Welcome to the Neighbourhood


We had been trying to move house for almost two years when we finally found the home of our dreams. It was a bit out of price range but we managed to buy a lovely 5 bedroom house in a quiet, secluded rural location. The house boasted a huge garden and a superb view of the mountains in the distance, it was idyllic.

Over the first few weeks some of the neighbours introduced themselves as we chatted briefly in the street. Most of them were a lot older than us, probably around retirement age, whilst myself and Debbie were only in our early 30’s.

Debbie enjoyed the peace and quiet the house and neighbourhood offered while I worked travelling the country and overseas responsible for big defence contracts.

I noticed, over time, that Debbie started talking about the neighbours a lot more and she was starting to build up friendships when I was away. I came back one day from an overseas trip only to walk in on Debbie sporting a sexy bikini in the garden hot tub with 3 other old age couples laughing and drinking.

I pretended I hadn’t seen them and snuck upstairs to listen in on them. It was a pretty mundane conversation and the couples eventually left a few hours later.

“Oh I didn’t know you were home honey. A few of the neighbours popped over to try out the hot tub. You should have joined us.” Debbie said towelling down her smooth, sexy, wet body when they had left.

“It’s Michelle’s birthday on Saturday, I said we would go, hope you don’t mind.” Debbie said still drying herself.

“Ummm no. That’s fine.” I replied, having no idea who Michelle was.

Come Saturday night I had forgotten all about the party until Debbie came downstairs in a tiny red dress that was way too short and low cut. I stared open mouthed at my wife.

“What are you doing?” My wife shouted in disbelief. “Come on. We got to go to the party.”

I was ushered upstairs where my clothes were laid out for me ready to change into.

My wife and I were greeted by Michelle and her husband Dan with the party in full swing and about 40 or 50 people already at the house. It was Michelle’s 60th birthday so I wasn’t holding out much hope of catching a glimpse of some hot women dancing around in their underwear.

I reluctantly went inside, handed a drink and surveyed the room. It was full of old people. Great. Not my idea of a fun Saturday night.

Debbie seemed to know everyone there which I was a little shocked by at first but I was glad she had made friends. Some were more friendly than others. Steve and Mike were two old guys who openly stroked and groped my wife as they chatted. They were both about 60 so I wasn’t concerned.

A lot of drink was consumed and at one point Mike’s wife, Donna, had me up dancing. I never dance. As I sauntered around the dance floor I could see that both Mike and Steve were dancing with Debbie. Both men had their hands around her waist and gyrating up against her.

As they danced Debbie’s dress started to ride up her thighs revealing her sexy black stocking tops. It was a very sexy sight.

Slightly drunk Donna slumped me up against the chair. “I think you need a rest.” She said standing over me laughing.

I tried to look past her so I could see what my wife was up to but I couldn’t find her in the mass of people gyrating and fornicating over each other. The room was packed.

Donna sat on my lap and started to kiss me. I have no idea why but I responded by kissing her back. Her hand dropped to between my legs to stroke my now hard cock as we continued to kiss.

“What the hell is going on here?” I heard a voice bellow over the music. It was Donna’s husband, Mike.

Donna jumped up laughing, leaving me slouched in the seat with a huge bulge in my jeans and lipstick smeared across my face.

Mike was stood over me looking furious with his arm around my wife who was looking just as annoyed. Donna was still giggling which really wasn’t helping.

I went to speak but Mike stopped me.

“You’ve been caught. Having fun with my wife. You should be ashamed.” Mike said sternly.

“I-I-I-I.” I stuttered, unsure what to say and unsure what had just happened.

“Baby. He was hard watching you and Steve groping Debs.” Donna blurted out much to my horror. I went bright red.

“Is that right honey? Were you hard watching the boys with their hands all over me?” Debbie asked, still looking annoyed.

I looked at everyone angrily. “No. Ofcourse not.”

Without thinking I jumped up, pushed past Donna, Mike and Debbie, through the rest of the neighbours slamming the door shut as I left.

I stormed off back to my house fuming that my wife and the others would put me in that situation. I fully expected my wife to follow but looking over my shoulder as I walked there was no sign of her.

I lay in bed, still fully clothed, until I dropped off to sleep about 1am. I awoke at 7am and Debbie was still back not back. I looked out the window to see that their neighbours party was over. Where was she?

After bakımlı gaziantep escort receiving no answer from her mobile I made my way, slightly sheepishly, back over to Michelle’s house to see if anyone was left from the party.

