We Shouldn’t Have Done This

You said you would be passing through town. So I thought maybe we could just meet for lunch.

My husband was at work. Everyone else was busy and I had no plans anyway.

You are so sweet at lunch. Of course, we flirt and there’s some teasing. But most of it is strictly innocent. You are absolutely adorable. I can feel a definite tension between us. It’s almost electric, crackling in the air like static. When lunch is over you ask if I can show you around my farm. It’s still early, several hours before the kids get home. Why the hell not. You are so far being a perfect gentleman.

I take you back to my farm. You meet my overly friendly puppy in the drive. I walk you down to my barn so you can see my sheep. As we step out of the feed room I feel your hand lightly on my back, and then gently slide down across my ass as I go through the door. I don’t think anything of it but I feel a chill. As we walk around I feel you brush my hair off my shoulder, exposing my neck. I end the tour and we go back into the feed room. I lock the door and turn around. You are right in front of me. So close I can feel your breath.

“What are you doing?” I ask.

“shhhhhh,” you say as you run your fingertips gently down the side of my face, and down the collar of my shirt. You scoop your hand around the back of my neck and lower your head to kiss me. I don’t know why I don’t stop you. Feeling your lips on mine makes me feel all warm inside. My nipples are getting hard against the fabric of my bra. You kiss down my neck and my hands sarışın porno go to your chest. I’m pushed up against the door. I feel your hard cock through your jeans pushing up against my pelvis.

The next thing I know you are pulling my breasts out of my bra to kiss and suck on my nipples. I don’t even remember you unbuttoning my shirt. Your hot mouth on my nipples makes me moan. I put my hands on the back of your head, running my fingers through your hair, holding your head against me. You unbuckle my belt and slide your hand down inside my panties. You feel how wet I am. Your fingers feel so good on my clit. Rubbing and rubbing, while you suck on my tits. I start to shudder as my orgasm gets closer. My legs become so weak I can’t hold myself up so you push me up against the door even harder. I feel my first orgasm wash over me. Calling out, screaming from the pleasure.

You step back, take off your shirt, and then take off mine, laying it down on the hay bales. You pull my pants off of me so I am now naked. You lead me over and lay me down on our clothes so I don’t get pricked by the hay. You drop to your knees in front of me, spreading my legs wide. You lick up my slit. Tasting the cum on my lips from my last orgasm. I let out a low moan. You start eating my pussy. Slow and gently at first. But then you start sucking on my clit. I pinch my nipples and start writhing beneath you. You grab one of my hands and put it on the back of your head which I can only guess means one thing. So I start sex hikayeleri fucking your face, holding you by the hair, your face pressed hard into my pussy. I wrap my legs around your neck, my feet resting on your bare back. I start to scream out again as I feel another orgasm hit me.

You stand up, wiping my cum off your face with the back of your hand. I can see the bulge straining at your jeans. I sit up, undo your belt and pull down your pants, releasing your hard cock from its confinement. Your cock is magnificent. I drop to my knees in front of you and take you into my mouth. I can feel the soft skin of your head pushing to the back of my mouth. Your head goes back and I hear you groan which only encourages me more. I love to listen to you as I start bobbing my head up and down on your cock. Taking the full length of you into the back of my throat. My lips on your balls with each thrust of your hips. I run my hands up your legs and across your chest while you slowly start fucking my mouth. I scratch my fingernails across your nipples and down your body while your cock moves in and out of my mouth. You can feel my big tits press up against your legs as I worship your cock. I put your hands on my head this time. You immediately start thrusting harder and even deeper into my throat. I dig my nails into your ass, listening to your grunts and moans as I try to breathe around your big dick.

You pull away, I can only guess you were getting too close to cumming. You give me a hand to stand şişman porno up and then bend me over the hay bales. Your hard cock, wet with my spit slides right inside. I cry out because it feels so good. You grab my ass and start pounding me. You watch my ass jiggle as your pelvis slams into me with every thrust. You grab my hair, pulling me up toward your body. My tits are raised up, bouncing uncontrollably since you have my back arched. You pull my head back far enough to kiss me on the mouth deeply. I can still taste my cum on your tongue. You keep thrusting and reach down to play with my clit with your fingers. Immediately I am thrown over the edge, spasms wracking my body.

You push a thumb into my ass while I am cumming. I thrust my ass back hard against you, pushing your cock deep into my pussy and your thumb deep into my ass. You pull your cock out and push it slowly into my ass. My ass is so tight around you. And you are so big and hard with anticipation. I drop my chest onto the hay bales and you start slowly thrusting into my tight ass. It doesn’t take long at all before I can feel the orgasm quickly build in my body. I start thrusting my hips back at you, pushing you harder and deeper into me. You have finally lost control and you fuck my ass hard. You slap my ass leaving a very red mark. Faster and faster. I scream out for you to fuck me. “Fuck my ass harder!” and that sends you over the edge. Your hot cum shoots into my ass and you slow down your thrusting. Your entire body quivers in delight.

You pull me up off the hay and hold me up against you. Your hand goes to the back of my neck again to lift my face toward yours for a slow kiss. I feel almost like it starts to release me from a fog of pure pleasure. I open my eyes and look directly into yours.

“We shouldn’t have done this.”

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