Size 8 Panties: From Daddy


This story is dedicated to the lady who sent a public comment on a prior panty story and is based on her comment. I hope she, and other readers, like it.


“Holy shit, oh my God, Oh, Karen you are a hell of a cock sucker,” Dick Titsner roared as his daughter fucked his cock with her mouth. His roars were muffled by the bright yellow silk panties pushing against his face while they covered her sweet pussy and big ass.

As he watched her head quickly piston up and down on his hard shaft like a needle on a sewing machine he couldn’t help think of how all of this started two years earlier. He did not know why he did it but he began bringing both of his daughter’s assortments of panties each time he came home from a business trip. He thought it was better than something stupid from the airport.

But, just now, all he knew, was that he was about to fill his daughter’s throat with cum. He loved the sensation of the silk against his face and pushed his face deeper into her crotch. He rubbed one hand all over her bra covered tits and the other over her Size 8 panties as he took a good whiff of her cunt. Karen was incredible as her dad came in wave after wave. She didn’t quit sucking until she had made him limp.

As she sat up putting the entire crotch of her panties in her father’s face a bright smile came to her as she, too, remembered how they arrived at this sexual bliss. She had just turned 18 when her dad brought home the strangest present from his latest trip for his company. He gave her and her sister each a three pack of panties. They were silk and there was one pair each of pink, yellow and blue. She often wondered how he knew how he knew what size to buy.

But, what was even more strange was that this was the sixties, before the sexual revolution. No one had heard of free love yet and flower children and hippies were still a couple of years away. Panties were never mentioned between the sexes. In fact, respectable women didn’t even hang them out on the clothesline; they had the special honor, along with stockings, of hanging to dry in the bathroom.

When a young lady would do any physical activity she was very careful not to let them show and was always weary of that sudden gust of wind. So, Karen was surprised a couple of days later when her dad asked how the panties fit. She blushed a bit and told him that they fit fine. This was just the beginning as every time he went out of town after that he would give the sisters the panties on Friday and ask how they fit on Sunday. Karen was getting quite a collection of silk briefs and bikinis.

Then one day, things would change. She walked into the bathroom and caught him sniffing a pair of her pink panties while masturbating with another of her pairs. As he rubbed himself he was whispering, “Oh, Karen, your pussy is so sweet.”

He didn’t see her so she ran out quickly. The sight had really turned her on. She became more aware of him stealing glances at her ass and crotch. There were times she swore that he was trying to see if she had a panty line. So she thought she might satisfy some of his curiosity and would give him a brief glimpse of her panties. She would intentionally lay in a revealing position on the sofa or bend over revealing her ass. On the occasions she did this, her dad seemed to hang around longer. Karen figured it was in hopes of catching another look.

She decided to be bolder and give him better shows. While laying on the couch she positioned her skirt so the blue of her panties was easily visible and pretended to sleep. As Karen squinted through closed eyes she saw her dad come and stare at her crotch with bulging eyes. After a couple of minutes he ran out of the room Karen assumed to jack off.

Each time Karen did this, she got bolder and bolder as did her dad. One day her skirt was high enough that if someone were at eye level with her legs they would be able to see virtually the entire front panel and crotch. So, her dad did just that as he crawled on his knees to look up her skirt and got quite an eyeful including her damp crotch.

She looked down at his crotch and saw him playing with himself through his pants. Just as he started breathing heavier he suddenly got up and ran into the hamper.

Karen was having fun now driving her dad nuts. So, later that day she sat on the couch with her feet on the coffee table with her legs far apart. She made sure he could see everything as she was directly across from him. She seductively ran her finger across her lips as they talked about nothing in particular.

Dick was squirming in his chair when she dropped her hands to her boobs. At gaziantep ucuz escort bayan first, she was barely touching them but it wasn’t long before she was cupping and squeezing both of her massive orbs. Her father was trying like hell to be on his best behavior. He groaned heavily and ran out of the room.

