Summer Fireworks

I hadn’t been back to the beach in a few years. I’d wanted to finish my degree as quickly as possible and summer classes had kept me away. My family still went every year though. Dad still stopped at the same shop every time to get those fireworks. You know, the ones you’re not supposed to be able to buy, even down here. He’d stop in every year to load up before driving home. They were still a lot cheaper down here than back home and the slight sense of being dangerous certainly had its appeal to me as a teenager.

I noticed him the very first year we stopped in. He was a little older than me, no more than a few years. I figured it must have been his dad’s shop. He had scruffy, dirty-blonde hair, twinkling blue eyes, tanned and toned body, how could I not notice?! I was in my awkward teenager phase and of course I wore my finest beach bum attire and a goofy bucket hat I was particularly attached to. (When I first saw it, I don’t know, it just seemed lucky to me I guess.) I was also still a bit chubby after puberty had hit me square in the hips the year before. Still, I couldn’t keep my young eyes off of him.

He noticed. Thankfully neither of our dad’s seemed to as they talked shop. I wandered off before I could embarrass myself any further. The glass counter they were at was off to the side and had legal fireworks (you had to ask the right person about the kind my dad was buying), knives, and other paraphernalia they wouldn’t want kids lingering around. The rest of the shop was more family friendly tourist crap. Overpriced clothes with OBX garishly adorned on them, tacky souvenirs, sunglasses, beach hats, stickers, that sort of thing. I wandered the aisles but kept stealing glances of him. He caught me once and I felt the heat run through every bit of me as I blushed crimson. I was so young and naïve, but not that naïve. I had an idea of what was going on, but that was the extent of it.

For the next few years we’d go back like clockwork. The house we rented was a Friday to Friday check in/check out and we’d be there for the holiday weekend. Dad and I always stopped into that shop the Thursday before we’d leave so we could stock up. Every year I’d steal glances out from underneath my dorky bucket hat, my long golden-brown hair somewhat tamed by the thing. He was always quiet and reserved, polite enough about me ogling him, but that was it.

That last year, the summer before I started college, was the first time he said anything at all to me. I still wore that tacky bucket hat. It was cheesy but I loved it and had become somewhat of a tradition. We were walking out to the car, dad’s arms loaded down with an oversized box of explosives. A strong wind surprised me, blowing my goofy hat off and halfway across the parking lot. I don’t know where he came from, but he jogged past me and darted to pick up my hat. Dad opened the trunk to our SUV and I sheepishly walked to meet him as he headed back towards us.

“Thanks,” was all I could manage to mumble as I took it from his outstretched hand.

“No problem, Miss,” he replied with enough of a southern accent to immediately wet my panties.

And that was it. That’s all he said to me, and he was gone again. I couldn’t help but stare after him with my mouth hanging open. Still, I fantasized about him for weeks after that. Laying in bed at night, thinking of all the things I wanted him to do to me, all the things I wanted to do to him. I’d stifle my moans as I made myself cum thinking of him fucking me on the beach as waves crashed into us. Not terribly practical, but hey, it was just a fantasy.

Before I knew it I was packed and headed off to college. My fantasies soon turned to other, more present individuals. It was college and I was trying to graduate as quickly as possible, so my time was limited. This didn’t go over well with most college guys that seem to have a primal need to fuck multiple times a day. Not that I minded that, but my schedule was a bit hectic. The relationships would eventually turn into more of a fuck buddy situation which worked out well for a time before ultimately being ended for this reason or that. Through it all, over the course of three years, when the summer heat became unbearable my mind and my fantasies would always wind back to him. I don’t even know why. I imagine it had something to do with him being one of my first crushes. He was one of the first seemingly attainable infatuations that I’d fantasize about and the hope that something could come of it kept my pussy wet.

The summer between college and grad school I’d decided to finally take a bit of a break and spend some quality time with my family. I made sure not to schedule anything that would keep me from our beach trip. This time I wasn’t going to wait until the Thursday before leaving to visit that shop. We got into town on Friday and while my family was getting settled and grocery shopping for the week I decided to stop in.

