Wedding Crashers, Pt. 01

“Are you sure about this Wayne?”

“Yeah, Don, no sweat. Just nod, and smile, and if anyone asks you a question about your background, or family connection just make up a bullshit answer. Keep your eyes on the prize, there are bound to be more than a few hot ladies, gotten all primed up with the ceremony, and ready to peel down their panties for the right guys who ask. That will be us!”

Don nodded, it had been Wayne’s idea to be a wedding crasher at a wedding reception. Not some little family wedding, but one of those big, society types, with reams and reams of guests, lots of ways to fit in amongst the crowd. Wayne had been following the society pages of the local news, and here it was. Some high-class type, expected to be 300 to 400 guests, reception at the downtown Hilton. That was the target.

Wearing their best suits, shirts, and ties, shoes polished up to a shiny gloss, hair, body, and faces clean and scrubbed, they joined the line of guests filling the hotel’s large banquet hall. With a large number of guests, they were easily able to make up stories about how they were connected to the bride or groom, depending on which side of the family they were talking to.

While they were doing so, they were sizing up the attractive ladies. Wayne had already scoped out three, who looked like they were ready to go. Don was similarly engaged, two of them looked very hot and eager for some action.

Seating for the guests was at your leisure, with no assigned spots, and with that, they were able to get themselves closer to their choices. Wayne seated himself next to Annabelle Hurst, she was a 20-year-old green-eyed redhead, a second cousin to the bride. Yeah, she was his top choice, a few pounds heavier than a supermodel, big luscious 34DD breasts, a curvy voluptuous figure, not fat but solid. Nice wide hips, what he called “breeder’s hips,” he could visualize his hands holding onto those hips as he guided her onto his dick, and rammed her from behind, or lifted her up to the plunges of his prick. His favorite, he loved to have some solid female body to grab onto. That ass looked to be a sexy, full rear, her curves had that sexy full swell, he was eager to get her out of her clothes, and take in the whole package.


A few tables away, Don was getting to know Maryanne Loomis, she was the bride’s Mom. Don sized her up, she was divorced, looked to be about 45, and he was 25, but he loved to do ladies who had some years of experience. She görükle escort had that face and body that he found most appealing, she was tall and slender, but with just enough curves in her figure, like a former supermodel who had not let herself go as she aged. Her auburn curls were still up in her wedding style for the reception, highlighting her long, slender neck. Her tits were full and round, but rode high and firm, looked like her bra was supporting ample cargo. The view of her hips under her dress swelled outward nicely. Oh yes, she was the one. Being able to get a look at her rear, he liked what he saw, a perfect, high, rounded ass, which somehow looked both tightly firm and squeezably plump at the same time. He was eager to see her body without the clothes in the way.


Wayne found it easy to draw Annabelle into a conversation, he was charming and gregarious, and he soon had Annabelle’s attention all to himself. When she replied to his comments and questions, she liked to place a hand lightly on his arm, as if to stress the point. She was from the South, and her accent really made his prick twitch, he had a real thing for Southern ladies. Her eyes seemed to shine, and Wayne had the feeling that he was going to score with very few problems getting in the way.


Similarly, Don had Maryanne’s attention. She was charmed by his attention, so many younger ladies that he could be around, and he chose her. That was a massive boost to her self-esteem, that such a charming young man was staying with her.

She told him about her husband, the bride’s father, and how he had tossed her aside to go chasing after some giggly 20-year-old bimbo. Don had noticed that, the older guy with some silly little fluff hanging off him. Meeting the lady he had so casually tossed aside, Don knew he was a true asshole. What a jerk.

Maryanne could feel the dampness deep inside. Mmmmm, the idea of bedding a handsome young stud, she hoped he was interested enough to take it to her hotel room. She may have been 20 years his senior, but she knew what to do, she had done the vaginal tightening surgery just after her husband got the boot 2 years ago, and 3 lovers that she had enjoyed in those 2 years got the best milking of their lives. She could definitely feel the lust rising, oh yes, she was eager to make him her 4th lover.


After dinner, in the lull, before the band started up, both of them made their moves. Don came eskort bayan up behind Maryanne, going for broke, his hand found her rump, and he caressed and stroked at the sweet cheeks. Don’s move was reciprocated, her hand reached back and started to run all over his groin. Don’s package immediately started growing, and as the fullness of it filled out his suit trousers, Maryanne could feel her cunt slickening up.

