White Lady Ruling Black Women


Ah, another day at the West Falls Mansion in Buckhead, a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. Mistress Stephanie Voltaire sat down on a couch, sipping her drink. She checked some of her stocks in her Blackberry and noticed with satisfaction that thanks to her clever investments in the international Asian market, she made three hundred grand without leaving her home. Added to her already fabulous family fortune, her money just kept on growing by leaps and bounds. The six-foot-tall, blonde-haired and green-eyed, athletic white woman smiled, immensely pleased with herself. In this life, you had to be diabolically clever if you wanted to keep yourself in power. And Mistress Stephanie Voltaire came from a long line of diabolically clever women and men. She was of French stock but her family had lived in the Old South since the early 1700s. She was a southern belle through and true. No ifs, ands or buts about it. December of 2009 marked the three hundredth year of the Voltaire family in Georgia. And as sole heiress to the Voltaire family fortune, Mistress Stephanie Voltaire wanted to have herself a good time. She would turn twenty three this month and intended to have a grand celebration.

She rang her bell, and noted with satisfaction that one of her servants came along immediately. There were three of them. Sharon was shopping. Isabel, the burly black woman was cooking. That left Muriel. Mistress Stephanie Voltaire looked at her servant, a busty and big-bottomed, short-haired and quite stocky young black woman named Muriel Jackson. Like all of Mistress Stephanie’s black servants, Muriel wore the customary black and white maid’s uniform, and the little hat that came with it. Muriel grew up in the hood down in Atlanta. A long time ago, she was a rugged and downright unruly broad with a foul mouth and a vicious disposition. Side effect of having grown up on the mean streets of Atlanta. The school of hard knocks, as they say. That was before Mistress Stephanie Voltaire took her in. Another day and another life. It took a long time but Mistress Stephanie Voltaire transformed Muriel from a Hood Rat into a docile, obedient and more pliable person. She gave her a place to stay, and a purpose as well. Mistress Stephanie looked Muriel in the eye and demanded to know why the floors of the patio hadn’t been properly scrubbed. Muriel scratched her head, and shrugged. Mistress Stephanie shook her head. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t purge bayan gaziantep escort some of her servants of their laziness. They knew the consequences of their actions yet did them anyway. Mistress Stephanie pulled the cane she always kept handy and administered Muriel’s punishment.

Muriel got on all fours, face down and ass up, and pulled down both her skirt and her panties. Mistress Stephanie smiled as she gazed at Muriel’s big round butt. Like most black women she knew, Muriel had a big ass. Mistress Stephanie took out her cane and administered Muriel’s well-deserved canings. Swiftly she laid the cane on the black woman’s buttocks and caned her. Hard and fast, she caned the black woman’s ass, watching with satisfaction as the big round butt jiggled under the cane’s swift strokes. Muriel yelped as she got her well-deserved punishment. Mistress Stephanie administered the canings with zeal. All of her black servants knew the drill. They had their tasks to fulfill around the Voltaire mansion. Otherwise there would be hell to pay. Muriel rubbed her sore bottom and looked up at her Mistress. Glaring sternly at Muriel, Mistress Stephanie ordered her to clean the patio, lest she wanted a repeat of the punishment she just received. Muriel apologized for her mistakes and promised it would never happen again. Mistress Stephanie smiled, knowing that of course it would.

Mistress Stephanie Voltaire resumed checking out her business online while her black servant Muriel made herself scarce. She thought of her favorite black servant, a forty-something black woman named Sharon Brown. A long time ago, Sharon was a married and hard-working black female professional. A professor of urban literature in the Georgia Institute of Technology’s liberal arts program. Sharon was Mistress Stephanie’s professor and campus advisor. The two of them had the usual professor-student relationship. At least it looked that way at first. Sharon Brown wasn’t fond of the pretty, rich and arrogant young white woman who continually challenged her authority in class. Mistress Stephanie Voltaire wasn’t used to seeing black women in positions of authority. The black women she grew up around were the servants in her parents mansion. They wore uniforms, cooked and cleaned. Black female authority figures like Sharon Brown upset the order of things in Mistress Stephanie Voltaire’s eyes. She found bayan escort gaziantep herself fascinated by professor Sharon Brown. So she decided to learn more about her. Professor Sharon Brown had an MBA from Georgia State University and was happily married to Jerome Barclay, a handsome African-American police officer. They had two sons, Jerry and Anthony Barclay. Both of whom attended Morehouse College. Yes, professor Sharon Brown had an interesting life. A life that Mistress Stephanie Voltaire endeavored to destroy by any means necessary. For many months she looked for a chink in professor Sharon Brown’s armor. At long last, her patience and hard work paid off. She found that Achilles heel.

