The Toison D’or Pleasure Palace Ch. 02

Part 2 ~ Lillian Visits Again

~ Lillian is one of the many ladies that visits Lord Augustus. She usually spends the weekend on his estate and receives much of his attention. ~

[ My Lord is expecting Lady Lillian today. He will be giving her much attention this weekend. She will be meeting him in the dining hall this evening.

The chef has prepared a six course meal to tantilize their taste buds. Each course will be served by me to ensure they receive the utmost attention. Lord Augustus does not want anything to ruin his appetite for dinner and dessert. ]

The evening is most beautiful tonight. It is a perfect scene to have good company. I head towards the main dining hall to enter a smaller, private room. Lady Lillian is awaiting my arrival and I do not like to keep a guest waiting. It is always a delight to be with her.

I went into the room with a cheerful face and said, “Good evening, Lillian.”

She arose from her seat to give me a light bow and said, “Good evening, Lord Augustus.”

My eyes twinkled looking at her from head to toe. She was gorgeous as usual. Her dark hair tied up into a bun with the long, golden pin that I gave her sticking out to hold her hair in place. The floral charms hang from the pin dangling at her every move. There was not any doubt that her evening gown was meant to tease me. It was light ivory with swirls with the light from the chandelier reflecting off the dark and light blue beads to accent her twins. The shoulders show all its silky glory without any straps to the dress. Her legs were smooth and the light blue strapped shoes accented her beautiful feet. The curves were in all the right places. I could feel my pants getting tighter.

“How are you this evening, Lillian?”

“I am well, my Lord. Why would I not be in your presence? You always know how to treat a lady.”

“You make me blush, my sweet Lillian. Shall we start dinner?”

“Yes, my lord. I have been craving dessert from you for a while.”

“You always have a sweet tooth. I like that. Vincenzo, you can bring dinner in now.”

Vincenzo replied, gave a nod and went on his way to bring the first course in. I poured another glass of fine champagne for her. Vincenzo had already opened it in advance when she arrived and then set it in the ice bucket to stay chilled.

“You should behave during dinner, my sweet Lillian.”

She gave me a seductive look and said, “You do not think I will be on my best behavior, my Lord?”

“I know you. Always teasing me in those outfits that outline your body. The way you touch my chest and hold my arms. Naughty little devil you are.”

She blushed, had her hand on top of my hand and said, “Are you objecting to the way I look for you, my Lord?”

“Well, no. It is a little difficult to eat dinner when you are so playful.”

She removed her shoes and had one foot in between my legs swirling her toes all around my softness that she could feel has been awaken. Sometimes I wonder why I have dinner in this room when it should be the private chamber. I should arrange the setting next time she visits. Sushi in the raw sounds quite appetizing at the moment. The six course meal will be hard to get through.

“Oh, my Lord. You are giving me a lot of attention already.”

“Someone is not behaving properly during dinner. Remove your foot or I shall have you on the table before you can say a single word.”

“You are such a tease, my lord. I know you would not do that to a lady. You should not spoil your meal with dessert first.”

Before I could get up to tease her mouth, Vincenzo came in with the first course. It was a trio salad. One was a watermelon with a balsamic reduction sprinkled with mint. Another was a colorful tomato salad with a variety of heirloom tomatoes served with fresh Mozzarella in a light pesto dressing. The third was mixed greens tossed in a olive and caper vinaigrette. I had Vincenzo bring in the second course before I even started the first one.

“My Lord is in a hurry to get through dinner.”

“Yes. I am sure you are as eager to get to dessert as I am tonight.”

“There is always room for dessert with you, my lord. It is the perfect way to end any evening.”

I ate as fast as I could and finished every leaf on my plate before Vincenzo came back. He placed the squid and shrimp ceviche served on a leaf of Bibb lettuce before quickly leaving to the kitchen for the third course.

“Mmmm… This is delicious, my Lord. Your chef does a remarkable job of making a lovely dinner.”

“Yes. He knows how to turn any food into a tasty dish. It is nice to know my guests enjoy his cooking.”

Vincenzo came back with a bowl of black mussels in a white wine sauce full of fresh, diced tomatoes sprinkled with parsley. Lillian was moaning at how good they were as if she was making love to them with her tongue.

“I gather you are enjoying the mussels, Lillian?”

