The Toy Ch. 02

Before he could reply to that, she spoke again.

“But first, please clean me up.”

He looked down at her legs for the first time, seeing the mess he’d made. Captured in her stare, he hadn’t realised where he was shooting. He was lost into her.

“Oh I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to -“

“Oh I wanted you to! Now.. go get a small towel from the bathroom, and clean me up. The act itself was great, but I’m not going to sit here with my legs having cum all over them.”

He turned around and got up.

“I didn’t ask you to get off your knees, darling.” She said it so nicely that it could almost not be taken as a warning.

But they both knew what it meant. He fell to his knees again and began crawling to the bathroom.

“No.. Crawl back here. And start over on all your fours.”

The command in her voice was unmistakable. He turned around and crawled back to her. Once he reached her feet, he turned around to start again.

“Wait. You crawled back to my feet, and you will not even pay your respect to them?” She asked matter-of-factly.

He had no choice. He turned around again and looked up at her. She smiled back down at him, and raised her dangling foot. Her eyebrows rose a little with it. He leaned in, and placed a soft kiss on a clean patch on her foot. Just above the smaller toes. He was about to get up when her foot rose up and pressed his head down into the other foot.

“Both feet. I like the balance.”

He placed a kiss on the other foot as well, and she let go of him. Satisfied, now that she had had her little fun with him. She loved how obedient he was. She loved how she was making him do things. She loved the power. She gave him a ripe smack on his ass when he started crawling back toward the bathroom. Within a few seconds, he emerged again, holding a hand towel between his teeth. She smiled at how intelligent he was. She would have fun moulding him into her perfect little toy.

Finally, he was at her feet. He dropped the towel on the floor and got back up onto his knees. He stepped in closer to her and picked up the hand towel, looking up at her, almost expecting to be corrected about something.

“Well…?” She said as she waited for him to begin.

And so he began. He swept the towel gently down her shin, scooping all of himself into the towel as he did. And when the leg emerged from the other side of the towel again, it was smooth as before, shining in the mellow lighting of the room. He then lifted the towel and folded it so as to hide the dirty part, and began wiping down her foot. His attention shifted to the other leg. He wiped it in the same way.

“There is some that seeped between my toes. Get it all properly, please!” Her voice was like that of a princess, a princess who knew what she wanted.

He folded the towel again, and used the corners to wipe between her toes. One crevice after another, he wiped her toes clean. He then refolded the towel and swept it down her legs and feet again, for good measure. He was almost certain he had gotten every bit of it. So he proceeded to wipe the floor clean. As he swept it across the floor for the final time, she spoke again.

“You make an amazing servant, you know that?” She giggled at her own joke. He could do nothing but smile along with her giggles.

“Go put the towel away into the laundry basket. And come back right here. We are not done for the night.”

He had climaxed. But she hadn’t. He realised that now. Knowing what to expect, he leaned back down and picked the towel up between his teeth again. He was careful enough to hold it by a corner, one he knew was clean. She noticed that and smiled. How well he had learned. She ruffled his hair as he turned about to go to the bathroom again. He was not sure if he was more embarrassed or more aroused. Or perhaps he was feeling fortunate to find a girl like May. He had never been used like this before, but he had never climaxed harder either. She had emptied him with just a stare. He dropped the towel into the laundry bin and crawled back Anadolu Yakası Escort outside, where she was still sitting in her place, but had a mischievous look on her face. When he reached her feet, she finally spoke again.

“Do you know why I made you make the mess?”

He hadn’t thought about it. He just imagined she did it for the fun of it. Or maybe it was her thing? But now it seemed like she had another reason.

“Why… M?”

“Because I wanted to make sure I know when you last came. I don’t know if I can trust you yet, no offence, so I wanted to make sure for myself. And now that I’ve seen you come, I know.”

She reached a hand behind herself and pulled something out. It was black. It was metallic. It had a cage-like…. it was a chastity cage. Tensing up, he looked back up at her.

“I thought you wanted me!” His voice grew a little weaker as he tried to process what was happening.

“Oh stop. I’m not putting it on you yet. We still have to talk about my offer.. Don’t you want to hear what it is?” She smiled.

“If it involves that -“

She cut him off.

“It does. But will you stop whining like a little baby, and hear me out first?” Her voice was stern, and shut him up.

He nodded.

She smiled.

“Good… Now, tell me, are you employed anywhere? Or did you lose your job before you came to drink at the bar?”

“I didn’t lose it. I… quit.”