The next day, Karen repeated her performance. This time he couldn’t help himself. When Karen held up her tits as if feeding them to him from across the room he began rubbing himself through his trousers.

This was Karen’s cue as she stuck her hand inside her panties and frantically began frigging herself off. The sight of his daughter’s knuckles pushing out the silky blue material as he saw the outline of her long fingers moving around over her cunt caused him to let out a big groan. He couldn’t take it anymore.

Dick hurriedly unzipped his fly and yanked out his already throbbing member. He knew he had to cum and could not wait until he got to the bathroom or bedroom. He proudly displayed his cock to his daughter and began pumping it hard and fast. He growled, as only a father would,

“Shit, Karen show me your Goddamn tits.”

Karen calmly pulled her fingers from her cunt and slowly licked off the tips to remove her cunt juice. She pulled her top off over her head and promptly returned her fingers to her hot pussy, telling him, “Daddy, You can see me in my bra, that will just have to do for now.”

It was enough as Dick was soon cumming all over his hand as he listened to Karen’s heavy breathing. Seeing her Dad erupt in front of her pushed Karen over the edge and soon she was soaking her own panties in one of the best orgasms she could ever remember. They both just sat there in a state of shock for a couple of minutes before Karen ran off to her room and Dick cleaned himself up.

The next time Dick saw his daughter on the couch with her legs spread for him she was wearing a pair of hot red bikinis. Instead of sitting across from her like she had expected he sat right beside her. The silence was deafening as they just sat there. Finally, Karen adjusted her legs so that her skirt crawled up even higher on her legs. It was no longer covering any of her thighs. Noticing the change Dick couldn’t help himself and again started rubbing himself.

Karen answered quickly by placing her slender fingers to her pussy through her underwear and gently stroked herself. Dick asked, “Can I do that for you?”

At first, Karen didn’t know what to say. She knew this was coming but it somehow caught her off guard and she wasn’t sure if she wanted to go through with it. But, her body was telling her to go for it, so she answered, “Ok, dad, but stay outside for now.”

As he slipped his hand into place Karen moved both of her hands to her large tits. In the beginning she rubbed her boobs through her clothing but it wasn’t long before she took off her shirt kneading her melons through her bra. Her dad’s touch was fantastic.

“Your panties are so fucking sexy. Your pussy is so damn hot. Oh, please, take off that bra?” Dick exclaimed in disbelief.

She reached behind herself and deftly unclasped her 38D bra letting it fall to the side as she responded, “Alright, but look and don’t touch. Make me cum daddy and you can take these panties with you when you go out of town. That is, as long as you bring me a replacement pair.”

“You have got yourself a deal.”

“You like my panties, don’t you? Oh, dad, play with my hot panties. Come on, Dad make your daughter cum. Rub me, come on faster daddy. Make me cum and I will go to my room and bring these back still wet. Oh dad your cock sure looks hard. Oh, oh, oh I am going to cum. Oh, Fuck I am cumming…”

The orgasm was intense as Karen just sat there recovering for a minute before giving her dad’s cock a hard squeeze through his pants. Dick moaned loudly when Karen grabbed his cock. But, before he knew what hit him she had given him a quick flash of her panty covered ass and had ran out of the room.

Making it to her bedroom Karen tore off the damp red panties making sure to thoroughly wipe off her pussy with them. Then she put on a pair of yellow ones and put back on her t-shirt leaving the bra off. She ran back into the living room, boobs bouncing, and sure enough her dad had his cock out and was flogging it very roughly. “Hey, dad, how about using these to help you with that.?”

She handed her soiled garment to her dad. He took them without a word, putting them up to his nose, and continued until his sperm again flooded the top of his rod.

She gaziantep ukraynalı escort bayan knew then that the next time she would be the one rubbing his cock.

A few hours later she went to her room and removed her shorts. She looked at herself in her floor length mirror and decided her body was pretty sexy and that the sight of her in her size 8 panties and t-shirt would light her dad’s fire.

