What Can I Say; She Offered!

Ava Addams

Way back when, when I was young, dumb, and one summer very lucky. I was in my second year at the local Community College, and working a summer job at a local condo resort. It could have been worse; I was doing room service, and at least the tips were pretty good. Or so I thought until this one particular day, when pretty good became absolutely mind-blowing!

Earlier that day I’d taken a late breakfast down to one of the units with its own pool and private patio. Surprise, I was greeted at the front door by a smoking hot woman wearing nothing but a short silk robe, a thong, and a flirtatious grin. The robe wasn’t even tied, giving me a great look at a whopping handful of firm perkily upturned, absolutely perfect tits. Standing there looking utterly Cool and nonchalant, she flashed me this totally wicked smile, and said “HI, come on follow me.” And with that, she spun on a heel, and led me out to the patio. Hell, I’d have followed that jaw dropping, stunningly spectacular ass anywhere.

I’d taken the call, so it didn’t surprise me to find a guy sitting at the table. Boyfriend or husband, I didn’t know which; but, at least he waved, smiled, and said hello. Well, I got busy and started to set out their breakfast; but, my eyes kept sliding away to check out that practically naked babe. When she wasn’t busy flirting outrageously, she just sat there wearing this sexy little Mona Lisa smile. Long sleekly muscled legs were stretched out, and spread wide, and considering the micro size of her thong panties it was real clear she was shaved bare. I couldn’t figure why she even bothered with the robe; I mean hey, all it covered were her shoulders. And, you can be sure that I didn’t miss the fact that all that so deliberately exposed skin was a delicious golden tan. Those gorgeous tits too; and the dark nipples topping those beauties were popped right out there too.

The guy sure didn’t seem to mind her playing the tease. In fact, it looked to me like he was getting a kick out of it. So, when she reached out and ran a hand up my leg, and right up in to my shorts, it didn’t much surprise me that he just sat there shaking his head and chuckling. I was leaning over the table, and ended up pretty much frozen in place, while she did a pretty thorough job of groping my bare ass. He was still grinning when I stood up too; and that’s when she finally slid her hand out of my shorts, with a definitely amused sounding “Nice, real nice!”

I was disappointed when I returned to clear away the breakfast stuff, because the chick was no where to be seen. But, the guy was still out on the patio, and still being real friendly. We talked football, and shit, and I found out his name was Alex and the hottie was Jackie. At one point he asked if I would be working all afternoon, and he asked it with a wicked little grin, that I wondered about. I told him that I was on all day, and managed to add that I thought his wife was real nice. He laughed and told me that she was a girlfriend, and blew my mind by telling me that they were having a fantasy weekend. She had lost some dumb bet, and was his sexual toy, and his to command for the whole weekend. I thought, man that’s one lucky dude.

Room service got a call from Alex a couple of hours later. Lucky me took that call, and his order for a bucket of iced Corona’s. Alex told me that the door was unlocked and to just bring the bucket straight out to the patio. He’d sounded amused, and in a way that left me wondering if he just might have something more interesting on his mind then that bucket of iced Coronas. Anyway, I walked out on to their patio, hoping to find that sexy girlfriend of his lying-out bare ass naked, or at least topless. And sure enough, she didn’t disappoint me. Jackie was there alright; lounging on a raft in the middle of the pool. And oh happy days, she was bare ass naked! Sun light glittered off her oiled skin, adding to what was already one stunningly erotic vision. She waved, and I felt her dazzling smile all the way down to my fast rising cock! Hey, it looked like she was just as happy to see me, as I was to see her. I managed not to trip all over myself and got the bucket of beer set up on the table. I asked Alex if he wanted me to open him one. And by the time I’d turned to ask Jackie, she was already climbing the stairs out of the pool, and calling out “Hey, me too!”

I popped the caps off a couple of cold ones, and carried one over to Alex. Yeah, and when I turned, I think my heart stopped. Jackie was standing there, pool water glistening on her naked sun drenched curves, giving me this absolutely provocative lip licking grin. I figured she was maybe twenty-five; and not that it mattered, her friend Alex must have been thirty something. Anyway, she was maybe five foot eight, with stylishly short dark hair, brown eyes with an intriguingly Asian slant to them, and an absolutely killer smile! She had a slim athletic body that was still sensationally curvy. And wow, her perfect tits stood out firm and sweetly cimcif gaziantep escort upturned. And oh yes, you bet I noticed that her nipples were still jutting, proudly standing out hard and erect. I watched in awe as she used her hands to slowly push the water off her body and legs. And then, she gave me another grin, turned around, and bent over to pick up a towel. Beyond any doubt at all, Jackie has the world’s finest ass, but even that amazing sight didn’t keep my eyes from locking on to her absolutely bare shaved pussy. It was so obviously deliberate, and that totally flipped me out. I just stood there staring, not knowing what I was expected to do. So, I looked back to check Alex’s reaction, and he smiled at me, and actually winked.

