The Test Drive

I arrive at your door in my new car. It’s the BMW I always said I wanted. Complete with leather trim and all the toys. I tell you to put on your short PVC coat and your black boots as we are going for a ride.

“Anything else?” you ask.

“Nope.” I reply. 5 mins later we are off for a ride. I make for the forest, it’s a hot day so I figure shade will be of help. I pull off the main road onto a side track that leads to a small clearing and pull up. I switch off the engine and I turn to you and smile. My hand goes straight up inside your coat, no preliminaries, straight for your pussy lips. There are no clothes there at all. You are completely naked under your coat.

“Good.” I say, as see your nipples start to harden under your coat.

“What are we doing here?” you ask.

“I’m fulfilling a fantasy, I am going to fuck you over the bonnet of the car in your coat. You get to christen the car. Do you like the idea?”

You nod as you get out of the car like a cougar.

You look over your shoulder and crook your fnger at me. As I come to you, you lean against the side of the car, crook your head slightly to one side and bend one knee so that you’re balancing that leg slightly, on the toe. You put a finger to my lips to indicate we should say nothing. The forest is completely still and silent. Not even the sound of birds tweeting. You put your arms around my waist and pull me toward you but I resist, deliberately provoking you. I step back slightly and watch as you stroke yourself through the mac, running your hands over the mac letting the seductive sound of the swish of your PVC mac excite us. You cup your breasts provocatively and pull the mac tight against you so that you can play with your own erect nipple, which is now clearly visible through the fabric. I keep my eyes fixed on you as you do it. As I start to stroke my cock my erection is already trying to burst out of my pants so I start undressing. You take the opportunity to walk away from the car for a few paces. You turn around and stand still. By now I am completely naked and you look down to see I am already masturbating myself. My cock is rigid. A shiver of excitement runs straight through me. Neither of us moves as you undo your belt and open the mac wide. I look at your near naked body, the entire length of your legs clad in black patent thigh high leather boots I love you to wear for me. You take a couple of paces toward me, very slowly, giving me time to notice the tops of your boots are pressing into the outer lips of your labia. The look on your face as you take each step closer back to me says it all. Every slight movement is stimulating me more and more as the tops of your thigh boots rub against your pussy lips. You continue your agonisingly slow pace back to yme but you know I am enjoying it from the speed at which I am now masturbating my swollen cock – the object of desire. By the time you reach me I’ve already seen that your pussy is drenched. You gently pull my hand away from my cock and together with the other one, bring them round behind my back and tie them with the belt from your mac. You speak for the first time since you got out the car.

“I know what you want to do to me, but first I am going to do you. I am going to attend to your cock by stroking it, caressing it and adoring it. You brought me here to fuck me in my mac and boots. And I just know you will. Well I’m here to suck your cock as well. And I’m going to suck it and swallow it like you’ve never been sucked before…..” And without another word you slowly glide down my body, your fingernails digging into me deeply as you finally take my throbbing cock into your eager mouth.

Your lips gently take the tip between them, your tongue gently licking the exposed helmet that is coated with pre-cum. Slowly you slide the length of my cock between your lips, my hands are tied so I can’t hold your head, but you have everything under control. You allow your teeth to gently graze the skin of my cock as your mouth slides further and further down the shaft, your tongue gently lubricating it from underneath. You don’t take the whole length, but stop and start to bob up and down on my throbbing manhood, slurping and gurgling as it slides into that wonderful oral cavity of yours and it twitches from the pleasure it is so graciously, lovingly given. Your head starts to bob up and down in a steady rhythm as you graze my ball sac with your elegantly manicured nails on one hand, the other tracing delicate scratches up and down my thighs. I am in sensation paradise, and you know it. Your head slides all the way down my cock, gently, and it hits the back of your throat but you don’t İstanbul Escort gag, instead you swallow him.

So, with my ball sac in one hand as you start to play with my erection and I’m filled with excitement as you suck deeply on my cock, knowing you’re naked except for my favourite thigh high boots and PVC mac which arouse us so much. You take me slowly at first, savouring the full length of my shaft in your mouth and knowing how much I like to be able to thrust your cock down my throat. I start to fuck your mouth, withdrawing my eager shaft and then thrusting it back into you, repeating it again and again, time after time, thrusting harder each time, down your throat, as you alternate between stroking my balls and my shaft. With each plunge of my cock into your mouth it swells with my hardness, as it throbs with excitement within you. You push hard against me to take the full length with each thrust. You keep sucking hard and you and get into a rhythm. With each thrust my cock disappears and I become ever more excited and aroused as you release it from my mouth after each stroke. My hands are either side of your head, as the belt has slipped off my wrists, holding you, forcing you, to fellate me. In the silence of the forest I can hear my loud moans as I enjoy the sensation of repeatedly thrusting my cock down your throat. I thrust out my hips, pressing hard into you to ensure you are taking every last bit of my cock fully into your throat.

