A Man and His Woman

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I heard some people say that they don’t think that big people have sex lives, let alone satisfactory sex lives. Whoever said these things is lying. Don’t ask them. Just ask me, Bartleby Davidson. I’m a big and tall black man ( six-foot-three and two hundred and fifty pounds) living in Buffalo, New York. I’m a police officer in the city and I’ve put in ten years with the precinct. This story that I’m about to share with you is all true.

I met my wife Kimberly Dalton when I was eighteen back in 1980. Back then, I was just a young black man unsure of himself in the college scene. I came from a small town in Long Island and the scene around NYU was very different from what I was used to. I was looking for the dorms when I saw her. A very tall, large young woman. The girl stood around six-foot-one, big-boned, curvy and sexy, with a large, round butt. She wore a black shirt and blue jeans. Her long blonde hair was pulled into a bun. Her pale brown eyes looked at me appraisingly.

I approached her and asked her for directions. She was kind enough to walk me to the dorms. NYU was very different back then. It was fifty percent male and fifty percent female, with an even mix of black people and other minorities. Lately, the number of black male students in college has decreased and I’m not happy about that at all. I went into the dorm and settled in. My roommate was this guy named Paul Stanley. He was a tall, slim black guy. A really cool guy. Like me, he was studying Criminal Justice. While I wanted to be a cop, Paul wanted to be a lawyer. I didn’t like lawyers but I thought Paul was a fine young man.

I would see Kimberly around campus. This girl was something else. She was probably the tallest female on campus. I asked about her. Kimberly played for the women’s basketball team. She was a pretty good player. No one knew anything about her life off the court. She was a polite person who kept to herself. That’s what most people had to say about her.

There were plenty of females on campus and I found them to be very pretty but I was looking for something special, you know. Now, I’m not the marrying kind or at least, I wasn’t back then, but I wanted to go out with a girl who was okay. Most chicks I saw around campus were flaky. Chicks lived in cliques even at the college level. Cliques were annoying and so passé if you ask me. Of course, there was always a Queen Bee ruling them all. It seems that every girl I met fell into an unpleasant stereotype. The arrogant bitch. The conniving slut. The ambitious and ruthless geek. The shy but unstable bookworm. It seems to me that in their own way, they were all crazy. What’s a brother to do?

I was looking for a woman who was smart, easy to get along with, not a psycho, not a control freak and also not a backstabber. I didn’t want to date a princess who thought the world revolved around her or a ball-busting bimbo. I didn’t want a slut either. I was looking for a good girl and I don’t mean the repressed religious type. No, I was looking for a decent human being of the female persuasion. There didn’t seem to be any around. After too many nightmarish dates from hell, I gave up.

One day, I got kicked out of the dorms for the weekend because someone on my floor was smoking dope and the Resident Assistant, an annoying black bitch, threw me out for three days. Where in hell was I supposed to go? I asked my friend James and he couldn’t let me stay at his place because his annoying girlfriend Josephine was around. I had been there for the guy and he wouldn’t even lift a finger to help me. You never know who your true friends are until you’re in trouble.

I asked Roger Dalton, this big and tall football player I knew. Roger hesitated. I lowered my head. Not another rejection. It seems that I would be homeless. That’s when someone walked into the room. It was Kimberly, the tall girl I had met months earlier. I had no idea that she was Roger’s sister. Now that I saw them together, standing almost the same height ( he was slightly taller), I could see the family resemblance. Kimberly looked me in the eye and asked me what was going on. I told her my sad story. Someone was smoking dope in the dorms and the conservative Resident Assistant who hated my guts blamed me for yalova escort it. I had no place to go. Roger had enough of me and was ready to show me the door. I walked out.

I was halfway out of the school when I heard someone calling my name. It was Kimberly. She walked toward me. I stopped. When she got close enough, she told me to follow her. I had no idea where she wanted me to go. She told me that she was going to find me a place to stay. She would let me stay at her place. I was very surprised. Why in hell was she helping me, a guy she didn’t know all that well? She told me that it’s what she would want someone to do for her if she were in that situation. I looked at this young woman, surprised. I didn’t think people like her existed outside of feel-good movies. I accepted her offer, like I had any choice!

Kimberly lived in the women’s dorm. Her room was small but Spartan. I liked it. There were bunk beds there. Her roommate, a Hispanic woman named Isabella was currently staying with her boyfriend Kyle, of the Men’s Soccer team. Over that weekend, I would get to know this young woman who had saved my butt. Kimberly was a year older than I was and she was studying to become an accountant. She had a head for numbers. She was fiercely driven to succeed. I admired that about her. She was Roger’s younger sister and they both grew up far away from New York. They were natives of a small town called Plymouth, down in Massachusetts. A tomboy and her super jock older brother, together in college. Wow!

