A Beautiful Chocolate Woman Seduced

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It was a nice Friday night. You were out wearing a black dress which perfectly accentuates the curves of your body. Your wide feminine hips are hugged tightly and the dress reaches mid-thigh showing your luscious legs. Your black high heels made sure people could see your confidence and let people know you mean business. The top of your dress had 2 broad straps over your shoulders and the deep cleavage put your beautiful breasts lovingly on display but still somewhat nicely covered making it sexy but classy. The golden earrings in combination with the golden necklace of which the hanger reaches your breasts show your confident sense of style, but will surely attract a lot of attention to your bosom. Before going out you had some nice Champaign of a French producer named “Damien Hugot”. The bubbles and wonderful taste made you feel good just by feeling the golden liquid tingle in your mouth. It was no wonder you were getting tipsy after wanting to drink a bit more than just one single glass of that quality Champaign.

But now here you were, standing at the bar after having a bit of fun dancing on the dancefloor already. You craved another glass of a special exotic mix of alcohol leading to a stronger tipsy feeling throughout your body. As you waited for the bartender to mix up your alcohol, a whiff of perfume took your mind by surprise. This manly perfume triggered certain emotions inside of you like playfulness and even mischievousness. As you turned your head to the source of this delightful scent, you noticed a man had walked up next to you and ordered a drink as well. You spotted a somewhat light haired man with a beard that showed off his strong jawline. He was wearing a white shirt and dark pants, both fitting nicely around is trained body. You could tell he loved to exercise and keep himself in a great physical condition.

You turned back towards the bar and certainly didn’t mind this mysterious stranger walking up next to you. As you noticed his drink was put down in front of him, you got interested into the contents of his glass. As you turned back towards him, your eyes met. You saw a handsome pair of blue eyes gazing towards yours and a charming smile which made you feel at ease with this man in an instant. He had noticed your interest in his drinking and told you he was having a Negroni, a drink created in Florence, a wonderful Italian city where he had spent some time. He made you take a sip of the drink without you feeling forced. As you took a sip you felt your taste buds being overwhelmed by a mix of bitter and sweet. Your smile betrayed you as you could not deny you liked it. You looked into his eyes again awaiting his next move and at that moment you felt his hand taking yours.

He had pulled you onto the dancefloor and you erzurum escort automatically felt the urge to move your body to the nice beats of the music. While dancing with this mysterious stranger you sometimes felt your bodies brush against each other but it didn’t leave your body unaffected. Each made you wanting a little bit more. As you had moved your back towards him, you felt his hands on your hips. Slowly swaying so close to each other you felt the warmth coming of his body. Slowly but surely you felt your body moving close to his until you were now teasingly sliding your bum against his groin. His hands wandered up and down your hips as you felt his head now moving over your shoulder. You could feel his breath in your neck and just a second later even his lips. This kiss send a shiver throughout your body ending between your legs. His hands had moved towards your ass and were caressing the flesh which made you feel even warmer. Then his strong hands moved you around facing him and you looked into his eyes not knowing what would happen.

With one hand on your hip and one on your neck he pulled you closer. Finally you felt his lips on yours. As you forgot your surroundings you melted in the delicious kiss you had with this stranger. As your lips opened and your tongues intertwined, each touch of his hands made you want him even more. You even hadn’t noticed him pulling your body against his now feeling his bulge pressing against you. Your body didn’t want to end his kiss nor his touches. As your bodies kept grinding into each other your kiss turned more passionately. But this wonderful feeling however had to end. Your friends were leaving and so were his. You moved outside together with him never letting your hand go until you stepped outside. with your friends almost leaving around the corner. You turned your head back towards the stranger and were once again enchanted by his charming smile and handsome eyes, then back towards one of your friends who was waiting at the corner of the street. You smiled at her and she understood immediately. She winked and waved at you while turning around the corner. You turned back towards your stranger and he took you by your hand.

As you walked hand in hand, you couldn’t suppress a smile thinking about the things you were up to together. You wondered whether his lips and hands were good at everything they did.