Like many women with seemingly perfect lives, Sharon Brown had a secret. Unbeknownst to her church friends, family and co-workers is the fact that she was secretly queer. Yeah, the hard-working, seemingly happily married black female professor and working mother was queer. And she mostly lusted after young white women. To satisfy her urges, she went to an upscale lesbian nightclub in downtown Atlanta. One frequented mostly by rich young white women and the few black lesbians who could afford it. Mistress Stephanie hired a tall and sexy, blonde-haired and green-eyed lesbian prostitute named Stacey to seduce the professor. Stacey did her job perfectly. She slept with Sharon in a secluded room of the nightclub’s VIP section. The whole thing was videotaped by Mistress Stephanie. The next day, Mistress Stephanie destroyed Sharon’s life. She sent copies of the steamy interracial lesbian video to the woman’s husband, sons and church group buddies. She also sent copies to faculty members and administrators at Georgia Tech. Mere days later, Sharon Brown found herself unemployed, friendless and facing a divorce. Mistress Stephanie approached her with a job proposition. The desperate black woman took it. Thus, professor Sharon Brown became Mistress Stephanie’s house servant. The strong black woman went from the position of respected professor at Georgia Tech to that of house servant to one of her wealthy white female students. Isn’t life funny?

Mistress Stephanie had immense pleasure breaking down Sharon Brown. Even after her fall from grace, Sharon Brown had her pride and the stereotypical black woman’s attitude. Well, Mistress Stephanie changed that. She broke her down by constantly escort bayan gaziantep reminding her that she’d be homeless and destitute without her. She also reminded her of what she had lost. After the shame she felt at work, at church and in her own home, Sharon was almost glad to be living anonymously in Mistress Stephanie’s mansion. In time she cooked, cleaned and obeyed orders without question. She even did the other things Mistress Stephanie told her to do. Sometimes, Mistress Stephanie summoned Sharon to her bedchambers at night. She would obediently kneel before Mistress Stephanie, spread her shapely white thighs and then lick her pussy. Mistress Stephanie was in awe of Sharon’s pussy licking skills. The woman licked pussy like a professional. She even licked Mistress Stephanie’s asshole thoroughly. Mistress Stephanie loved that. Sometimes, she made Sharon suck her toes. Her greatest pleasure was using Sharon as a foot stool while reading her favorite book, the biography of a certain Confederate War Hero. Sharon would patiently lie there while Mistress Stephanie’s feet rested on her back. She absolutely never complained. Mistress Stephanie was proud of what Sharon had become. She’d been transformed from arrogant and headstrong black female professor to docile and obedient house servant. And she openly admitted to her Mistress that she liked herself this way.

Sharon quickly became Mistress Stephanie’s favorite servant, once she broke all ties with her old life. Sometimes, they had a lot of fun together in Mistress bedchambers. Mistress Stephanie bought a strap-on dildo and used it on Sharon regularly. She loved bending Sharon over, face down and ass up and fuck her after spanking her big black ass thoroughly. Mistress would lubricate Sharon’s ass before pressing the dildo against her asshole. With a swift thrust, she sank it in. Sharon used to squeal at first but lately, she got used to having Mistress Stephanie’s dildo up her ass. Mistress Stephanie loved fucking Sharon’s ass and pussy with her dildo. And Sharon really liked it as well. Deep down, Sharon was a born submissive. The big black woman loved making her bossy white mistress happy. Mistress Stephanie always had a good time with Sharon. Unlike some of the past servants she had, Sharon knew her place and liked it. She understood the order of things. And Mistress Stephanie was really thankful for that. That’s why she allowed Sharon a greater degree of freedom than the other servants. Sharon had earned it. Of course, if she ever overstepped her boundaries, her privileges would be revoked and she’d be caned just like the others. Such are the rules under Mistress Stephanie’s household. There were the Voltaire house rules and Mistress Stephanie wasn’t about to change them. Why change a 300-year-old formula if it works? Exactly.

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