Anniversary Surprise

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Jon and Cindy decided to stay at a nice hotel for their 4th wedding anniversary. Their marriage had been on the rocks lately since Jon’s new job and they thought a hotel could spice things up again between the two. Everyone said they were too young when they got married, that they hadn’t explored enough individually to make a marriage work. Hopefully, this weekend getaway will give them that romantic spark that they’ve been missing.

“I’ll be right back dear,” Jon said. “Just need to grab something out of the car.” He closes the door behind him knowing there was nothing he needed to get, he just wanted to give her time to prepare herself. So he just sat in the hotel lobby smoking a cigarette waiting for time to pass.

Cindy looked at her stunning figure in the mirror as she changed into her black lace teddy. She tried to keep in good shape for just such occasions. She pulled back her long black hair as she laid herself upon the bed, awaiting Jon’s return.

The door creaks open and Jon walks in. His muscular figure still intact from his old football days. Awestruck by the sight of his beautiful wife he just stands in the doorway, open mouthed, staring. “Wow.” Jon utters.

“So you like it” Cindy gives him a seductive smile as she runs her finger down her slender body. Teasing him as she watches the bulge in his pants get bigger.

“Very much so,” Jon mutters as he lifts his shirt over his head. Trying not to drool as he ogles his wife’s body.

Just as Jon reaches the bed the hotel room door swings wildly open. Two men burst into the room holding guns screaming, “Get on the floor! Both of you now!”

Scared and unsure of the situation, Jon grabs his wife’s wrist and pulls her to the floor with him. Thoughts race through his mind as they lay on their stomachs on the floor. “How did this night turn so badly so quick,” He thinks to himself as he listens to Cindy’s tears erupting.

“Now look at what we got here Scott,” The man says as he chews on the cigar in his mouth. Gun still pointing at the couple on the ground.

“Looks to me like we got us a couple of rich kids Dave,” Scott says smiling at the much younger couple on the ground.

“Ya, must be rich to stay at a fancy place like this.” Scott mutters as he admires Cindy’s backside.

Just then a third Betturkey man creeps into the room, slowly closing the door behind him.

“I thought I told you to wait in the car,” Dave says. His eyes never leaving Cindy’s body.

“I didn’t want to miss out on the fun,” He replies standing awkwardly in the room. “Its boring down there.”

“Well shit Mike,” Scott says. “Lets get on with this.” Scott leans down tying Jon’s together tightly. Grabbing him he pulls his body up off the floor and tosses him into the chair in the corner. “Make yourself useful and tie him to the chair Mike.”

Nodding Mike ties Jon to the chair and stands there awaiting his next orders. Scott leans against the wall awaiting their next move. “What do we do with her?” He mumbles.

“I’ve got an idea,” Dave says bending down. He grabs Cindy’s wrists and yanks her off the floor, tossing her shaking body to the bed. Looking at her terrified face, he mutters, “Now if you can be a good girl and make us happy, we may let you live.”

Jon starts to scream but is only muffled once Mike gags him with tape. Scott laughs as he looks at Dave then down at Cindy’s pale face. Admiring her terrified body, Dave leans in and slides the gun down her chest,” Now are you gonna be a good girl?” He asks.

Goosebumps arise on Cindy’s body as she shakes nervously, feeling the cold steel of the gun glide along her body. Nervously she nods in agreement looking over at her husband tied up and gagged in the chair. The gun from Mike’s hand pointing at his temple.

“That’s it,” Dave says. “Show your husband what your really like.” Setting the gun aside he unzips his pants. His bulge growing in anticipation.

Nervously Cindy stares at him, still crying and unsure of what to do. Not knowing if she could handle what they’re about to do to her.

Dave grabs her hair and pulls her toward him. “Lets have at it.” He says looking down.

Nervously Cindy reaches and pulls his pants and boxers down to his ankles. His cock springs up at attention as its freed. Startled Cindy flinches before grabbing a hold of his shaft, stroking him up and down. Tears flow from her closed eyes as she leans in licking the head gently, moistening it as she fully engulfs the head in her mouth.

“Now that’s what Betturkey Giriş I’m talking about,” Scott says to her husband as they all watch the show. He gets behind Cindy and the bed and starts to play with her body. Reaching around cupping her perky breasts as she works on Dave.

