The River Knows No Bounds Pt. 03

Group Sex

ColetteJulie, my inspirational voluntary editor must be wondering what happened to me and the rest of the story. Well, after a forced sabbatical, I am back in my country and hopefully will complete posting the rest of the story before the end of this year.

Readers! You have been wonderful! Million Thanks to one and all of you.

All the characters in the story are above 18 years.

For those who haven’t read Part.01 & Part.02


Residents of Olur, a remote village in southern India fondly worship Angannan, a rural deity. The descendants of Angannan reside in the same village and their house is called ‘The Big House’.

Annam, a widow is living with her son Balu. Her step-daughter Pushpa is married to Sundar, a Doctor and the couple are settled in the city.

Balu, 18 years and horny manages to seduce his own mother before the annual festival. Annam decides to find a bride for Balu after coming to know that he had spied on his own step-sister while having sex with her husband. Annam realizes that she needs to engage her son sexually to prevent him from trying any adventures with his step sister. She seduces him again.


Pt. 03

Sitting on the specially erected dais with Pushpa, Sundar was watching the crowd that was thronging the festival. He presumed that scores of people from surrounding villages might have walked at least a couple of miles to reach the Angannan shrine. Although Sundar felt a tinge of pride that his wife hails from a revered family, he wasn’t thoroughly impressed the way in which the festival was conducted. There were a few rituals which Sundar perceived as primitive, especially young girls getting engaged to men much older, sometimes old enough to be their fathers. Coming from urban background, Sundar always believed that girls should have the right to choose their companions rather than mutely succumbing to their parent’s compulsions.

“Look at that girl,” Sundar whispered to Pushpa. “She seems to have wept all day. Look how bloated her face looks.”

Pushpa quickly located the girl in the crowd and recognized her.

“She is Rani,” Pushpa sighed. “Poor girl, she can only cry.”

“Why should she?” Sundar snarled. “If she is not ready nobody should force her.”

“We can’t stop,” Pushpa sighed. “If the engagement gets stalled, she will never get a groom again.”

Sundar was speechless for a moment. ‘This is ridiculous,’ he fumed. The more he looked at Rani, the more agitated he became. As he helplessly looked up at the sky, his eyes suddenly widened seeing dark clouds gathering far away.

“God is great,” Sundar sounded excited. “It is going to rain. The festival is going to stop.”

Pushpa froze after she looked up and watched the dark clouds in the distance. Several emotions began running through her mind as she kept looking at the clouds coming slowly but surely over the village.

Rains are always welcome for the peasants but surely not during the festival. The sacred flame lit up at the beginning of the festival should keep burning till the conclusion of the festival and if not, the villagers believed it to be a bad omen. Within minutes, a chill descended on the villagers as they watched the clouds menacingly speeding towards their village.

“Oh God!” Pushpa exclaimed. “Mom had so many things planned for this festival. I wonder what might be going through her mind at the moment!”

Pushpa was right. Several hundred yards away from the festival venue, the big house was already engulfed in darkness because of the impending rains. Annam, had rushed towards the window, looked up and had seen her worst gaziantep escort bayan ilanları fears coming true. She felt like swooning after she inhaled the scent of the soil which looked like a chilling prelude to some nightmare.

As the eldest woman of the big house, she had several things to worry about. What if it rains very heavily, so much so that the festival never gets started? What would happen to those poor peasants whose rituals might never get completed this year? What about those young girls who are supposed to get engaged this year?

Annam, like every other person in the village, was worried. But, there was one individual who felt elated at the prospect of the festival getting cancelled. That was Balu, Annam’s son.

The horny young man slowly walked behind his mother, placed his hands on her hips, pressed his body against her and kissed on her naked right shoulder.

“Mom, don’t worry,” Balu screamed. “We can have fun for another year.”

Annam turned around and stared at her son with profound disgust. Balu was smiling shamelessly while his eyes were pinned on her body, glowing with ruthless lust.

“You are disgusting,” Annam snarled. “Many villagers might be crying at the moment. Their dreams are going to fall apart. Does that make you happy?”

“I am just practical,” Balu retorted. “I didn’t bring the rains. Perhaps, your God is not very keen to see the festival this year. Let us enjoy this boon.”

