The Super

I had just moved into my new place in a large apartment complex. What with the moving expenses, new furniture, and some minor repair costs, I was living fairly low budget. The building was in good repair, but not exactly upscale. There were a few damaged walls and a slight odour, but nothing I couldn’t fix myself. I had just moved in a week before and had yet to meet any neighbours or my super, although that was soon to change.

I was only about half unpacked, with a vague idea where my furniture was going to end up, but boxes were still littered around the apartment. Although the plumbing had been fine the first few days I had started to notice a drop-off in the water pressure in all the fixtures. I wasn’t overly concerned, it was a big building, but I figured I should call down to the super and ask about it. I spoke to him on the phone, and he said he was busy but would make a trip up to my 9th floor apartment later in the day.

Well, as I should have guessed, he didn’t show up that day. I was a bit peeved, but figured he’d get to it the next day and went to bed. I awoke, unhappily, to realize that my water was now totally off, and I wasn’t able to have a morning shower. Unwilling to show my face in public, and increasingly unimpressed with the super, I sat near the door drumming my fingers waiting for him to show up and fix it. Three phone calls and 2 messages I left went unanswered.

As I waited impatiently, I heard heavy footsteps in the hallway. I rushed to the door and peered through the peephole, spying a large, burly man in a blue shirt that said ‘Joe’s Plumbing’ on it. My temper now flaring as he meandered his way down the hall past my room, I yanked the door open, and he turned around to face me with a start.

“In here!” I exclaimed, “You’re supposed to be fixing my plumbing! How long do I have to wait for you to get around to it?” I was being more of a bitch than usual, but the stress of moving, and waking up to no washing water really ticked me off.

The big guy just stared at me in confusion for a moment and I saw his eyes drift up and down, taking in my body. Oops. I had forgotten to get dressed for public since I didn’t shower that day. I was just in my sleeping clothes, a tight little pink t-shirt and some fuzzy red booty shorts. While somewhat revealing since my 36 D’s weren’t strapped down with a bra, I hardly thought I looked very sexy, my unwashed hair a mess, and what I consider to be my too big thighs and butt awfully evident. My anger began to fade and I blushed under his scrutiny. He finally spoke and broke the silence.

“Well okay little lady, lead the way.”

I turned and led him into my apartment, very aware of his imposing size. He looked tall and powerful, like a strongman rather than a sculpted bodybuilder. His mere presence exuded a manliness that I found both attractive and in this case, a bit disconcerting as he entered right be hind me. He was very close and I could smell his manly scent; the scent of a working man. I was very aware of his close proximity and could almost feel his eyes follow my butt as it wiggled a bit while I walked. I got very self conscious and grabbed a robe as I passed my bedroom door.

As I started to wrap the warm thick robe around me, I was startled by a very strong hand on my wrist. I gasped slightly and turned to face the man who was now gently but forcefully pulling the robe from my grasp.

“What are you doing?” I demanded, my voice cracking a bit with my anxiety.

“I wanted to see more of the bitch who thinks she can order me around!” was his reply.

He casually tossed my robe to the floor and pulled me closer to him, Şişli escort bayan leering now at my body. I tried to push him away, but he was far to strong, and my feeble shoves actually brought a smile to his lips.

He pushed me back against the wall, and held me there. Again he didn’t hurt me, but he was forceful enough to let me know what would happen if I tried to struggle too hard. I whimpered slightly and asked what he wanted from me.

“Whatever I want” was his reply, and he took a step back for a better view of my body.

Despite my precarious situation, I found his rugged manliness somehow arousing, and against my will my nipples were hard enough to cut glass. He smiled and reached for them, fondling them through my thin shirt. I trembled and as much as I wanted to scream for help, all that escaped my lips was a groan, and not one of protest. What was wrong with me that this turned me on?

“Lets see what you have underneath.” he said gruffly.

Somehow I didn’t think it was merely a request. Thinking it best to give him what he wanted, and a little turned on at the thought, I lifted my shirt, exposing my very round, well developed chest. My breasts bounced down into position as I released them from their prison, my nipples rock hard.

I looked up at him with a bland expression on my face and asked bravely, “Happy now? Can you get to fixing my sink yet or what?”

