The Teen-Age Drive-In

Friday night was the night at the Top Dog drive-in. If you were anyone or wanted to be someone who was anyone, you made an appearance at the Top Dog on Friday night.

The Top Dog was at the end of W. Main St., a four-mile-long stretch of businesses, apartments, parks, empty lots, gas stations, fast food dives, cemeteries, a hospital, garden nurseries, and other non-descript space. The street was so long that it had East Main, Main, and West Main. Main St. was the cruising street on Friday night.

It was a four lane, divided, city street with left turn lanes at most intersections and a concrete divider that was supposed to keep vehicles on the right side of the street. There were plenty of stop lights, but on the east and west ends, they were far enough apart so that cruisers could test their cars with one another.

The Top Dog anchored the west end of W. Main taking up the southwest corner of 2nd and W. Main. You would cruise west, make a left turn at 2nd St., turn right into the Top Dog, make one circuit around the Top Dog, and get back onto Main headed east. Everyone did it, and if you didn’t have a car, you had some buddies or girlfriends with a car that you would hook up with for the Friday night ritual. Back and forth, windows down, radio on, struttin’ what stuff you had and just makin’ the scene.

If you were lucky or you had enough time and gas to continue cruisin’, there would be a parking space at the Top Dog when you made your circuit. Usually it was because the making out got too serious for a public place and the couple decided to go somewhere more private. So, if you were lucky, you got a parking spot.

At the Top Dog no one went inside. You parked facing the building and the car hops showed up to take your order. If you were parked, you had to order. That wasn’t a rule; it was the rule. After you were finished with your order, you either made out with your date or talked and watched the other suckers drive around and around. It was common knowledge and enforced by that well understood code, that you had about 10 minutes to sit after you finished your order. If you wanted, you could order again, but most left to vacate their treasured spot and assume the next place in the line of cars headed back east.

However, the most coveted place of all on Friday night was the back side of the Top Dog parking lot. The Top Dog itself was brightly lit with a large, flashing neon outline of a dog on top of the building. But as you moved back away from the building, the lighting dropped off until about 15 feet from the back side of the parking lot, the light was just a dim glow. In fact, if you were parked around the Top Dog, you couldn’t even see if there were any cars back there at all. As each car drove around the Top Dog, their headlights would sweep the back side of the parking lot, imparting a brief glimpse of the cars back there. If you got a spot at the back of the parking lot, you could stay there all night.

That’s where Cassie and Kelli were on this Friday night, parked so that there was just the concrete block wall of the adjoining building on the left side and one car next to them on the right. That car was empty as the kids had found someone to ride around with. They were in Kelli’s mom’s car, a four-door sedan with bench seats and a long hood. It was 1982.

“So, Cass,” Kelli said. “Did you see that substitute teacher they had for trig today instead of Mrs. Landert?”

“No, c’mon,” Cassie replied. “You know I’m not smart like you guys. I only get down to that end of the building when I have art class in the Louvre, and that’s only Tuesdays and Thursdays.”

“Well, let me tell you!” exclaimed Kelli. “He must have been all of 28 and really dreamy looking. And he was sexy. When he took off his suit coat and turned to hang it up by the door, I could actually see the bulge in the front of his pants!”

“Ewwww… You are so nasty,” Cassie responded. “Leave it to you to look at him like that instead of appreciating him for sacrificing his day trying to teach you bunch of trouble makers. You probably had your eyes on his crotch all class thinkin’ ’bout… Well, never mind. Now, I’m getting nasty.”

“Ha! You’re not such the prude that you claim to be. I saw you “accidently” lift your skirt the other day at your locker between classes all the way to your panties,” countered Kelli. “And it just happened to be when Wes and Jim were passing by. Some accident!”

“Well, maybe so. I was kinda’ hoping that if Wes saw my panties, he might want to get in them. ‘Course, I acted embarrassed and all, and pretended my hand caught on my waist band trying to get my skirt down, so I gave them a little longer look,” Cassie explained. “I thought it was pretty good. Later in English class I gave Wes another flash. He probably had a hard on all day. You know, the last time we were out, I was the recipient of that organ.”

“What? You’re kidding,” cried Kelli. “You never told me that.”

“Well, I don’t tell you everything I do,” demurred Cassie. “Besides Kartal Escort it was just oral.”

“You gave Wes a blow job?”

“Yes, and I actually enjoyed it this time. Wait a minute! Who’s that coming over here? He looks like he’s walking right to your side, Kell.”

“Oh, I know him. It’s Stan Anson. He’s a friend of my brother’s and graduated with him two years ago,” said Kelli.