As I feel my cock go down your throat each time, penetrating you, you grab my butt and pull me to you. A sign of your own willingness to submit to my oral fucking, I then withdraw and you lick your cock head with my lips before I do it all over again, plunging my throbbing shaft back down your throat, again and again. My whole body is quivering. I am filling your mouth. I am fucking your mouth. I am taking and using you like a whore and a slut. Your oral skills, always a delight for me, are once again giving me sheer unadulterated bliss. My cock disappears into your mouth and you slide all the way down and it goes into your throat with ease. You look up at me and try to smile which can’t be easy with a mouthful of manhood that is delighted to fellated by someone who cares about the skill. But you convey the smile nonetheless. I feel your tongue slide out of your mouth and the tip flicks my ball sac that you are gently scratching with your nails. I have no composure left, I am putty, a toy in your hands and you continue to suck. It is obvious that my cock is going nowhere until I flood your throat and mouth with the cum that is building up. But you want to keep sucking, not to rush things and you let my cock slide out of your throat and into your mouth.

“I want you to remember today.” you tell me, “I have blown you off loads of times, but you are fulfilling two fantasies, mine and yours. This is one blowjob you are never, ever going to forget.”

You put the tip against your lips and kiss it like you would fondly kiss a baby. Your tongue once again snakes out of your mouth and licks the tip. You then proceed to lick down from the tip to the root and gently suckle my ball sac. You then start to lick back up the other way. You continue to lick my pulsating shaft knowing that it is helping to build up the cum inside but I won’t ejaculate until it is inside you or you masturbate me. You are not interested in masturbation but your hand does gently slide along the shaft, caressing, stroking, then you start to use your nails on each hand going in opposite directions on my cock top to bottom, bottom to top, gently scraping them along the sensitive, twitching gland. All the while you are gently sucking the helmet, and licking the tip. You know exactly what you are doing; it is if you have been planning it for months. You are now smiling, that lustful, wanton smile of yours. You know that I am completely at your mercy.

As you look deep into my eyes and continue your odyssey around, on and down my throbbing cock I can feel you becoming more and more aroused. You suck and lick, and lick and suck using your tongue on my cock head the way you know I like it. But then I pull you up and take you in my arms. We kiss deeply and passionately. In your heightened state of arousal you reach down and take my cock eagerly in your hand. Just when you think that you are about to get my cock into your pussy I spank you hard, but with a smile on my face. I wag a finger at you and lead you round to the passenger side of the car and then turn you around away from me. You very willingly spread your legs and lean over the bonnet of the car hoping to be finally pleasured.

I Kadıköy Escort am in a state of total arousal as I lift your coat hem up and throw it over your waist. I notice that the tops of your legs are glistening, as are your boots from your arousal. I place my rampant hard cock against your pussy lips and you instinctively thrust back towards me impaling yourself on my engorged manhood. You scream with lust as my cock goes in deep, and your pussy is pressed against my pubic bone. I feel your muscles contract against my offering to you and you thrust and thrust against me in an abandoned frenzy. You don’t care where you are, or who is there, you just want to cum. And you do. It starts by you uttering groans of pleasure, begging my to fuck you, to use you, treat you like a whore. But I don’t need to do anything; just being stood there behind you filling your fuck hole is enough. I put my hands on your PVC clad tits and start to fondle them gently at first, then increasing the attention, squeezing harder, your bullet hard nipples threatening to burst through the material.

I man handle you more roughly, but not to rough, just enough to send you off on your first orgasm, that has taken a while in coming. You let out a wanton lustful cry of release as I whisper in your ear;

“Cum for me, show me you are a real slut, soak my cock, before I eat you out. Be the whore we want you to be.” You can take no more. You throw yourself across the bonnet of the car in reckless abandon totally consumed by your lust as your pussy floods my cock, as it can’t dam the flow and I feel my legs and the tops of your boots soaking.

I withdraw my cock from you and you groan. I place a finger on your lips and take you by the hand, lead you round to the front of the car and lift you effortlessly onto the bonnet, your thigh booted legs dangling in front of the radiator. I retrieve your mac belt, which had fallen onto the floor, and place it around your waist, pulling your mac together tightly again. I crouch down and start to lick the tops of your legs and boots, savouring the flavours of you, your cum and the leather on my tongue. You throw your legs over my shoulders and I feel your heels grazing my shoulder blades as I start to gently lap your labia. I feel your hands on the back of my head pulling me closer to you, urging me to go deeper with my tongue. But I take your hands off, spank you as best as I can, which isn’t easy, wag my finger at you and spank you again, all the while lapping away.