The party had long since died with some of the neighbours asleep in the hallway. I could hear voices and soft music coming from the conservatory so I stealthily made my way around the back of the house. As I got closer to the back of the house I could hear shouting and cheering over the top of the music.

When I rounded the back of the house the conservatory was lit up for all to see and, I must admit, I wasn’t ready for what I saw.

Up on a large wooden table in the middle of the room was Michelle on all fours, completely naked and her huge tits swinging beneath her as Dan was fucking her hard, doggystyle. At least it was her husband I suppose but here was the birthday girl, in her 60’s, getting fucked in front of her friends and neighbours. I was shocked.

Taken aback by the sight I uncovered I failed to notice that my wife was sat on a sofa between Mike and Steve enjoying the show taking place before her. Both men had their hands resting on the inside her thigh with her dress riding high up her legs.

I wanted to put a stop to this. Go in and drag my wife back to our new house, but, I couldn’t, I felt embarrassed. After all, Debbie had done nothing wrong, she was just letting her hair down, I was the one who kissed another woman. I felt really bad about it.

Sitting in the garden hedge I observed Dan giving his wife a really good seeing to, pulling out and cumming over his wife’s big, round ass. The crowd cheered as he shot his load over his wife of 10 years. I will admit that the sight did turn me on and I did have a stiff cock as I watched from my hiding place.

Suddenly, my wife came out into the garden for a cigarette with Steve and Mike in tow. Where were their wives keeping them in check?

I could overhear the entire conversation.

“God no. I’d be way too self conscious.” Debbie said in reply to something Steve said.

“You have the best figure of any woman that was here tonight.” Steve replied bringing a giggle from my wife.

They talked about some very strange topics but given that they were all drunk I suppose this was to be expected.

“Are you not rushing home to get fucked?” Mike teased Debbie.

I could see Debbie getting annoyed. “Fuck him. Miserable prick. I was up for some fun tonight and he ruined it.”

“Oh really. What sort of fun?” Steve enquired.

Trust Steve to pick up on that.

Debbie laughed once again. “Ha. Just drinking, chatting and a bit of dancing boys that’s all.”

“Pity.” Steve muttered under his breath.

Debbie took a drag on her cigarette then leaned in and kissed Steve passionately. Steve wasn’t shocked so I assumed they had kissed before. When Debbie was finished she turned to Mike and kissed him the very same way.

I had no idea what to think. My wife had just kissed two old men openly at a party and I was getting turned on.

For the next hour or so I watched as Mike turned his attentions from my wife to his own. He quickly got Donna up on to the table as he too fucked his wife for all to see. What was going on? Was the whole neighbourhood some sort of secret swingers club?

As Mike fucked Donna hard bringing out loud screams and frantic thrashing about from the sexy older woman I noticed my wife with her hands between her legs playing with herself. While everyone was engrossed in the couple fucking I watched as my wife made herself cum silently. She was hiding it but I knew she had just cum in a crowded room. Debbie slumped into the chair to catch her breath and try to compose herself.

It was around 9am when the party suddenly crashed and the last few stragglers made their way home. I waited for the right moment so I wouldn’t be seen and sprinted back to our house and up into bed. It wasn’t long before I heard the front door open and Debbie drunkenly bashing about downstairs.

It took her ages to get up to the bedroom where I was waiting for her.

“Where the fuck have you been?” I asked aggressively much to my mistake.

Debs was furious and started shouting asking why I had to embarrass her infront of her new friends, that I’m a liar and a cheat, why can’t I just relax. On and on and on but I just had to sit there and take it, after all I had kissed Donna which I felt really bad about.

I left my wife to crawl into bed as I went downstairs in a mood. Around midday I thought it may be wise to take some food and drink up to my wife as a way of an apology. As I approached the bedroom the door was slightly ajar. My wife was on her knees leaning forward texting someone. Debbie’s hands were between her legs again and she was moaning softly.

Debbie was making herself cum whilst texting someone. I watched is silence as I saw my beautiful bakımlı gaziantep escort bayan wife cum hard over her own fingers and collapse back on the bed. I waited about 10 minutes before I went I to the room cheerily announcing “lunch is served.”

My wife rolled over and opened her eyes. “Ohhhhh honey. That’s so sweet.”

