Having a Babysitter Ch. 02


The whole of the next week I was thinking about my encounter with Sarah and whether I would be able to get to spend more time with her. I found myself fantasizing about her during the day while I was work, and at night when I was home with my wife and baby.

It was the following weekend when my wife suggested we went to a neighbor’s house for dinner the following Tuesday. This was a neighbor I don’t really like but it was an opportunity for Sarah to come and babysit for us and so I readily agreed to go out for the evening. It was arranged for Sarah to come and babysit for us again and I spent the next two days imagining what would happen when she came over, and several times during the day I had to cover up so that I didn’t reveal my stiff cock to my work colleagues.

So on the Tuesday I excitedly drove over to Sarah’s house to pick her up. I was hard even before I rang on the doorbell and Sarah didn’t disappoint: once again she was wearing a tight t-shirt which clung to her tits and a short skirt that stopped above her knees revealing most of her sexy legs to my eager view. She giggled when she saw me looking her up and down and walked past me, swinging her hips in a way that turned me on even more. We quickly drove back to my house without saying anything significant. I really wanted to ask her about the previous week, and whether I would get a repeat tonight, but she didn’t seem to be interested in me tonight.

I was feeling disappointed as my wife and I left to go round to our neighbors and we said our goodbyes to Sarah.

“See you later Sarah, call us if there are any problems. Help yourself to any food if you are feeling hungry,” I said.

“Yes Mr Matthews,” she replied, “enjoy your evening and meal. I expect I’ll find something nice to eat later.” and she winked at me. I couldn’t move, and then quickly looked round to see that my wife had walked a little way down the path to the road and couldn’t have heard or seen Sarah’s suggestive comment and wink.

Throughout the dinner I was once again distracted. Did Sarah really mean what she said, or was she just teasing? I kept hoping that she would call and summon me home but the call didn’t arrive. Eventually we went home and Sarah met us at the door, explaining everything had gone alright and our baby hadn’t woken at all. I walked out to our car and Sarah got in the passenger seat as I sat in and we drove off.

By now I was so worked up and horny I took the initiative: “Let’s go to the same place as last time Sarah.”

“Really Gaziantep Fetiş Escort Mr Matthews. I’m a bit tired tonight.”

I glanced over at Sarah and there seemed to be a glint in her eyes that suggested her words didn’t reflect what she really meant. I tried my luck and drove to the community center, parking round the back of it again, and saying “You don’t get a choice Sarah.”

“But Mr Matthews…”

I interrupted her and turned to face her, “Sarah, you have got me all turned on and you will have to help me out again.”

“Well”, she hesitated, but I could still see that sparkle in her pretty blue eyes, “if I don’t have any choice.”

She reached out for my lap but I caught her hand and said, “Out of the car Sarah, we need some more room”.

I opened my door and took out a rug from the boot and moved round to her side of the car. Here we were sheltered from sight by the car and the community center, and I quickly put the still folded rug on the ground. I opened Sarah’s door and helped her out of the car, watching her sexy legs and ass as she slipped out of the passenger car seat.

“Kneel down, Sarah.” I commanded, and she meekly knelt down on the rug I had placed for her. I had my back against the car and Sarah was facing me, her pretty face and long blond hair right in front of me at waist height. “Get it out, Sarah.”

“Yes Mr Matthews” she replied in a subdued voice and used her delicate fingers to undo my belt and unzip my trousers. Then, looking up at me, she reached in to my boxers and pulled my hardening cock out. She wrapped her hand around my hot cock shaft and pumped a couple of times. It felt wonderful to have her hand on my cock again and it responded by getting fully erect so that it stuck out, pointing directly at Sarah’s young face.

“Mr Matthews?” she seemed to be nervous now, despite gently stroking my cock up and down, her soft hands sending warm feelings through my cock.

“Yes Sarah?” I asked her, wondering what was up now.

“I’ve never tasted a cock before,”,she replied, still obviously nervous.

Inside I laughed. A virgin mouth on this gorgeous blond teenager and I was going to be her first? I felt as if I was dreaming and my cock gave a huge jump in her hand. She might act sexy and talk as if she was experienced with sex but I knew different now. She was young and inexperienced, although she was obviously good with her hands as I found out to my pleasure last week.