The weekend ended and I found myself back in my dorm again. I hadn’t forgotten what Kim had done for me. I asked her out and she accepted. We went to town the following weekend and watched a movie together. That’s how it all began. We became friends and after that, we began dating. In 1983, she graduated with a degree in accounting. In 1984, I got my Criminal Justice degree and went to the state police academy. I became a police officer six months later and joined the NYPD. In 1986, we got married.

Life is okay for us. Okay, you’re probably wondering about the sex parts. Relax, I won’t disappoint you. My wife and I have changed somewhat over the years. I’m a Detective Sergeant with the New York City Police Department these days. I’m also an instructor at the police academy part time. She’s the Vice President of Human Resources at Anderson & Morris, a small accounting firm in Manhattan. We do fairly well for ourselves. And we get freaky every chance we get.

Take two nights ago for example. I fell asleep on the couch after a long day at work. I’ve had a tough day. I had to testify against a woman who was a former state representative and hired a paid killer to get rid of her husband. The husband survived. She got locked up for conspiracy to commit murder. Fifteen years in jail. All in a good day. We have a good district attorney in the city. I was understandably tired. I woke up in an unusual way. I woke up to find my cock in my wife’s mouth. I don’t like this usually because I feel that she should ask first but after the day I’ve had, I didn’t mind. Hell, I didn’t mind at all.

Kimberly had gotten naked. I looked at my wife, all six feet one inches and two hundred and sixty pounds of her. She was a big and tall woman with huge breasts, a thick and somewhat chubby but still sexy body and a big ass. The sight of her naked always makes me hard. Kimberly sucked my cock and licked my balls. I raised my legs to allow her more access and she continued sucking me off. Man, this was the shit. She was working my cock like a pro and I was stroking her hair and loving every minute of it. I endured this sweet torture for another ten minutes before I came. When I did, she drank up all of my seed.

I looked at her. Kim looked at me and smiled. Even after twenty years of marriage, this woman could still surprise me, and in a good way too! I kissed her. She kissed me back. We continued this little session in the shower. With the warm water falling over our bodies, we made love. It was fantastic. We tried so many different positions. I lay flat on the shower floor with my cock sticking upward and she straddled me, riding me for all she was worth. I was holding her hips and thrusting into her like there zonguldak escort was no tomorrow. She was gripping my shoulders for support and screaming my name.

The next thing we tried was a classic that unfortunately, many couples are uncomfortable with. My lovely wife Kim bent over the sofa and spread her ample butt cheeks wide open. I took a condom and put it on. I held my cock in hand, well-lubed, and rubbed it against her pink little asshole. Slowly, I entered her. We’ve tried anal before and it’s something we both enjoy. I began to feed my dick slowly to her anus which swallowed it like a hungry mouth. Slowly, I began sliding into her. Kim rubbed her pussy and fingered herself while I took her in the ass. She urged me to fuck her harder. I did. We went at it like this for a long time, until I came.

Slowly, I pulled out of Kimberly. We both lay there, panting. She kissed me, then her mouth was on my cock again. She was sucking me like she wanted to drain the life out of me. She slid one of her fingers into my butt. I gasped. She winked at me and I smiled. She worked her finger into my ass, and then added another finger. This isn’t usually my cup of tea but I had to admit that this stuff felt good. Kim worked two of her fingers into my ass and fucked me with them until I came in her mouth for the second time.

I couldn’t believe I had come again. Kimberly drank my seed, and smiled at me. I looked at this woman, amazed. She was amazing. She pulled me down on top of her and we rolled around on the floor. I inserted myself inside her pussy this time. Kim wrapped her arms around me and pressed me deep into her. I gave it to her the way I knew she liked it. Slow and steady at first, then harder and faster. We continued to go at it like this. Later, after we climaxed two or three times, we both lay there.

Kimberly was still not sated. She asked me to try something different with her. She propped me up on all fours and began licking my ass and fingering my asshole with her fingers. At the same time, she was sucking my cock. I couldn’t believe how horny this was making me. After a while, Kim wanted to feel me inside her again. She held my cock and pressed it against her asshole. My cock slid into her back door. Kim gasped and urged me to fuck her harder. I did. I felt her reach around me and slip her finger up my ass. What the fuck? She simply smiled and continued fingering my ass while I pumped my dick in her tight asshole. We went at it like this for a long time, until I came.

An hour later, we lay on the floor, finally sated. We talked about some of our sexual fantasies. Kimberly was the freakier half of this couple. She wanted to do it all. She liked sucking my dick, and also taking it up the ass. She loved having a dick ramming her pussy. She was a sexual tornado. She told me of a fantasy she had. She wanted to use a strap on dildo on me. I was shocked. Kimberly looked at me. No way in hell was I going to do that. She begged and pleaded. My answer was no. Most guys can relate to me on this one.

