The Fetish Club


The music in the fetish club throbbed in Margaret’s ears as she sat, sipping mineral water at the bar and waiting for Ethan to arrive. Around her, an impressive array of vinyl skinned, latex wrapped, and leather-clad strangers seethed like a river as they negotiated past the islands of undulating bodies that swayed and bounced to the heavy bass beats that fill the club.

Margaret paid the crowd little mind, however, as her attention was focused on the small stage that dominated the center of this section of the club. Past the bodies and heads of the other club goers, she caught a glimpse of a man and a woman, probably still in their twenties, as they mounted the steps onto the small raised platform.

With one gloved hand, Margaret raised the highball glass to her mouth. Bubbles from the water tickled her nose as she pressed the colored warmth of her lips to the cool, wet circle of the rim.

The male performer wore a black, snap-front vinyl shirt tucked within tight leggings that slipped down into tall, military style boots. After he ascended the small set of stairs, he held out his hand to the young woman behind him. She placed her own delicate hand into his as her spiked heels teetered upon the painted, plywood stairway. She nearly stumbled upon reaching the lip of the stage, but the man was attentive and placed his hands around the girl’s tiny waist, his fingers joining themselves over the leather of her corset, to steady her. Together, the couple made their way to the center of the stage before he put his hands upon her shoulders, gently pushing her down to her knees.

The mineral water began to sparkle against Margaret’s lips. She dabbed her tongue out slightly to help catch liquid in its fold as she watched the girl onstage slowly lean down and pressed her mouth against the shiny surface of the man’s boots.

Before she even realized what she was doing, Margaret put the glass down upon the bar and began to rub the slick collar of her blouse between her gloved fingertips. The blouse was of tight, white latex, mersin escort with the top snaps left undone just enough to show a bit of cleavage, and it disappeared into a long, pencil skirt that clung to every curve of Margaret’s body as she twisted around on the bar stool to get a better view of the couple on stage.

As the young woman on stage began to move her tongue slowly from the toe to the sides of the man’s boot, Margaret discretely rested a hand upon her lap. Beneath the skirt, she could only just feel the end of the tiny vibrator hidden in the small, built-in pouch of the panties Ethan had instructed her to wear. The vibrator remained quiet beneath her fingertips however…its wireless remote away somewhere out of her reach. She smiled at the thought of Ethan somewhere nearby with the control to the vibrator between her legs, and a kind of anxiousness crept over her.

Margaret moved the hand from her lap and began to sip from her glass again as she watched the kneeling women’s hands race up and down the vinyl leggings of her male counterpart. Then, just as she began to lower her glass, a short burst of buzzing erupted from between her legs. Startled, Margaret spilled some of the water onto the bar. A bartender with a pierced eyebrow glanced her way, and she smiled embarrassingly before dabbing at the spill with her damp bar napkin.

Margaret’s eyes darted across the club floor, trying to pick Ethan out from the hundreds of other people in the club as the vibrator inside her began to tremble again.

Then his warm breath behind her ear made her realize that her search was at its end.

The woman on stage was now moving her tongue across the front of her partner’s leggings, and the vinyl beneath her mouth swelled in response.

Moving close behind her, Ethan moved his lips against the hair behind her ear. He encircled her waist with one free arm, and the vibrator increased in intensity. Margaret reached back and grabbed his leg with one hand, her lips parting kocaeli escort slightly. She could feel herself being pushed almost to the edge of climax when the vibrator again went dead within her.

Margaret let out a small sigh.

Taking her up by one gloved hand, Ethan helped her up from the barstool. The tight, pencil skirt allowed her only small steps as she was guided from the bar through the throng of onlookers to the short metal barricade that separated the performers on stage from the audience. They were now at the very front and center of the platform. With his left hand, Ethan grabbed the top of the tubed steel barrier, sandwiching her between his body and the steel.

Onstage, the young woman has risen from her knees and encircled the man with her arms, kissing him deeply before he slowly turned her around and began to tie her arms behind her back with several lengths of red nylon rope.

Margaret licked her lips slightly as Ethan coaxed the vibrator within her body back to life again with the control hidden in his front pocket. Then his free hand moved from the barricade to the smooth latex sheen of her blouse, and he placed one arm slightly behind her body so that she could touch him. The leather of his pants slid under Margaret’s gloved hand as she sought to stir his sex within its tight prison. Her face began to flush as Ethan alternated the speed of the vibrator. As the man onstage placed a rubber ball gag within the girl’s mouth, Margaret’s body began to tremble in sympathetic vibration to the throbbing beneath her tight latex skirt.

Eyes narrowed down to slits, Margaret continued to watch the performers.

Reality was slipping away from her…the performers on stage…the vibrator…her lover’s touch…they were all beginning to disappear. The pleasure racing through her body was eroding her thoughts down to a pin prick, and all that was left was a deep wondering why Ethan didn’t just bend her over, rip apart her skirt, and take her right there samsun escort on the club floor…or better yet, push her onstage so that he could have her in front of the upturned faces of this eager audience that was now oblivious to them. But even beneath these thoughts, the vibrator was incessant and insistent, and Margaret ran a gloved hand between the rubber blouse and the soft skin of her body in counterpoint to its trembling.

Almost helpless, Margaret pressed herself against the barricade in an effort to force the orgasm that would release her from her exquisite suffering. But the barrier was too high to help her press the vibrator against the damp demands of what lay inside her latex skirt.

A sheen of perspiration built up across her body as Margaret watched the man on stage bend the girl over a leather padded sawhorse and remove a leather cat’o’nine tales from the whip rack nearby.

Sensing her need, Ethan moved a hand to the front of her skirt and pressed the wriggling plastic vibrator further within her. Margaret’s moan was inaudible in the loud music of the club, and her hand began to frantically rub the leather front of Ethan’s pants as the male performer onstage shook out the tangled strips of leather from the flogger and readied himself to strike the backside of the young woman through the fishnets of her stockings.

Margaret’s breathing became shallow, and she gulped for moisture against the dryness of her mouth as Ethan’s hand pressed further down upon her.

And it was then, as the first blow from the stage performer’s flogger whisked across the gagged girl’s backside, that Margaret’s body stumbled into overload and an orgasmic cascade crashed over her, eroding her consciousness to mere animal response. Struggling to turn around quickly in Ethan’s loosening grasp, Margaret kissed him before the last waves of pleasure faded utterly from her body. Grabbing his buttocks, she crushed herself against him, panting and devouring his mouth with hers until all her strength was gone, and she collapsed in his arms.

Breathing heavily, Margaret began the slow crossing from the subspace of her mind back into the real world. Pressing her face against Ethan’s chest and feeling his arms around her, she smiled as one thought surfaced from the warm, pink jumble of her thoughts.

“Now, that’s entertainment!”

The End

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