What Happens on Holiday Pt. 01

It’s funny how naive parents can be. They want you to be grown up when it suits them and a little girl when they want to play mommy. I was lucky to be honest as my mum was pretty good on the whole, treated me about right and trusted me to do the right things, but even then, I was one step ahead at times. Sex. Always a difficult one for mothers and daughters. They try to ‘protect’ you but know that ultimately you will do what you want to do. I was lucky, I was never forced let alone raped and I have loved sex from the first time I was touched…or touched myself.

When I was 18, we went on holiday to Egypt with mum’s best friend and her daughter, and I had a week I’ll never forget. Might be easier at this point to introduce us. I’m Emma, my mum is Carol, her friend is Sarah and her daughter is Kate. We had booked two rooms, one for me and mum to share and Sarah and Kate would do the same. Our room had a double bed, theirs for some reason had twin beds and next to each other. As our mums were close so were Kate and I having almost grown up together. Kate knew about me and boys and although not quite as forward she wasn’t far behind.

Our mums were both divorced, and both had had boyfriends and were pretty good looking. Therefore, it was no surprise when on the second night they caught the eye of a group of guys there on a stag party. Drinks were soon flowing, and they were clearly enjoying the attention. Two guys in particular seemed to be making a move and were not put off by a couple of teenagers listening to the increasingly suggestive flirting. Mum and Sarah went off to the loo together about eleven o’clock and when they came back, they said it was time for Kate and me to go to bed. However, they said they wanted to stay and have another drink so suggested that Kate and I sleep in our room and they would use the other one, that way they would not disturb us when they finally came to bed.

Kate and I knew exactly what they were thinking and with some blushing and giggling on our part we agreed. The rooms were quite warm so neither of us were wearing anything once we got into bed, we just pulled the thin sheet over us and lay there chatting quietly. I have always loved the warm weather and that, plus being naked and the memory of the way the men had been looking at us in the bar had me quite aroused. Time passed and we both drifted off but were woken when our mothers came back to their room. Not just our mothers though, it was quickly clear from the voices that they had the two guys with them!

Kate was wide awake too by now and I’m sure my eyes looked as excited as hers as we looked at each other, straining to hear what was going on through the thin walls. It went quiet for a couple of minutes and then there was the unmistakeable groan from my mum “Ohhhhhh…oh yes…oh yes…oh god…ohhhh…don’t stop” and then the unmistakable sound of the bed moving under two bodies. We both bit our lips, trying to supress giggles as Sarah’s higher pitched voice could be heard as she too was obviously impaled on her new-found friend’s cock. It was undeniably erotic, despite it being our mothers, and my hand was between my legs before I even realised it. I glanced across and could see from the movement of the sheet that Kate was doing the same, her closed eyes and quick breaths indicating that she was closer to cumming than I was, and I watched as she quietly panted through her orgasm. Was it normal for two 18yo girls to be masturbating side by side as their mothers had sex – side by side – in the next room? Probably not, but it was very exciting.

Truth to tell, it was not the first time Kate and I had done something like this. About a year ago, after a party where we had drunk a little more than we should, I stayed at her house and feeling horny from the snogging and groping at the party she put on porn video that was being passed around the school. In it a series of hunky German tradesmen did everything imaginable to some very grateful housewives. I had never seen anything like it before and, neither of us being the shy type, we openly fingered ourselves as we watched. Just like tonight she came first and then turned to watch me. Tonight though, she went further than watching. She pulled the sheet back and cuddled up close to me whispering “Let me.” Into my ear before moving my hand from between my legs and replacing it with her own.

At first I froze as she lightly touched my clit, but as she gently planted small kisses on my cheek and neck I relaxed, the feeling in my pussy as her delicate fingers stroked, probed and teased was better than anything any boy had given me and I found myself spreading my legs wider and arching my back, begging for her to rub harder as her mouth trailed down to and then onto my throbbing nipple. I buried my face in the pillow as I came to a shattering orgasm at about the same time as Sarah did judging from the sounds coming through the walls.

