Blackjack Game



Paul and I had just come home to his house from a football game and walked in on our wives, Katie (my wife), and Marshy (Paul). They were playing blackjack with a friend of theirs, Rita. They were pretty drunk from a couple of bottles of wine and the place smelled like pot.

Paul and I sat on barstools where we could watch the three women play. We lit up a bong and shared it. They were loud and boisterous. They had some quarters that they were using for bets. After a bit, Marshy was out of quarters and was ready to quit. Rita, who was a divorcee, said, “Let’s play for higher stakes.”

They argued about how to play and came up with a rule that the winner among the three of them would issue a dare to either one of the losers. They started with daring each other to chug drinks and such, but the game got more serious when Marshy won and dared Rita to take off her shirt. Paul and I started to pay more attention when that happened. Rita did it. She took off her top and sat there in a black bra that was very sexy.

The next hand was won by Rita. She took revenge by making Marshy take off her slacks so she was sitting there in her panties. My wife Katie just sat there quiet, but Rita drew her in with the next hand when she won and had Katie remove her bra from under her shirt. Her titties jiggled as she sat back down. When Katie won, she asked Rita to give Paul a tongue filled kiss. Paul didn’t object at all.

The next hand went to Marshy who had Rita take off her pants so she was left with a black bra and panties. Marshy won again and had my wife give her husband a French kiss too.

Rita won the next hand and had my wife remove her slacks. All three women were in their panties. Katie won the next one and had Marty remove her blouse. esmer gaziantep escort Katie then won and had Rita give me a French kiss. This is fun, I thought. “How far will it go?”

Rita won and told Marshy to remove her bra. This was a critical moment as to whether they would continue. When Marshy took off her bra and showed us her nice tits, they had crossed an important threshold.

Katie won and had Marshy give me a kiss. I was able to put my hands on her bare back as she put her tongue in my mouth. She lingered a bit which drew a negative comment from my wife. Now Marshy was a bit annoyed with the other women and took it out on the next hand.

Marshy won and had Katie take off her shirt so she was topless. She stood there in just her panties and looked gorgeous. She has wonderful tits, with perky nipples that always seem to be hard.

I hoped the game would continue. When Rita won the next hand, she switched gears and told Katie to take my shirt off and kiss me. I loved kissing my wife and she rubbed her hard nipples against my chest.

Rita won again and continued to work on Katie and me. She had her take my pants off, leaving me in my boxers. She asked Katie and I to pose with just our underpants on, but we refused, saying that was another dare.

Marshy won and had Rita remove her bra. I’d seen Marshy and Katie’s tits before so Rita’s big boobs were a treat. Marshy won again and told Rita to strip off her panties. Rita was the most daring of the three so she took off her panties and was nude.

Rita won the next one and asked Katie to take Paul’s pants off. She was a bit embarrassed but did it. Things were getting interesting.

Rita won again and told Katie to take Paul’s undershorts off. gaziantep esmer escort She did, and his cock bobbed into view as she pulled them down. His dick was only a few inches from her face and Katie quickly moved away.

Katie won next. She told Marty to finish stripping her husband.

To summarize where we were. Paul was naked. I had on my boxer shorts with a big tent in them. Rita was naked. Marty and Katie just had their panties left. Paul and I were being very quiet so we didn’t break the mood the three ladies were in.

Rita won and told Katie to suck Paul’s cock. This was another jump in the seriousness of the contest. I watched as my wife took another man’s cock into her mouth and sucked him for a few minutes. She licked his cock, fondled his balls and took him in her throat, the full treatment.

Marshy won and had Katie stand in front of Paul and let Paul strip her off her panties. My wife was now naked in front of the four of us. When Marshy won again, she had her husband Paul and my wife Katie pose together for a nude photo.

Rita won again. Katie was getting bad cards and was getting targeted by the other two. Rita told her to sit on Paul’s lap and let him rub his cock on her clit. She did and lingered longer than she needed, obviously enjoying it.

Katie won the next hand and got Marshy naked. I compared the three pussies. My wife was unshaved and had an ample triangle of dark hair. Marshy was shaved bare while Rita had a landing strip of blonde hair on her pussy.

Rita won and had Katie strip me naked, taking off my shorts. Rita won again and had Katie suck my cock. Things were out of balance with Katie sucking both my and Paul’s cocks while the others had done nothing. Were they gaziantep esmer escort bayan cheating?

When Katie won the next time, she didn’t fool around. She told her friend Marshy to suck my cock. I couldn’t believe my wife was setting me up to get a blow-job from another woman. Marshy was good. She sucked all of my cock into her throat. She clearly had done this before.

Rita won again and had another new idea. She had Katie and Marshy get in a sixty-nine position and eat each other. Seeing my wife and another woman suck pussy was really hot. It distracted us from the cards for a couple of minutes.

Katie won and told Rita to suck my cock. She gave me a nice blow-job. I was trying to compare between Marshy and Rita as Rita sucked me. I had to hold back from coming.

Things had escalated pretty far but when Rita won, she told my wife to fuck Paul on the floor with all of us watching. Katie looked at me and when I didn’t think to object, she laid on the floor and I watched my friend Paul mount her. I saw his rather substantial dick slide into my wife’s cunt, spreading her farther than I did and going deeper inside her than me as well. I was entranced in my stoned state watching my wife get fucked by another man. Katie was enjoying it in her inebriated condition. She wrapped her legs around Paul and told him to fuck her. What surprised both of us was when Paul didn’t pull out, but came inside my wife’s vagina.

With Katie occupied, Rita and Marty played another hand. Rita won so she had me stick my cock in my wife’s mouth as she was getting fucked by Paul. I came in her mouth when Paul unloaded in her cunt. I tried to pull my dick out of my wife’s mouth, but only succeeded in spraying cum on her chin and her tits. I thought she looked beautiful that way.

I thought the game would continue, but Rita and Marshy said they were done. Katie had lost and there was nothing else to play for. I wanted to go fuck one of them, but my dick was limp, having just come. I was thinking that we had been taken advantage of, with my wife sucking both cocks and then being the only one to get fucked, with Paul shooting inside her. Maybe they had cheated.

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