Then you reached his apartment. As you walked up the stairs you could feel the sexual tension in the air rising. The moment you stepped through his door, he pulled you into his corridor, pushed you up against the wall and you felt his lips on yours again. This kiss was even more passionate than the one you experienced while dancing with him. His hands were exploring even more bodrum escort of your body as you couldn’t keep yours from feeling his body as well. As you stumbled into his bedroom, you had already managed to open up his shirt and were now feeling up his fit body. Your dress had somehow managed to crawl up a bit allowing him free access to the skin of your ass. His hands felt wonderful on your bare skin and felt yourself enjoying it more every second. Then he stopped the kiss and took the straps of your dress off your shoulders, letting it drop to the ground revealing your light pink lingerie of Lipsy. Since you knew a lot about lingerie, you were sure this would have a strong impression on him and your thoughts were confirmed. You could feel his eyes roam over every inch over your body. Those blue eyes filled with lust made you feel sexy but above all wanted. This man had lusts and now they were entirely focused on you.

Then he slowly pushed you on the bed, took his shirt off his body while your eyes where now focused on him getting undressed in front of you. While his hands were opening up his pants you gazed at his strong chest, and before you realised it he was already dropping his pants and revealing a pair of Calvin Klein briefs. Your eyes dropped down and checked out the bulge contained as he moved on top of you. Your lips met again and this time his hands were even less restricted by fabric so now you could his caresses on your breasts where his hands started massaging and every time his fingers rubbed your nipples wonderful sensations were sent through your spine. His lips then left yours and moved towards your neck where you could feel kisses and small bites. You closed your eyes and enjoyed the things he was doing to your body. He lips then wandered even more downwards towards your breasts where he uncovered them and started kissing. While doing this he moved his fingers slowly upwards over your legs. You could feel the heat between your legs rising. Your body was aching to be touched even more. Then you could feel his lips surrounding your nipples and as his tongue circled around the tips or your nipples you could no longer suppress a moan. He noticed this and saw this as an encouragement. After teasing your breasts, his lips then wandered even more south and he used his hands to remove your last piece of fabric that was covering you.

As his lips moved over your belly past your belly button, you could feel his hands again on the inside of your thighs moving upwards. You pushed your hips slightly towards your lover to be able to feel his touches even more. As he reached your most intimate spot you felt your mind going drunk with lust. His lips brushed the hood of your clitoris as his fingers slid between your labia. Slowly using eskişehir escort his tongue to tease the spots around your clitoris and using his fingers to spread your wetness all around your most sensitive region, you give your entire body in to his touches. As his tongue keeps pleasuring you, his fingers start to move towards the opening of your pussy. You push yourself up to his hands because your body aches to feel his fingers enter you, but he won’t let it happen driving you even more crazy with lust.

Then he moves back up on top of you. He had removed his last piece of clothing and you could now feel his erect cock pushing against your clitoris. Slowly grinding against you, your lips touched once more. You could feel his lusts taking him over as he took his cock and pointed the tip against your entrance. Then slowly he pushed it in, causing you to let out a lovely moan of enjoyment. As he filled you up he started kissing your neck making you lay back your head in order to make him reach your neck better.

Then he slowly started thrusting in and out of you making sure you could feel the entire length and girth of his cock pleasuring every inch of your pussy. As the thrusts became more faster he started groping your tits again making sure even there your body could feel tingles of sensation. Your entire body was now on fire as he started fucking you even better and faster. You felt a primal desire take over your body and pulled his body harder on yours just to make sure you could feel every thing he did with you even more intense. As you opened your eyes you could see his body onto yours. This contrast of his white skin against your chocolate skin was one of the most erotic things you have ever seen. You wanted more of it… All of it.

Then he stopped and spun you around. Now on all fours with your perfect ass pointed towards him. This position made you feel so vulnerable but naughty and there was nothing you wanted more in that moment than to act naughty. As you felt him enter you again, this time the angle was even better. He touched your best spots and started thrusting again. The slapping of his body against yours together with the trusts started your body to tense up. You felt your orgasm approaching rapidly now. Then suddenly you felt his hands reach around under you and started stimulating your clitoris. The moment his fingers touched your most sensitive spot, your orgasm erupted from deep inside. Every inch of your skin, every nerve and your entire mind now exploded into a feeling you had never felt before. As that feeling took you over you could feel his cock tense up and started shooting a hot load of white fluid in you. This intensified your orgasm even more as your body kept on shaking as a result of the stimulation it had gotten.

When the intense feeling seemed to settle down you laid down on the bed. Your handsome lover laid down beside you and his delicious lips touched yours one last time. As the orgasm faded you felt yourself eyes start to close and fell into a deep slumber.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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