She turned to face him, and purred, “Mmmmm, I like the feel of big things between my legs, and that big cock of yours needs to fill me. My darling Don, shall we take this to my hotel room, where we can get to know each other better?”

Don was very pleased, he’d made his move, and here was Maryanne just as ready as he was.

“I’d love to Maryanne, lead the way.”

As they went towards the banquet hall’s exit, he saw Wayne, caught his eye, and gave him a big thumbs up.


Wayne continued, doing his best to charm Annabelle, hopefully right out of her panties. He had an arm around her back, and she did the same and pulled him close so their hips were pressed against each other. He looked at her face, saw her lips, moistly pink and slightly parted, and by mutual unspoken consent, their lips came together. She broke the kiss quickly and pulled him towards the bathrooms.

Once behind the locked door, their lips came together seriously, tongue-filled swirls of passion as she pulled him in close, and pressed her vulva against his quickly rinsing dick. She felt the rise, she wanted that cock, wanted it with a fierce need.

“Wayne, ah’m all in room 720, come to mah room in 10 minutes, so ah can get myself ready for y’all.”

She gently grabbed his cock through his trousers and moaned, deep and low in her throat, as she felt the solid outline of his cock. They slipped out of the bathroom, and once back in the banquet hall, she slipped a key card into his hand and whispered, “Ten minutes, in 720, ah want to rock your world.”

Annabelle made her way toward the banquet hall exit. Wayne watched the awesome wiggle of her ass cheeks as she made her way towards the banquet hall exit, she was in for a serious case of ass munching.


Once Don and Maryanne were behind the closed door of room 1005, they came together, kissing wildly until Maryanne broke the kiss.

“If you’ll excuse me, Don, I want to get myself ready for you.”

Maryanne went into the bedroom suite and stripped altıparmak escort naked, she got dressed in what she called her wedding reception finery. She always got turned on by weddings, and when she had taken a date to the wedding, she always wanted to create, in her mind, what she hoped would happen to the bride and groom after the reception.

She checked her reflection in the mirror and nodded with satisfaction. A full, white, lacy bustier hugging her torso, with six suspenders holding up a set of delicate white stockings, two in front framing the tiny white g-string panties and four in back stretched over her sexy ass. The panties were tight against her, she had been waxed bare and bald, she adored the feeling of her sex, so open and exposed, and it was very encouraging, her lovers had been happy to munch her cunt, once they saw her bare sex. Time for Don to enjoy the view.


Meanwhile. a few floors down…

Wayne paused at the door to 720, inserted the card, the red light went to green and he slipped in. The light was dimmed down, and he saw Annabelle, clad in only a black garter belt and black stockings, with a hungry ‘come fuck me’ look on her face. Yeah, she was his top choice, all the images he could make out when she was dressed were now splendidly revealed.

Those luscious 34DD breasts, the curvy voluptuous figure, nice wide hips, what he called “breeder’s hips,” he loved to grab onto the hips as he rode. She smiled, then turned to let him see the rear, oh yeah, a perfect naked backside, what he called a “JLo” ass, a sexy, full rear, her curves had that sexy full swell, taking in the whole package revealed to him, he knew he’d made the right choice.

She smiled, and stepped up, her sexy body pressing against Wayne. Her hands reached down, and she started to stroke the outline of his cock. It grew to full height, thumping against the front of his trousers, hard, eager, and ready. She had a lust-filled smile on her face as she felt the rise.

“Mmmm, oh yeah, ah can feel how y’all want me, so horny, so hard, so ready! And mah horny girl is just as hot and ready, she all wants your horny boy. Feel me, feel how hot mah horny girl is, how hot ah am!”

Wayne cupped her sex and slid a finger along her pussy lips. She was soaked, and her juices coated his fingers. When he withdrew his fingers, he slipped the fingers into his mouth, and his taste buds lit up at the hot, erotic taste of Annabelle’s juices.

“Y’all have so many clothes on, let me take care of that for y’all.”

In a few moments, Wayne was as bare ass as Annabelle, and her eyes were glowing, she cooed, “Oh yeah, such a nice horny dick, we all are going to have such a hot time tonight,” as she wiggled against him.

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