I didn’t mind my wife fingering my ass but having a plastic cock shoved up my hole isn’t my idea of fun. Besides, I’m a man, you know. What would the guys at the police department say if they knew I took it up the ass? Many of them would suspect me of being gay or at least bisexual. I am one hundred percent heterosexual, thank you very much. Kimberly was not happy with my answer but she dropped the subject. Her attitude toward me changed somewhat.

Oh, she was still loving and nice and all that but the loving was different. She didn’t make love with her usual passion. When I wanted to play with her big sexy butt, she just got on all fours and spread her cheeks. I would penetrate her anally and she didn’t do anything other than lying there. I didn’t like this. I liked it when she was vocal and active. After a while, she ceased to be interested in sex altogether. She wouldn’t talk about the reasons. I thought she was punishing me but she said she simply didn’t get me. She had always been willing to try anything sexual with me, often just to please me but she was appalled by the fact that I refused to satisfy her fantasy.

I didn’t like it when women tried playing guilt zonguldak escort trips on me. My mother tried this stuff with me and it doesn’t work because oftener than not, I don’t care. In the case of Kim, I felt bad, though. She had never refused me. So, one day, I finally decided to talk to her about it. If we were going to try this thing, it would be on my terms and my terms only. She was ecstatic! Man, she was so happy that she pushed me down on the floor and got on top of me. She was kissing me all over and took me into her mouth. That day, my dick went into her mouth, her pussy and finally, in her asshole. I made her scream like a woman possessed. It was a lot of fun.

We decided to work our way up into her fantasy. Kim would finger my asshole while sucking my dick. It was fun and it got me hard. One day, we tried something bigger than her finger. A small dildo twice as big as the middle finger. We had plenty of lubricant and Kim patiently worked the dildo inside me. She worked about five inches of blue dildo up my ass the first time we tried. I got hard as hell. She fingered her wet pussy while working the dildo up my asshole. I stroked my dick and watched her.

After this first session, we were both happy. I decided that maybe this whole dildo and ass business wouldn’t be so bad if we were patient with each other and didn’t let our business get out of the bedroom. I wasn’t interested in power games. I didn’t want her to act like a dominatrix around the house. I’m still the man and damn it, I wear the pants! Even if I’m being fucked by my wife’s dildo. I’m man enough to take whatever get dished my way. That should satisfy anyone questioning my masculinity.

Our final experiment about this whole business was when she actually acquired the strap on dildo. This one was completely black and a bit longer and thicker than the last one. I was a bit worried but Kim had gotten enough lube to lubricate a whole car. She sucked my cock, then slowly worked the dildo into me after greasing both it and me up. The first inch was the worst. The rest was not an easy breeze but it was okay, I guess. I lay on my back on our bed, and looked at Kim as she stroked me and slowly began to pump away. She looked hot the dildo strapped around her waist. Hot. The thing felt huge in my ass.

She was gentle at first then she got caught up in the excitement and began to pump away. As she drilled the dildo into my ass, I realized what she felt all those times when I took her in a similar fashion. Vulnerability, and the desire to trust your partner and hope that he or she won’t hurt you. Trust. I trusted her. Just as she had trusted me all those times. She looked at me and smiled. Leaned down for a kiss. I kissed her, and touched her breasts. Our lips were locked together as she continued to fuck me. This went on for a long time, until I came.

When I did, she pulled the dildo out of me and I breathed in relief. Finally, it was over. Kim smiled and asked me if I liked it. Yeah, I did. It was okay, I guess. We concluded the evening by having a more traditional type of sex. Kim was so happy that I had allowed her wish to come true that she was trying really hard to please me. Well, there was nothing I liked more than her butt. This time, though, I did something I didn’t usually do. I didn’t want to take her from behind. I wanted to look at her as we did it.

Kim lay on her back and raised her legs so that they rested on my shoulders. I rubbed my lubricated cock against her asshole, and stopped. I looked at her, smiling. I had a new appreciation for this position now that I knew what the reverse felt like. Kimberly smiled at me, and urged me to take her. I did. I pushed my cock inside her, and our bodies were joined. She moved her hips to allow me greater access. I pumped away as she wrapped her arms around me and pressed me into her. We made love like this all night.

When I woke up, I found out that Kimberly had put a sheet over me and had made breakfast. She was dressed and ready for work. I smiled at her. She smiled back, gave me a kiss and then she left. I sat up and winced. Don’t even ask! I thought about last night’s events. Wow, what a wild night! This woman was awesome! I stirred, stretched and moved about. It was seven and my shift didn’t even start until nine. I had plenty of time. I looked at our house, and also at pictures of Kim and me at various moments in our lives. I was glad to have her in my life and I know she’s glad to have me in hers. Not a doubt in my life.

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