The Party Aunt


Hello, my name is Paula. I am a forty-two-year-old single woman, five feet eight inches tall, with long brown hair. I have been an active woman my whole life, playing softball and soccer throughout my youth and college years. After my college years, I remained active after college and enjoyed my time running and at the gym, so I have kept a well-toned body for my age.I have always been a party person, and since my first sexual experience, I have always loved to let loose and embrace my sexual desires. Because of those desires, I never married. I never really had a relationship for an extended length of time.  I could never settle for being tied down to one man. I always seemed antsy and would move on to another man or woman, which would end things. Many would say that I am addicted to sex. Through the years, I have enjoyed cocks of many different colors, sizes, and thicknesses which is why I am still single but happy.Because I chose to remain single, I became very close to my niece Krissy. As a little girl, I would spoil her rotten. As she got older, we became even closer and confided in each other all the time.As Krissy became a teenager, I wanted to move closer to her to spend as much time as possible. So, I bought a farmhouse that sat on five acres of land. I was thrilled to get it with all that land, so I was assured privacy. After moving in, I had a pool and hot tub installed and surrounded it with a beautiful patio. I loved that I could do as I wanted, and no one knew what I was doing. I spent a great deal of time in my pool and hot tub, and I have to admit that most of the time, I was not in any swimwear. I loved being naked outside.As Krissy got older, she and her friends would spend a great deal of time at my place poolside. I soon became the party host for all the boys and girls. I have to admit I did not hate that. On the contrary, I enjoyed being part of their young lives and being privy to all their secrets.Krissy always enjoyed me being there since I ensured everyone was well taken care of with snacks, drinks, etc. I knew the boys always wanted me there since they always checked me out. I admit I would pick out the fitting bikinis to make them notice. The house was big, and there was a lot of land, so I didn’t crowd them. I would give them their space. The boys were always polite and helpful. They would often stop by to mow my lawn or do some small chores for me.As I mentioned, Krissy and I were very close, and she was comfortable with asking me any questions or concerns she may have had. I was glad about that since my sister, her mother, was a bit of a prude. One night, as the girls were sitting and sharing their gaziantep ofise gelen escort secrets, Mary ( a friend of Krissy’s) told them that she was bi-sexual.  The next day Krissy came by to have a heart-to-heart about bi-sexuality.  She had questions about how Mary knew she liked women and men. I never sugar-coated anything, and I always told Krissy the honest and open truth, so I went on to explain the best I could how many women enjoy spending time with women as well as men. It didn’t make them gay. They just wanted a variety.After listening intently, Krissy turned to me and asked if I was ever with another woman. As I said before, I never lied to her, so I told her I was. As you can imagine, that opened up a new line of questions. I answered them the best I could and explained the dynamics of a relationship with another woman.As the talk ended, I told Krissy it was my turn to ask a question.  “Do you think you’re bi-sexual?”Krissy hesitated before nervously answering and telling me, “I do not know. I find myself feeling butterflies in my stomach whenever I am with Tammy. When she hugs me or touches me, I melt. I get the same feeling when a boy I like touches me. I can’t stop looking at her when we change, or poolside, in her bathing suit. I do love being with men, but I do have a feeling for her. Do you think I am bi?”That is the type of relationship Krissy and I have. We loved and supported each other. That is why I felt comfortable talking to her a few days later about a boy, who is always there, named Jake. He was tall, about six-foot-six inches, and, since he was a star on the football team, he worked out all the time, so he had a well-toned body. Seeing him poolside always got a woman’s juices flowing, and I was no different.  I had to ask Krissy why Jake didn’t have a girlfriend.Krissy smiled and blushed as she told me, ”Because the girls are afraid of him.”“Afraid of him? Why, he seems like a sweet, gentle guy. I don’t understand why they would be afraid of him?”“Aunt Paula, it is not because he is mean. It is because he is, well, you know. He is too big down there.”I was shocked, but I looked Krissy in her eyes and muttered, ”Too big. Is that possible?”Krissy looked embarrassed as she yelled, ”AUNT PAULA, you’re so bad!”“Oh no, Krissy, you haven’t lived until you had a good fuck with a big thick cock.” I told her as I walked out to run my errands.As I did my errands, my mind kept racing as I thought about what Krissy had told me. I wonder just how big Jake is? How could anyone be afraid of a big cock? My curiosity had peaked, and that gaziantep öğrenci escort made my pussy wet.My personality has always been to go and get what I want, no matter what.  