“Isn’t he a farm boy?” asked Cassie, lowering her voice so she couldn’t be heard.

“Sure is.”

“Howdy, girls!” said Stan, leaning in with his forearms on Cassie’s lowered window.

Both girls replied, “Hi.”

“I’m Stan. You’re Kelli and you’re Cassie.”

“Yeah, we know,” said Kelli. “You know my brother.”

“You mean, Charley? Yeah, good, ‘ole Charley. Haven’t seen him for a while.”

“He’s in the army,” responded Kelli, as she shifted on the seat, half-facing Stan, pushing her chest out and moving her left leg toward the car door. Cassie noticed this and turned to face that side also with her left leg on the seat, bent at the knee and her right leg over her left foot. She absent mindedly pulled her skirt up to her knees.

“No shit!” exclaimed Stan. “I would’ve never figured Charley for an army boy. Just goes to show that you never know ’bout people, huh?”

“So, what are you girls doin’?” he continued, glancing down at Kelli’s 36C tits. Cassie saw him look and unconsciously started to slowly rub her right leg.

“Oh, we’re just hangin’ out, aren’t we, Cassie,” said Kelli, looking over at Cassie for acknowledgment.

Cassie confirmed, “Yeah, just hangin’ out.” Then she added “And talking about girl stuff.”

“Yeah, girl stuff! I know what that’s all about! You’re probably talking about boys and getting laid!” Stan rejoined.

“Were not!” said Cassie indignantly.

Stan moved his right hand and began gently rubbing the back of his fingers on Kelli’s arm just below the shoulder of her sleeveless blouse. Cassie couldn’t see that, but she saw Kelli tense up. She moved her hand to her knee and continued rubbing.

“Well, it’s O.K. if you were. Makes no matter to me,” Stan said, as he continued to rub Kelli’s arm a little harder. “By the way, you girls out of school? How old are you?”

“We’re both seniors and school will be out in two weeks. And we’re both 18, for your information!” Kelli replied with a hint of haughtiness in her voice.

“Hey, hey! Don’t get on your high horse!” Stan said as he turned his hand and began rubbing the back of Kelli’s upper arm near her shoulder.

“I was just asking. You both look older than that, like real women if I don’t say so myself.”

He moved his thumb through Kelli’s sleeve and gently tugged on her bra strap.

“Oh, yeah! What does a “real woman” look like?” Kelli replied. Cassie could see that something was going on as Kelli began to fidget just slightly.

“What I mean is, you two look real mature, like women who know what you want and then go get it. It’s a compliment, for god’s sake! Don’t you know a compliment when you see one?”

“Yeah, I guess so,” answered Kelli. “I guess you’re off the hook…” And then she added, “…for now.”

“I know you’re a real woman, Kelli, because most high school girls aren’t like this,” he said as he moved his right hand and squeezed Kelli’s left breast through her blouse. Kelli shifted back in the car seat, but did nothing to move his hand.

“Kell…” Cassie said, thinking that she should stop him.

“Shhhhh, Cassie. It’s all right,” Kelli replied.

Cassie had seen Kelli like this before and she knew that Kelli was going to do what she wanted to do. Cassie began rubbing her own right breast with her left hand.

“Yeah, Cassie, it’s all right,” continued Stan. “Real women understand when words and actions are compliments.” He paused, then added “Right, Kelli?”

“Uh, huh,” Kelli answered.

Her arms were at her sides and she was looking straight ahead. Cassie thought she had that kind of unknowing look, but the smile on her face betrayed her.

Stan kept talking as he moved his hand from one breast to the other, rubbing and squeezing through her blouse.

“In fact, I’d put you two women up against any woman around here tonight and you guys would win, hands down. I mean it.”

He unbuttoned the top two buttons of Kelli’s blouse and switched hands with his left hand exploring Kelli’s tits under her blouse.

He went on. “It’s not every man who understands that women are meant to be cherished, that women are sensitive and need to be encouraged to feel good about themselves. Like now. Kelli’s feeling good and that’s O.K. Real women know when to take advantage of the situation for their own benefit. Here darlin’, lean up.”

Kelli leaned forward and Stan deftly unclasped her bra with his right hand.

“O.K., now lean back.”

Cassie was watching this scene unfold with fascination and trepidation. She had never seen Kelli like this; she was under a spell or something. She Tuzla Escort pulled her own skirt higher and moved her hand to the inside of her blouse.

Soft purring sounds were coming from Kelli who now had her eyes closed. She leaned her head back on the car seat.