Well, that’s when Jackie came strutting over, pulled the beer from my hand, and paused just long enough to plant a kissed on my cheek. I watched her settle that beautiful body on a recliner, before her eyes turned back my way, and she asked me “Should I sign for the beer?” Pulling the ticket and a pen from my pocket, I walked over. She sat there smiling up at me, with her legs spread wide, and the soft pink folds of her pussy fully exposed and open for viewing. Of course, I couldn’t take my eyes off it. So yeah, when I tried to hand her the pen, I fumbled it. And where did the damn thing end up? Right! It landed right there between those sweetly parted thighs, naturally! OK, I liked the husky sound of her sexily drawled “Oops, I’ll get it!” But, her soft giggles didn’t help the situation. I mean seriously, standing there with a fully raging hard-on bulging my shorts, I was already feeling like a total dork. OK, so then I was a dork sporting both an erection, and an embarrassing blush.

Alex was laughing so hard he nearly choked on his “Good job bob! If we were playing football, I’d call that move intentional grounding.” Who cared what he’d have called it anyway? Believe me; I was way too busy watching what Jackie was doing with that pen to care. On her way to finally picking up that pen, she’d already made a major production out of sensuously and slowly trailing fingers up an inner thigh, then teasing them over the wetly glistening lips of her very pretty, and very pink pussy. Well, she had the ticket spread out on one thigh, but that lucky pen had taken a detour. And it’s for sure that pen was never put to a better use either!

Toying with my pen, Jackie gently rolled it back and forth between her pussy’s velvety soft lips, gently parting them, before sliding half of it out of sight. Utterly captivated, I watched her stroke that pen slowly in and out, until it looked wet enough to drip. And then, she pushed it in deep, held it there, and looked up at me. I caught her mischievous grin, and knew she’d been staring, intent on catching my reaction. By then though, the only reaction I wanted her noticing, was the throbbing erection threatening to explode out of my shorts. Sure, but still I followed her eyes when they dropped. It was a good thing I did too; because, I was in time to see her spiral that pen back out. And then, I watched while she slowly slid it, drenched with her pussy’s juices, past puckered lips and in to her mouth. Oh man, I’d have sucked that pen; I mean wow, I seriously wanted a taste of that woman’s pussy. Instead, I got to watch her using it to tap out a rhythmic beat on a noticeably swollen bit of exposed clit. Not that I’m complaining; not exactly anyway, but I never did get a taste of Jackie’s pussy!

With a sigh, and a throatily moaned “Easy girl,” she stopped her exotic drumming. She had that pen poised over the ticket still spread out on her thigh, when she said, “I like the way you look at me Bob! And, I’m guessing that big bulge in your shorts says that you like what you’re looking at.” Busy congratulating myself on the fact that she’d definitely noticed my short’s straining erection, I almost missed her “So, do you Bob”? And, I’m not embarrassed to say that I barely managed to stammer out an answer.

Only for some stupid reason, I was looking over at Alex, when I told her “Oh yeah, you’re smoking hot!” Yeah right, like as if by then I needed his approval to tell his uninhibited playmate “Honest to God, you’re awesomely sexy! Fuck, I don’t know what to say; but damn, you’re just totally hot!”

And that’s when she utterly blew my mind, by asking “Should I add in the tip; or instead, how about I give you a tip you’ll never forget?” Hell, I didn’t know what to think, or say, so I glanced over at Alex. Well OK, so he was sitting there watching, and he was smiling; but, when he flashed me a discrete thumbs-up, I wanted to shout. Anyway, I sure wanted too; but, I still couldn’t manage to croak out even a simple yes! Eyebrow arching, and with a bemused grin playing across her face, Jackie reached out, and stroked a hand up my thigh. Without even a seconds hesitation, she slid that hand right on in to my shorts. And cimcif gaziantep escort bayan wham-o, just like that, I had a handful of warm fingers wrapped around my cock. And then, after a nasty sounding chuckle, she says “Un-huh, I’ll take this for a yes!” Hey, at least she waited for me to look up and right in to her eyes, before she began stroking that fist up and down the flaming length of my cock. I was afraid to move, and even more afraid of Cumming right then too. It was unreal she was staring straight in to her boyfriend’s eyes, while she just went right on jacking me off. My own eyes were bouncing between her excited lip licking grin, and a chuckling Alex, when she reached up and pushed that stupid ticket in to my pocket. Figuring that was a definitely good sign; confusion flared, when she suddenly let go of my cock, and stood up.