Being consumed with the thought of Jake and his big dick for days, I knew I wanted him. So I started paying more attention to Jake than usual when the gang was over at the house. I was a bit more flirtatious with Jake. I would fabricate situations when we were alone, if only for a short time. I would be touchy with him, touching his arm, chest, and face. You got the idea.Krissy stopped one day with a package and told me Jake would stop by on his way home, Sunday, to pick it up. She asked if I would be there to give it to him since she would be out of town. My mind immediately started to flood with ideas.“Oh yes, sweetie, I will be here to give it to him.” As I said before, I know what I want, and I am a go-getter, so I am not one to pass up an opportunity like this.I started to devise a plan. I admit I had a moment of morality as I thought, is this the right thing for me to do? But that moment fled quickly. Since I am a size queen, the thought of that big cock won out. I decided I was going to go for it. Jake was a young man, and what young man would turn down an opportunity to get laid?  The scheme was set. Jake was to drop by somewhere around eleven in the morning, and I’d be ready. I sat on the steps of the pool, hunched over as if looking down into the water. I heard Jake drive up, so I was prepared. The gate opened, and I acted like I didn’t hear it. Jake got about fifteen feet from me before he said, “hello.”I sat up quickly, acting as if I was startled. Jake stopped dead in his tracks once he saw that I was topless. His eyes locked on my tits, and he couldn’t stop looking. “Oh, Jake, I didn’t realize it was so late. Sorry, I decided to get some early morning sun. Guess it’s too late to cover up. You already got an eyeful,” I said with a chuckle.Jake quickly turned away. “Oh, come on, Jake, not like you haven’t stared at them before. I always see you checking them out.”Jake looked even more embarrassed, knowing I caught him looking at me.“It’s okay, Jake. I don’t mind you looking. It is flattering to have a young stud like you checking me out.””I guess you stopped by for the package,” I said. He nodded his head. “It is over here on the table.”I stood up to get it. Jake’s eyes widened when he noticed I had no bikini bottoms on. His eyes were magnets as he locked in on my freshly-waxed pussy. I walked over to the table and returned, handing the package to him. He was stumbling oğuzeli escort for words to say, “thank you.””If you are not in a hurry, Jake, it is a scorching one today, if you want to go for a swim.”Jake’s eyes finally moved up and away from my pussy to look me in the eyes. “Umm, thanks, but I don’t have my suit.”I laughed, “Well, Jake, it’s not like you’re the only one,” I said as I moved my hands up and down, pointing out how naked I was. “Besides, I will welcome the company.”I turned and walked into the shallow end of the pool and submerged myself in the water, “Besides, the water feels great.”Not knowing what Jake had decided, I was pleased when I finally turned to him, watching him facing away from me, removing his shirt. Even before I was told about Jake’s big cock, the sight of his body would turn me on. He was so toned. With a hard chest and tight abs, Jake was an outstanding athlete. He worked out constantly, and his body showed it. Still looking away from me, I watched as Jake lowered his shorts. I was surprised that I never really noticed how tight Jake’s ass was. I smiled to myself as I took in the pleasant site.Then the moment of truth, Jake turned to walk to the pool. I tried not to show emotion, but once I saw that big thick cock, my eyes must have bulged out of my sockets.  Thinking to myself that the girls didn’t do it justice, he was bigger than they let on. He was only semi-hard and bigger than most men, not to mention the thickness.This strengthened my resolve even more. I knew I wanted him even more than I did before. As Jake walked to the pool, my eyes locked on his cock, watching it sway as he walked toward me. Jake sat on the pool’s edge with his feet in the water on the steps.“How’s the water,” he asked me.“It’s nice, but getting hotter,” I said with a devilish grin.I was unsure if Jake picked up on my meaning, but I wasn’t turning back now. As much as I wanted to attack him right then and there, I tried to build it up. First, I started asking Jake several questions about his plans and goals. Then, I worked the conversation to the topic of his dating life. Finally, I was straightforward when I asked him why he didn’t have a girlfriend.Jake started feeling uneasy and embarrassed. “I don’t know,” was his reply.“Oh, come on, Jake, what are you afraid to tell me? Don’t be shy, sweetie. We have let it all out now,” I said, chuckling.Jake looked at himself sitting naked on the pool’s edge, then looked up at me and chuckled, “Yeah, I guess you’re right, there. I have had some girlfriends. It is just that the girls I have dated are not ones that I know from our peer group.”“Why is that, Jake?” I asked.“Because there has been a rumor that was started by all the girls I know.”“A rumor? Is it something you did? Is the story accurate?”Jake looked away, not making eye contact with me. He nodded yes and mumbled, “Yes, it is.”“Oh, Jake, I’m sorry. Can I ask what the rumor is about?”Jake became unsettled, squirming as he sat on the pool’s edge. “Ummm, the girls think I am, you know, too big down there.”

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