“Kelli,” Stan said quietly. “Unbutton your blouse.”

Kelli unbuttoned all the buttons, then pulled her blouse open. Stan lifted her bra up over her tits.

Cassie gasped.

Stan quickly said, “Cassie, it’s O.K. Kelli feels good, nobody is being hurt, and we’re all doing what we want to do.”

He looked over at her and added reassuringly, “You feel good, too, don’t you?”

Cassie nodded her head.

Stan now began to attack Kelli’s tits more vigorously, mauling them, pulling and pinching her nipples, pushing her tits up, and squeezing them. Kelli was moaning now.

“That’s a good girl, Kelli. Let it go. If it feels good, tell me so. You are so much a real woman. You are way ahead of those other girls in your class.”

His left hand was busy on her tits and his right hand was in the middle of her back, pushing her body and her tits into his left hand. Kelli groaned.

“That’s it, darlin’. Feel the good, let it go. You like me pinching your nipples, don’t you?”

Kelli nodded.

“You like me playing with your tits, because you’re a real woman who knows how to accept pleasure when it comes.”

He leaned forward and whispered into Kelli’s ear. She immediately pulled her skirt up, reached up under it, lifted up off the seat, and took her panties off. She dropped them on the floor.

“Kell… Wh… What…” Cassie implored as she squeezed her own tits and shoved her other hand between her legs.

“Cassie, Cassie, it’s O.K. Kelli’s pussy is on fire and I’m going to help her with it. So just watch.”

He removed his hand from Kelli’s back and she slid back on the seat as far as she could. He replaced his left hand on her tits with his right hand. Kelli’s hands were at her side holding her skirt bunched up at her waist. Her legs were spread apart. Stan’s right hand kept her tits busy. His left hand went to her pussy. He felt her cunt lips.

“Oh, my god! She’s so hot! She’s so fuckin’ hot! Her pussy’s on fire!” he called out clearly to both women as he began his assault on Kelli’s cunt.

He looked over at Cassie. “Cassie, is your pussy hot? Are you rubbin’ your pussy, too, darlin’?”

“Yes! Oh, my god, I am! Oh… Oh…” she said haltingly suddenly realizing what she had been doing.

“O.K., Cassie. Listen carefully.” Stan’s hands were busy on Kelli and she began to push forward into his hand.

“Kelli, just relax a little, honey. I’ll take care of you. You are a real woman.”

Then to Cassie, “Cassie, I’m going to tell you something and I want you to do what I say. Do you understand?”

Cassie now had her left hand on her pussy and her right hand was attacking her own tits. She nodded.

“Cassie, you’re a fuckin’ whore. I know you like to suck cock. I want you to get out of the car, come over her, get on your knees, and suck my cock.”

Cassie looked shocked. She looked at Kelli who just nodded, “Do it.”

Stan continued, “But don’t open the door, Cassie, you hear me? Don’t open the door. The dome light will come on and we don’t want everyone to see Kelli’s tits, do we?”

Cassie shook her head, “No.”

“Cassie, I want you to crawl out of your window and get over her and suck my cock right now! Do you hear me?!”

His voice was rising. Cassie didn’t know what to do.

Finally, she got on her stomach, stuck her legs out the window, and slid out of the car. She hurriedly walked around to the other side and knelt down in front of Stan.

“That’s it, Cassie. You’re a real woman. Now unbutton my pants, take out my cock, and put it in your mouth. I know you know how to do that, ’cause the word’s out. I’m going to continue to help Kelli. She seems to need a lot of help right now.”

Cassie was excited. Even though she didn’t quite know how it happened, she was about to suck a real man’s cock.

As she unbuttoned Stan’s pants she could feel the bulge underneath the fabric. “Oh, it’s big,” she thought to herself. She tried to get his cock out from his boxers, but there just wasn’t enough room. She unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned the top button of his fly. She pulled his pants open and gasped. He wasn’t real hard yet and his cock was sticking out above his boxers. She had never seen one as large before. She pulled his boxers down and his cock flopped out.

“Cassie, your doin’ good, girl! Keep going!” said Stan.

Even though it was dark at the back of the parking lot, there was enough ambient light for her to see that this was a real cock. Only half hard, it drooped down between his legs; it must have been eight inches! Cassie reached forward and touched his cock. “Wow!” she thought. She held it straight out, moved her face toward it, and licked the tip. Then she enclosed the end of it with Anadolu Yakası Escort her mouth. “Oh…” she moaned out loud. Her tongue was swirling around his cock and she could feel it getting larger. She licked on it and took more of it into her mouth. “Mmmmm…” she purred. She had her right hand at the base of his cock and now she moved her left hand around the back of his leg to get support. She then began to work it in and out of her mouth, taking care to stop when she got to the head of his cock before she took it in again. In no time she had developed a rhythm where she would take it in until it reached the back of her throat, then move back out to where her lips were firmly around the head of his dick.