She jumped up and gave me a big kiss. Wow that was easy. I was forgiven. But I was still intrigued as to who she was texting. My mind started to wander thinking about who it could be and my wife caught me off guard. Without a word of warning Debbie jumped over my face, straddling me and forcing her pussy down over my mouth.

“Eat my cunt you filthy bastard.” Debbie said aggressively and completely out of character.

I was shocked but did as I was told. Debbie grabbed hold of my hair and began to ride my face. Her pussy was wet instantly as I heard her muffled moans from between her thighs. I lapped furiously at her pussy with my face buried deep inside her. I was struggling to breathe as my wife held my head firmly in place but she didn’t care as she was desperate to cum once again.

“Eat me you dirty old man. Eat me.” She screamed as she thrashed around on top of me.

At the time I thought the wording was strange but I let my wife do whatever she wanted to me as she was so turned on. I was certainly not going to stop her, not when she was in this mood.

That afternoon we fucked three times with Debbie passing out and sleeping until the next morning. When I awake I sat on the edge of the bed and admired my wife’s naked, freshly fucked body. The guys were right she did have an amazing figure.

Debbie is 32, with golden, sandy coloured hair halfway down her back. At 5″8 with amazingly long, smooth legs and big 34E boobs she gets attention wherever she goes, although most of the time she is completely oblivious to it.

My friends would always tease me asking how I managed to pull a stunner like Debbie. She would always defend me by saying I had a huge cock which would cause me to get uncomfortable but my friends to laugh loudly. She would wink at me enjoying my awkwardness.

One Saturday night I was in the front room watching TV when the doorbell went and in walked Donna, Michelle, Tori and Petra, some of the other wives from the surrounding houses. After saying a brief hello they went out into the kitchen, opened a bottle of wine and started chatting.

Debbie came back in to the room. “Sorry honey. Hope you don’t mind.” She said kissing me and going back out to the kitchen without waiting for an answer.

I watched my film as the girls became louder and more gregarious.

“Baby. Come in here.” My wife shouted drunkenly from the kitchen. I initially ignored her but then she called out again and again.

I reluctantly went out to the kitchen. The girls were very obviously drunk as they giggled and sniggered.

“Yes honey. You ok?” I asked.

Debbie mumbled something. “Yes. Yes. Baby. I was telling the girls but they don’t believe me.”

I had no idea where she was going with this.

“I told them. Show them. Go on. Go on. Please honey. Go on. Show.”

I was still lost as the girls continued to snigger.

“What are you on about?” I replied getting slightly annoyed.

Without warning Debbie moved behind me, pushing me into the girls who held on to my arms as she pulled my trousers and pants down. I tried to get to my feet but the girls held me down.

“Come on baby. Let’s see him.” Debbie giggled pulling my pants clean off to leave me naked from the waist down.

I felt a hand reach down and cup my balls. I jumped at the touch but I still couldn’t get away. The hand moved up to my cock and slowly stroked it, trying to get me hard. Despite my protests my cock defied me and started to grow.

One of the girls moved out of the way and I was pushed into the chair with my hands tied to the arms.

“Fucking hell its huge Debs. You lucky bitch.” Michelle shouted on seeing my now erect penis.

“Go on. Touch it.” Debbie said smiling at me.

I honestly tried to resist and break free but the bonds around my wrist were just too tight. I watched as Michelle tentatively took my cock in her hand and started stroking. The girls watched on as Michelle started to stroke my cock much faster.

I shut my eyes and tried to focus on something else but it was extremely difficult. Then I felt a tongue lapping against my balls. I jumped once more and looked down to see Debs between my legs sucking on my balls while her friend continued to stroke my cock.

While the two women enjoyed playing with my cock Debbie’s new friends all ran their nails across my chest and legs which turned me on even more. Tori moved closer and started to kiss me, our tongues intertwining passionately. When she broke back from the kiss I looked down at my wife who was engrossed with my balls. Hopefully she didn’t see anything. escort gaziantep bakımlı bayan

As I looked up Donna moved in and kissed me just like her friend had just done. Again, I looked at Debs who seemed to be unaware of what had just happened.

I was finally relaxed as the girls went to work on my cock but all of sudden they just stopped. I looked down and opened my eyes to see the 5 women stood up in front of me.

“So girls, what do you think?” My wife asked proudly. “Is that not the biggest cock you’ve ever seen?”

My cock was still rock hard and twitching with excitement.

“I bet he cums like a horse too.” Petra said not taking her eyes off my cock.