“That works out well. How much were you getting paid there?”

“Are you offering me a job in your hotel?”

Her face grew a little stern again. Her nostrils flared a little before she spoke again.

“Should you reply to a question with a question, or an answer?”

His face shrunk a little. He knew what she meant.

“Let’s try this again, shall we? How much were you getting paid there?”

She had said nothing yet, but he knew he was running out of chances. She had kept her cool so far, but that had somehow instilled a small fear into him. Just with her demeanour. It was almost as if he was getting more attracted to her because of that.

“$80,000 a year.”

Her lips curled down into a look which seemed to suggest that she was a little surprised, and impressed.

“Not bad! How about we make it an even $1,00,000 a year?”

“Please, if I may ask.. what for?”

She smiled this time. He had asked very politely. And even though he had asked a question on top of her question, she let it go.

“To be my toy. You will move in here, and live with me. You will be at my disposal 24×7. Don’t worry, I won’t overwork you. You will get your free time, and you will get your vacations, should you need them. But.. I must warn you that there are going to be some days when I am going to want you no matter what. And I need you to be here for me. Even if you’re off vacationing in the mountains, or on a beach somewhere, I will fly you down if I want to. And you need to be ready for that.”

She gave him a second to process that, and continued.

“At first, you will be staying within the house while I groom you to be who I need you to be. And once you’re groomed, more achievements will get unlocked for you.” She smiled.

“Groom me to be what?”

“You’ll find out. I promise it’s all good news for you. You will get to be with me, and you will have everything you ever want. You just need to promise me your time, your loyalty, and your balls. I want to own it all.”

He just looked at her as she told him the plan, fiddling with the cage between her fingers as she waited for him to process it all. He looked at the cage turning and twirling between her fingers, and then back up at her again. She smiled at him while she patiently waited for him to think about it.

“Do I get a say if I ever want out?”

“Sweetheart, …” She took the cage in one hand and cupped his face in the other.

“… if you didn’t have a choice, I’d be abusing you in ten different ways right now. I like control, but I’m not a rapist. You are free to leave whenever you want. But Avrupa Yakası Escort if you are going to stay, you should know you need to keep me happy.” She smiled her sweetest smile and retreated back, beginning to play with the toy again.

“Of course, I can end the arrangement too, if I feel you are not living up to the standards I expect.”

He couldn’t argue with that.

“So. What is it going to be? Are you in… or….”

He didn’t even want her to give him the other option. He had known for a while that he was going to say yes. It was a little scary, but he had to take this chance. Specially since she had allowed him the freedom to leave whenever he wants. She was not bad, she was just… dominant. And he couldn’t resist.

“I would love to..”

“I’m sorry what?” She replied as if she didn’t understand him.

“I mean… I’m in. Yes I’m in. I -” He could feel his voice break up with embarrassment before she relieved him and began speaking herself.

“Are you sure? Because I don’t want to do something I will have to undo after five minutes. Think again. And tell me what your final answer is.”

He gave it another thought. For two seconds.

“I’m sure. I’ll take your offer.”

She smiled. She had known he would. But she wanted to hear it from him again just to make sure he was fully aware of his decision. Funny how she was already taking care of his well being. But she prided herself in that. She wanted it to be a good experience for the both of them. Even if she planned to make him suffer a little just for her own pleasure.

“Good.” She said in a tone that suggested that she was satisfied.

“Tell me now. Who do you belong to?”

He flushed. But he replied. “You… M.”

“Stand up.”

He stood. His crotch was on level with her breasts, almost. She grabbed him by his limp cock and pulled him closer.

“Now tell me, who do your balls belong to?” She let go of his cock and gripped his balls in her palm, fondling them, playing with them as if they were toys.

“You…. M.”

“Good.” Her other hand joined the first hand near the balls. He felt the cool metal against his sensitive skin. He knew the cage was soon going to be on him.

“I’m putting this on you. But not for punishment. And not to torture you. I just want to make sure you’re well saved up for me for when I’ll need you.”

“How many days do you think that will be?” He gulped. He wanted to know how long he was going to be locked for.

“I don’t know. But I think we’ll start with three days and see what your capacity is. Even I don’t want to wait too long. I want to test my new toy as soon as I can. But first, it must recharge well for me. Two days would be good, but I want to throw in a third for good measure.”

He could feel her hands working him all the time, and suddenly he realised he heard a tiny snapping sound. He looked down to see that he was already locked up. He looked back at her.

