Two Sisters Ch. 3


I had been “dating” Martha far about 2 months when a very interesting weekend occured. A few days before I had gotten some pot from a friend that I worked with. That weekend Caroline’s husband was going to Oklahoma to visit his parents. I figured that me and Martha would have the weekend to ourselves. Boy was I wrong about that. As it turned out he was going with just the two little gilrs of his and Caroline’s. It seemed that Caroline had decided at the last minute to go.

That Friday I asked Caroline if her and Martha would like to go out to eat with me. Of course she jumped at the idea, when she called Martha and told her of the evening planned out martha liked the idea too. After work I went home and showered and shaved before going and picking them up. We had a very nice Italian meal with a bottle of wine. As we were leaving we decided to go back o my place and try out the grass that I had just gotten.

Once we got to my apartment I let Caroline roll about 3 joints while I fixed us some drinks. We were just sitting there drinking and smoking and having a good time. I leaned over and kissed Martha very tenderly. She of course responded by putting her arms around me and hugging me back. When we broke our kiss Martha excused herself to go to the bathroom, by this time all of us had a good buzz from the drinks and the smoking. No sooner had Martha left the room than Caroling leaned over and put her arms around me and kissed me, while putting antep escort her hands on hardening dick. Then she whispered in my ear that she wanted to fuck. I told her that sounded good to me but we would have to be careful since Martha was here. But Caroline said that was ok with her I had enough for both of them. We had just gotten back into original postion when Martha reentered the room. After she was seated I again put my arms around Martha and kissed her but this time putting my left hand on her breast. Martha moaned softly as I rubbed and caressed her breast. After a few seconds Caroline put here hand on my leg and said, ” Where’s my kiss”. I looked at her then looked at Martha and she ok. So I put one arm around Caroline and kissed her. As I did she moved her hand higher on my leg and started rubbing it. She then excused herself and went to the bathroom. I then turned to Martha and began kissing her and moving my arms over her body. We were so caught up that I removed her shirt and lifted a breast out of her bra and sucking on it. Just as Martha stared moaning I felt my pants being opened and my dick being pulled out. I thought it was Martha at first until I felt it being licked up and downand then encased in a warm mouth. At that point I released my hold on Martha and she saw what was happening. But instead of becoming angry she pushed her sister out of the way and took me down her velvet throat. Caroline antep escort bayan then stood and removed her shirt and sat down beside me and leaned over and began kissing me.

After a few moments we headed toward the bedroom. Once there it was a rush to she who could get out of there clothes the fastest. We climbed into bed with me in the middle. I turned toward Martha and moved over her and entered her all the way and began fucking her while Caroline rubbed up against my back. Martha screamed out as I came in her. I pulled out and moved her sister on to her back and began giving her a work out until she came too. By this point I did not care what we did. I grabbed Martha again and put her one her hand and knees. I moved behind her and began working myself into her tight ass. As I did she started maoning for me to fuck her ass, and boy did I. She came so hard I think she passed out for a few minutes. I then turned toward Caroline, she knew what was coming and got into position. I got behind her and entered her ass hole. We fucked like that for the longest time with her moaning and coming. At last I shot a load into her ass as well.

As I laid there between them Martha moved down and took me into her mouth and started sucking me back to life. Once she had me hard as a 2×4 she climbed on board and stated rocking back and forth on me. Then Caroline proceed to moved over my face and lowered her pussy escort antep onto my mouth. While Martha fucked herself on my dick I was licking out her sister. After a several minutes we all came so hard that we passed out.

In the early morning hours I was awoken by Caroline sucking me. I pulled her toward me and started kissing her. Holding her in my arms I rolled her onto her side. She lifted a leg and guided me into her. As I was fucking her I moved my hands up and down her back until I got to her tight little ass. I slipped my fingers between her ass cheeks and began rubbing her anus until I pushed 2 fingers into her at once. She moaned at this and began to buck harder into me. I rolled her onto her back and grabbed her legs and pushed them up. I pulled out of her and raised her ass up and she guided me toward her ass. As I entered her ass for the second time that night she moaned for me to fuck her ass good. Of the two Caroline had the tightest ass hole. All of moaning woke up Martha and she began to urge me on to really give it to her sister. We both came screaming so hard that I bet we woke up the people in the next apartment. Caroline laid there and fell back to sleep.

Martha reached over toward me and pulled me to her. She was stroking me while I did the same to her. Once she had me hard again she turned over and raised her ass in the air. I did not have to be told what she wanted. So I moved behind her and entered her lovely ass again. I fucked her ass for what seemed like an hour until we both came and passed out.

The next day we spent most of the day in bed enjoying each other. By Sunday afternoon when I took them home we were all tired but very happy. The three of us got together like that for several months until we stared drifting apart.

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