The Storm

Pam looked out the window of her office at the darkening sky. Even though it’s early November in Texas, looks like a thunderstorm is building to the west. Hopefully she’ll be able to get home before it hits. She checks her voice mail one more time as she shuts down the computer. Tim had told her last night that if his meetings ended early enough he would try to catch an earlier flight home. If he did, he’d leave her a message; otherwise he was going to dinner with some co-workers and he’d call later tonight when he got back to his hotel room. Both her work and personal voice mail boxes were empty. Her screen went dark as she grabbed her purse, flipping off the light as she left her office, sending it into darkness as well, and headed to the parking garage.

He glanced left and right before opening the patio door just a few inches and waited. When there was no beeping, he pulled it opened and stepped quickly inside. Just as he had observed before, she failed to set the alarm, feeling safe in this upper middle class suburb. He noticed the gust of wind outside, blowing leaves across the patio and a flash of lightning off in the distance. He turned away in search of the things he would need.

Pam was moving slowly in the heavy traffic, 10 minutes from home. The commute had taken the normal 45 minutes to this point. Her lights were needed from a combination of the approaching storm and the early fall switch away from Daylight Savings Time. Classic R&B was playing on the satellite radio channel when the foreboding skies opened and rain began to pelt down. Streaks of lightning filled the sky and thunder shook the car. 10 minutes turned into another half hour.

He entered the bedroom, the king size bed was neatly made, the brass headboard framing the mattress covered with a mauve comforter. He dared not turn a light on but made his way to the dresser. He pulled open a drawer and rummaged through her lingerie, pulling two stockings from the assortment. If she didn’t cooperate he might need a gag so he also grabbed a pair of lace panties as well. He went to put them in his pants, but not before putting them to his face, inhaling what he hoped to be her scent, then stuffing them into a pocket. She hadn’t gotten home yet and already he was hard.

It wasn’t until the garage door failed to open that Pam noticed how dark the house and neighborhood were. The storm must have knocked the power out. She parked as close to the door as possible before jumping out of the car. Her pop-up umbrella was little match for the strong winds and she was pretty much soaked by the time she got the key into the door and pushed it open and stepped inside, brushing the water from her hair and clothes.

From his vantage point he could not see the door but heard it open. She came into view as she walked in the entry foyer. After shaking her hair out, she walked towards the kitchen. Once again she was out of his view but he heard a door open. Shortly after that faint light came from the kitchen gradually becoming brighter. Once again she was in view, walking towards the master bedroom carrying two lit candles. He held his breath as she walked past his hiding spot and into the bedroom.

Pam set one candle down on the nightstand and carried the other to the bathroom. The storm outside sounded as if it had relaxed into a steady rain. Her hair already damp, she turned the shower on. Before undressing she picks up the candle and heads out of the bathroom.

He hears the water come on in the bathroom and is about to step from his vantage point when he hears her heels click across the hardwood floor and he quickly moves back. She is İstanbul Escort headed back to the kitchen. He watches as she moves away from him. Her short skirt hugs her tight ass, the dampness only serving to make it tighter against her. It was her ass that first got his attention. He wondered if the people where she worked thought she dressed a little too sexy for the workplace. He can hear glass clinking in the distance.

Pam pours a glass of red wine into the goblet and heads back towards the bedroom. She wonders how long the power may be off and if she should call the utility company. She usually lets Tim make all those decisions. Their probably receiving a ton of calls and she decides to wait a while and see what happens. She heads back into the bathroom and begins to undress, taking a sip of wine after dropping her blouse to the floor. Another sip when her skirt joins the blouse. Her panties soon follow suit and finally she removes her bra. She looks into the mirror, even with the faint light she can see the indentations of her bra on her skin. She rubs her breasts and sides to ease the marks. It feels good to her and her nipples stiffen, not entirely from the cool air.

