Wife’s Revenge Fuck Turns to Lust

Liz, just tell yourself, it’s his damn fault you are here in this hotel bar looking to hook up with a strange man. Revenge is the name of this night. Yes Liz, you researched the five-hundred-dollar credit card charge in Chicago and found it was an escort service. Fuck him. I’ve been faithful for eighteen years. Not that I haven’t had offers to break my vows. I take care of my forty-one-year-old body and people call me pretty.

If I had discovered he had a mistress, I would divorce the bastard in an instant. An escort isn’t the end of the world. But, I must even the score. He’s out of town this week and here I am looking to hook up. The bar is empty. Maybe Tuesdays are a bad time for this. I’ll wait until nine and then head home.

Dammit, I spent a lot of time getting ready. I haven’t worn a skirt and blouse in a long time, and I spent an hour on my makeup and hair. Hell, I even bought a new bra and bikini panty set. I almost died when I saw my long pubes sticking out the sides of the panties. I trimmed those back and toyed with the idea of shaving my entire crotch. But my husband likes a full bush. He might get suspicious if I shave it off.

I wonder what I should do when a man arrives. How the hell do you signal for a hookup. Do you smile and lick your lips? Do you run your fingers through your hair. Do I buy him a drink? I’m new at this. I’ll just have to wing it.

This is my third glass of wine. I’m feeling good but nervous. Taking the Uber here was a good idea. I’ll need one later. The last thing I need is a DUI. I can have a few more glasses of white wine to get my courage up.

Oh, there is a lone guy coming in and sitting at the other end of the bar. Too bad, he can’t be thirty. That’s way too young. But he is quite a good-looking young man. No way he would hook up with a foxy forty gal like me. He’s ordering red wine after discussing the choices with the bartender. He is dressed casual but upscale. All around, he oozes some class. If I was ten years younger, I’d be all for that.

Dammit, he caught me looking his way. Geez, I feel a hot blush on my face. He’s breaking into a confident grin. I’m sure women fall all over for him. I’ll just wait for a man my age. I peak over and see him checking his cellphone. Ah, he’s got a wedding ring on. Oh, oh, eye contact again. Oh, my goodness, he’s coming over.

“I see you are drinking a white. This French burgundy is amazing. Can I offer you a glass?”

My throat is seized up, but I nod yes.

“Bartender, please bring the beautiful lady a glass of that great Burgundy.” He turns to me. “My name is Edward. And you are?”

“I’m Liz. Nice to meet you. Do you live here or are you visiting?”

“I’m on business. I have a start-up and I’m visiting some of my investors.”

“Good for you.”

I give him a big open smile and lick my lips. My god, I haven’t flirted in forever. No way he would be interested in me. He’s looking down at my cleavage. I lift my chest up to display my assets better. If I’m going to have sex with someone tonight, why not this good-looking guy. He seems to be thinking about something.

“Could we go over to a booth to talk and negotiate?”

I get up and he puts his hand in the small of my back and with a small push, guides me towards a booth. Negotiate? Holy shit, I just realized that he thinks I’m an escort. Of course, I’m sitting there dressed to the nines with lots of makeup and alone in a hotel bar. I sit in the booth and he comes in beside me. What should I do? Why not play along?

“Do you work for an agency or are you an independent?”

“I’m an independent.”

“I could tell. You are very classy and very sexy.”


“Well, I’d like to spend a few hours with you upstairs if you aren’t booked out.”

My god, this guy is a real hunk. Having sex with him could be a lot better than with some other guy, if one ever comes in.

“No, I’m available.”

“Sounds like a plan. Aren’t I a lucky guy. Let’s chat for a bit and I’d like another glass of wine.” He signals to the bartender. I put my hand over my half-full glass as a sign for no.

“Why don’t you undo a few buttons of your blouse? I’d like to get a preview of what’s to come.”

My face is hot with a blush again as I undo half of my buttons. My new pink, lacy push up bra comes into view. His hungry eyes are drilled into my chest and a thrill of adrenaline surges through me.

“Very, nice. Yes, sweet.”

The bartender puts a glass of red wine in front of Edward. He lifts his glass for a toast.

“Here’s to a lust-filled life.”

I smile nervously and clink my glass to his and sip the delicious wine. I can sense he is a very lusty guy. My crotch is waking up at the prospect of being on the receiving end of that young, alpha male energy.

“First. Let’s get the money thing out of the way. I’ll give you a thousand which I know is way too much but I’m bloody rich and I hate bargaining. Okay?”

“Sure, fine.”

His hand goes from the table and under to rest on my thigh. I bite my lip as he gives my leg a squeeze.

“One thing is that I have an allergy to latex, so I must go bareback. I hope that’s not a deal breaker.”