He grunted and half chuckled at my question, then suddenly grabbed me by the throat, shocking me, but not hurting me. He didn’t choke me, but I knew he could if he wanted to. I almost wanted him to try, much to my own surprise.

He used his free hand to fondle my large breasts and I couldn’t contain my pleasure, hard as I tried. It had been a long time since I had been touched by a man, and I had to admit I missed their strong yet gentle hands on my boobs. I let out a low moan of appreciation as he tweaked my nipples, and pushed my breasts together.

“I’m going to have you, you know.” he grunted at me. I knew that I did not want him inside me, in my most vulnerable sanctuary of womanhood. As turned on as I was, I wasn’t about to drop on all fours and let some random plumber insert himself into me. I had an alternate plan that I would enjoy, however.

Looking into his eyes, I licked my lips and gently peeled his hand off my throat. I smiled at him and slowly sank to my knees, my hands trailing and running down his powerful torso to his thighs.

“Wouldn’t you rather I give you the best blowjob of your life?” I asked huskily.

He grunted in response. “Not a very articulate one is he?” I pondered to myself. Oh well, I thought, I might as well enjoy it at least. I began to rub my hand up and down his thighs and watched his thick bulge grow in his pants. He moaned and closed his eyes. I smiled to myself, marvelling at how quickly I had taken back control of the situation.

I unbuckled his belt with one hand, my other lightly tracing lines around his package with my fingertips. I slid the belt off and undid the top button of his jeans, now rubbing the flat of my palm on his throbbing treasure. I gave it one firm squeeze and giggled as he grunted with pleasure. I paused and arched my neck up to bite onto his zipper. Sliding it slowly downwards, I looked up into his eyes and winked. He smiled down at me. I used both hands to grip the inside of his pants and tugged then down over his hips, boxers and all.

I let out a small yelp of delight as his cock sprang up into my face, hitting me under the chin. He stared down at me expectantly, and took his cock by the base. I knew what he wanted and presented Escort Sultangazi my left cheek to him, a small smile on my full lips. My now free hands made their way to my booty shorts, and I slid one hand inside to tease my already drenched pussy. I shuddered at the first loud *thwack* as his cock slapped off my cheek heavily. He continued to smack it on my face, and I moved around, presenting him my cheeks, lips and forehead to hit. His dick continued to get harder as he did so, till it reached its full, thick, peak. He groaned aloud and I heard his breathing increase in intensity. As a matter of fact, so had mine as I flicked my wet clit.

He had already begun to leak precum, I realized with his last wet-sounding slap on my cheek. I could smell it on my face and I smiled and shook slightly. The memories that smell evoked heightened my arousal and I gyrated as I had a small orgasm. Closing my eyes, I felt him begin to rub himself on my lips, which I pursed for him. His cock rubbed back and forth slowly on my lips and when he paused I kissed it, looking up into his eyes. As my quick orgasm subsided, I began to kiss him more with my now slick lips, and as they parted slightly I could taste him on me. That was all I needed and that flavour sent me into a frenzy.

My tongue darted out with the dual purpose of licking his juices off my lips, and teasing the underside of the tip of his penis. I reached up and cupped his balls in my palm, my fingers wrapping lightly around the base of his dick, holding it in place. I flicked and licked, feeling more precum run down into my tongue as I licked him. It tasted delicious and I furiously rubbed my clit as I approached a second orgasm. He groaned aloud as the shuddering of my body in the throes of pleasure made my head lurch forward and take his head partially into my mouth.

That was all the invitation he needed apparently, and I felt two strong hand grip a handful of hair on each side of my head. Foreseeing what was to come, I loosened my throat and mouth, letting my jaw go slack as he pushed his cock slowly in and out of my mouth. Wet slurping noises filled the room as he slid his engorged member past my lips. I gave up on any suction, and let him fuck my mouth like a pussy, letting the saliva that pooled in my mouth to run out and down my chin. I felt droplets of it splash onto my breasts and thighs as he continued to feed me his cock. He pushed deeper with each thrust, causing me to gag when he reached my throat. His cock was thick and I had trouble maintaining my composure.