If this had happened in one of the videos gaziantep escort then we would have spent the next few hours in passionate, gymnastic, multi orgasmic lesbian sex. As it was, we were both a little shy and embarrassed as we pulled the sheet over us. Kate started to say she was sorry, but I stopped her and said it was ok, it was nice, and we ended up in a slow, sexy snog, stroking each other as we drifted off to sleep. As I slipped into that blissful, relaxed state I could hear the beds creaking again next door. Had the guys swapped over perhaps? I would never know. What I did know was that Kate and I crossed a line and it had been lovely. I certainly wanted to return the favour and wanted to feel her magic fingers again, but more than that I wanted some cock!

The next morning both of our mothers looked a little worse for wear, but after breakfast we were soon out by the pool as usual. It wasn’t long before the party from the previous night were sitting by us and the banter started, plenty of innuendo as everyone seemed to know that the mothers had been fucked by two of the guys. Their sharp looks were designed to warn against Kate and I finding out, so we pretended to be unaware. It spared blushes all round I guess but honestly, we are hardly in a position to object so they may as well have been open about it.

I was wearing a halter top bikini that gave me a nice cleavage, something that did not go unnoticed and I enjoyed the admiring (lustful!) looks from the men. If it had been allowed, I would have gone topless, but mom said that 18 was too young for that so I grudgingly suffered the tan lines.

Apart from the men sat near us there was a group of younger German lads by the pool. They seemed to be from a football club judging by their matching kit. One in particular seemed to have his eyes glued to me and kept smiling when our eyes met. He looked a couple of years older than me, great body, blonde hair, blue eyes…yes, I liked him! Every time I got into the pool he did too and eventually we got talking. His English was very good, the hint of an accent was quite sexy (and reminded me of the tradesmen in the porn film!) and each quick dip to cool off seemed to take longer and longer. He said his name was Jens, he was 20 and that yes, they were a football club there for some training, but he had hurt his knee so was just going to be enjoying the holiday for the next two days before they left.

The hotel was all inclusive and although our mothers hadn’t had anything to drink with their lunch previously, the guys insisted that they did this time and by late afternoon both needed a nap before dressing for dinner. I’m sure some of the guys were hoping they would all go back to one room for a mini orgy, but I think they were disappointed. Well, I think they were…I don’t know as Kate and I stayed by the pool.

As soon as they were gone, I was on my tummy and my bikini top was undone, as was Kates. It didn’t take long for Jens, to come over and start chatting. The rest of his mates in the team had gone off for some practice leaving him alone. He carefully positioned himself so he could see as much of my boobs as possible and I teased him by moving around and giving him an eyeful. Kate joined in by rubbing suntan lotion on my back and my legs, her fingers clearly going places his wanted to judging by the bulge in his shorts!

The hotel was six stories high and our room faced the pool. Jens had a room with a sea view on the top floor and started telling us how good the view was. He tried to sound as casual as possible when he asked if we would like to come up and see it? Kate looked at me and said that one of us had better stay by the pool in case our mothers came looking for us, but I could go with Jens if I wanted, she could go another time. The grin almost split his face in two as I quickly tied my top on and followed him up to room 601. He was sharing with another of the lads, but it was surprisingly tidy. There were two single beds and the maid had been, so the linen was fresh I was pleased to see. We went out to the balcony and it was indeed a spectacular view. He put his arm around my shoulder as he pointed out the sights along the coast and some boats on the ocean and we moved closer before his lips were suddenly on mine. Hesitantly at first and then as my arms snaked around his neck more forcefully, his tongue swirling around mine as his cock pressed against my tummy.

He had untied my bikini top and I had started to push his shorts down before by unspoken agreement we staggered back into the room and fell onto the nearest bed. My top had come off in those few steps and as I fell back his hands quickly pulled my bottoms off leaving me naked and trembling with anticipation. He slipped his shorts off and was on top of me in an instant, my legs spread wide under his hips. I thought he would just try and get his cock in as fast as possible – I was certainly ready for him – but instead he spent time kissing me and feeling my tits before moving his mouth down to suck my nipples. His tongue was everywhere, licking the underside of my boobs and sliding further down to flick my belly button and then onto my thighs. His hands found the back of my knees and he pushed my legs back, the angle lifting my hips so that my pussy was presented to him.