“Yes, my Lord. They are soft, delicious gems that are deserving of my love.”

Then Escort İstanbul she gave me a seductive smile as to imply those words meant something other than the mussels. If only I could rip her clothes off and give her what she has been craving all this time. But I had to refrain myself from doing that. From the way she was moaning, I do not know if it was the broth she loved so much or thinking of how close she is to savoring me.

We had managed to devour most of the mussels before Vincenzo came back with a dish of Chateaubriand cooked medium rare served with a wild mushroom sauce over a bed of wilted spinach that had been sauteed in olive oil, garlic, sea salt and fresh ground pepper. This is one of the chef’s specialty of the house. The tender and juicy meat melts in my mouth bursting with layers of flavor. It is simply magnificent each and every time.

The delicious food was hard to ignore, but Lillian’s moaning was quite distracting. She knew what she did when she had her foot in between my legs again. It delighted her that I was giving her that much attention already.

As soon as we were finished with that dish, Vincenzo set a roasted venison in front of us sitting on a small pool of blueberry, Cabernet Sauvignon sauce with tender, steamed asparagus. The chef always like to throw a twist to the meal with something out of the usual. I was thinking cheese would give it more depth after a few bites. Before I know it, Vincenzo set a cheese and fruit plate in between us as the last course for the night. He also brought a bottle of Moscato d’Asti too. The cheese plate is to be eaten separately, but I could not resist mixing it with my venison. The flavors melted well together. It was bliss for my taste buds.

Lillian was even more playful when she finished her venison and nibbled on some cheese. I gave her the joy of sitting closer to feed me some mild Brie with honey. She moaned each time I licked the tip of her fingers. Next thing I know, she was sitting on my lap.

“Mmmm… My Lord, you always give me a good seat.”

I pressed her thighs down to have her feel my aching bulge. She was most likely wet between her legs which I will find out soon enough.

“Are you ready for dessert, my Lord?”

I motioned for her to stand up, grabbed her hand and led her quickly to the master bedroom. It was time for us to soak in the hot tub as I nibble on those precious fruits on her chest. How I love the perky berries that sit on her soft peaches. She wants dessert, I will give her dessert.

“Would you like some help in removing your clothes, Lillian?”

“Yes, my lord. Please help me remove this dress.”

When I removed the dress off of her, I could see she did not have any under garments on. She smiled at me and removed her shoes before undressing me. Then we both soaked in the hot tub for a good half hour touching each other up and down. I could feel her wet flower. She moaned every time my finger played with her bud and petals.

After drying off, I told her the same rules apply. My face is not for her to touch in any way. She is not allowed to reach her climax unless I give her permission to. Any time she breaks those rules, she will be promptly punished.

I had her kneel down without sitting on her legs, arms up with the handcuffs holding them in place connected to the ceiling with chains. Her legs spread open for me to see her dripping, wet flower. There is always a towel under her knowing how wet I can make her. I stood up about an inch away from her face.

“Now, you shall have your dessert. Easy now. Easy. I know you have been waiting all night for this.”

I held her head closer to my softness. The warmth of her mouth and that playful tongue feels wonderful every time. Her moaning with a mouthful felt great. It was my turn to tease her mouth by sliding my hardness in and out of her.

“You wish for all this hard attention in that wet tightness of yours, yes?”

“Mmmm… Yes, my Lord. Mmm… Mmmm… Yes. Please, fulfill me. Mmmmm… I am all yours. Do as you wish, my Lord. Mmmm…”

I was ready to take her right then, but removed the handcuffs from her to have her on all fours with her head facing the pillows. It was a beautiful sight to see her soft, smooth mound dripping wet with anticipation. I teased her inner thighs and her flower with the tip before inserting an inch into her. Then another inch before I gave a hard thrust into all that tightness. The scream from her was music to my ears.

“Ooooohh… Such a welcoming place to be in. Mmmm… Remember the rules.”

I was holding her as close to me as possible pounding her hard and fast until I was relieved. Then I pulled out knowing she was very close to shaking. She layed down on her front after that and I was trying to catch my breath.

“The night is far from over, my sweet Lillian. I know you want relief, but you know how much I enjoy you holding back. Do not worry about being left hanging. I will make sure that you would not be walking İstanbul Escort Bayan straight the next day.”

“Mmmm… You tease me so much, my Lord. I am ready to hold your manhood tight and melt all over it.”