I think I was holding my breath, when she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me full on the mouth. It wasn’t any sweet little kiss either, but one that had her tongue pushing past my lips and practically in to my throat. Her tongue swirled and darted, slithering around inside my mouth, toying with and suggestively wrapping itself around my own probing tongue. And, I was thinking about just how great it would be having her hot mouth doing that with my cock buried in it, when she pulled back. Eyes glittering and face flushed with excitement, Jackie laughed, and pushed me down on to her recliner. And then, before I knew what was coming she bent over and yanked my shorts down. She whooped a raucous “Yes,” clapped her hands together and added an enthusiastic “Oh Fuck yes!”

In one fluid motion Jackie swung a leg over, dropping an absolutely volcanic pussy down, and right on to my jutting cock too. Unbelievable, there I was with her wildly pumping, absolutely slamming herself up and down my cock, while Alex egged us on with whistles, howls, and a loud “That’s it, yeah go for it girl!” And when Jackie leaned over and kissed me again, I damn near came right then!

Believe me, I’d have gotten around to it; but before I could, she’d grabbed my hands and placed them on her tits. Leaning forward, still fully impaled on my rock hard cock, she ordered, and I do mean ordered “Pinch my nipples, hard, yes hard, oh god do it, pinch them hard!” Standing out hard and pointy, they made an easy target. I latched on to them, squeezing while I twisted and pulled, barely believing the whimpered moans of delight I was hearing. So sure, I did it some more! And, I did it even harder, when she leaned back, back arching, and pleaded for more, shrilly insisting “harder, yes more, more!” while she sat there squirming on the hard cock filling her vagina, I swear it rippled, clenching and squeezing my cock like no other chick’s pussy ever had! And then she roughly slapped my hands away, braced her hands on my chest, and took herself for one hell of a wild ride!

Over and over again she rose up, lifting clear off my cock, before slamming herself back down. Of course I totally loved it; and why not, I was driving deep in to her, penetrating her again, and again. And in between her throatily growled yes’s, she was telling me “Don’t cum, don’t cum, oh God pleas, not yet, not yet!” About one more of those crashing, vagina filling plunges of hers, and I’d have been pumping her full of hot cum! But, like she knew exactly when it was time, she stopped. And then, sitting there with my cock still throbbing and threatening to explode inside her, she started to laugh. After enthusiastically slapping my chest, she threw her arms up in a victory salute, and loudly proclaimed “yum, now yeah, that was fun!” Fine, only the entire resort probably heard her!

Eyes locked on Alex, Jackie lifted up and off my poor unsatisfied cock. Swiveling gracefully, she dropped to her knees beside the recliner. Watching her staring over at Alex, all I could think was that if that hot mouth of hers so much as touches my cock I’m going to blow my load. I looked down at eight inches of thick, supernaturally hard cock, taunt skin glistening, and a head so darkly engorged it looked just about ready to burst. And big surprise, it was positively drenched with her pussy’s juices. Never mind; somehow, I just knew Jackie wasn’t going to mind that one little bit. Eyes still focused on Alex, she slowly leaned in, letting that swollen head pop past soft lips and in to the wet heat of her mouth. Pausing with just the head in her mouth, she started to softly suck. I was all set to buck up and feed her the rest of my cock, when those velvety soft lips started an excruciatingly slow slide down. She took it all too, every thick hard inch disappearing as it slid through her lips. And why didn’t it surprise me that she did it effortlessly?

Jackie held it there too, with the fat head of my cock pushing deep in to her throat. And wow, the way she teased her lips back up my cock’s shaft was pure torture, OK, maddeningly escort gaziantep cimcif sweet torture! Grabbing a fistful of slippery cock, Jackie finally allowed the trapped head of my cock to pop out past her puckered lips. Looking up at me, and sounding an awful lot like she meant it, she said, “yummy, I just love the taste of pussy on a man’s cock!” And then with a “Watch this Bob, you’re going to like it,” she put her hands behind her back. I watched her lean in, swallow my cock, and set to work pumping her mouth up and down its full rigid length. Wow now, that was one spectacular first! She used her mouth to fuck me; pistoning, and driving my cock deep in to her throat with every sweet stroke. Yeah, I wanted to cum alright; but honestly, it felt too fucking good! Sure, she finally stopped; and of course, she was holding me deep-throated when she did. Only then, it was me, not Alex, that her mischief filled eyes were looking up at.

