We Decide to go to the Movies

We decide to go to the movies, we get a popcorn and soda to share and sit in the back row. The theater is pretty empty and not many people are there maybe a handful scattered about. The lights dim and the previews start we are holding hands and giving kisses. The movie starts and I lean in as close as I can get to you and you wrap your arm around me pulling me closer placing kisses on my head. You are whispering in my ear and teasing me with the tip of your tongue along my ear, down my jaw I turn towards you and your lips find my lips and we kiss passionately. You are kissing me soft and slow and tiny moans are escaping my lips, you know how much those kisses turn me on and get me excited. I ask aren’t we here to see the movie and you laugh and say yes but it is dark and we could have fun as a sly smile comes across your face.

We watch a good part of the movie and then I start rubbing my hand on your thigh making little circles and going up and down your leg, I look up at you and smile and ask if you want me to stop you tell me no you’re enjoying this. So I go back and forth between both legs and gently brush over your penis occasionally. I can tell you are enjoying this I feel a difference in your pants each time my hand grazes you. You are kissing tecavüz porno my face, neck and lips and your hand is slowly climbing into my shirt and reaching up for my breasts which you like to play with. You slide the top of my lace bra down so you can roll my nipple between your fingers and make it stand erect. I whisper to you to lick my nipple. You bend down and start sucking on it slowly and then start pulling it gently with your teeth and teasing with the tip of your tongue. You then move to the other breast whispering that both sides need attention. I reach back and unhook the bra so you have easier access to the toys you desire to play with. You tell me how soft my breasts are and how much you like them. I ask if you would like them bigger and you say they are perfect the way they are.

I reach over and am rubbing your dick through your pants and he is growing again in your jeans. You reach over and start rubbing between my legs and up and down my thighs to tease me and make me wet. I whisper to you that I am wet, you say no I want you so wet it is like you peed your pants. I move your hand away from me and unzip your jeans. I reach in and start massaging your dick through your underwear. I find the opening and pull travesti porno your dick out and lean over and give the head kisses, nibbles and little flicks with the tip of my tongue. I lean down further and take more of your dick in mouth and you lean your head back and run your fingers through my hair, which drives me wild as you know I love having my hair played with as it is such a turn on. I slide your pants down a bit and reach my hand in to play with your balls. I move to the floor and squat between your legs and suck on your dick. You tell me to slow down you don’t want to cum yet and tell me to get back up next to you. I slide back next you and start kissing you slowly and teasing you with my tongue on your lips. You lean in and grab my tongue with your teeth and nibble gently. Our kissing gets more passionate and one hand is on your face and the other is behind your neck. You have both of your hands on my face and whisper for me to open my eyes, we like watching each other when we kiss.

My hand slowly slides down your face, along your throat to your chest, I love feeling your heart beat as it beats harder when you’re excited. Your hands also leave my face and start wandering. One hand is back to rubbing my xhamster porno chest and the other is rubbing my back and comes around to my hips and slides down slowly to my thighs and the tips of your fingers are teasing my pussy through my pants. You slide your fingers up to the waist band and pull them down a bit; sneaky me wore stretch pants for easier access. Your fingers have wandered down and found the lace underwear. You tease me with your fingers on the outside of my panties and then I feel a finger slide in along the side and rub my clit. You continue to rub my clit and I tell you I want to cum all over your fingers. You then start to finger me and rub my clit with your thumb and I cum all over your fingers. I grab your hand and suck my juices off of each finger and this sends you over the edge. I reach down and grab your dick and start moving my hand up and down the shaft and then I lean over and suck you until you cum. You explode in my mouth and I swallow every drop of your juice you give me. You tell me this is the best time you had at the movies and can’t wait for us to do it again. We adjust our clothing and finish watching the movie and are amazed at how much we have missed. We sit in the theater during the credits and you tell me how much you enjoyed our adventure and I tell you the night is still young, I am not done yet. We leave the theater holding hands and go out to our car. You lean over and kiss me, grab my hair and ask what I else do I have in store for you. I smile and say just wait and see, you will be happy trust me.

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