I’d worked hard to lose that extra weight I’d escort bayan never been able to shake before, revealing an hourglass figure I was proud of. I’d also decided to dress a little flirtier for today. Now or never, right? I wore a yellow summer dress with black polka dots. The hem went down to my ankles, but the dress had slits on the sides that went up to my thighs. It had a rather low, V-shaped neckline that my ample breasts strained against and had narrow strips of fabric for the sleeves with a mostly bare back. (Not my dad’s favorite.) It was certainly what I’d call a sensual look, but in no way inappropriate for this place. At least not comparatively, I thought to myself as I watched some people walk in before me wearing strappy bikini tops with cut off shorts. After more deliberation than you’d think I’d decided to ditch the bucket hat.

Two of the bikini girls held the door as I followed in behind them. Appreciating the view as much as the gesture I smiled and thanked them. They wandered over towards the glass case and I didn’t want to look like I was following them. Besides, I wanted to catch a glimpse of him before just awkwardly not knowing what to say. ‘Heya, I’ve been fantasizing about you for years. Would you like to go fuck on the beach at sunset?’ I mean, that might work. I’d gotten rather…flirty isn’t the right word. Slutty might be more accurate. Proud slutty? Sex positive! That’s what I’d become. I enjoyed sex and saw no reason to deny myself.

As I contemplated having not really thought this through a voice pulled me from my fantasies. “Hey! Bucket hat, right? Well, I guess not anymore apparently. How’re ya?! It’s been a couple of years.” His voice seemed a bit overly excited, and I was more than a little happy to see his expression matched his tone. I was dumbfounded that he remembered me. I knew I’d changed a bit over the past few years. I shouldn’t have been surprised that he had as well. He was still tanned as ever, his dirty-blonde hair was lighter, more washed out, and he’d added to his definition. His jawline seemed sharper as well. Baby Adonis all grown up. His eyes were the same though, shining blue and kind.

“Hi! Uh, yea, I’m surprised you remember me, err, it, given how many people come through here. I guess I kind of…outgrew it, I suppose. It was such an awkward thing,” I clumsily confessed as I felt my cheeks turning red under his steady gaze.

“I don’t remember awkward. But I do remember you. I always thought you were kind of, I don’t know, adorable.” He half smiled as he watched for my reaction. The familiar sensation of building wetness was overwhelming as the timber of his voice with the affect of his accent drove me wild. If I’d been blushing before, now I was simply ablaze. I didn’t know what to say. I’d never been so tongue-tied in my life. I was blowing it and I knew it, my furiosity at myself growing rapidly.

He’d started to say something, and his dad called him over to the counter. He muttered a “fuck,” under his breath, surprising me more than a little, before turning his attentions back to me. “I have some deliveries this afternoon, and I know this is a bit forward, but could we possibly get drinks later? I’m Nick, by the way.”

“I’m Diana, and yea, that sounds nice,” I replied, trying to play it cool and keep my obvious relief to a minimum. We exchanged numbers and squared up a few of the details as his father watched, his annoyance beginning to become evident. I watched him walk away, catching him turn back to steal a glance. He must have hundreds of people, thousands even, walk through here. Why on earth did he remember me?! I’m cute, maybe, but adorable?

I went back to the house to relax and socialize for a bit. I told my parents I had plans to go out and socialize with some locals I’d befriended from the years before. My dad seemed a bit skeptical, but he wasn’t going to give me any crap. I knew how to take care of myself.

Speaking of taking care of myself… My nerves were a bit on edge as I went to shower for drinks. I’d almost left my magic wand at home for fear of anyone hearing it or somehow stumbling upon it, but I was certainly happy enough to have it with me now. I took a shower and hopped out, leaving the water running. I flipped my Hitachi onto the lower level of intensity and slowly pressed it up against myself as I bent over the bathroom counter. I closed my eyes and saw him under me, in me as I rode his cock in the wet sand, my hips moving into the vibrations as my climax continued to build. I could hear him moaning as he fucked me harder, and harder until my knees began to weaken and my legs started shaking as a blissfully strong orgasm overtook me. I flipped off the Hitachi and leaned onto the counter until my pussy stopped quivering from the aftershocks.

