Cassie’s Island Adventure Ch. 05


As Cassie walked back to their dwelling, with Leroy’s strong arm possessively around her slim waist, she was shocked to realise how far things had come in two months.

Leroy’s physicality had clearly become the dominant factor in their relationship in several ways. On a safety/ preservation level, his capability to keep the pair of them well fed and safe from the wild animals on the island left Cassie fully in his debt both emotionally and instinctively.

The feminine instinct to be submissive to a strong masculine protector was in full flow now. The only currency Cassie had to repay Leroy was her affections and even more pointedly her body and this was a cheque that Leroy had an unending appetite to cash.

On a sexual level, despite her long ingrained reservations from upbringing and societal conventions against a beautiful, well brought up white woman having a lower class black man as a lover and even partner, Leroy demonstrated night after night his ability to give Cassie orgasms absolutely unparalleled in both intensity and number.

As Cassie remembered what Leroy made her feel in bed only the last night, her cheeks flushed with embarrassment as there were still some inhibitions and even shame she felt realising what her family and friends would think of her sexual conduct.

Leroy noticing her flush and guessing her thought processes, casually slipped his big strong hand down from her waist and inside her white bikini bottoms and possessively fondled her perky right buttock, clearly marking his territory. “Let’s celebrate our great fishing day with a few drinks baby,” Leroy said casually. His action was calculated to increase her acceptance of his physical ownership of her sexuality.

Cassie knew how their drinking sessions always ended, the alcohol lowering her mental and physical inhibitions enabling him to both increase the breadth of sexual activities they undertook and the intensity of the climaxes he could wring from her still somewhat reluctant body.

However Cassie knew the haul of fish Leroy had been able to catch today was indeed a cause for celebration so she did not demur, implicitly accepting that tonight would be a boozy celebration.

A couple of hours later, in the late afternoon, Cassie was already very tipsy from the drinks they had consumed. In an alcoholic haze she saw Leroy (who had come up behind her seated form) nonchalantly slide the cups of her white bikini aside and start to milk her now nude round white breasts in the way he had refined to an art form in the last two months.

“Ohhh, Leroy…, no…,” Cassie sighed in a tone which mixed reproach and reluctant arousal in equal measure. The exquisite physical sensation of being expertly milked with strong knowing hands combined with the striking visual contrast of big black hands cupping her round white breasts to drive her excitement further and further.

The fact that she found the visual contrast as stimulating as the physical sensations was deeply troubling to her but deep down part of her konya escort brain acknowledged how hot the image was.

Leroy took his time with her breasts, even smothering them in massage oil once he had removed the bikini top, in order to accentuate her physical and visual pleasure. Once he saw the dampness growing on her bikini bottoms from an initial damp spot to a large dark patch he decided to up the stakes verbally.

“Your pussy getting wet for my black cock baby?” He said knowingly.

“No and you shouldn’t speak that way to a lady,” said Cassie spiritedly with what was left of the resistance ingrained from birth and her family.

Leroy said nothing, but took his right hand and slowly slipped it slowly down from her breast, down her toned white stomach and into the front of her bikini bottoms, confidently cupping her pussy.

As his large dark middle finger gently parted her pink labia, her wetness drenched it, enabling it to move effortlessly inside her.

“Ohhhhh, Leroy…Ahhhh…, Ughhhh,” Cassie gasped and grunted at his digital penetrated of her compliant femininity. This time arousal and submission were present in equal measure. Truth be told his thick finger was as large as and more arousing than Michael’s modest masculinity ever had been and the illicit thought caused an involuntary spasm in her vagina, making it affectionately squeeze the invading finger.

“Feels like your cute white pussy wants more of Leroy’s big black cock…,” he said as the combination of his skilful fingering and now expert rubbing of her clit with his thumb started caused her pelvis to begin involuntary undulations. As her excitement built he started to stretch out by slipping a second finger inside her now swelling birth canal.

Leroy’s consistent pushing of the racial and sexual angle with Cassie was deliberate. To fully break down any remaining mental as well as physical inhibitions he wanted to bring to her mind the reality of what she was doing with a negro lover and her responsiveness to his superior sexual prowess.

This was indeed gradually working as his words, whilst they stung her pride and sense of propriety, were steadily working their way into her subconscious as they were repeated night after night, whilst her arousal was at fever pitch.

“You want some of Leroy’s big black cock baby?” he asked again whilst keeping her on the edge of orgasm, slowing down the stimulation just as Cassie started pre orgasmic pelvic thrusts.

Her silence annoyed him, so he left her high and dry, stopping the clitoral stimulation and leaving his two fingers deep but stationary in her white vagina. She moaned in frustration and Leroy gradually began the stimulation again with his other hand working on her oiled white breasts flicking the rock hard pink nipples between his roving fingers.

Once she was on the very brink of a massive orgasm Leroy repeated his loaded question, with the implicit threat that a lack of response would result in escort konya the ending of his pleasure giving masturbation of her pussy. It took every shred of Cassie’s willpower to remain silent, other than a very frustrated whimper, and she had to endure the ebbing of her incipient orgasm as a result.