Slowly but forcefully, he managed to break past my gag reflex as I tried to swallow the thick, soupy saliva that formed in my throat. I suddenly couldn’t breathe as his cock filled my airway, past my throat now, choking me. Although desperate for air, I was extremely excited by this; I finally knew how to deepthroat! He removed his dick from my throat and my nostrils flared as I gasped in oxygen. I immediately jutted my head forward again, taking him into my throat once more, and purposely gagging on him to contract my throat muscles on the head of his cock. My chest was soaked now with my saliva, and his balls were dripping onto the floor.

As he gyrated his hips into my face I began to quiver with my third orgasm. I can’t take much more of this, I thought as the feeling finally subsided. I could still hear him grunting over me as he fucked my face, the wet slurping noises of my mouth complimenting the slapping of his balls on my chin. I realized he was entering my throat with ease now; I was still gagging on him, but the resistance was gone. “I’ll have a sore throat tomorrow.” Taksim escort I thought. My clit was now pulsing and far to sensitive to touch, so I removed my wet hand and decided it was time to take control of the blowjob back.

Gripping his ass cheeks with both hands, I suddenly dug in my nails, and pulled him deep into my throat. He gasped and gladly gave me his length as I gagged for his pleasure. My eyes watered a bit with the exertion and lack of air. He tried to pull out as I convulsed for air, but I held him deep and let him out only when I was satisfied. His cock fell out of my mouth with a *pop* as I sucked on it the last couple inches. I reached up now and pulled his cock up, stroking its slick length with my left hand while I used my mouth on his soaking balls. He moaned with pleasure as I licked and sucked each ball and rolled his sack around with my tongue. His cock pulsed an I could tell he was getting near cumming.

I squeezed the base of his cock with my hand and took him back into my mouth, my head boobing in a slow rhythm, my hand moving to stroke him in unison. I slurped and sucked at his cock, jerking him in my mouth. His breathing came in laboured gasps as he groaned and moaned, staring down as I sucked his dick. As his balls began to tighten in their sack, I leaned back slightly and opened my mouth wide. Curling in the edges of my tongue, I stroked him now with two hands, pointing it at my waiting cavern. My hands started in the middle of his cock and slid both up and down, in opposite directions, twisting as they stroked. He growled as I jerked his cock and threw his head back, releasing a primal sound of a man in ecstasy.

I felt his first monstrous shot of jism rocket into my top lip, falling from there onto my outstretched tongue. It seemed like a constant stream of hot cum was shooting out of him as the first shot lasted for a long time. As the pressure of it waned, it flooded onto my tongue, overflowing it into my mouth and some of it leaked out to dribble down my chin. I closed my mouth to swallow this fantastic load, thinking by its quantity that it had to be all of his cum. I was therefore shocked when a second shot, harder than the first, smacked my left cheek, just below my eye. This jet flowed like a line across my face, from my left cheek across to my upper lip and into my chin. Realizing he was far from done, I opened my mouth, which was already nearly filled with his seed. His third shot lacked the speed of the first two, but still managed to drain itself into my mouth as I leaned forward. My large mouth began to overflow slightly so I tilted my head back to keep from losing his precious commodity. I now needed to empty my mouth and closed it to swallow, aware that he had more to go yet. I rubbed his cock on my lips as I gulped down his massive load, and he spurted smaller amounts onto my lips, enough to cause it to run down my chin and into my breasts and lap. I let out a yelp of surprise, as a final spurt shot out at the end, hitting my forehead and drooling down my right eyebrow onto my nose.

I took him gently into my mouth and milked the remaining cum from his cock, swallowing it and savouring the taste of him. He shuddered and his legs gave out as he stumbled back to collapse onto my bed.

“Oh… my… god…” he muttered.

Suddenly a knock of the door cause me to jump, and the door swung open quickly. There was a small older man in a brown jumpsuit labelled ‘superintendent’.

“Hello, I’m here to fix the…” he paused, in shock at my appearance.

Here I was, on my knees on the hardwood floor with obvious lines of cum dangling from my face, and a thick coat of shiny saliva on my tits. I quickly covered my nipples as he turned around in embarrassment. All the guy on my bed could moan was:

“Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I don’t work here, I’m your next door neighbour.”

And funny enough… I wasn’t even mad.

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