Stan looked down at her and could feel his cock growing as it was thrust in and out of Cassie’s sweet face. “That’s pretty good, Cassie. Now suck,” he demanded.

Cassie immediately created suction and could feel the width of his cock expand to where her mouth was stretched almost as much as it could stretch. It was almost all hard now and Cassie sucked it in and out of her mouth like a pro. Every time she would go down she gave an “Uh… Uh… Uh…” She was actually enjoying this. Her cunt was aching, but she couldn’t do anything about it. She kept pumping his cock like there was no tomorrow.

Stan praised her with, “Oh, yeah, Cassie. That’s it. Just like that. That’s how a real woman sucks cock!”

Then he turned his attention back to Kelli.

Kelli’s head was back, her eyes were closed, and she was squeezing her right tit and pulling her nipple. Both nipples were hard and extended, and red from the abuse they were getting. A rolling moan was coming from her. Her hips were rising and falling in response to Stan’s finger which was now inside her cunt. She was sloppy and the car seat was getting wet. Stan kept up a continuous stream of nasty compliments to her.

“Your pussy is so wet! And it’s so tight! I love the way it moves on my finger! You’ve got the greatest tits! You are so much a woman! You love this so much! God, you’re hot, Kelli! Can you believe we’re both mauling your tits while you’re fucking my finger with your pussy! Oh, baby, do it! Fuck my finger!”

Stan could feel his own urge beginning to come as Cassie’s rhythm picked up.

“Kelli, lie down!” he ordered. “Lie down on the seat.”

Kelli lay down along the front car seat. Her left foot was on the seat and her leg was bent at the knee and against the back of the seat. Her right leg was stretched out under the dashboard. Stan inserted another finger into Kelli’s cunt.

“Oh, god!” he heard her say above her moans. She had hold of both her tits and Stan’s hand was battering her cunt. Kelli was getting louder and Cassie was making a lot of noise, too.

“Hold it down, girls,” he said. “We don’t want to attract more attention than necessary.” He chuckled, then added, “But don’t stop! Keep it goin’.”

Stan could feel he was getting close as Cassie was doing a number on his cock.

“Kelli, Kelli, baby,” he implored. “Help me out a little here, will you?”

He put another finger into her cunt.

She moaned, “Oh, shit… Shit… Fuck… Good… So good!”

He asked her again, “Kelli, c’mon, we need a little help down here.”

Kelli’s right hand deftly moved to her clit and she began to attack it with a vengeance. She was bucking so hard that Stan could hardly hold his fingers in her.

“That’s the way, Kelli,” he encouraged her. “Beat it hard! Make yourself come, you sexy, slut, fucker, bitch of a real woman!”

“Ohhhhhhh…!” she screamed! She grabbed Stan’s hand and shoved it hard into her cunt and held it there as the waves of orgasm washed over her. She kept saying, “Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck!” as the spasms hit her again and again as she bounced her ass up and down on the seat.

Watching the scene Kelli was making on the front seat of her mother’s car pushed Stan over the edge, too. He grabbed the back of Cassie’s head and pushed all his cock down her throat as he grunted and dumped load after load into Cassie’s mouth.

“Mmmfffff… Aaaaggggg,” came from Cassie as she took it all like the real woman she was. After a while Stan released his grip on Cassie’s head and pulled his cock out of her mouth. She was still sucking for all she was worth.

“Clean me off good, Cassie. Then put my cock back in my pants and button me up.”

Cassie immediately began licking his cock clean.

Stan turned his attention back to the front seat of the car. Kelli was a wanton mess. Her right arm was hanging off the front of the seat. She had her left forearm on her forehead and her eyes were closed. Stan could see what light there was reflecting off her shiny cum on the vinyl car seat between her legs.

“Kelli, you are a real woman,” he told her. She just moaned, “Ummmmmm…”

He pulled his fingers out of her cunt. Kelli cried out, “Oh, no! No! No!” while jerking her hips a few more times before she settled down. Her tits were still resplendent, even after all that abuse, and they pointed straight up with those hard, red nipples glistening in the dim light.

“God, she has glorious tits,” Stan thought to himself and he felt a twinge in his groin.

Cassie was having trouble putting him back together

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