“Hmmmmm ohhhhh yes.” Debbie said grinning. “Wanna see?”

It was a unanimous yes from the rest of the women as my wife licked her hand and started to stroke my cock.

“I think you should cum for our guests honey.” Debbie said to me as she stroked my cock even faster.

I started to pant and moan, my body bucking against the ties and my wife’s touch.

“No. Please. Baby. No. No. No. come on. Please. Baby. Stop. Fucking stop.” I pleaded.

It didn’t take long for me to cum, firing the hot, thick liquid up and over my chest and thighs which brought a cheer from the women looking on.

“Yesssssss honey. You own that man.” Tori said praising my wife’s skills.

No attempts were made to clean me up, or let me free, as the women all seemed to be complimenting my wife on her ability to make me cum quickly.

“Can you untie me now?” I said curtly.

The women looked at me and laughed.

“But honey. I haven’t cum yet.” Debbie said mischievously.

She climbed up on to the kitchen worktop and straddled over my face. She lifted up her dress to reveal that she was not wearing underwear. Before I could protest she had lowered her wet pussy down on to my face and was rubbish her meaty lips all over my face.

“Ohhhhhhh honey. That’s a good boy. Make me cum. Hmmmmmmm yesssssssss baby. That’s it. Eat my cunt.” Debbie moaned in front of her friends.

“Fuck his face Debs.” I heard someone encourage.

“Smother him.”

“He’s still hard. He loves it.”

I tried to ignore the comments being shouted out as I buried my tongue deep in my wife’s cunt. I could feel her pussy juices dripping down the back of my throat as she rode my face, her hips bucking frantically on top of me.

“Baby. Yesssssss baby. Yessssssss. Keep. Fuck. Yesssssssss. Keep going. I’m cumming ohhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssssssssss.”

As Debbie lifted her pussy off me slightly she started to gush all over my face which brought screams of delight from her friends.

“Yessssssssss a squirter. Ohhhhhhhhhh yesssssss.” I heard Donna shout.

“Drown the prick.” Someone else shouted. Thanks a lot.

My wife breathlessly climbed off my face. I was drenched and gasping for air which made the women laugh.

“Sorry girls. I needed that.” Debbie said unapologetically. “When I see that cock I just have to. Well. You know.”

“Don’t fucking blame you honey.” Michelle said.

Without warning Michelle pulled Debbie in to her and I watched as they kissed. Michelle’s tongue exploring my sexy wife’s mouth. I had seen Debbie kiss her friends loads of times but it still turned me on and now more than ever.

The girls didn’t look like breaking their kiss as Michelle’s hand dropped down between my wife’s legs and she slid a finger inside Debbie’s pussy bringing out a low moan from her. Michelle slowly slid her finger in and out of debbie’s soaking wet pussy as they kissed breathlessly.

I was enjoying the show as Petra squeezed on my cock and smiled. The dark, sexy, 50 something, mother of 4 was grinning as she squeezed my cock slightly harder. She smiled as she slowly took my cock into her mouth.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk.” I said softly, trying not to alert my wife to what had just happened.

Petra sucked hard on my bellend before licking up and down the shaft of my cock and then taking it deep into her throat. Fuck, it felt amazing. I watched as my wife was being fingered hard by our new neighbour with the two of them still kissing and groping. Tori had joined them and had my wife’s tits out of her dress and was now squeezing them hard.

The two women groped and fondled my wife’s tits, pussy and Ass with Michelle never breaking the kiss even as Debbie moaned loudly from all the attention.

Petra had her hands cupping my balls as she deep throated my entire cock. Most women could only get about half of it but Petra was taking it all down her throat, it was incredible. My hips bucked as I forced more of my cock down her throat causing her to gag. My thighs gripped the sides of Petra’s face and I was now aggressively fucking the older woman’s face.

I was lost in the enjoyment and ecstasy of Petra’s warm mouth that I hadn’t noticed that the other women had stopped playing and were now all just watching us.

“Enjoying that are we honey?” Debbie said.

I didn’t reply but carried on fucking Petra’s face. I was so close to cumming I couldn’t stop myself.

“Are you going to cum baby?” Debbie teased.

“Uhhh uhhh uhhhhh ohhhhhhh godddddddddd uh uh uhhhhhhh uhhhh yes yes fuck yessssss.” I panted with every new thrust.

“Oh girls it looks like he’s going to cum. What a naughty little boy.” Debbie teased once more.

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