Dave’s hand grabs the back of her head pulling her closer. Cindy gags as his cock drives deeper into her mouth. She sucks harder on him, hoping he’ll be quick so they can all leave. Grabbing a hold of her teddy Scott easily rips it off, revealing Cindy’s naked body as he tosses it to the floor. His fingers roam over her body, exploring every inch of her. Stopping at her pussy he begins to circle it softly. Cindy’s startled as Dave’s fingers play with her, somehow turning her on, getting her wet. Dave eagerly dives his finger into her freshly wet pussy as she works harder on the blowjob she’s giving Scott.

“What am I doing,” She thinks to herself as the men take advantage of her. “Why am I getting turned on?” Her body begins to move on its own. Her legs spread farther apart giving Dave better access to her as she opens her throat deeper for Scott’s cock. She sucks vigorously on his shaft, craving his cum.

Dave repositions her getting her on her knees like a dog. Quickly he undresses himself as he admires her tight little ass. Jumping right back into action he spanks her. Cindy lets out a yelp as Dave’s hand repeatedly slaps her ass until she’s bright red. “Ya you like that don’t ya bitch?” He says getting himself into position behind her.

She continues to slurp on Scott’s shaft until he stops her. “He asked you a question bitch,” he yells out pulling the back of her head away from him. “Tell us how much you want it. Tell your husband why your wet you dirty slut.”

“Yes I love it!” She yelps out. Cindy cant believe she just said that. She takes a split second and notices she’s not crying anymore, her body isn’t tense, and she’s getting very wet. “Why do I like this,” she thinks as she braces herself. “Give it to me!” She screams out before she engulfs Scott’s member once again. She moans over his shaft as she feels Dave’s cock press against her anxious pussy.

Dave drives into her forcefully, pushing her body forward. He begins to plunge his cock deeper into Betturkey Güncel Giriş her tight, wet pussy. Cindy continues to moan while the two men abuse her body. A wave of pleasure rushes through her as she feels Scott’s shaft grow in her mouth. Scott reaches down pinching her hard nipples and Dave continues to spank her. “You want it slut!” Scott says as he gets closer to cumming. Cindy tries to mumble as she continues to work on his shaft. “Do you!” He repeats himself pulling her head back.

“Yes I want it,” She says, sounding like a tiger wanting its prey. Her body bouncing back and forth as Dave plunges in and out of her. “Give it to me now.” She orders looking angrily at him. Scott strokes his shaft as he feels the incoming orgasm. He releases himself, his cum exploding from his shaft. She opens her mouth to catch it but to no avail. His cum splatters along her cheek and into her hair. She eagerly grabs onto him, stroking his shaft as she licks the rest of his juice from the tip. Her body tingles with pleasure as Dave continues to pound into her. Her juices flowing out of her, dripping down her legs.

Scott steps away from her admiring his handiwork as he lights up his cigarette. Cindy looks back at Dave and says, “Your next,” with an eager grin.

Dave pulls out of her and throws her onto her back. Climbing on top of her body he positions his dick in front of her mouth. She leans up and begins sucking on his shaft, tasting his pre cum mixed with her own juices. Instantly his shaft bulges in her as he begins to cum. Cindy tries to choke his semen down as his shaft continues to dive deeper in her. His cum leaks out the corner of his mouth as she gags. Slowly he pulls himself out of her, shaking the rest of his cum from his shaft onto her.

Cindy lays there sweating on the bed with legs wide open. She runs her fingers along her face trying to clean the cum from her. Looking over at Mike she sees him jerking off. “Its your turn,” she says eagerly wanting more. Mike doesn’t hesitate a second longer as he walks over to her. She reaches up cupping his balls as he strokes himself. A wicked grin crosses his face as she opens her mouth awaiting her prize. Mike cant contain himself and explodes wildly. Splattering himself over her face and down to her chest. She lays there and smiles as he finishes emptying himself onto her.

The men quickly get dressed as Cindy watches. They say nothing as they exit the room, leaving her aching on the bed. Cindy gets up and walks over to her husband. His awestruck eyes stare at her as she undoes the gag. She smiles and says, “I think it’s your turn.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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