“No görükle escort bayan problem, Edward. Whatever you say.”

“Good. I like receiving oral but I love eating pussy too. I just love getting my tongue up in there, licking away. God damn it, I love that.”

His hand travels up my thigh to my crotch. This sex talk has my pussy throbbing and his fingers pressing above it are tantalizing.

“Do you like cunnilingus, Liz.”

My husband hasn’t done it but my girlfriends swear by it.

“Yes, it’s great.”

His fingers are trying to grope into my crotch above my skirt. I look around guiltily and spread my knees to give him better access. His fingers dip to my hyper-sensitive pussy. My heart is beating a mile a minute and my head is a bit dizzy as he smiles a shit-ass grin and gropes my sex.

“You bet it’s great. With a sexy, classy lady like you I will fuck you at least two times. This is going to be so fucking horny. Liz, let’s go upstairs. I’m ready.”

My legs aren’t very steady as we leave the bar and go to the elevator. When the doors close, he is on me and groping my bum. He’s very tall. After the initial shock, I enjoy his hands massaging my bottom. His young lust is breathtaking. I kiss his neck in submission. The door opens and we are soon in his big suite. He pulls me to him and grabs my bottom again.

“Your ass feels so great. I love the feel of a nice womanly ass. Call me an ass-man.” He steps back. “Go sit on the sofa. I have to take a piss.”

I sit on the big leather sofa and look around the big suite. It has a good-sized living room, small dining room and a separate bedroom. His start up must be doing well to afford this executive hotel room. I hear his urine hitting to toilet water. My god, this is really going to happen. Here he comes.

“Why don’t we just hang here for a bit. No need to rush. Do you have any clients later?”

“No, I’m free.”

He sits close and puts an arm over my shoulder. I lean into his body. Looking down I see the outline of his penis laying sideways in his slacks. It seems big even soft like this. Sweet Mary, I haven’t given a blow job since college.

“Liz, you gave me a preview of your breasts downstairs. Why don’t you take off the blouse and bra to show me the real thing?”

It feels so strange unbuttoning my blouse in front of this horny younger man. His eyes are drilled into my chest as I unclasp the bra at the front and bare my breasts. My nipples are diamond hard and protruding.

“Sweet. Oh, fuck yes. That’s what we are talking about.”

His head dives to my chest and he gobbles a nipple into his mouth and sucks it amazingly. I let out a big groan as he suckles it. Looking at his handsome face sucking my breast is a sight I don’t want to never forget. He sits up.

“Get nude, love.”

I stand, unzip my skirt and shimmy it down over my hips. A flash of how absurd this is with me a mature woman stripping for this young stud. But that mature woman wants a lusty fuck. I hesitate with my panties but peel them down and off with my face burning with a hot blush.

“Holy fuck, a beaver. Holy crap, I’ve only heard rumors about one of those. Wow. Come here.”

I step forward to where he is sitting on the edge of the sofa and he pulls my hips to bury his nose in my pubic hair-filled crotch. I can feel his hot breath on my crotch. He pulls back with a big grin.

“I love the smell of pussy. Mmmm. Why do women shave their pussies? It looks so horny being natural like this.”

I can smell my feminine odor too and I can feel the lips of my pussy very wet now and gliding against each other. I need some cock. Let’s get going. I go to my knees between his legs, undo his belt and then his zipper as he smiles down at me. He lifts his bottom off the sofa as I strip his pants down and off. His socks are next. His manhood is now a big tent in his underwear. He has unbuttoned his shirt. His chest and stomach are very muscular. I need to suck him some and then drag him to the bedroom for my pleasure.

I pull down his underwear and his erection and his cleanly shaven ball-sack come into view. It is much bigger than my husband’s and uncircumcised unlike his. I had given head to a boy in college that was uncut so I know what to do. Edward sits up and his erection is straight up now. The head is engorged enough to have the foreskin mostly off. I grasp the shaft and pull the skin down fully to expose the head. I lick around it as the young man groans in appreciation. Then, I take the head in my mouth and push my head forward so his cock slides over my tongue to the back of my throat. I bob my head to have him fucking my mouth.

“Ya baby, you know how to suck a cock. Hold my balls.”

He is panting but I don’t want him to cum just yet. I need some cock in my very needy, throbbing pussy. I lick the shaft up and down. I look up. His face is a face of pure lust. It’s time. I stand and take his hand.

“Let’s go in the bedroom baby for some real fun.”

“Great idea, Liz.”

I go first and he follows. I turn down the bedspread and climb onto the cool sheets. On my back I watch him crawl towards me like the powerful altıparmak eskort young alpha male he is. His big, stiff cock is like a powerful magnet. My pussy is hungry for it. He lays beside me and runs his fingers though my pubic hair. My pussy is on fire. I spread my legs like a harlot and I bite my knuckle as his palm glides over my mons to my pussy below. His fingers probing my wet pussy lips are crazy making.

