“Molly, lovely to see you!” Lacey’s dad said as Lacey and Molly came through the door. No “hi” to his daughter, just an immediate acknowledgment of her friend.

“Hi, Mr. Decker, you’re so sweet!” Molly responded. Lacey noted how her father was struggling to maintain eye contact with Molly and fighting the urge to look up and down her body. Molly always worse tight crop tops and short shorts precisely because she wanted men to look at her body. Lacey always dressed the same way for the same reason. But in her home? Lacey thought it was so embarrassing. Molly just smiled, happy in the knowledge that yet another older man wanted to fuck her.

“Molly, I’ve told you, call me Dan!”

“Whatever you say… Dan.” Molly then gave Lacey’s dad a big old hug, purposely pushing her C cup tits against his muscular chest. Lacey’s dad fought to keep his hands above her waistline. He clearly wanted to grab Molly’s ass but he controlled himself. When they parted, Lacey could clearly see that her father had an erection. That wasn’t something she wanted to know, but with her father’s… physical gifts, it was impossible not to notice.

“Okay, well we’re going upstairs now.” Lacey said, trying to put this cringe encounter in the rear view.

“Are you staying the night, Molly?”

“If it’s all right with you, Dan.”

“Molly, you sleep over almost every week. As far as I’m concerned you’re welcome here any night of the week!”

“Thanks, Dan! You’re the best!” She lightly traced her fingers across Lacey’s father’s bicep.

“Well, Dad, Molly and I have studying to do.” Lacey said, more insistently this time.

“Bye, Dan” Molly waved in a flirty way.

Lacey couldn’t close the door to her room fast enough.

“Oh my God, that total perv!”

“Lighten up, your dad’s really sweet. And totally fucking hot.”

“Don’t be gross.”

“I felt his hard cock up against me. God it made me so wet.”

“I don’t want to hear about my father’s dick.”

“You should, girl! Your daddy’s packing like ten inches! And thick!”

“Shut your whore mouth already.”

“Make me, slut.”

Lacey kissed Molly. Their tongues entwined as they found their way to the bed. Since they had both turned 18 they had found themselves completely unable to keep their hands off of one another. Lacey was confused about the whole thing. Were they just friends who fucked? Or were they a couple? And which one did Lacey really want them to be? Molly still fucked other guys, but she had never been monogamous in her dating life so that didn’t mean they were NOT a couple… Lacey definitely loved her but was she IN love or was it just the kind of love you have for someone who’s been your best friend for 12 years? Lacey knew she was more bi or pan than gay. She had dated a few guys and sucked more than a few dicks, but had never fucked a guy. Molly was the only person who had ever been inside of her.

Lacey was a white girl (German-Irish) with freckles and Molly was multiracial (Puerto Rican, Filipina, Ashkenazi Jewish, and Italian) but in a lot of superficial ways the girls looked alike. They were both 5’2″, thin with C cup breasts, and round firm asses. They almost always dressed the same and even messed around with the same guys (though Molly fucked them while Lacey only blew them). Molly had more naturally öğrenci gaziantep escort tan skin, while Lacey was pale with freckles. Molly’s hair was also dyed bright red at the moment, where Lacey wore her natural auburn curls. Their voices had the same high Southern California girly tone and cadence.

By the time the girls got to the bed they had shed all their clothes. They kissed and Lacey’s fingers crept into Molly. She hadn’t been kidding about how wet she was! Lacey experienced a rush of envy that her father had been the one to get Molly so aroused. She began finger-fucking Molly rougher than usual.

“Oh my God!” Molly gasped.

“You’re probably so wet thinking about my fucking dad, aren’t you? You fucking whore!”

“Oh God, Yes! Yes! I’m thinking about your Daddy’s monster cock!”

“Well too bad because I own this cunt.”

“Yes, yes you do!”

“Say it, whore!”

“You own my pussy, my pussy is yours!”

“And what does that make me?”

“Daddy! You’re my daddy! My pussy is yours, Daddy!”