“I know, right? I have skilled hands. Believe it or not, but this is the first time I’m using this. Someone gave it to me as a prank gift, but I don’t think they knew how much I liked that they gave it to me.” She let out a little laugh, fondling his caged cock between her fingers, admiring her lock-up work. Her new toys. One within the other.

“Now, we just have one last thing to do before we can call this a successful night. Get on your knees again.”

He got down to his knees again, sitting between her legs as she spread them, exposing her pink pussy. She pulled out something from behind herself again. But this was something bigger. It was a strap-on dildo!

“No.. No M please! I am not ready for this!”

“Oh shushhh. It’s not for you. Not today. Say aaaaa!” She said, and took the straps in her hands. Without waiting for him, she began to wrap the straps around his head. Once it was around him, she took the dildo in her hand, and held the base to his mouth again. It had a bulb-like protrusion.

“Aaaaaa……” She said again, waiting for him İstanbul Escort to open his mouth. And as soon as he did, she plugged the bulb into his mouth.

“Bite down on it. Hold tight.”

She proceeded to reach around his head to work the straps. She pulled on either side, and the cock in front of his mouth sprung up, bouncing from his mouth. Once she had secured the straps, she sat back up and looked at him.

“Since your cock is done for the day, I thought I’d make use of your mouth. But a girl still needs the toy!” She smiled and grabbed the hair on top of his head. Her grip was gentle, and she moved his head around lightly with the loose grip. Her other hand went down to her clit and began rubbing it a little. Her pussy was already shining wet. She lifted her hand off her clit, and grabbed the dildo that was strapped to his mouth. She pulled him in closer with both her hands, using the dildo to rub up and down over her lips, simulating herself, almost as if teasing herself. She let out a gasp. “Yeeaahh!”

And then she pulled him in closer. The dildo was entering her now. He could see it penetrate into her. She let out a moan above him.

“Fuuuhh… Yeahhh!”

She let go of the cock and pulled on his hair, making the dildo slide completely into her. He could smell her so strongly now.

“Can you smell me?”

“Mmmmm..” He replied, trying to make the tone sound affirmative.

“Do I smell good?” Her voice was a half moan.

“Mmmmm..” He repeated a similar tone.

“Good boy!” She began tugging him in and out faster, slamming the dildo into herself. It was almost as if she was fucking herself. She was setting the pace, she was controlling the strap. He was just a holder for her toy at this point. But that is how she was. She had her way of inflicting some humiliation without even saying a word.

Once she had set a good pace, she let his hair go. “Keep it going at the same pace!” She whispered out her instruction

And he began using his body and his neck to work her. It was odd. He was penetrating her, and giving her all the joys, but he was unable to feel her himself. He had a brief moment of realisation that he was getting hard again, and his cock pressed out against the cage, but she grabbed his hair again and started ramming him in and out of her, one thrust as a time. His nose was almost slamming into her pussy too. The stink was so fresh, so good.

“Yes…. Yess…. Yesssss…” She was getting closer. Even he could tell. And soon, she was only shaking his head as if she was trying to vibrate it. Small and fast thrusts, as if she had lost all control.

“Fuuuuckkkk!!!” came her final moan before she collapsed back into the bed, shaking and shivering from the waves of pleasure coursing through her body. He tried to keep the dildo inside of her, and his face was almost dug down between her legs. After several seconds, when her legs stopped shaking, and he breath got back to normal, she reached a hand on his head, and pulled him out of her, making him look up at her face. She tugged on him, asking him to move up on her. When his face was over her breasts, the dildo got stuck between her breasts. Her hands reached around and undid the straps on his head. The dildo crashed down onto her breasts, which were still covered in her black lace bra.

She looked up at his face, which looked a little silly after several minutes of holding on to that bulb at the base of her dildo. She took the dildo and threw it aside before flipping him onto his back. She looked down into his eyes, trying to stare into his soul. She leaned down, and placed a soft kiss on his lower lip. And then his upper lip. Then her tongue came out of her mouth, and she licked over his lips, sliding between them to engulf him into another kiss. She sucked on his lips again, as if tasting every bit of them. When she was done, she pulled back, making a wet sound again as their lips parted. Her own lips looked lusty now.

“I know you didn’t get your chance today. This did not go the way you had imagined it. I know you want me. But I promise you, the wait is worth it.”

She gave him a kiss on the tip of his nose, and then another one on the lips.

“Come. Let’s freshen up. I’ll also have some food brought up from downstairs. We need to eat, and we need to get into bed on time.”

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