He was standing outside of the little bar when I got there. He’d changed clothes from cargo shorts and a t-shirt to jeans and a short-sleeved button up. I’d changed altıparmak escort bayan into a pink babydoll dress with a black wrap jacket that landed below the dress’s hemline. My heart was racing as his eyes landed on me and stayed as I walked up to him. There were a couple of others outside smoking that had noticed us, and he quickly embraced me, planting a quick kiss on my cheek before taking my hand and hurrying me inside. I’d never been that close to him before, and his natural musk was addictive. I can’t explain it, but I needed more.

We sat at the bar, and I was relieved when we easily fell into a comfortable conversation with one another. He was genuinely sweet, but he had a gruff side to him as well. We really didn’t have too much in common, but that seemed all the more fun for both of us. The way I’d catch him gazing at me, the flutters I’d get in my stomach when his hand would graze some part of me, my hand, an arm, a knee, and linger…we certainly had at least this one interest, one desire, in common.

Throughout the evening his touch lingered longer and longer. I made it abundantly clear that it was more than welcome. We ended up getting kicked out as the bar closed. Neither of us were even buzzed anymore. At some point we’d stopped drinking and had just really honed in on one another. He walked me back to my car that I’d driven down myself. I wanted to spend more time in a quasi-road trip sort of thing on the way back and having my own car allowed me my independence while down here. We expressed our mutual enjoyment and began to say our goodbyes as he inched closer and closer. I’d been leaning back against my car and he was now close enough I could almost taste him. “Miss Diana, may I kiss you?”

Our lips were about an inch apart and he asks me?! I somehow manage to squeak out a “yes,” without being too awkward. When his lips touched mine it was as though the ocean was cascading down over me. I’d wanted this man before I even knew what was happening. And here, now, I had him. He’d been drinking Johnny Walker Black ever since I’d confessed how much I loved how it tasted on a man. I think he did it to be funny or flirty with his intentions, but I appreciated the gesture then, and tasting it on him now, even dissipated as it was, I appreciated it all the more.

The kiss started slowly but soon enough his hands were on my hips. His fingers digging into me intensely, almost painfully. The sensation made me gasp and he took the opportunity to deepen our kiss. My hands had been clasped behind his neck until now and they were soon entangled in his hair as I held him to me as he in turn pressed himself into me.

It lasted forever and not long enough all at the same time as we pulled away. We were both somewhat panting and my chest was heaving, slightly. Again, I needed more. He asked, “can I see ya again? There’s a fireworks show on the pier in a few days. My friend runs it anymore and we can get under the pier as long as no one sees us. It’s a bit wild, but I think ya’d enjoy it.”

“Yea, that sounds like a lot of fun.” He opened my car door for me, bending down to kiss me one more time. This time he cupped my face as he did so. I like to think it was so he could keep his hand from wandering. I definitely would have been okay not stopping where we did, but I was letting him take the lead. I still couldn’t believe this was happening and I didn’t want any of it to stop.

I drove back to our rented beach house and pulled into the last parking spot. Every single light was on in the house. It was getting late but I knew I’d be bombarded with questions and proposals of plans for the week that I wasn’t yet ready to deal with. I was still really ramped up from that kiss as I sat there in the dark. I was annoyingly horny, even after my Hitachi had done a wonderful job earlier. This man did something to me. I can’t explain it. It was almost magnetic our pull to one another. I unbuckled and reclined my seat slightly. I pulled the hem of my skirt up as my hand delved down into the front of my panties. I wasn’t surprised by how wet I was. I was surprised by how quickly I came as I remembered the sensation of his tongue dancing with mine, his fingers digging into my hips, his erection pressed against me… I wondered if he was jacking off right now.

I heard someone open a door somewhere nearby and I quickly put my seat back up. There was a bathroom right by the entrance I could slip into easily enough, hoping no one would think anything amiss. When I walked in I could hear everyone upstairs playing some board game or other and I finally let out a sigh of relief as I closed the door behind me.

The next day my family and I went to the Elizabethan gardens. They’re serene and lovely and often a bit busy. Plenty of different gardens, lawns, statues, etc. I was wandering around on my own, as I often did, when he texted me.

“I really enjoyed your company last night, nilüfer eskort Miss Diana.”

“Likewise, Mr. Nick.” I’d told him a dozen times to drop the ‘Miss’ to no avail, so I’d picked up the ‘Mr.’ when talking to him.