“You’re Daddy’s little whore, aren’t you?”

“FUCK YES!!!!” Molly squirted all over the sheets as she came. That didn’t usually happen, even when Lacey used her tongue to give Molly her most toe-curlingly intense orgasms.

“Shit, I need to go get a towel,” Lacey said.

A few minutes and some changed bed sheets later the girls were chilling.

“So what now?”

“Do you want to do the thing?”

“We DID the thing,” Lacey smirked.

“No, the other thing we talked about.”

“Oh. Did you bring the stuff?”

Molly got up and went to her backpack, she rummaged around until she pulled out a box of hair dye.

An hour and a half later, Lacey had the same bright red hair as Molly. She had straightened it too. Lacey thought it was sexy that they matched now. And they had fooled around in the shower after the dye rinsed out. It felt good but Lacey didn’t climax like she usually did when Molly ate her out. Like Molly was holding back for some reason. It left her a bit frustrated. Then Molly wanted to go to bed even though it wasn’t even 12 yet. She asked to borrow some of Lacey’s pajamas. This was also super weird as whenever they slept together (like actually slept) they usually either slept naked or just in underwear. Also, the air conditioning wasn’t working so it was a warm night for pajamas. Lacey put on her thong and a crop top since she didn’t want to sleep naked if Molly wasn’t, but she slept over the covers so she couldn’t be so hot. Molly tucked herself in the covers. It was all weird.

“Good night, Lacey.” Molly said and she typed something on her phone.

“Are you texting?”

“No, just setting my alarm.” Though Lacey could have sworn she faintly heard the text-sent whoosh.

Then Molly knocked out. She was all the way on the right side of Lacey’s king-sized bed, leaving a huge space between them. Lacey thought about what a weird turn the night had taken as she turned face down and tried to sleep. But she couldn’t drift off because she was wondering if she had done something wrong.

After about ten minutes she was still awake but started to fade when she thought she heard the door, but she was too sleepy to get up and look. She then felt a hand pulling her underwear gaziantep öğrenci escort down.

“Mmmm,” she moaned. It was good to know that Molly wasn’t mad at her. Then she felt lips kiss her ass… and she felt the stubble around those lips. This was a man. But the only man in the house was-

“I can’t believe you made me wait a week,” her father’s voice whispered. “A whole week without tasting your cunt has been torture.”

WHOA! Her father was all up on her because he thought she was Molly! And he was ALREADY fucking Molly! She was about to say something when she felt her father’s tongue along the lips of her pussy. A shiver went through her whole body… and it wasn’t a bad one. She instinctively lifted her ass higher.

“Well good golly, Miss Molly” her father said.

Lacey giggled. She wasn’t sure why. She didn’t think it was funny. Who makes dad jokes during sex? It was really cringey. Then she realized… Molly would giggle. She giggled because she knew it was what Molly would have done. Because her father thought she was Molly. And as fucking sick as it was… Lacey did not want to correct him yet.

Dan Decker devoured his daughter’s pussy like he was a starving man getting his first taste of food in a week. Lacey squirmed and moaned. She realized that she and Molly sounded the same so she didn’t have to be silent. She just had to face away so her father wouldn’t see her face. In the dark he probably wouldn’t notice that she was paler than Molly.

Then it hit her. Molly talked her into dying her hair to look more like her. Molly wanted to dress in Lacey’s pj’s so in the dark SHE would seem to be Lacey. The text she sent before going to “sleep?” Probably to Lacey’s dad! She even deliberately hadn’t made Lacey cum so she would still be mad horny when this went down. She had set this whole thing up. Lacey looked over at Molly, facing away pretending to be asleep… but saw her arm was moving slightly. She was definitely masturbating to this. This realization, along with her father’s tongue inside her, and his finger on her clit, brought Lacey to an intense orgasm.

“OH FUCK YES!!!!!” Lacey usually moaned or screamed instead of talking when she came, but Molly always yelled “fuck yes” and Lacey was determined to exercise a Meryl Streep-like commitment to staying in character.

