard and overwhelmed by the news, jenny sat down, automatically smoothing her skirt over her shimmering hose. A zillion questions swirled through her head. What size breasts would Master select? How much pain would she have after the operation? Would He still be able to beat her breasts? Would her nipples lose any sensitivity? Would she gain some? How many new bras would He allow her? Would her other clothes still fit over them? .After the castration, would she have to continue taking those nasty hormone pills? Would she still be able to have orgasms with the vibrator? Well, she decided, Doctor Deb could answer most all of those questions tonight.

Although she was bursting with the news, Master’s discipline took over. First she went to the bathroom and applied her makeup. The mirror required a show in profile as she cupped her chest, and wished the operation could be tomorrow. Next, she did the dishes and cleaned the kitchen, made the bed, and wrote out a grocery list for supper. Only then did she permit herself the luxury of a few minutes on the phone.

Her best friend, Barbara, had gotten a boob job a couple of years back, and was bubbling with as much excitement as jenny. Babs assured her there would be no loss of sensitivity, “Just more meat for sport”

Heather and Ellen were equally happy for her. Knowing that Ellen would be on the phone all morning, spreading the news to everyone else in their circle, jenny got her purse and drove her compact car to the wine shop and grocery store.

The manager at the wine shop respected the quality and volume of Master’s tastes, so jenny was always treated as though she were Master Charles’ wife. After receiving instructions for the proper chilling and decanting of the wine, jenny carefully put the bottles in the car and went to the grocery.

Only fresh chicken breasts were needed. She already had the spices, fettuccini, and salad ingredients.

The irony brought on the giggles as she asked the butcher for the chicken breasts, boobs for boobs, she thought.

Once home, she swirled around like a 1950’s TV housewife, rinsing and drying the fine china, silver and stemware for the meal. The pink tablecloth for the formal dining room table was ironed carefully. The matching napkins folded as well as any five-star restaurant.

With the chicken marinating and the wine chilling, jenny indulged her ‘quiet time,’ when she would kick off her heels, hang up her dress and take a short kadıköy travesti nap to collect her thoughts, and relax so she could be a better wife for Master when He came home.

Out of habit, as she slipped the dress’s hanger into the closet, she glanced at the calendar hanging inside the closet door.

“Oh noo, not today,” she groaned. There was no escape. The red ‘X’ in the corner of today’s date and the three following days, signaled her period. Master required her to track it on the calendar, and expected her to follow a woman’s regimen. Why hadn’t she seen it last night, or even this morning when she dressed? But of course, the answer was that she was only thinking about her new boobies.

“This will just ruin everything tonight,” she sobbed, as she trudged into the bathroom.

Day one of her period required a fifty percent vinegar douche, which was nearly impossible to retain, then injecting 2 ounces of mineral oil with red food coloring, so she would have messy tampons and gooey pads.

As jenny prepared and inserted the vinegar douche, she thought about how disappointed Master would be. Tonight with Doctor Deb coming over and everything – well, it was supposed to be so special as they discussed and planned her boob job. Gritting her teeth, she set the timer for the five minutes she had to retain the stinging vinegar, and sat down. The tears in her eyes weren’t from the cramps twisting her guts, but frustration.

‘Maybe I could just hide the calendar for tonight and start my period tomorrow,’ she thought. No, that was out of the question. Only once, early in their relationship, had jenny tried to delay a period. Master’s punishment had been thorough and extremely painful. Jenny hadn’t delayed or tried to skip a period since. The cheerful ding of the timer signaled her release. As always after vinegar, her hole was puckered tight and the damp wash clothe merely cleaned the little spatter, Using a turkey baster to draw from the gallon jug of colored mineral oil, she decided to flaunt her total submission to Master’s orders. If she had to be on the rag, it would be messier than usual, she decided peevishly. Instead of the required two ounces, she drew four, and with a groan, inserted the baster into her puckered anus and squeezed the contents in. A super tampon followed easily. Peeling the backing from a maxi pad and sticking it in her panties, jenny wondered if Master would punish her for ruining His evening with her period. True, her mouth was always available for His pleasure, and Doctor Deb, as a devoted lesbian with a true sadistic bent, usually favored oral service over splitting jenny with a dildo, but tonight was supposed to be so special and jenny had wanted to be the perfect whore for both Master and Doctor Deb.

Even as she pulled her panties the rest of the way up, she could feel the beginning ooze of the slime from her ‘cunt.’The cramps from the vinegar, the mineral oil, and of course, the tampon gave her the appropriate dull fullness and familiar ache down there. ‘That’s part of the price of womanhood,’ she told herself. With determined female pride, she cleaned up the bathroom, and lay down to rest.

When she woke up to the soft alarm clock, the familiar period pain reminded her to get up and change her tampon and pad. A bit of staining required fresh panties too. Buttoning her dress up and stepping into her high heels again, she began cooking supper.

Hearing a car pull in the drive, jenny glanced up at the clock, realizing that Master wasn’t due home yet, and the car wasn’t His.

At the doorbell’s chime, she hurried to the front door, smoothing her dress and patting her hair as she went. Looking out the window, she saw Doctor Deb, and hurried to unlock the door and welcome her in.

Despite looking like a jovial teddy bear, which she was to her patients, Doctor Deb was an imagnitive sadist. She knew how to make a girl suffer. Master had given Doctor Deb carte blanche to use jenny. He enjoyed watching the show.

