Speed Dating:Sexy

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This one time, my friend gave me an address. She didn’t say much about the place, only that I needed to go the next time I was horny. I’m not horny very often, which is weird for twenty three year old women. Maybe I should describe myself a bit.

My name is Emily; I’m a twenty three years old – living in England while I attend college. I have shoulder length brown hair that I usually keep up in a ponytail. I have a dark hazel sort of eye color that sparkles in the light. I wear glasses because it makes me look sexier. I’m a bit average height wise, 5’5. I sport two good C cup breasts, well for squeezing. And when I tend to my lower regions I like to keep it shaven. Less to mess with. I’ve been told my ass is pretty good, but I don’t dwell on it.

The building was a corner building with an alley, no sign. I walked to the door; on the bottom was the name of the business that was scribbled on the paper.

Speed Dating: Sexy

I walked through the door, into a nice, air conditioned lobby. A woman with a tight dress shirt and pig tails was sitting behind a desk.

“Hello Mistress, are you here for a date?” she asks.

I’m a little nervous, so my voice is a little small.

“Um, yeah. Uh, my friend Gina sent me…” I finish.

A smile comes over her face, she giggles a bit.

“Mistress Gina frequents us a lot, she’s quite a beautiful lady.” she shudders with a smile and rubs her body all over.

“The next time you see her, tell her that Jasmine is craving for her to be back soon.” she says hoarsely, she points to a row of three doors.

“You can pick one and go in. The first visit is on the house.” she says slowly, I can tell she’s in another place. Her breathing becomes heavier and her hand in under her desk.

The three doors are all the same, a nice dark mahogany with a gold plaque in the middle. The plaques read the following;

Jason – He’s hard and ready

Raull – Our Mexican Delight

Barret – You’ll zenci porno Scream, we promise

I’m starting to re think this decision, but then I decide that I need to have some fun. And this is the best way possible.

I pick Barret; French men have always turned me on. I knock three times, and from inside I hear

“Come in, my sweet.” No accent, but that’s even sexier.

I turn the nob slowly, when I open the door; I see a medium sized room with a queen sized bed. Nice formal sheets decorate the top, a few decorative pillows. The only other thing in the room was a small chair in the corner next to the closet. A plaque on the closet door read,

“For the more hard core fun…”

The man sitting on the bed was a thin, muscular figure; tall, about 6’2. He was shirtless, with black pants, and no shoes. His face was that of a statue carved by Michelangelo. Deep, blue eyes that strikes deep into my soul. He has a little bit of a mustache, stubble. His hair was a deep blond, almost brown combed off to the right.

He said one sentence, but his voice was so rich, and tender. Like the very sound of it was pure gold.

“Come to me Mistress…”

The mere utterance of the sentence was enough to dampen my sex. I uttered a breath, and strolled over to the bed.

He got up slowly, and sat me down at the foot of the bed; pulling up the chair.

“Tell me Mistress, before we start; what is it that you like?” he said brushing a stray hair out of my face. He was so dreamy, and to think he knew exactly what I was here for.

“Well, I’ve always liked an aggressive lover. Someone who will listen to my input, follow along with what I say.” I finish, nervous. He smiles.

“Then why don’t we get started,” he moves closer to me, he cups my face in his hand and kisses me slowly. He rubs his hands over my body slowly as I sneak my tongue in with his.

His hands reach my butt slowly, he clenches in zorla seks porno nice and hard. He nibbles slowly on my earlobes, the soft massage of his hands over my body and his tongue makes me so hot.

A fire lights inside me, a feeling I haven’t experienced in quite a while.

“OH Mistress, your body is so tense. Let me relax you.” he says.

“Please, play with me.” I say, my voice is hoarse and sexual. Like it isn’t even mine.

I giggle a bit and pull off my shirt, revealing my bare breasts. My nipples are erect and hard, so sensitive to the air.

He clutches my ass tightly and licks slowly down to my chest. Rubbing them together slowly and licking circles around my nipples.

“You’re starting to relax mistress. That’s good.” he whispers, my only reply to which is an excited moan.

“Be a little aggressive with me.” I say in between harsh breaths. He grunts in agreement.

He spanks me firmly, rubbing it still; he chews on my nipples. The pain subsides quickly, leaving only an amazing pleasure.

“Oh it hurts so good, play with me here.” I rub my crotch excitedly.

“Yes, Mistress.” He takes a hand off my ass. Unbuttoning my jeans and unzipping them. He puts the hand down through my cotton panties to caress my already soaking pussy. While his other hand begins to slay with my ass hole. He licks slowly down my stomach.

The fire in my loins grows more; it’s a raging inferno that propels me. I’m thinking things I haven’t thought in such a long time, a sex beast is roaring.

“Oh my god I think I’m gonna cum soon.” I say between gasps.

“Why don’t I give you something then Mistress,” he swings his body over mine in one motion. I can see the bulge in his pants is big. I undo his pants so it swings out over me.

“Barret, you’re already so hard!” I wrap my hands around his throbbing shaft, and kiss the head lightly. Flicking the flap of skin on the bottom of the head with my tongue. He convulses,

“Oh mistress, please favor me. Suck on my dick.” she says.

“Ugh, ugh, fuck, oh god, yes. I’ll blow you if you’ll lick my throbbing pussy. OH FUCK!” I grind my crotch in his face while I swallow his hard on.

HE pays special attention to my clit while he sticks a few fingers into my hole. One at a time, his fingers reach into the depths of my sex. Expanding on the inside, in and out. He nibbles on my clit sensually. The pleasure is enough to make me cry. I scream,

“OH FUCK, BARRET! Your tongue is so nice; fuck me with your fingers. I wanna cum all over your face!” I can barely register what I’m saying.

His breathing is getting faster as well,

“Oh my god Mistress, favor me. Let me cum as well! Swallow these seven inches!” he yells.

I could feel the tremendous climax building, I lose control.


“You shut your fucking mouth you dirty cunt, get back to sucking my cock” he says, the aggression is making the experience simply ecstasy.

The combined pleasure was enough to send me overboard. I couldn’t hold in my cum any longer. The climax was the best I’ve ever experienced.

We both yell at the very same time.

“OH FUCK! I’M CUUMMMINNG!!!!” I squeal, a fountain of warm cum squirts from my pussy. Drenching his entire upper body. I can feel the stream of cum shoot from his cock into my throat.

“Oh fuck! Fuck! Swallow my cum, bitch. Lap up my juices.”

I say, my body still convulsing and trembling from the intense orgasm. He laps his lounge up against my pussy slowly, like a dog. I lick down his hard on thoroughly.

. ..

“That was the most amazing Mistress. You are quite the lady.” he whispers, as I put my clothes back on.

“You’re like magic Barret that was the most intense orgasm I’ve ever experienced. “I say, he blushes.

“Oh stop it Mistress Emily, the next time you come. I will treat you to penetration, and you’ll scream even louder.” he whispers.

I giggle, my body still tingling from the massive climax. I rub my pussy harshly, it’s still so wet.

“I may just have to take you up on that…”

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