“Stay where you are. I will be right back.”

I went to clean myself up in the bathroom and looked for a few things in the drawers. There was a small bottle of honey and decided to squeeze some all over my softness. The blue and white blindfold was soft and gave me some ideas so I took that with me.

When I came back to the bed, I knelt down with my legs open. Then had her kneel down to savor the sweetness. She was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed every bit of her dessert. I had her turn around to see how wet and ready she was for my attention. It excited me to play with her wet spot with my tip as I asked her question to tease her some more.

“Tell me how much you want my attention, Lillian.”

“I want it very badly, my Lord. Mmmm… Please fulfill me.”

“How much do you want my relief?”

“I want your relief very much, my Lord. Relieve yourself in me. Pleeeease. Mmmmm…”

“I do not think you can hold back all your shaking, can you?”

“Mmmm… I will try my best. Mmmm… Please fill me. I want you deep inside me, my Lord. Mmmm…”

“You love all this long and thick hardness inside you to hold?”

“Yes! Yes! Let me hold onto it. Mmmm…”

Before I made another move, I had her arms handcuffed to the head of the board and her legs spread out and lifted a few inches above the bed. I had a feeling she would shake before my climax. Since I am good at delivering my penalties promptly, I did not want any gaps in between them by having her legs close up or move around.

“Are you ready for all this goodness, my delectable delight?”

“Yes! Yes, my Lord. Mmmm…”

I put an inch into her and then thrust all the way in hard. She screamed out loud from the intensity of it all. This made it more thrilling for me not only to feel all her tightness, but to hear her scream with pleasure. I kept sliding in and out of her half way making her scream without end. It was beautiful. I was pushing harder when I felt her start to quiver. She was going to shake and scream long and hard.

“AAAAAAAAAHHHH!! AAAAAAAHHH!! Mmmmm… Oooooohh… Mmmm…”

“It looks to me that you could not hold yourself back. You wanted to shake for me that badly. Since you broken the rule, you shall be punished for it.”

I removed myself from her to let her catch her breath a bit. About 30 seconds later, I plunged right back in pounding her till she shook again before quickly sliding out. I waited for her to catch her breath a few seconds longer this time than the last before thrusting into her and asked her if she was ready for another one to hear her say no. Then told her that I do not accept no for an answer and continued to make her climax three times in a row before I reached my peak.

“Mmm… I love how you are more tight when you are ready to shake. Did you enjoy your punishment?”

“Oooohh… Mmmm… Yes. I mean no. Mmmm… It felt so gooood to shake for you, but I did not want to do it that quickly in a row. The intensity was too much. Mmmm… Mmmm…”

“I love it when you whimper. The nice thing about it is that you could not get away from me even if you had tried. You had to pay the price for breaking the rule and I saw to it that you did. Any time you shake without my permission again, I will have you shake some more two to three times in a row. Maybe even four if I like. Does that not sound good to you?”

“Mmmm… No. No, my Lord. Please, no.”

“You say that, but I know you enjoy every bit of it. Your screams do not lie. Ha ha ha…”

I rubbed her back and squeezed those lovely back cheeks before releasing her legs. Then I kissed her back from top to bottom making her moan at the touch of my soft lips. My fingers ran lightly down her back giving her a tingly sensation before I removed the handcuffs to let her clean up and come back out for more of my love and attention.

When she came back, I had her lay on her back. Again, I handcuffed her to the head of the board. Her legs was spread out to where her knees touched her side almost. The straps held them in place to keep her from wanting to close them to lower the intense sensations. It thrills me to make a woman feel the highest level of sensation. I love the view of her open legs.

After I had her kiss me till I became stiff, I put the blindfold on her. She does not get a chance to prepare for any sensation that is about to come when she is unable to see. The sensations are also heightened when the sight is taken away. I kissed her from those lucious twins all the way down to her wetness. She moaned when my tongue swirled around the inner lining of her flower.

“Relief, my Lord. Relief. Please. Mmmmm…”

“You are begging already? Are you wanting to climax a few times in a row?”

“No! No, my Lord. No. Mmmm…”

“There Anadolu Yakası Escort is only one way to find out how much relief you want.”