“Good evening, Doctor Deborah. Welcome to Master Charles’ home. Won’t you come in?” with a curtsey, jenny ushered the Doctor inside. “May I take your bag?” jenny gestured to the Doctor’s satchel.

Wordlessly, Doctor Deb surrendered the bag. “Master isn’t home just yet. Would You like a drink, Ma’am?”

“That would be nice, jenny. I’d like a vodka collins. It’s been a hectic day.”

Showing the Doctor into the living room, jenny hurried to the bar and mixed the drink. They made small-talk as jenny prepared the salad and finished supper. When Master was due home, jenny took off her apron and mixed His cocktail. The sound of His car propelled her to the door, drink in hand.

Tossing His briefcase into a chair, He gave her a tight hug and deep kiss like a soap-opera husband, “Hi baby! Hello Deb, glad you could make it.”

The meal was superb and jenny blushed under the sincere praise it garnered. Soon they were discussing the boob job and other procedures Master desired.

“So anadolu yakası travesti you’re going to make her a real cow, Charles? “

“That’s one of the things I wanted to discuss with you, Deb. She’s almost a true B-cup now. I’d like her to have some impressive uddders “

“I’ll examine her later and we can talk about it in detail.”

When they were finished, jenny began gathering the dishes, but Master stopped her. “Later.”

Guiding her by the arm, Master asked, “Shall we?” and walked to the stairway leading to the lower level. Doctor Deb retrieved her satchel and followed.

The basement was an upscale rec room/den but they walked through it to the solid door beside the one leading to the furnace.

Unlocking the door, Master Charles stood aside for the women to pass. Stepping across the threshold automatically switched on the lights to reveal an immense ‘play room,’ equipped to Master’s tastes and needs. The sight never ceased to enthrall jenny as she remembered the tears and joy Master extracted from her writhing body here.

Standing before the coat hooks just inside the door, jenny carefully unbuttoned her dress and hung it up.

At the command, “Stand for inspection,” jenny walked to the white pool from a ceiling spotlight and turned to face Master and Doctor Deb, with her head bowed and fingers laced behind her neck.

With the tip of a riding crop, Master pushed her bra straps toward her shoulders. From experience, jenny lowered her arms so the straps would slip off. After Master removed the bra, her hands returned to her neck. Then He used the crop to raise the bottom of the girdle just enough to reveal her panties and its visible sanitary pad.

“Well, the slut’s on the rag,” He told Deb, “But her mouth is always available. Although you can use her ‘cunt’ too, if you don’t mind a ‘bloody field.'”

Snapping on a pair of latex gloves, the Doctor handled jenny’s small breasts for a rough but thorough examination. “With good quality implants behind her natural meat, she’ll have a pair of very nice, succulent tits for you to use, Charles. What size were you thinking about?”

“An E or F-cup, or even double D’s would make some nice udders for this cow, but then, it would be difficult getting her bras and such.”

“Yes, I think you’re quite right. In reality, a solid D-cup would look just about right, suitably slutty, but female enough to pass, yet still give you something to work with,” Deb nodded knowingly.

Without raising her head, jenny quietly asked, :”Master, may Your whore ask Doctor Deb some questions?”

“Of course, jenny. We’re talking about making you a total woman here. Now is the time to ask,” He replied.

“Will there be any loss of sensation, Doctor Deb? I would rather go through life a ‘barely B’ than ever disappoint Master.”

“Should be no problem,” Deb answered, pinching and twisting a nipple.

“Will Master still be able to cane my breasts?”

“Yes, but He’ll have to take it easy for the first few months until everything is healed completely. Then, He will be able to whip your new tits to His heart’s content,” Deb replied, pinching the other nipple. “You’ll be able to endure anything a genetic woman can, with the exception of no breast presses or deep needle work or skewers. But of course, He can pierce your nipples.”

“Will – would you be able to be there just to make sure they don’t do something wrong?”

“Actually, silly girl, I’ll be doing the surgery. I have a vacation place down there, where you and Charles will be staying, and I have full privileges at the hospital.”

“Oh thank you, Doctor Deb, thank you. That’s a load off my mind. I really want all the surgery Master wishes, but I was really scared of a foreign hospital and doctors.”

“Not to worry, dear, I’ll take good care of you, like you were my own slave,” Deb chuckled.

They cuffed jenny palm-to-palm and raised her on a ceiling hook until her spike heels cleared the floor, putting maximum tension on her quivering leg muscles.

Selecting whips and fiberglass canes to suit their fancies, Master Charles and Deb traded strokes to jenny’s breasts until her tears streaked her makeup and she was bawling as she begged for a gag to be able to take even more.

Taking a rest break, Master unhooked all six garters and rolled the long girdle above jenny’s hips, exposing their next target.

Using a gloved hand to pull the panties with their attached slimey pad aside, Master Charles cradled jenny’s ‘detested ‘man-parts,’ and asked Deb, “What about these?”

After tightening a pair of dreaded toothed clamps on jenny’s nipples until the girl squealed, Deb replied, “As we discussed last week, a full nullification coupled with sex reassignment surgery and creating an artificial vagina is expensive and the recovery is very long. You said you were satisfied with her natural ‘cunt,’ so I think your idea of castration and making labia and a clit is the way to go.”

Raising her tear blurred eyes, jenny listened as Master and the Doctor explained the process of slitting the skin of the bag and underside of the penis, suturing the penile muscles much shorter and forming the excess skin into labia and a clit hood so that only part of the head was exposed for stimulation. Coupled with the boob job, it was a dream-come-true for the tethered woman.

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