He wasted no time in licking me, his tongue sliding up and down my lips almost without touching which felt absolutely incredible, I was so turned on that the merest contact had me jerking my hips towards him, my hands by now in his hair begging for him to lick me harder as I was so close to cumming but he continued to tease me for what felt like a blissful eternity before swirling the tip of his magical tongue around my clit to trigger a wailing orgasm that I swear Kate must have heard by the pool!

As I got my breath back, he made to get up, muttering something about a condom in the bathroom but I shook my head and dragged him down on top of me. He grinned that lustful grim of his and his thick cock was soon inching up me before he started fucking me hard and fast, almost knocking the breath from my body. All I could do was hold on tight as he battered his thick meat in me harder and faster until he tensed and stiffened before I felt the familiar pulse as his spunk filled me.

We lay locked together for a while, his hands gently stroking me as we kissed. I felt his cock shrink inside me but then quickly grow until he was fully hard again. He was gently moving inside me, his pubic bone grinding against my clit until he rolled over so that I was on top and could slide my pussy up and down him as his hands mauled my firm tits. We kept our composure for a few minutes before the ache in me became unbearable and I was plunging determinedly up and down. He pushed me back so I was leaning away from him, my weight on my hands as he used his hips to pump his cock hard into me, god he was like a machine gun…somehow his hand was on my hip and his thumb found my clit and boom!… another orgasm ripped through me as his cock continued to fuck me at lightening pace before he too gasped and came.

It had been fantastic, but it had also been an hour I quickly realised, so after using the bidet (now I understand what they are for!) I gave him a last passionate kiss and ran back down to the pool. Kate was still there and said I hadn’t been missed before asking the obvious question “Well, did you enjoy the view?” which reduced both of us to fits of giggles! My confirmation that it has been amazing had us both blushing before she said, “Maybe I’ll go and have a look tomorrow.” I thought regretfully how good a fuck it had been and how much I’d like to do it again but she was my best friend so I nodded enthusiastically, consoling myself with the thought that he couldn’t be the only horny guy in their team and if he was then at the very least we would have a good time comparing notes!

We eventually went back to our rooms to find that our mothers had already decided that they would once again be sleeping in one room and us in the other. The logic was that they would probably stay up a little later and they wanted to make sure that we got a good night’s sleep rather than be disturbed when they came to bed. Yeah right! Mine (Carol) spent ages in the bathroom and judging by the stray hairs in the bath her legs were not the only thing she shaved in preparation for a quiet dinner with the four of us. We did sit down together though and it was obvious that like Carol, Sarah had taken a little more care than the previous night.

Once finished we went into the bar where the guys were waiting as had been obviously arranged. They were good company and there was lots of laughter and plenty to drink. Kate and I noticed that a few vodkas found their way into our glasses of coke with the mothers turning a blind eye, obviously thinking that a few drinks would get us to bed earlier and leave them to have fun. The two guys they were most friendly with last night (we assumed they were the ones they fucked) were keeping very close but the others were obviously thinking that they had a chance too, something that Sarah in particular seemed to be encouraging. I did wonder what would have happened if we hadn’t been there, maybe they would have taken all six of them on? Who knows? Anyway, the drink and the sun were taking their toll and Kate and I went to our room about eleven.

Once there we stripped and got into the double bed with just the thin sheet over us. Kate turned to me and started talking about our mothers, wondering how long it would be before they too were in bed, giggling at the thought of being woken like last night. Then she asked about Jens “Tell me what happened” so I did. It was a bit embarrassing at first, but we have known each other a long time and eventually I relaxed and gave her a fair description, including how he liked to use his cock as a machine gun! By the time I had finished the sheet was moving between her legs as her fingers were obviously busy between them.

