Big Tits

How do I say this? Okay, well, my boyfriend, Tony, thinks I’m staid, sort of ‘buttoned up’ when it comes to sex. He’s always teasing me, trying to get me to do crazy, deviant things in the bedroom. I always tell him no. Unequivocally, no. Toys? Anal sex? No, no, no. So I’m a little old fashioned. I think sex should be about making love. I’ve never been a girl who had sex without love; never had a one night stand, never had sex on a first date. Sure, some might think I’m boring, but I can look at myself in the mirror and be proud. I respect myself, and my body.

But it was his birthday, and I really wanted to do something special. I thought it over, really thought it over, and decided I could do it. If it would make him happy, what the hell, you know? I’m only young once, and well, you only live once…all those clichés. I had to think about it…what to do—toys?? He seemed to really like those dildos we looked at, and was fascinated by some beads that are supposed go up my um, backside. Believe me; he got ‘the look’ over that one. I’m already into lingerie, that’s one area where he has no complaints…so I got an even sexier little outfit for the big night. Yes, it’s trite, but it’s a French maid costume. I knew I could do many things with that.

But I knew it was going to take a lot more, something a lot more deviant to make him see me in a different light. He’d mentioned a threesome, although I wasn’t sure if he was serious or not. I knew there is no way in the world I’d ask one of my girlfriends to join in, but I’d heard rumors…I’d heard there are places online where one can meet other couples who are in the market to hook up. So I googled, and boy did I find some interesting things…

I started chatting with a woman who had done several ‘group’ things. Assorted double couplings…two couples having sex in the same room, watching each other, but not an orgy style foursome. Whew, sounded like I could handle that…no sex with strangers, but someone watching. I actually started to get turned on while talking to Stephanie. I could perform, yeah, I liked the sound of that, and he, well, my boyfriend arap escort was a closet exhibitionist, this I was sure of, so we talked some more and set the date.

Tony’s birthday came and I told him we were having a nice night in. I cooked his favorite things, and served him dressed in my little maid’s outfit. It wasn’t your typical maid’s costume—it was basically an apron that covered the front, a cute little bow tie, and a matching thong. I made sure to drop many things in the course of the dinner, so I was certain to bend over in his line of sight—seemed to have the desired affect. Just as he was declaring he couldn’t take it anymore and grabbed my hips and pulled me back to him, there was a knock at the door.

I gave him a look, as if I can’t imagine who it could be. Then I went to do the door, dressed as I was. He called out, reminding me of my costume, but I just gave him a smirk over my shoulder and opened the door. Standing there were a couple of hotties. She was about medium height (I’m tall, so I wanted someone a little different in body type), dark hair (I’m a strawberry blonde), and fit. He was extremely good looking. I love my boyfriend, but seriously, this guy—Jason–was good looking: tall, broad chest, definitely a six pack, and short dark hair. They had also come bearing gifts. Toys. I had told Stephanie about my boyfriend’s preoccupation with them, and my trepidations over them, but she had assured me she would bring some things that would be right up both our alleys.

By now, my boyfriend had joined us in the foyer, and he was, understandably, questioning us. I told him it was his birthday present. I took him by the hand and led him to the bedroom, while the other couple followed.

I wasn’t exactly sure how it would work, but Stephanie had outlined some ideas online, so I started there. I had placed our big body pillows on the floor earlier in the day, so the couple ‘not participating’ would have a place to recline and play. Stephanie and Jason told us to get on the bed, and Tony and I did as ordered. I was on my knees, Tony was escort arap sitting at the edge of the bed, clearly not sure of what was about to happen. I think it was having another male in the bedroom. If it had just been Stephanie, I think he would have been raring to go. I figured he’d soon be on board though.

We watched as they started to kiss and fondle. Soon, Jason’s shirt was off, and Stephanie’s followed shortly. She didn’t have a bra on underneath, and her breasts were pretty amazing. I felt a little inadequate, but not for long, because two seconds later I felt a hand on my own breast, under the apron…fingers tweaking my nipple. Tony was definitely on board. I moaned a little, because I have incredibly sensitive nipples and have been known to cum just from nipple play. In front of us, Jason’s pants and boxers were off, as well as Stephanie’s skirt. Naked in front of us, they were getting hot and heavy. His hands were moving from her breasts down to the area between her thighs…he cupped her and you could see that his fingers were moving inside of her. Stephanie cried out, just a little, and one of his thumbs was pressing her clit…bringing her closer. I didn’t want to be a bystander any longer, and when Tony untied my apron I felt like shouting for joy. He threw it off the side of the bed, and I kneeled in front of him in my thong and bow tie. He moved on the bed to his knees. I tore his shirt off and we began kissing. He pressed me back, until I was seated, as he kissed his way down my stomach, stopping at my pussy.

I opened my legs wide for him as he pushed his tongue inside me. I moaned, his fingers played with my clit, it was already throbbing and swollen, I was wet. I heard someone else whimper and looked over. Stephanie and Jason were touching, but they only had eyes for us now. They both stared, transfixed as we played, as Tony ate me out. I was completely turned on by that (as if I hadn’t already been turned on enough) and felt the climax coming faster now. My muscles tensed, I knew the orgasm was coming as I stared into Jason’s eyes. Tony arap escort bayan sped up, plunging into me, harder, faster, I tensed the muscles of my pussy…raised my hips…watched Stephanie slide down Jason’s body and take him into her mouth. I screamed out as the orgasm rocked my body, cumming hard in Tony’s mouth. He slid up and kissed me, so I could taste myself on his lips.

We turned our heads and watched as Jason bent Stephanie over and entered her from behind. I pushed Tony backwards and slid between his legs. Tony turned his head to the side and was able to watch Jason fuck Stephanie as I gave him an amazing, slow, thorough blow job. He pulled my hair as he got closer and closer. I bobbed up and down, one hand on his balls, caressing, playing…then used that hand to assist in my blow job technique. As Jason came, Tony came in my mouth. I swallowed and crawled up and straddled him.

I reached across and grabbed something off the dresser: scarves. I handed them to Tony and then leaned back. Tony grabbed one ankle and tied it to a bedpost. Jason got in on the action and tied my other ankle to a post. Stephanie was at the head of the bed and tied one hand down, then Tony completed the bondage. I have to admit, I was more turned on by having Stephanie tie me up than I wanted to be. Stephanie handed Tony a bottle of champagne and instructed him to pour it into a very sensitive place…the champagne felt cold and silky as he poured it into my pussy. He leaned forward and lapped it out, slowly. Oh, it felt wonderful. I was tied up, at Tony’s mercy. Another birthday fantasy. He moved up my body, straddling me. He mounted my face, fucking my mouth. I opened wide and took him in, far down my throat. Before he could cum, he pulled out and pushed himself inside of me, spread eagle, completely open to him. I called out, he felt so good sliding inside me. He pushed hard, plunged, pumped.

All the while, Stephanie and Jason were fondling, playing, laid back on the floor pillows watching. I knew, could feel their eyes, and again, it got me so hot. Tony continued to pump, harder, faster, and I cried out. He bit my nipples, licked. I could tell he was getting close, I know my man, and soon he pulled out, cumming all over my nipples, my stomach.

For his finale, he ran his fingers through the cum, and brought them to my lips. I licked his fingers clean, smiling all the while.

Happy Birthday Baby.

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