She boldly strode into the living room where her father was watching Bonanza and stood right between him and the television. Karen reached for the power button and pushed it off this motion causing her ass to be within a few inches of Dick’s face. When he said nothing about her rudeness she spoke up, “So, what do you think of this pair of panties that you bought me?”

“They are fucking sexy,” Dick replied as Karen backed up even closer.

“Show me, daddy, hug them, hug my panty covered ass against your face that’s right, daddy. Your warm breath feels so good back there. Let go for a second so I can turn around. Oh my daddy bury your face in my crotch. Hug me tighter, Smell my pussy, it is on fire for you daddy. Oh shit, let’s lay on the floor so you don’t knock me down.”

She had her father lay down first and to his surprise she sat beside him and unzipped his fly and pulled out his hot poker. Then she pulled off her shirt and laid on her back beside him. She announced to him that he could caress her boobs and nuzzle his face in her pussy through the panties. As soon as he began sniffing her cunt and kissing it through the panties Karen reached over and started stroking his tool. It wasn’t long before father and daughter both came.

Things progressed every week after that. Karen enjoyed modeling the new pairs for her dad then giving him the cum covered ones and getting back brand new pairs in return. She never asked where the dirty pairs disappeared to, but they never returned. One day a year after their adventures began Karen walked into the living room in nothing but a pair of hot pink briefs of silk and lace. She immediately sat on Dick’s lap and stroked his cock.

They hadn’t done a lot of kissing but Karen planted the sexiest kiss she could muster into her dad’s mouth. He threw his arms around her and they locked in passion. His hands were all over the beautiful panties as they continued kissing. Neither of them remembered moving to the floor but Dick found Karen on top of him grinding her cunt against his cock.

She leaned toward his face and dangled her boobs to his mouth which he gobbled right up. Balancing herself with one hand she reached to her underwear and pulled the crotch aside and shoved his cock into her virginal depths. She couldn’t believe how big he felt as she grimaced in pain for a second as her cherry was popped.

A loud moan escaped her father as she began riding his prick. His hands still rubbing all over her silky ass. The rhythm was quickly established as Karen took a wonderfully fulfilling ride.

Dick had never intended to fuck his daughter but this had happened so fast he didn’t even have time to think about It. He met each of his daughter’s down strokes with a hard thrust of his pelvis as his hands dug into her big ass. The sensation of her tight little twat, bouncing tits, along with the feel of the panties was just too much for Dick Titsner and he found that both he and Karen were cumming very quickly.

The next time they got together they made love. They slowly undressed each other, kissing all over each other’s bodies. Dick got to eat his girl’s pussy without the panties interfering and even was allowed to kiss her ass.

Over the next year, they made love whenever her dad was in town. Karen noticed, however, her dad would never pay any attention to her when she was fully clothed or totally nude.

He told her that it wasn’t that she wasn’t sexy but that panties wrapped around her beautiful package just drove him sexually crazy and then he couldn’t keep his hands off of her.

Karen reassured herself that it wasn’t just the panties her dad was turned on by as she was able to seduce him several times when she was naked. She concluded that it was just that he wasn’t going to make the first move unless he saw her in the panties.

For that next year they continued on with the panty modeling, mutual masturbation, and having sex every chance they got. But, as his mind came back into the present, there was one thing they hadn’t done yet. Little did Dick Titsner know as Karen’s yellow panties were being ground in his face that his daughter was planning gaziantep üniversiteli escort bayan to let the last taboo activity become reality within minutes. He had been begging Karen for the chance to try it for months but she had been firm in her refusal.

Karen was enjoying her ride on her father’s face as she licked her lips free of the last of his cum. She threw her bra aside and swirled around shoving her tits in his face. She ground them back and forth across his mouth as he nipped, bit, sucked on them furiously as his hands mauled her ass.