He waits until he is sure she is in the shower before moving stealth like to the master bedroom entrance. He carefully peers around the door and can see most of the master bath reflected in the closet mirror. The shower has no door. It is long and wide with a walk-in opening at one end and a wall of clear glass blocks. This is the first house he had ever seen this in. The outline of her body is obvious through the glass blocks. Her movements are graceful and erotic to him as she clearly soaps her breasts, stomach, and lower. Once more he is painfully aware of his erection begging for release. It’s funny, now that the moment is so close, he’s not sure when to make the move. The water turns off and his reflex is to once again conceal himself.

Pam stepped from the shower and grabbed a towel and dried herself. She towel dries her hair before wiping the steam induced fog from the mirror. She sees a very aroused woman looking back at her. She had trimmed her pussy while in the shower which led to some nice feelings between her legs. She allowed her fingers to slide back and forth through her rapidly moistening folds and across her suddenly erect clit. She stopped just short of climax, deciding to continue her masturbation in bed with her favorite vibe to aid her exploration. She walked to the closet and pulled on a pajama top, then over to the dresser and opened her drawer and slipped into a very brief pair of string bikini panties. Had she been a neat organized person she might have noticed someone had been in the drawer before her. As it was, she noticed nothing amiss, shuts the drawer back, picks up her nearly empty wine glass and heads back to the kitchen for a refill.

He watches her walk to the kitchen, the need growing inside him. Her pajama top barely reaches her waist. Her panties allow much of her bare ass to sear into his pupils, confirming what his memory already contained. The material disappearing into the crevice between her legs as she moves away, the crevice that he would soon occupy. He hears the glass once more, then she reappears, the wine glass once more full. She moves towards the bedroom. Her nipples are clearly evident beneath the material. They call for him to suckle them between his lips. Her prominent mound protrudes from the brief material of her panties, her lips begging him to be buried between them. It’s time.

The goblet explodes into hundreds of pieces across the hardwood floor. Pam Anadolu Yakası Escort feels the wetness of the wine as it runs between her toes. Two hands grab her arms forcibly and spin her around until she stares into his face. His eyes are filled with power, and lust.

He stares back at Pam. Her eyes are filled with shock, recognition, and maybe just a bit of resignation. He speaks first.

“Do as I say and I won’t hurt you.”

“What do you want? I’ll show you where my purse and jewelry are.”

“This is no robbery, bitch.” he says as she struggles within his grip, causing the top button of her pajama top to come free, allowing it to gap open and expose her left breast.

“What do you want then?”

He smiles a menacing grin and releases one arm. He moves his hand forward and slowly circles her exposed nipple. Despite her surprise, her body responds and the nipple grows erect. His grin widens.

To late, she jerks away from his finger, “My husband will be home any moment.”

“Don’t lie to me slut.”

He takes her by the arm and leads her towards the bedroom.

“Watch the glass.”

“Aren’t you the fucking gentleman?”

“I will be shortly, whore.”

He walks her to the bed and pulls her up on it and places her on her knees facing the headboard. She struggles but his grip on her arms is too tight. He moves behind her, his hands move up her arms, across her shoulders, and inch nearer and nearer to her neck. Suddenly he grabs her pajama top and rips it from her body, buttons flying to the hardwood. He throws the tattered cloth to the floor as well. He stares up and down her nearly nude form. His erection throbs in his pants. The sensations of power and control are overwhelming.

“Put your hands together in front of you.”

Pam does as he asks and watches as he pulls stockings out of his pocket. He swiftly binds her wrists together with the stockings then ties the other end to the headboard, securing her to the bed. She twists and pulls at the binding but is unable to gain her freedom. Next the panties come out of the pocket. He starts to place them in her mouth and she turns away.

“I won’t scream”

“Good, I’ve got something better to stick in your mouth anyway.”


“Dirty talker, I love it.”

He dips his head down and sucks a nipple between his lips then swirls his tongue around it. Her body betrays her, the nipple stiffens once again in his mouth. He licks it once more then allows it to slide from his mouth. He gets off the bed and removes his clothes. Pam turns her head and watches in silence. He slides his pants down and his erection pops free. Pam is not sure that it’s not the hardest cock she has ever seen. It’s standing straight up against his stomach, the head already slick with his pre-cum juices. An involuntary shudder travels through her body as he climbs back on the bed. He takes Pam’s hands and moves her forward so that, though still bound, they can grip the headboard for balance. He then stands beside her on the bed, using the headboard to steady himself. His crotch basically level with Pam’s face.