“You sure are wet down here, lady. Why don’t I go down on you?”

“Edward, sweetheart, why don’t you mount up on me? I’m so very horny and you can see I’m ready for you.”

“I hear you.”

He rolls expertly onto me suspended on elbows and knees. I spread my legs as far as possible as his hips touch mine. My god, I can feel the tip of his cock notch expertly into the entrance to my vagina. I wrap my arms around his strong, naked body and close my eyes. The head of his erection stretches the opening and then I am filled. My god, that feels incredible. I kiss his neck in complete submission.

“Ahhh. Nice tight pussy.”

He thrusts deep into my center and pulls back slowly, then with deliberation fucks me with a constant pace that has me moaning and whimpering as a powerful orgasm builds in my crotch. Holy shit, I might die. I grab his ass and feel his glutes flex with every thrust. My god his ass feels so young and strong. What’s this? Oh no, he’s pulling out.

“I must get my tongue into this pussy before I fill it.”

He shifts down over my hips and positions his head between my legs.

“Hmmmm. This hairy pussy looks and smells sooooo good.”

His head goes down and I feel breath on my sex as fingers spread my pussy lips. His hot tongue slides up and down between the lips from my vagina opening to my hyper-sensitive clit. My legs instinctively spread wider, and my hips thrust up to give him better access to my sex. Oh fuck, his pointed tongue is spearing my vagina. I grab his head and moan. On no, he’s sucking on my clit. Sweet Mary, I’m going to cum. Oh fuck yes. My screams fill the air as my crotch explodes. I’m panting as my vagina convulses. He is still sucking my clit and I can hardly breathe. I pull his head off my crotch.

“No more, no more, too sensitive. Wow.”

He looks up over my crotch with a proud smile.

“I think the lady liked that.”

“Whew, Edward, you are the cunnilingus master. Thank you. What can I do for you?”

“Why don’t you suck my cock and we can go from there.”

“Whatever you say.”

I would do anything for this guy after the best orgasm I’ve had in years. He rises and walks up the bed on his knees and puts two pillows to prop my head up to semi-hard penis. He shifts it closer. I want to give him as much pleasure as he gave me. I lean in and kiss the tip of his foreskin where the pink head with its slit opening is peeking out. I cup his ball-sack gently and take his growing erection deep into my mouth.

“Nice, very nice.”

I bob my head forwards and back to let his cock slide over my tongue. I realize I miss sucking cock. I just loved it in my college days. It is so raunchy and naughty. My husband doesn’t want it. Even the pungent smell of Edward’s crotch is so bloody erotic.

“Look up at me Liz. Yes, just like that. You look so pretty with my cock in your mouth. That’s right, in and out, perfect. I can tell you really know how to suck a cock. Very good, love.”

“I know what I’m going to do. You are going to get on your hands and knees and I’m going to fuck you doggy-style. I told you I’m an ass man.” His dirty talk is so sexy. From behind is my favorite position. I can’t wait. I’ll just lick his balls rather than suck is cock to cool his jets and last longer when he mounts me.

“Hey, great. Lick those balls and make them very wet. That’s right, just like that horny lady. Okay, into position.”

I eagerly go face down and ass up on my hands and knees as Edward moves behind me.

“Now that is a sweet, womanly ass. Very nice. Let me feel that pussy. Not quite wet enough. A little spit will do the trick. Ahhh, much better. Knees together a bit Liz. I must be taller than your other guys. There we go, perfect. Let me just jerk myself. I like to go in hard.”

His naughty talk is so erotic and the sound of him jerking his saliva-covered dick is so horny. My pussy is very, very ready. I feel the head of cock in the entrance to my vagina. Jesus, the head is so big it is lodged only half in.

“Let me spread the cheeks of your ass. I love watching my cock slide into a pussy. Fuck, the hair on your pussy lips is so fucking amazing.” He thrusts strongly forwards and the entrance to my vagina stretches and then I am filled. Sweet mercy, he is in. “Your pussy is very tight for an escort. You must be new to the business. You are taking all of me. Most women can’t. Your pussy is amazing.”

He holds my hips, fucking me slow and deep. It is crazy making. I can’t help moaning as he does me. My pussy is still sensitive from my other orgasm. It is just one constant high level of incredible pleasure. His animal grunting with each thrust is so erotic. My brain is a fog of lust. A new shock nilüfer escort hits as the tip of his finger feels my sensitive anus. Good lord, nobody has ever felt me there. The cheeks of my bum flex instinctively.