“What are up to today?”

I’d worn another summer dress. This time not too scandalous, just flowy and comfortable. I was near the Virginia Dare statue, and I realized I’d done my hair up in a somewhat similar fashion. I decided to strike a pose next to the statue and send him the pic as way of reply.

“Nice likeness. But you’re wearing a layer or two too many. I hope you enjoy the gardens and maybe we can meet up again tonight?”

I knew I couldn’t. I was here to spend time with family, and we’d already made plans. I wanted him in a way I’d never wanted anyone else. But I’d also been led astray by a boy before and I’d sworn to never let it happen again. I told him I wouldn’t really be available for the next few days, and he replied that he understood. It was clear that he, in fact, did not understand. He thought I was blowing him off and I needed him to know that that was certainly not the case.

This statue is not exactly hidden mind you. My heart was racing just thinking about it. I waited a minute until the last person around went down a different path and then I waited another minute before setting my little exhibitionist plan into action.

I pulled down the top of my summer dress, letting it rest on my hips as I unclasped my bra. I’d never been more thankful for a front fastening bra in all my life. My overly ample bosom isn’t quickly concealed, and I needed to be quick just now. I let the straps fall down to my elbows, pinched and pulled at my nipples until they were hard enough, and then I posed my left arm like the statue, crossing over my waist. I took a handful of pictures as quickly as I could.

I heard voices coming down a path and dropped my phone as I grabbed for the bra cups and clasp. My nervous fingers worked nimbly in my exhilaration, and I turned my back to the couple walking towards me as I quickly thrust my arms into the sleeves of the dress and pulled it up. I spent a moment putting this and that back in the right position as much as possible. My swiftness hadn’t been terribly effective. A woman cleared her throat as they came up behind me. I stood my ground as I finished making myself look appropriate.

I can’t believe I’d nearly been caught. I silently cursed myself, even though the whole thing had excited me more than I thought possible. The young woman bent down beside me and picked up my phone. I noticed she glanced at the screen as she handed it to me, her own face turning a brilliant shade of red. I looked down and saw that in my hurry I hadn’t locked the damn thing. There, for the world to see, were my bare breasts and the sultriest expression I could manage.

I quickly locked my phone and put it in my pocket before turning to apologize or express my thanks, but they were already headed down a different path. I flipped through about a dozen pictures before finding the right one to send him. I let out a long breath and hit send. An annoyingly long moment later he replied: “So I’ll see you for fireworks?” I spent the rest of the day with a stupid grin plastered on my face.

A few days later we met up near the pier for the show. We snuck through some dunes and under the pier. The water was a bit closer than I’d expected but it made for a more thrilling setting. The waves were loud and we had to be close to one another to hear each other. The fireworks were supposed to be starting soon. It was quite dark where we were, but I wasn’t complaining. Every once in a while I’d hear a voice float by from either above us or up or down the beach aways or from the streets behind us. Nothing too intrusive as the ocean washed them out.

I told him the story of getting caught in the gardens. As I recalled it he squared himself up with me, his head tilted at an angle to hear me better. He kept getting closer and I eventually put my hands up on his chest. At that moment he pressed up against me, pinning me to the nearest wooden pole of the pier. I’d find out later it’s called a piling. I shakily finished my story as his hands continued to explore my curves, his lips hovering just slightly above my skin. “I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you,” he whispered into my ear, his hot breath sending a shiver through me.

He kissed my neck and a moan escaped me. His fingers were back at my hips and his lips were on mine. Desperately kissing me as he pressed into me. I’d worn a beach cover up dress over a bikini. I knew we’d be close to the water, and I wanted to be prepared. His hands wandered to the hem of the short, thin dress and his fingers slid up my bare hips.

My pussy was already quivering with anticipation as the ocean breeze blew over my increasingly exposed body. His hands retreated as they came up to pull my flimsy sleeves down. His lips traveled down my chest as he untied my bikini top, letting it fall where it may. My nipples were already achingly hard waiting for his touch. When it finally came I inhaled sharply and a moment later he bit down, hard. When I yelped, mostly from surprise, he backed off slowly as I caught my breath.

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