“Suck me slut.”

Resigned to her fate, Pam turns her head as he holds his cock in his hand. She looks up at his face as he grins down on her. Her mouth opens and she slides his cock between her surprisingly active lips and tongue.

“Oh yeah, bitch, this is not your first rodeo. Bet you were sucking off half the football team behind the gym in high school.”

Pam let his cock slip from her mouth and, to his surprise, began to lick and suck his balls.

“Shit baby. How much you charge Kartal Escort for that, whore?”

Pam grabbed his cock and began to stroke him while continuing to tongue his balls. She could feel the slickness on the head of his cock as it moves between her fingers. Suddenly he pulls away from her, laughing.

“No, no, no Baby. You don’t think I did all this for a hand job. Happy endings are for those married jerks who cheat on their wives with breast augmented ‘massage therapists.’ Whores like you deliver ‘full service'”

With that he moves behind Pam, his hand caressing her ass.

“Don’t think we need these anymore.”

Pam feels and hears the panties being torn off her. His hand returns against her bare skin. Stroking ever expanding circles, her skin hot to his touch. He finally reaches down between her legs. Pam has been dreading this moment. She feels his fingers across her.

“Damn slut, guess I don’t need the lube I brought. You are dripping. I got to taste that sweet, wet pussy.”

He lays down on the bed and slides his head beneath her, between her legs. Pam moans and moves her ass as he blows cool air across her wet lips. His tongue swipes across her opening next causing her to groan out loud. He begins a series of light kisses up and down her pussy. Despite the situation Pam feels an orgasm building in her loins. He senses it as well and pulls his mouth away from her pussy and waits. Without shame, Pam pushes her pussy back against his mouth.

“That’s a good whore.”

He buries his tongue into her pussy and lashes it across her clit, flicking it again and again.

Pam’s climax starts deep within her womb, as spasm after spasm reverberates through her body. Her body twists in pleasure as his tongue continues to worm through her pussy before he slides out behind her and raises to his knees as the last remnants of her orgasm send still more shivers through her. She jerks as his tongue is on her once more, sliding down her crack and over her anus. The sensations are overwhelming as she has never experienced this before. Pam squirms against this lewd assault, secretly enjoying the new sensation before his tongue is suddenly gone. He moves against her and his cock is where his tongue had just been, against her most private area. He feels Pam tense up.

” Don’t worry slut. Not this time. I want to sink my hard dick into that molten lava spewing pussy of yours.”

With that Pam feels his dick slide an inch or two further down and rest against her soaked lips. Once again he hesitates and again without shame, Pam pushes back and impales herself on his hard cock. He grabs both sides of her hips and begins to fuck her with a force that surprises both of them. He knows he won’t last long and pounds away at her. The headboard crashes against wall again and again. Pam’s pussy can’t wait and she is coming, again and again. He feels the walls of her pussy attacking, squeezing, milking the hot cum from his soul. He cries out and shoots copious amounts into her pussy as she continues to cry out in climax.

His softening dick slips from Pam’s gushing pussy. Her breath still coming in short gasps. He moves up and unties her hands. She lays out across the bed, her eyes finally coming up to meet his.

“Tim, you know that was an expensive wine glass, a silk pajama top, and $30 pair of panties don’t you? I have to admit you threw in some nice wrinkles.”

Tim grins sheepishly as Pam rolls over and takes his cock in her hand and begins to slowly stroke him back to hardness.

“I do have a few questions for you. How do you know about ‘breast augmented happy ending therapists’? What’s full service? And finally..” as she moved a finger down his balls and into his crack, “Next month is my turn.” Her finger slides into his ass, “Do you know where I can buy a strap-on?”

Tim laughs, and squirms, uncomfortably.

“Your kidding, aren’t you Baby?”

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