I take hold of your wrists and place your hands on your tits and re-focus on licking you. My hands stroke your booted legs and I squeeze your calves as I start to gently suck your clit. I know that the feeling of the leather on your legs and my sucking your clit will have the desired effect. You thrust your pelvis into my face screaming obscenities about using you as a fucking whore, that you are my slut and that my cock was going to get seen to by my slut. I take one of hands off a leg and place two fingers inside your vagina walls as I continue to suck. As my fingers massaged you internally and my tongue lavished loving caresses on your labia and clit you explode. You flood my face with your cum, soaking me as I try to lap up the deluge that is coming from you, all the while you continue to scream,

“Don’t stop, oh fuck, don’t stop, this is fuuucking wonderfuuuuuuuuuuul, araaaaaaaaagh, suck me use me I AM YOUR CUM SLUT WHORE TAKE ME.” You continue to cum as my fingers increase their intensity and I continue to lick you. You are writhing in ecstasy on the bonnet your heels digging into my shoulder blades, but I hardly notice as I delve into your honey pot of pleasure. You start to subside and I remove my fingers gently, still licking your labia and the tops of your legs. You sit up unsteadily as I pull away from your pussy. You pull me towards you and kiss me with a ferocity I have never experienced before. It had it all, savagery, lustful, wanton, passion; your tongue licking, exploring the whole inside of my mouth, your hands behind my head pulling me towards you harder, deeper. You slide to the edge of the bonnet and your pouting pussy lips caress my cock tip unwittingly so I thrust without any second thought to you as my passion and desire is high. You start to lick my face, savouring the flavour of your own juices that are soaking my lips and chin. Your thigh booted legs wrap around me and I once again lift you off the bonnet and I walk around to the other side of the car wearing you like a mascot on my manhood. I put you on the bonnet again without withdrawing from your velvet lined warm wet pussy. I am buried Ataşehir Escort right up to the hilt in it. I am experiencing sheer bliss; there is no other way to describe it. Then you clamp down tight with your vagina muscles on my throbbing manhood and you masturbate me by flexing your pussy on him. What an experience. I can feel my orgasm building, but I want to give you one more on the bonnet, well it is my fantasy as well.

“I did you from behind on one side, licked you at the front now I want to fuck you on the final side”. I whispered in your ear. “So relax and let me fuck you.” So your pussy relaxed and I start to thrust. I place my hands on your PVC mac over your tits and start to squeeze them again. The sound of the material being rubbed and the feeling of the real satin lining mean that you have no willpower to resist my thrusting engorged cock delving your innermost secret areas. You come to orgasm again, quickly, but without the intensity of the last one, but the look of lust in your eyes tells me that it is not the end. With you still impaled by me and your thigh highs rubbing my hips I lift you off the bonnet once again and carry you into the back of the car. I lie you down on the back seat and withdraw my cock. You pout. I whisper in your ear

“I am going to lick you again.” Your pout is suddenly replaced with a smile.

“OK” you say, “but I want your cock in my mouth.” A ladies wish is my command.

I place my head between those beautiful boot covered legs of yours. Sometimes it’s a shame that your legs aren’t on sight, but with pussy high boots covering them that is a more than acceptable substitute. I start to lick your legs and boots again savouring the smell, the taste. I straddle your face and as I lower myself towards your mouth, you take hold of my throbbing, soaking cock. You caress it gently, lovingly with your fingers, sliding them up and down the length as if to feel and familiarise yourself with every inch. You pull it gently towards you encouraging me to enter your willing, wanton mouth. No words are spoken none are needed. Your lips come into contact with the tip, glistening with your sex juices and my precum. You kiss it gently, affectionately, and the tip of your tongue licks the end of my cock.

You say to me,

“I want you to fuck my throat. Not my mouth, my throat. Be as rough as you like. I want to show you true pleasure.” My cock slides into your mouth, you position yourself to accommodate all of it and I feel it enter your throat, no obstacles, straight in and still it slides until I feel my balls hit your top lip. Your lips clamp tight on my length, your tongue licking as best as it can. I start to thrust against your face and your arms fly round my back and pull me in, urging me to ravage your throat. I start to hump your throat, I don’t want to do any damage but you are still pulling me in and encouraging me with your gurgling and humming on my cock. I thrust like I was screwing your pussy. I can’t believe the sensations I am experiencing, so much so I can’t concentrate on your pussy. You pull more on me urging me to flood your throat and I am building up to climax and you can feel it. Your lips tighten around my shaft, your teeth gently grazing the length as I thrust towards ultimate relief. You know I am cumming and you grip tighter with your arms around me ensuring I don’t withdraw. That was all I could take. I start to shoot my first load and the feeling as I lubricated your larynx was so intense that I just shoot load after load, I have never cum so much in my life but you still kept me inside your throat; your arms clamped around me. As I was starting to shoot my load your hips started twitching and your thighs clamped tight as you experienced another orgasm of your own. You must have been choking, but your arms would not let me withdraw, you were determined that I should experience the ultimate sexual gift that a woman can give a man, and that I was going to experience with you. Your arms wrapped tight around me, your pelvis thrashing about the seat, until you were satisfied that you had completely sated me and I had no more to give. As I slowly came down from my high and my cock deflated, I eased up and my cock came out of your mouth with a pop as you kept your lips as tight as you could until you had sucked every last ounce of juice off it.

I just didn’t know what to say. I was utterly speechless. You looked at me and said;

“I have wanted to do that with you for ages, but I wanted it to be right. And I think that today it was. Now, because I now want to fellate you slowly, lovingly, and for the rest of the night, and I need to be more comfortable for that, take me to my bedroom please.”

As we drive home I say

“Er, hon,”

“Mmm,” you reply.

“This car, it’s only the demo, I pick my new one up next week so that’s the one that will need christening.”

“Eeeeeeeeeek”, is all you can say.

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