Annam couldn’t even reply, leave alone refuse, as her horny son took her in a tight embrace. His erection probed between Annam’s thighs, pushing through her tightly wound saree. His hands groped her ass cheeks, pulling her body press closer letting her huge breasts mashing on his broad chest.

Annam quickly realized something unusual about her son’s arousal. Apparently he was more horny after seeing his own sister having sex with her husband. Perhaps, he had the vision of his naked sister even while attempting to hit on his mother.

Balu never seemed concerned about Annam’s feelings. He pressed his lips on hers and sucked into his mouth. Annam could feel the lustful heat on her son’s body as she squirmed and struggled to free herself from his brutal hug. Balu’s tongue kept swirling around inside her mouth while his hands held her ass cheeks in a tight leash. His erection was menacingly growing bigger and longer, rubbing over her mound through the thick fabric. Eventually, when Balu pulled away after a prolonged kiss, Annam began gasping for breath.

“Stop it at once,” Annam pleaded. “Pushpa and her husband may return anytime soon.”

“They must be taking shelter,” Balu grinned. “We have time. Let’s do it.”

Annam realized the futility in resisting her son who seemed determined to have her at any cost. He had already made his moves and was capable of overcoming any resistance from her. More importantly, Annam knew she was too vulnerable to his sexual advances, more so after yielding to his desire on so many earlier occasions. She just had to let it happen again.

Balu wasn’t letting her to think further. Even though Annam had tightly wrapped her saree around, it took her eager son just a few seconds to disrobe the nine yards. Although the house was filled with semi-darkness, it was still day. They were in the living room, standing near the window with a street-view. The mother had been stripped off the only piece of cloth while her son was already pulling down his trouser.

Annam watched as her son’s huge dick sprang out of the confines of his underwear. As always, escort bayan gaziantep ilanları Balu wrapped his own dick with his right hands, pushed his hip forward and began stroking it just to tease his mother.

“It gets hard everytime you are near me,” Balu winked. “It never gets enough of mother’s pussy.”

“Balu, let us move into the bedroom,” Annam began pleading. But, involuntarily her eyes were staring at her son’s dick.

“Turn around mom,” Balu ordered. “Hold the window bars and stand facing the street.”

“Someone might see…”

“Turn around,” Balu insisted. “It is rainning now. Nobody can ever see.”

Annam followed his instructions and stood facing the street through the window while gripping the window bards with both hands. Balu placed his right hand on her back and forced her to bend forward. Then, he gently pulled her legs apart just a little and spat on the floor. As he looked up, he could clearly see his mother’s swollen pussy lips shining with moisture. He grabbed those wonderful ass cheeks and gave a tight squeeze.

“Ohhh,” Annam groaned. “What are you upto?”

“When was the last time I fingered you, mom?”

Balu asked mischievously and before Annam replied, he drove his right middle finger into her pussy. He gently began rotating his finger for a while, rubbing around his mother’s pussy muscles. Annam pushed her legs apart a bit further; she stood on her toes unable to withstand the feel of her son’s finger probing her pussy.

“mmmmmmmmmmmm” was all the poor woman could moan. But, she was in for something more fierce as the one finger was replaced by two.

“aaaah!” She squealed and rested her head on the window frame. Just as she felt her pussy beginning to ooze, Balu suddenly stopped, stood up and grabbed his mother by her hips. The tip of his dick brushed the shiny skin of Annam’s ass cheeks.

Annam tried turning back but not before Balu pulled her body against him and gripped her breasts from behind. Annam pushed her head back as Balu gently squeezed both her boobs with four fingers while his thumbs rubbed her nipples stimulating them even more.

“Ba..looo…” Annam moaned. Balu planted his lips on her back brushing it with his saliva.

Balu’s dick began searching for his mother’s pussy through her spread legs. Once the tip tickled the moist pussy, he began grinding his cock up and down. Annam began gyrating her ass rubbing against his son’s thighs generating a strange heat in her body. All along, Balu’s hands remained intact on his mother’s boobs squeezing them relentlessly.