I spread her petals open with one hand and positioned myself with the other. Then I slid right in making her feel my hardness and moved my hips in a circular motion teasing her some more. All her moaning made me ready to unload myself into her, but I held back. I wanted to make sure she shook uncontrollably again. How I enjoy giving her punishment to hear more of her screaming.

“AAAAAAAAAHHHH!! AAAAAAAHHH!! Mmmm… Oooooohh… Mmmmm…”

“You are naughty tonight, Lillian. You like to break the rules or are you testing how well you can get away from being punished?”

“Mmmm… No. No, my Lord. No. Mmmm…”

She knew what was coming to her in a matter of seconds. Not knowing how much she can catch her breath before I thrust into her hard to make her peak again and again. She loves the element of surprise.

“Again, my lovely Lillian.”

“No! No! Mmmm…”

“Yes. Yes.”


“How good it feels to be in between your weak and shaking legs. Shake for me, Lillian.”

“No! Mmmmm… No. Mmmmm…”

“You do not want me to be relieved?”

“Yes. Mmmm… Yes, I do.”

“Then shake some more for me.”


Oh how lovely it is to hear her whimper helplessly. I reached my climax shortly after her. The sensational explosion made my mind blank out for a few seconds. Although it was nothing compared to how she was feeling with one eruption after another. She too ejaculates and it is always nice to see it ooze out as I kiss her set of soft peaches.

“What shall I do with you, Lillian? You have been very naughty tonight.”

I removed her blindfold and ran my tongue around her ear. She moaned in delight and arched her back.

“I see that your berries are wanting more of my attention. Hello berries. How I love thee. Let me kiss you till you beg for relief.”

“Mmmmm… My Lord! Mmmmm… You make me very very very good. Mmmm… Do what ever you like. Mmmmm… Aaaaahh…”

“Do what ever I like? Ha ha ha… I will make it much harder on you tomorrow night. You will pay for being such a rebel. As for now, I like to see how much you would enjoy this.”

I had her back on her hands and knees and cuffed her ankles and wrists in place. Then I put the blindfold back on her again before I reached into the drawer for a small toy. I lubricated the slender toy with her juices and inserted six inches of it into her back door. She was surprised and a little nervous looking when I removed the blindfold off.

“Mmmm… My Lord, what are you doing?”

“I am seeing how much you enjoy being filled back there.”

I turned the vibration on low from the remote control and left her there as I stepped away for a few minutes. She was dripping wet when I came back and bouncing up and down.

“Look at you so anxious for relief. Stay still for me. Yes.”

I kissed her all over from her back to her hanging fruit. She was moaning uncontrollably. The look on her face was priceless.

“Mmmm… I want relief, my Lord. Please. Mmmm…”

It was a joy to see her in such a compromising position with her flower soaking wet. The low vibration would constantly tease her, but she would not get any relief from that alone. She wanted to kiss my softness more than ever before hoping I would relieve her. I gave her the satisfaction of kissing me till I unloaded all my cream into her mouth. She was begging for relief and I told her she would have to wait until I am ready again. I did turn off the vibration to ease her excitement. Then I teased her some more with the thought of licking her awaiting flower.

“How would you like me to lick you till you peak?”

“Yes. Yes. Mmmm… I would love that very much, my Lord. Mmmm…”

Then I turned on the vibration again making her moan and moan for me. She tried to move those hips again, but told her if she does then she will pay the price. I kept it on while she indulged on me some more.

“Now look what you did to me again. What am I to do with all this thick and hearty tool of love?”

“Aaahh… Mmmm… Please fill me, my Lord. Fill me all the way. Mmmm…”

“You want my relief, yes?”

“Yeeess. Mmmm…”

“I do not think you can hold yourself back if I did push myself into all that hot, wet and aching tightness of yours. You know what happens if you shake without my permission.”

“Yes! Yes, I do. Mmmm… I will take the punishment. Mmmm…”

I turned the vibration off and quickly pushed my way in making her climax under 30 seconds before I pulled out to let her catch her breath and went in to make her shake some more. This time, I made her shake four times in a row. She almost passed out. I relieved myself one more time to end the night.

“I promise you that it will be more exciting tomorrow night, my sweet sweet Lillian.”

All she could do was blush and hide her face while taking a shower together before we went to sleep in minutes oblivious to the world. I love making her wet and she loves staying wet for me. Tomorrow night will not be an exception. I look forward to surprising her.

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