Soon, Dick was helping her out of her panties figuring it was time to fuck. But, Karen wasn’t ready for that yet as she told him to eat her pussy first. Dick absolutely loved his daughter’s cunt. Her cunt was so tight and had a thick forest of beautiful brown hair. Her pink lips said come and get me.

Dick gave Karen the cunt lapping of a lifetime. Showing her appreciation for his tongue’s work she ground herself hard into his face. He thought he might get rug burn from how hard her muff was rubbing against him but he didn’t care.

After Karen had cum she rested for just a minute and said, “Oh fuck, dad that was great. I’ve never cum so hard in my life. Daddy, you deserve something special.”

“Like what, Karen.”

She reached down and grabbed his cock making sure it was hard again, “I want you to fuck me in the ass. But, I’ve never done this before so be gentle.”

Dick was ecstatic as he couldn’t believe his ears. Karen rolled over and stuck her ass up in the air and wiggled it invitingly at him.

“Oh my god, you have a fucking sexy ass,” Dick exclaimed. Taking it slow he first caressed her cheeks working his way to her crack as he pulled the flesh apart.

Gently his finger probed around the ass hole. Karen pulled away for a second when his finger invaded her puckering hole slightly. But, she exhaled and moved back against the invader. Dick spit on one of his fingers and used it to resume the exploration. Before long he it in up to the knuckle. Reaching down to her cunt he scooped up as much of her cum as he could and began lubricating her rectum with it. After every few strokes he would replace the finger fucking her ass with a larger one until he stuck his thumb all the way in.

After a few strokes with his thumb he asked, “Karen, are you ready for the real thing?”

“Guess so.”

“Are you sure?”

“Go ahead, daddy, and fuck me in the ass.”

He pulled out his thumb and moved the head of his prick against her back door opening. Her asshole was so tight that he had trouble penetrating the opening. Finally, his cock head was in. He rested for a second to give Karen a chance to adjust to the initial intrusion. He pushed slightly and heard his daughter gasp. This caused him to stop again, but she said nothing so he pushed a little further.

It went on like this for a couple of minutes until he was all the way in. She was so tight that it almost hurt his cock. So, slowly he began to pull back just a little at first. Eventually his strokes got longer, “Karen, I love your tight ass.”

“No, you don’t or you would be fucking me like you mean it. Come on Bastard can’t you fuck me harder and faster than that.”

Dick didn’t have to be told twice as he picked up the pace and rammed his daughter’s ass as hard as he could. Dick snarled, “You want it harder and faster my big assed bitch take this. You asked for it you Goddamn little cunt.”

“Then give it to me. Come on you fucking bastard, fuck the shit out of your daughter. Goddamn it daddy use your hands to rip off my Mother Fucking tits while you ram my ass. Oh, shit, Daddy it feels fucking great.”

Not one to disappoint his daughter Dick reached around and mauled her boobs as if they were utters as he pummeled her ass as hard as was humanly possible. Karen laid her shoulders on the floor so that she could reach back and frig her clit. She couldn’t believe how big her clit had become with all of the excitement. As she felt the orgasm coming on Dick felt his balls tighten, “Oh fuck, I am cumming, Oh God, Karen I am coming in your fucking shit hole.”

“Oh yes, fill me up, Oh fucking shit, I’m cumming too. Oh fucking Hell, this great.”

With that, Dick shot his load into his daughter’s bowels and both of them knew that ass fucking would be a part of their routine.

But, as they laid in the afterglow of a wonderful experience they reconfirmed their commitment to playing their panty games as it was still the sexiest part of their relationship and was what brought them together. So, their adventures continued with Karen showing off the new panties knowing that her dad could not keep his hands off of her.

She had noticed that his reactions were much quicker when she wore yellow or pink ones. Whenever she wanted a particularly erotic fuck she would wear one of these colors and when she wanted things slow and controlled she would wear a pair of white cotton ones. In either case, her father’s hands felt wonderful through her Size 8 panties.

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