Sliding his hands from Annam’s breasts, Balu grabbed her hips and humped forward. His dick effortlessly plunged into his mother’s pussy. Annam groaned and closed her eyes tightly. As Balu began pumping his dick back and forth inside her pussy, she gently opened her eyes, looked out of the window and prayed that nobody should be walking on the streets for sometime.

As Balu fucked her harder and harder, Annam’s grip on the vertical bars occasionally loosened making her slide a bit. Undoubtedly she was enjoying the feel of her son’s massive dick inside her pussy but she did not want someone on the street to have a glance of what was happending inside the Big House. Neither of them were talking except the feable moans and groans every now and then. The only audible sound was that of the son’s hips slamming against mother’s ass which got louder by the passing of every second.

Even while continuing to fuck his mother, Balu gently lifted her left leg from the floor, made her gaziantep bayan escort ilanları slightly turn around so that both of them can see each other as they fucked. Everytime Balu pounded his mother’s pussy, her huge boobs wobbled at an incredible speed. Annam watched her son staring at her jumping boobs as he fucked her. Everything was so weird but enjoyable nevertheless. Annam began feeling the churning inside her pussy and she somehow wanted the erotic ordeal to end soon. But, Balu had different ideas.

He slowly pulled out his dick from Annam’s pussy and made her sit on the window frame. Then he lifted both her legs and let them wrap around his waist. Now, Annam was facing his throbbing cock in straightline view. Balu then held on to the window bars one from either side, lifted his leg one by one and planted them on the extreme opposite corners. Annam felt she might slip from the narrow window rest and so she lifted her hands above her head and gripped two window bars. Balu gently lifted his mother from the window rest as the baffled mother looked on. Within seconds, Annam was half-floating in the air, with her legs wrapped around her son’s waist while her hands held on to the window bars. She knew that her son had gripped her hips were tightly and there wasn’t any danger of her falling down.

As Balu began moving his hips, his dick wandered over his mother’s cunt for a few seconds before the tip probed the slit. Balu skillfully thrusted his hard dick into his mother’s pussy and started fucking her in an incredible speed. Annam had to grip the window bars tightly to ensure against slipping and also to feel the full length of her son’s dick ploughing in and out of her pussy. To begin with she wasn’t comfortable to get fucked in such a position and as Balu continued to ram his dick into her pussy with utter ease, Annam’s excitement kept growing. Her body was jumping in the air and looking down she watched her big boobs wobbling in an unimaginable speed. Balu winked at her mother as she looked up at him. Balu never looked he would stop fucking his mother anytime soon and kept driving his dick in and out of her pussy in an amazing speed. Annam’s arms and shoulders began to ache a bit but she relished getting fucked by her son in a position that she never imagined.

Balu’s back arched backwards as his balls were about to explode and rush his cum into his mother’s pussy. Annam’s pussy twitched and churned as she inched close to her impending orgasm. Suddenly, both the mother and son began panting much louder while their bodies moved much faster. Annam’s pussy felt like a oven in sheer heat. Balu’s dick felt like a cracker nearing its point of explosion. Even as both of them began wishing those moments to last longer, their bodies eventually reached their respective inevitable climaxes. Balu was filling up his mother’s pussy with his cum while Annam gushed her juices all over his dick, thighs and waist.

Annam looked down and saw several patches of their cum splashed over. For a moment, she felt a bit ashamed for letting things go this far but she had thoroughly enjoyed the way her son had fucked her mercilessly.

Balu sat on the floor leaning onto the wall while Annam slowly got herself up, picked up her saree and walked towards the adjacent room. After cleaning herself, drapping the saree around and returning to the main room, she still watched her son sitting naked with his back against the wall.

“Get up and clean yourselves,” Annam said with a smile. “The rains have stopped. Pushpa and Sundar may return anytime now.”

Even before Balu could get up, a bullock cart arrived at the door. Annam suddenly became nervous.

“Balu, go inside! They have come!”

Balu gathered his clothes and rushed towards the staircase. Annam managed to sport a smile as she watched Pushpa and Sundar alighting from the bullock cart. But, who is that girl?

Annam was puzzled to see Pushpa putting her hand around the young girl’s shoulder as they walked forward.

‘Who is this girl?’

Annam kept watching without batting an eyelid.

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