“Do you want more you hot little slut?” Her father asked.

Lacey took one second to silently ask herself “am I really going to do this?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

She was doing this.

She felt damn near split in two when he entered her. She couldn’t look back or he would see her face but his dick was even huger than she had gathered from the bulge he would get whenever Molly or Lacey’s mom Erica wore something revealing. Molly had said ten inches (which had turned out to be firsthand knowledge instead of a guess) but to Lacey it felt more like a god damn mile.

“God damn, you feel even tighter than usual,” her father said. He pushed in further. Lacey had thought he was already all in! He grabbed her hips and gave one more epic thrust and she finally felt her ass cheeks hit his pelvis. It felt like he was in her all the way to her chest. “God you take Daddy’s dick so fucking well.”

“I’m Daddy’s little slut!” gaziantep öğrenci escort bayan Lacey said. If Molly had actually been asleep, they would have made enough noise to wake her up by now (plus the bed was really moving with every thrust) So Lacey didn’t worry about being quiet anymore.

“Cum inside me, Daddy!”

Her father’s tone changed. “I don’t want to get your pregnant, Molly. How about you swallow?”

Swallowing was a no-go, he would see her face.

“How about… inside me… where I can’t get pregnant?”

Her father pulled out. “I thought you needed a break after last week. You said you couldn’t sit down afterwards.”

“I’m ready, give it to me, Daddy!”

Lacey felt her virgin asshole expand as her father’s enormous cock slowly pushed into it. She gripped the bedsheets tightly in her hand.

“Fuuuuuck, how are you still this tight?” Her father moaned.

When it was all the way in, it hurt like nothing Lacey had ever felt before… but somehow she wanted it to go on forever. Like now that she knew what it was like to have her father in her ass, she would always feel a bit empty when he wasn’t.

“Are you ok?”


Lacey’s father was pounding her ass now. The pleasure and the pain rippled through Lacey’s body.


That put her father over the top and she felt the rush of his seed flowing into her guts.

Lacey had never felt more alive.

Her father caught his breathe and then pulled out. The second her ass was empty she missed his cock already. She want to turn around and suck it but she knew she couldn’t.

“Well, I got to get back to Erica… You know you really reminded me of her tonight…”

Okay… so Lacey learned that apparently she fucks like her mother.

Lacey’s father gave her a pat on the ass cheek. “You know it’s crazy how Lacey never wakes up when we do this right next to her. Do you drug her or something?”

Wait… so this has happened before right next to her?!?

“Um… she’s just a real sound sleeper.”

“I guess. Well good night.” He leaned over, brushed some of her hair aside and kissed the back of Lacey’s neck. Even in the dark he should have been able to spot the freckles on her shoulders but he didn’t. God, men don’t notice anything, Lacey thought.

After Lacey’s father left the room, Molly shot up in bed.

“You fucking slut! I knew you would love it!”

“How long have you been fucking my dad?”

“A couple months. Since my 18th birthday party when you passed out topless and drunk by the hot tub and I called him to pick you up.”

“And how long were you planning this?”

“Just this week. I figured if you STILL hadn’t ever fucked a guy, why not start with the best I’ve ever had?”

“Molly, are we-” Lacey figured after getting ass-fucked by her own father in front of Molly there was no reason to be shy about anything. “I mean, like you and we, when we… like… does it mean-?”

Molly kissed Lacey on the lips.

“Lace I am so absolutely over-the-moon in love with you. I want to marry you someday and have babies with you.”

This was exactly the answer Lacey had been hoping for, but had been too scared to admit to herself.

“But before we can be together together you need to know something. I am never, ever, going to stop fucking your dad.”

“I know.” Lacey had come to a decision. “Neither am I.”

Molly smiled from ear to ear.

“Well let’s figure out how to get you another round with him… right after I lick his cum out of your ass.”

Lacey got on her elbows and put her ass in the air and as she felt Molly’s tongue enter her, she had never been so happy.

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