Three in Bed


From my journal –

Ray was out of town. I was horny, so I rented a shemale movie from our favorite adult video shop. When I got home I stripped and laid out my toys and lube for easy access and put in the tape. As I watched shemales having sex, I wondered why some could get hard and why some remained limp. Anyhow, I soon was wet and ready to play. I began on my back, knees up, rubbing my clit. When I was fully aroused and wet, I lubed my cock-shaped dildo and began to fuck my pussy, imagining a big-breasted shemale putting her cock in me while she leaned down so I could suck her tits. After a while, I got on my knees doggy style and began to use my vibrating dildo on my clit. Shortly, the first of several orgasms possessed my body. I collapsed onto the bed, watched another shemale episode in which a man fucked a shemale in the ass while she/he jacked off. Inspired by this scene, I found a small dildo, lubed it, and inserted it into my anus. I don’t usually enjoy anal sex, but in my aroused state, the pleasure outweighed the discomfort. As the feelings intensified, I began rubbing my clit with the vibrating dildo. The orgasmic spasms were so intense that my whole body went into violent spasms, almost convulsive in power. My heart pounded so loud that I could hear little else. The feeling was almost frightening. When I calmed down, I realized that I had squirted my juices at least a foot away from my pussy. (I don’t often squirt during orgasm.)

I took a break and had a couple of glasses of wine. While drinking the wine, I viewed the remaining scenes of the video. When I felt between Keçiören Escort Bayan my legs, I discovered that my labia were very distended and puffy. I began a full pelvic massage and soon was humping against my hand, seeking another big “O”. When I could wait no longer, I concentrated my pressure on my clit and enjoyed another wonderful, although less intense, climax. I was now exhausted, so I soaked for a long time in a warm bubble bath, dried off, and slept naked until morning.

My genitals were still puffy from the night’s activities. All day today I have been rubbing myself gently to keep me swollen and ready for Ray’s homecoming this evening.

He had been gone since Monday, so he’d be as horny as I am, if not more. By the time he entered our house, my pussy was puffy and wet. I hugged him and immediately felt his lovely erection bulging in his jeans. I began pulling him to the bedroom, but he insisted on a shower first. I told him to hurry, that I was ready.

About the time the shower started, the door bell rang. I looked through the peep hole and saw my teary-eyed friend Tina standing there. I let her in and she collapsed into my arms and told me that she had left Don, her abusive husband, and needed a place to stay for the night. I couldn’t refuse her, so I told her to come in. I told her to make herself at home while I got dressed. I put on a robe and went back into the kitchen. (Tina and I are bisexual and have been lovers from time to time.) Tina had poured herself a glass of wine and was sitting at the table. I sat down to talk to her Escort Eryaman when, to both our surprise, Ray walked into the kitchen, naked, sporting a major erection. (I had not told him Tina was here.) For a moment, we were speechless. Ray quickly turned and got behind the door, apologizing profusely to Tina, who was blushing and giggling.

I explained our situation to Tina, and she offered to go somewhere else for the night. Ray and I both insisted that she stay. We had only one bed in our house, so I put sheets and a blanket on the couch for Tina. Tina needed to talk, so Ray went on to bed. I promised to follow asap. After two hours of talking, it was apparent that Tina was in no condition to sleep, much less sleep alone; so, with some misgivings, I invited her to share our bed.

Both nude, we eased into bed quietly, as Ray was asleep. I lay next to Ray and Tina slipped in next to me. Ray turned and cuddled against my back. I was cuddled against Tina’s back, sandwiched between two people I love. Soon, I felt Ray’s cock begin to twitch. He pressed his hardening member into my crack and reached around to fondle my breasts. It was then that he realized that Tina was sharing our bed. He drew back, but I moved his hand back to my breast, pressed my butt against his cock, and reached over Tina and began to rub her nipples.

Tina whimpered and began the rhythmic pelvic motions that let me realize that she was masturbating. I matched her movements, spread my thighs slightly and helped Ray enter me from the rear. Somewhat awkwardly, the three of us continued our back Sincan Escort Bayan and forth humping until I could no longer be satisfied with just a penis in my pussy from the rear. I turned and climbed on top of Ray and straddled his penis. I suggested that Tina position herself so that Ray could suck her clit. She replied that she would rather watch us have sex while she jacked herself.

I began the back and forth movement that rubs my clit on Ray’s pubic bone, faster and faster, harder and harder, until Ray groaned and shot his load into me. I wasn’t there yet, so I lay down and spread my legs, inviting Ray to finish me off any way he could. He inserted fingers and massaged the gspot while he sucked my clit. Tina surprised me by sucking my nipples and French kissing me, probing my mouth deeply with her tongue. I wasn’t long until it happened – the Big O.

When I regained my composure, I asked Tina what she wanted. She grinned sheepishly and asked if Ray could fuck her. Don, she revealed, almost never wanted any sex except hand jobs or oral. I looked at Ray, hugged him and told him that I didn’t mind if he fucked her. He was only semi-erect, so I took the liberty of orally stimulating him as he watched Tina masturbate.

When he was hard, Tina got on her knees and Ray entered her. I lay under her and rubbed her clit as Ray thrust his manhood into her cunt. She asked Ray to pull out before he ejaculated because she wasn’t using any birth control. It didn’t take long for Tina to climax. As she jerked, Ray pulled out and lay on his back. I turned my attention to him and took his penis into my mouth. Almost instantaneously, he came and I swallowed all that I could without gagging. By then we were all exhausted, so, with Ray between us we slept soundly.

Believe it or not, this was my first ever f/m/f 3some. It definitely won’t be my last.

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