Body tensed, and nearly as rigid as my cock, I watched Jackie steadily working her mouth back up. And only her sharp playful nips kept me from releasing the explosive orgasm her lips were so insistently working to suck out of me. Looking positively hungry, she stared down at the gleaming white bit of precum oozing from the head of my quivering cock. Reaching out a hand she captured my balls. And then she swooped in, flicked her tongue out, and swept up that cum like a kid licking an ice-cream cone. She kept right on licking too! The pointy tip of her tongue teased, swirling and sweeping back and forth all the long way down to the balls she held resting on an open palm. And before they got sucked in to the fiery wet infernal that was her mouth, they enjoyed some pretty nasty licking and a few tender kisses too!

Maybe it was just the shock of realizing my balls were nestled inside someone’s hot mouth; whatever, I couldn’t help it, and jerked upright. No big deal; Jackie calmly reached up, and pushed me right back down. Reaching out, Jackie corralled a fistful of slippery cock to go along with her big mouthful of balls. I squirmed, while her furiously pumping fist ripped grunted groans of pleasure out of me. When that fist stopped its frantic pistoning, it held the skin of my shaft stretched tight. Releasing my balls, she shot Alex a truly wicked looking grin; flashed me one, and then attacked my cock. What her tongue did to me then, I’ll never forget!

Jackie’s tongue whipped out, flicking hard, then soft, ravaging my cock’s head, and that vulnerable length of tautly stretched, super sensitized skin under its rim. I nearly lost it too, when I felt her lips close around my cock’s head. Like it was all part of one move, I tangled both hands in her hair, bucked up, and slammed my cock back in to her throat. Before it dawned on me that she was only laughing, I almost freaked! Well hey, it’d sure felt like she was choking. Anyway, and I’m just guessing mind you, but I figure its pretty damn hard to laugh with eight thick inches of cock jammed half way down your throat! And as much as I loved the feel of having my fingers tangled in her hair, and yeah, the feel of holding her head down too; reluctantly, I let go, and lay back. When her head finally popped up, her eyes were shining and her face was flushed with excitement. Laying this dazzling smile on me, she growled out a throaty “Oh yeah…what fun!” I could hardly believe my luck! Honestly, no chick has ever had me so hot, or looked so much like she just absolutely loved playing with a man’s hard cock.

For her next killer trick, Jackie collected my balls. With them secured in one fist, she wrapped the other one around my cock. She drove me right to the edge again! She did it effortlessly, simply by rapidly bobbing her head, and letting just my cock’s head pop in and out of her mouth. Jackie was still in total control, and I wasn’t sure whether I was going to cum or just start screaming! Abruptly, and reminding me of just whose game it was, she stopped. Leaning back and wagging a finger at me, she warned “Oh no you don’t, not quite yet anyway!” Well I figured we both knew that when I did cum, it was going to be one monumental gusher, no doubt about it! Whatever, she was slowly, no doubt deliberately and torturously slowly, jacking me off. Who knows, but I figure it was about when she was satisfied with the quality of my whimpered moans, that she matter of factly asked “Hey Bob, do you want to cum all over my tits; or, do you want to do it in my mouth?” I couldn’t believe it; did she really expect an answer? Hey, but you bet I was considering the wondrous possibilities!

Only, when I didn’t answer right away she threatened to make Alex choose for me. Deciding, I figured cuming all over Jackie’s perky tits sounded like great fun! Sure, but then, I’m not nuts! So, having this monster sized load of cum all ready to pump in to her mouth, well, no way was I about to pass up the chance to watch her gulping it down! Only, that damn slow moving fist of hers had me so close, it took me two tries to get out a simple “Oh fuck yes; damn straight, I want to cum in your mouth!” And apparently, she approved of my answer. Anyway, she let go of my cock, freed my balls, and started clapping, whooping like she’d just won the lottery or something. Pointing right at Alex, she whooped a final “yes,” and asked “Hey there lover, bet you’re going to like watching that, huh?”

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