She was breathing a little faster by now and her eyes were bright “Can I really have him tomorrow Emma? If he wants me that is. There is something about this weather that just makes you want it isn’t there? I wish he was here now.” There was a look in her eyes that was asking a question, one that would not have been asked before the previous night, she was almost pleading with me. I could not refuse to answer in the way she wanted and in truth it had been at the back of my mind all day.

I moved my head towards her and kissed her on the lips, softly, as I whispered, “Well he’s not so you will have to make do with me.”

I started to kiss her more deeply as I stroked her shoulders and her breasts, smaller than mine but firm with bigger nipples. I’m right-handed and she was on my left and it was a little awkward, so I sat up and moved my leg over her, at which point she grabbed my boobs and crushed them together, sucking both nipples into her mouth. It felt very good indeed, but her release was more important and more urgent than mine, so I rolled off and was soon next to her with my hand slowly moving to her pussy. It felt strange not to feel a hard cock at the end of my journey and the wetness and heat was no different from when I touched myself, so I just concentrated on doing to Kate what I would do to myself. I gently rubbed her clit, slid my fingertips the full length of her pussy, felt her lips becoming more engorged, her moisture spreading. I gently worked a fingertip inside her which she obviously liked as her hips pushed up to meet me, so I pressed on until I was knuckle deep and her legs were splayed wide.

I could see that her hand was gripping the sheet tight as I slid my finger in and out and thought how much she would enjoy Jen’s cock. When I thought she was ready I added another finger causing her to squirm as I stretched her. Bending my head to suck one of her throbbing nipples I moved my hand faster and faster, pumping my fingers deep inside her. Eventually she grabbed my wrist and pulled my fingers out of her before pushing them onto her clit gasping “Hard, please, hard..harder…harder” I did as I was told and was rewarded by her shaking through a titanic orgasm, her whole body tensing as her back arched off the bed, pushing against my fingers. I slowed down but didn’t stop, just kept softly rubbing and her breathing slowed before building to another intense orgasm before she clamped her legs tight around my hand, trapping us together.

We lay together for a while both seemingly unsure what to do next. Did I want her to touch me? Did I want to touch her again? Did this mean I was gay? (no!) Bisexual? (possibly). Eventually it was Kate that spoke. I had always thought that I was the mature one, the one leading us, but at that moment she put into words something I could not have done.

“Emma, can we agree on something? This doesn’t make us lesbians, or bisexual or anything different from what we already are. We are two horny girls on holiday having fun. We both like sex and weather like this makes you want it more. If we can’t have a boy when we want one, then why not try something different? I’ll never tell anyone about this and I’m sure you won’t either. Once we get home to rainy Salford, we may never do anything like this again, so lets just enjoy it. Remember, what happens on holiday stays on holiday. Agreed?”

And I did, sealing it with a playful kiss that turned into a smouldering snog. When we broke for air, she started to kiss down my neck and shoulder and I knew that her soft lips and flicking tongue were heading inexorably south. The thought made my heart pound in my chest, but I was tired, so I pulled her upwards and said, “Lets save that for tomorrow, shall we?” before drifting off to a deep sleep.

I didn’t wake up until morning, but Kate told me that it was about one when the shagging next door started, said that it sounded like they both had a good time with whoever the lucky guys were. They both certainly looked a bit bleary eyed when they joined us for breakfast and quickly dozed off when we sat by the pool. Jens came over and said hello before being summoned by his coach but said he would see us later. We settled into another perfect day of doing nothing. The guys joined us, lunch (and a few bottles of wine) came and went and Kate and I waited for the inevitable nap that our Mothers needed.

One thing that I did notice was one of the waiters seemed to be taking a keen interest in everything we did. I had obviously seen him around before and thinking about it, Jens and I had passed him when we were going to his room the previous day. He had probably guessed where we were going and why, but so what?

Anyway, things panned out as expected. Jens came back from football (a talk on tactics he said, rolling his eyes) and sat with us and about four thirty when the sun was at its hottest mom and Sarah went back to their room leaving me and Kate in the pool.

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