Lonely Girls Ch. 02


“Oh God, Jen. That feels so good. I love when you lick my pussy!”

Alisha had finally gotten very comfortable with the idea of their new friendship, and Jen was going to take advantage of every second they had alone. When Alisha had drifted off to sleep, Jen had spent some time gathering her favorite toys so that when they got to play again, there was no time wasted.

And when Alisha took too long waking up, Jen decided to help her along with oral and manual stimulation. She licked and finger-fucked her to at least two orgasms before she was fully awake, and Alisha wasn’t anywhere near ready to let her stop.

Jen pulled her head away from Alisha’s cunt and bent over the side of the bed.

“Jen, come back. Why’d you stop?”

Jen laughed. “Don’t worry. I’m not going anywhere. I just thought it might be fun to add a few things.” She held up a medium sized vibrator and started it buzzing.

“Why do you have that? you were doing just fine without it,” Alisha said.

Jen didn’t say anything, but she placed the buzzin tip on Alisha’s clit and started sucking on her nipples. She alternated from one to the other, biting one while pinching the other.

Then Jen started to lick and bite her way down Alisha’s pale skin, leaving red marks at every point. She moved the vibrator into Alisha’s pussy and started sucking on her clit. Once Alisha was writhing, on the verge of another orgasm, she replaced the vibrator and licked Alisha’s pink asshole.

“Oooooohhhhhhhh Gawd. I’m cumming! Fuck yeah!”

It pushed her over Escort Kız the edge and she humped Jen’s face, unable to control herself. Jen slowed and then stopped the vibrator, allowing Alisha to come down from her high. When she was finally aware of her surroundings again, Alisha said that she had never thoguht she would enjoy that, but wow.

Jen laughed, and told her that If she liked that, just wait. She rolled Alisha onto her stomach and was kissing her ass cheeks. She leaned over and grabbed another toy. After a few minutes of nothing new, Alisha looked over her shoulder to see Jen strapping on a huge cock. It looked so silly, big black and rubbery. But it looked like so much fun.

“I can’t wait to feel this in my pussy,” Alisha said. But Jen giggled and told her that it wasn’t going into her pussy.

“Well, where…Oh. I don’t know. Jen, it looks so big!”

“Well, that’s kind of the point. Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you Lish.”

With that, she pulled Alisha hips and ass into the air and started kissing her cheeks again. Then, she started to lick all over Alisha’s ass, slowly working her way to her rosebud. Jen lightly licked all over and around her anus before sticking her tongue into it.

Alisha was moaning and moving her hips around, trying to force Jen’s tongue in deeper. Jen stuck two fingers into Alisha’s pussy and found that it was dripping wet. She scooped out some fo her juices and rubbed them all over Alisha’s anus. When she started to work one finger into her ass, Alisha moaned.

“Do you want me to stop?” Jen asked.

“God no, I want more! Please.” Alisha was begging. So Jen stuck a second finger in and started to twist and pump her fingers. Alisha’s ass was so tight, she could hardly believe it. When it felt like she had gotten used to the two fingers, Jen started to stretch her out a little bit so she could add the third. Alisha groaned and told her to just fuck her withthe dildo already.

“I need to feel that big cock stretch my ass. Fuck me as hard as you can,” she said.

Jen smiled, thinking of how shy Alisha had been just a few hours ago. So, making sure that Alisha’s asss was well lubed with her own pussy juice, Jen started to ease teh strap-on into her ass, knowing how painful it could be, even when you were desperate for it.

Alisha was having none of that. She rocked back and forth on the dildo and sank it deep into her bowels. She groaned and started fucking herself with it. Jen reached under and started to play with Alisha’s cunt and her clit. When Alisha sounded like she was ready to cum, Jen pulled her head back by her hair and pinched her nipples as hard as she thought Alisha could stand.

Alisha screamed out in ecstasy and collapsed on the bed in exhaustion.

Jen lifted her up and carried her to the bathroom. She started the shower while Alisha recuperated. She turned the water on as hot as she could stand it,then pulled Alisha into the stall with her.

Alisha leaned against the door while jen soaped her up. She started to get more excited and decided it was her turn to pleasure Jen. So she took the soap and rubbed it all over Jen’s body. When she moved to Jen’s pussy, Alisha knelt down in the shower so she could see everythign that she was doing. She rubbed her fingers all over Jen’s clit and pussy lips, before moving back to clean her asshole.

She rubbed around the little button and felt her finger slip in part way on one pass. When Jen moaned, she went back and stuck her finger in a little bit further.

Remembering how good it felt to her, Alisha started to pump her slim finger in and out of Jen’s ass. She rinsed off her pussy while still fingering her asshole and started to lick and suck her clit.

It didn’t take long for Jen to cum, and when she did, they rinsed off and climbed out of the shower together.

They walked over to Jen’s bedroom again, dripping water all over the floor. When they made it to the bed, Jen laid back and pulled Alisha on top of her.

They kissed for a little bit, but soon got tired of it. Alisha looked at Jen with a little gleam in her eye and said “there is somethign I’ve always wanted to try.”

Jen told her to go ahead and try it so Alisha kneeled above Jen’s head, facing her feet, and lowered her pussy onto Jen’s face. Then she bent over and started to lick Jen’s pussy while Jen was devouring her cunt and ass.

They remained this way for a while, each of them cumming more times than they could count. When they go tso tired they could barely even move their tongues, they decided to take a break for the night. Alisha righted herself and curled up in the bed next to Jen.

They slept curled around each other until the next morning.

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