“Kiss the end, Sarah” and she slowly bent forward, her blond hair partially covering her face and I felt her soft, red lips kiss the sensitive tip of my cock. I was in heaven. “That’s right Sarah, now lick it.” She nervously put out her tongue and licked the end of my cock, her tongue sliding across the tip. “All over the head of it Sarah.”

Obeying my instructions she moved her head around my cock, licking the head, and then pulling my foreskin back so that she could lick underneath the head too. She coated my cock head with her saliva and she seemed to be enjoying the taste judging from the soft moans I could hear.

Once again she had got me so horny I could already feel I was close to cumming, and I didn’t know how long I would last with this sexy teenager.

I quickly said “Put it into your mouth, Sarah,” and, after glancing up at me for a moment, she opened her mouth and slipped it over my cock. The softness of her red lips sliding over the head of my cock was wonderful, and I nearly let go straight away. Instead I groaned and I stroked her lovely blond hair as she took the end of my cock in her mouth. She paused then, as if not knowing what to do, which was good for me because it gave me a few moments to recover my control.

“Keep your lips firmly around my cock and now move your head up and down.” She obeyed my instructions and I groaned again, louder, as I watched her mouth slide up and down my hard cock. My cock twitched in her mouth at the sensation of her lips firmly enclosing my cock. “Oh yes Sarah, just like that!” I gasped.

Suddenly she removed her mouth and sat back, looking up at me. “I’m not sure about taking your, you know, cum in my mouth. I don’t know if I will like the taste. Please tell me when you are about to finish.”

“No Sarah, that won’t do.” Despite the pretty blue eyes and the almost pleading look on her face I knew I had to get the expectation right the first time. “The first time a girl gives head she must take the cum and swallow. After that you can make up your own mind. Understand?”

Sarah looked at me for a moment, as if wondering what she had let herself in for, but then looked down, back at my cock. She didn’t agree with me, but she opened her mouth again and took my warm cock back into her warm mouth. Perhaps she intended to move away at the critical moment? I’d have to see about that. Anyway, she picked up her rhythm again, sliding her young lips up and down my hard cock.

She would still need some more practice, but the enthusiasm of this sexy girl was getting me closer and closer to my climax. “Lick under my cock when you take it in” I instructed. Then I suddenly felt her sweet tongue rubbing gently under my cock head, her lips closed around my shaft.

That was it, I started to lose control. I grabbed her soft blond hair in my hands and started to pump my cock in and out of her small mouth. Instinctively she tried to pull away but I held her firm as I pushed my cock in and out of her mouth. She kept her mouth firmly around my cock while I plunged in and out of her young mouth. The sensations were too much and I let out a loud groan and let my cock rest just inside her mouth, the first stream of hot cum spraying hard into her mouth. She made a noise like a whimper when she felt my thick cum hit the back of her inexperienced mouth, but even if she wanted to, she couldn’t pull back because I was holding her head still, my fingers entwined in her golden hair.

My cock pulsed again and again, my warm cum slowly filling her mouth. She did well, she didn’t release her red lips from my pumping cock. Sarah gave out another whimper and then I saw her swallowing, slightly tipping her head back which moved my cock to a different angle and I felt my sensitive cock head touch the roof of her mouth.

“Keep sucking,” I said, and she kept my cock in her mouth and gently sucked, while my cum gradually subsided, until I released her hair from my grasp. My cock flopped out of her pretty mouth as she rocked back from me, her eyes wide. I didn’t know what she was feeling but I noticed that a small dribble of my cum was running out of the corner of her mouth. Absentmindedly she brought up her dainty hand and used a manicured finger to wipe it off her face before sucking her finger into her mouth. That was what I needed to know: she had enjoyed the taste of my cum.

While I did up my trousers I asked how she felt. Sarah gradually came round from her daze and answered “It was…it was good, I liked that. And your cum was surprisingly tasty, not at all how I imagined it. But I need a drink of water”.

“There is a bottle of water in the car.” And we swiftly picked up the rug and got back into the car and I started driving immediately because I didn’t know how long we had been here and didn’t want anyone to become suspicious.

At the door to her house Sarah let herself in and her mum came out to talk to me. I found it hard to look Sarah’s mum in the face but mumbled something about Sarah being a very good babysitter and we would use her again. And as I turned to leave Sarah said “Thank you Mr Matthews for giving me something tasty to eat tonight.” I hurried back to my car as quickly as possible.

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