“Don’t worry Liz. I’m just feeling around the rim of your cute little asshole. Sweet, you have little brown pubic hair up your crack and around your asshole. Very sexy.”

He is picking up momentum. His dirty talk is turning himself on as well as me. Jesus, my pussy is on fire. His finger swirling around my anus is finding new delights. My moans are hitting higher notes and mingle with his masculine animal sounds.


My ass-cheek burns where he slapped it. Fuck, that feels so right, extreme feelings on top of extreme sensitivity.


I’ll reach under to strum my clit. Oh my god, that feels good. Shit, I’m going to cum again. He fucks with young determination. I’m on a magic carpet ride of lust. I hear him shout that he is cumming too. My crotch explodes and my body convulses as pleasure waves role over and through me.

I feel the young man pull out and a hot stream of semen shot over my back. He slides his erection onto the top of the crack of my bum and holds my hips as he pants from the ecstasy of his orgasm. I plant my face onto the bed and pant too as my racing heartbeat slows. Wow, what a great fuck. Minutes go by. I start to shift my weight from hands and knees to lay on the bed.

“No, no. Wait. I’ll get a washcloth to clean the wet mess I made on your back. I’ll be right back.”

I wait, naked, in this strange position until he returns with a warm, wet cloth to clean my back and the top of my bum. He even goes between my shoulder blades. Young me can shoot so far. My husband could do that when we were first married.

I’m still in the ozone. I roll onto my side facing Edward who is standing full-frontal, beside the bed. I feel suddenly naked and pull a sheet over me.

“Edward, if you don’t mind, I’ll just rest for a few minutes. You really did me there.”

Smiling proudly, he says, “Sure Liz. It was great. You are amazing. I have to make a few calls and who knows, I might get it up again and have more fun.”

He picks up a cellphone on the night table beside the bed. As I doze off, I see his attractive, tight, naked butt walk out the door. He has his cellphone to his ear and talking. I drift off.


I feel a hand on my shoulder and the soft male voice of Edward as I wake up.

“Liz, Liz, wake up. It’s your lucky night. I have another client for you.”

My eyes shoot open at that comment and I see a nineteen or twenty-year-old boy standing nervously beside a fully dressed Edward. This seems too much.

“I, I don’t …”

“Don’t worry Liz, I’ll pay you double of what we agreed to. It’s all good. Brad is the son of one of my angel investors. He’s a good kid.”

My mind is in a total tizzy. What to do? I will never see these people again. Nobody will ever know. I feel a hot blush on my cheeks as I look at the boy. If I had any children, they would be his age. He looks like a nerd in those glasses but with a slim, strong body. I wonder what he looks like naked. This could be interesting. What the hell?

“Sure, Edward. Glad to do that.”

“See Brad, what did I tell you. Liz is a great lady. Just ask and she will do most everything. Don’t be shy. Hey, why don’t you pull the sheet down and look at her nice body?”

The boy leans in and pulls the sheet down. He has wide eyes as he scans my nakedness. It’s all I can do not to shield my breasts and crotch. His eyes are too intense. I look towards the wall.

“Okay Brad, I’m going down to have a business dinner with your father. You have fun. Like I say don’t be shy. I know you young guys watch the porno. You know that stuff. She will do all that but nothing hurtful. Be respectful.”

“Thanks so much Mr. Wallace. I really appreciate this.”

“Liz, I’ll leave your money on the dining room table. Have fun.”

I hear him walk away and then the door to the hotel room open and close. I turn and look at Brad. He is nervous. There is a big tent in his pants. He’s likely a virgin or close to it. I pat the bed beside me. My guess is that I will have to lead him.

“Why don’t you sit on the side of the bed, and we can chat. Would you like that? There is no rush.”

“That would be great, thanks. I just have to say, you look like my high school English teacher. She is very pretty.”

“Thanks Brad. Are you in high school?”

“No, I just graduated and am off to college in the fall. I’m eighteen if that’s what you mean.”

“No, I was just curious. You are very tall. Do you play sports?”

“Not really. I’m more into video games and that kind of stuff.”

“Good for you.” I shift closer. “Why don’t I unbutton your shirt?” I unbutton it as he eyes my hand nervously. I finish. “Why don’t you just take it off?” He looks around to put it somewhere. I put my hand on his thigh. “Just toss it on the carpet over there.” His thigh through his pant leg is very lean, muscular and strong. “Kick off your shoes, Brad.” I raise my hand to feel him from his bare bicep to his shoulder. The feeling of young perfect skin in amazing. “Wow, Brad, you are very strong. Please be gentle with me. I’m just a woman.” I want to build his confidence. If we are going to have sex, I’d like it to be lusty. With more confidence, he looks boldly down at my naked body.

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