Leroy could see from the way her hands gripped their bedsheets and her furrowed brow how much willpower the resistance to speaking had taken and he smiled as he gradually started building up her arousal of his white princess a third time.

This was not a fair contest. He had chosen the peak of her cycle, late in her third week, to try this again. Her hormones were working against her, her inebriation was working against her and most devastatingly for her white pride, his thick black fingers with perfect knowledge of her pussy’s sensitive spots were gradually erasing her white woman’s veneer of propriety.

On the third time of him asking the loaded question, as he held her right on precipice of a mammoth orgasm, her will broke.

“Yes,,,,,,,,mmmm,” Cassie whispered almost inaudibly.

Leroy’s huge phallus throbbed in triumph at the beginnings of her capitulation, but he needed her full mental surrender so he pushed further whilst tantalisingly slowing his expert masturbation.

“Tell me baby, what you want in ur tight white pussy?”

Cassie flushed with embarrassment as well as sexual excitement, but eventually her body’s needs won over her upbringing.

Eventually in complete capitulation Cassie said, “My tight white pussy wants your big black cock.”

“That’s right baby, let Leroy reward you for telling the truth,” he said rolling her erect clit round and round with his thumb and stretching her soaked pussy wider with the thrusting of his two fingers deep inside her.

The mind shattering orgasm she received was partly due not only to having been brought to the brink for soooo long, but also to the taboo admission Leroy had wrung from her. She knew that although he had manipulated the admission from her, it was undoubtedly true.

Her tight white pussy, which had been under-serviced all these years by Michael and his ilk, did want his huge black cock to thrust deep inside her and so give her amazing pleasure but to admit this in such an overt manner was hugely taboo but also in a way she did not want to admit, deeply arousing.

As a result Cassie’s hips bucked and bucked into his fingers as the orgasm rolled on and on…

Leroy let her recover for a while whilst they ate and washed before bed to let her words sink deeper into her mind.

Later that evening, as Leroy prepared to mount her, she felt her pussy automatically moisten in anticipation of the pleasure his amazing black phallus was about to give her.

Her pink nipples also popped out to full erection in the instinctive signal that an aroused female sends to her mate. As Cassie lay beneath Leroy’s muscular body she was aware of her body’s autonomous konya escort bayan reactions and she had to accept the truth of the admission that he had wrung from her that afternoon. She did want his big thick, superior black cock inside her!

The pleasure it gave her nightly was incomparable to Michael’s fumbling, weak lovemaking.

His strong black thighs firmly guided her long slim white legs to open widely, which left her moist white pussy fully exposed to his enormous appendage. She gave a very feminine, submissive moan as Leroy’s amazing cock started to enter her already soaked pussy.

He had taken her so often in the last eight weeks, since that first shocking evening that he had successfully mounted and penetrated his white conquest, that her vagina had started to mould itself to her new mate. Her vagina was gradually widening for Leroy. Whilst initial penetration always caused her to gasp with discomfort, there was little pain and the wonderful feeling of fullness from his negroid cock soon brought her caucasian great pleasure, as is increasingly the case these days.

At over ten inches long and very very girthy, Leroy massively dwarfed the slim 4.75 inches that her previous boyfriend Michael had been able to offer. Cassie was still intimidated by the sight of Leroy’s huge erection, but once he entered her, her body told a different story.

The slightly curved shaft ensured Leroy’s large cock head could steadily rub and stimulate her G spot, (which Michaels penis could never reach)

Simultaneously Leroy’s thickness massaged her interior vaginal walls (aided in its passage by the copious moisture always supplied by her pussy once she saw, held and sucked his incredible endowment) ensuring she felt every inch of his penetration.

Meanwhile the fact his shaft thickened towards the base ensured each long, steady, thrust pulled her pussy lips in and out and the inwards motion directly stimulated her clit as the long phallus moved inside.

Finally the end of the thrust resulted in “bottoming out” with direct impact on her cervix, which whilst slightly painful was also arousing. As the final straw his wiry black pubes would directly rub her erect clitoris just as his similarly coarse chest hair would arouse her erect pink nipples.

As Leroy’s thrusts gradually increased in depth Cassie’s arms and legs wrapped round her black lover encouraging him ever deeper and he asked again did she like his big black cock inside her.

Her will broken by the pleasure he was giving her and the earlier erotic battle of wills she had lost Cassie admitted what they both knew.

“Ohhhh Leroy, I love how your big cock makes my tight pussy feel…”

Not wanting to leave her any wriggle room, Leroy asked , as he thrust deeper inside, “what kind of big cock does your pussy like Cassie?”

Cassie’s pussy started to pulse and her hips buck as she admitted, “My tight WHITE pussy loves big BLACK cock”

With that admission the best orgasm or her life washed over her as she opened her mouth to accept his thick tongue, her legs even wider to accept the full ten inches of his massive cock and finally her mind to accept not only the clear sexual supremacy of a black man as a lover for her but shockingly the position of Leroy as her mate…The man who would eventually put a black baby inside her!!

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