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It had been ages since we’ve spent any time together just me and my family. Mum, dad, me and my sister. It was not often we got to holiday any more, I’d finished my degree and was trying to emigrate but couldn’t until I’ve gained enough experience. My little sister had dropped out and despite leaving education 5 years ago, spent nearly every weekend getting smashed.

I was always a little jealous, I don’t know how she could drink so much and stay slim. Her name is Sara. She has a flat stomach with perfect C cup breasts. Mousy blonde hair that fell slightly wavy and eyes that twinkle. To this day she’s the only person I can truly connect to. She’s such a free spirit! I’m the typical bookworm secretary look. Petit with brown hair. Smaller boobs but I love them as they’re sensitive and I love wearing silk shirts and no bra, as I find it so sensual!

Anyway, my parents aren’t important in this story. My dad knew I was leaving soon so paid for us all to go away. It was a lovely holiday and the sun was incredible.

It was towards the end of the holiday it happened. Me and my little sis had been drinking all day. It was one of those where no matter what you drink you never feel drunk? I’d been drinking daiquiris, she’d been on rum and mixers. We started heading up to bed when she stumbled and banged her knee. It looked sore but she laughed it off. She had her ‘beer jacket’ on and didn’t need to worry about it till the morning. I put my arm under her and we successfully managed to half walk half drag ourselves off to bed.

I opened the door and she fell onto her bed. She was pretty out of it so I pulled the door to, took my make up off and got ready for bed. It was still hot at night. The air con worked but it was a constant losing battle so I slept with a long tshirt on. It kept the chill off from the fan but meant I could sleep as I wouldn’t be too stuffy. Sara still laid in the same position on gaziantep vip escort bayan her back. She hadn’t moved since we got in, so I grabbed some wipes and started taking her make up off to. She gently swatted my hands away and laughed. ‘I’m drunk sis, but not’ she did a huge yawn, ‘not that drunk! But you can take my shorts off as I can’t be bothered to move. My knee hurts.’ Eyes still closed she smiled at me. I threw the wipes at her face and laughed. She was still wasted but I wanted to look after my baby sister. We never got time to chill, just us these days, and it was nice being with her again.

I unbuttoned her shorts and started wiggling them down from her hips. That’s when it hit me. Do you know when you’ve spent time in the sun and your body smells. It’s a mixture of sweat, chlorine and sun tanned skin? Never had I smelled it so strongly, and as I pulled my sisters shorts down, it revealed the tinniest white cotton thong. As I pulled her shorts down she breathed a huge sigh and raised her arms up. She was instructing me to take her top off. I sat there speechless. My baby sister smelled incredible, young and free, and all I was aware of was the dampness growing between my legs. How can something so simple as smell turn me on?

I hated myself for it, so got up. Pulled her top off, put her under the covers and got into my own bed. She started to deep breathe, and when I thought she was asleep, I buried my fingers deep in my own pussy. I think I had been fucking myself for three seconds before I came harder than I ever have.

As I slowly calmed, I rolled over to look at my sister. She was beautiful and she always had been. But I’d never thought about her in this way before.

Before long Sara pushed back her covers, and exposed her boobs. They were so firm standing to attention. Even in the evening light I could see her hard nipples. I couldn’t get the smell of her out of my head. So slowly. gaziantep yabancı escort bayan Ever so slowly, I climbed out of bed and made my way to her. ‘Sara’ I whispered. ‘Sara!’ Even more forcefully, but still quiet. She was out cold.

Slowly I lowered my head down and took her left nipple in my mouth.

It was so hard, I could nip it between my front teeth. I swirled my tongue round it and if anything it got harder to me. Gently I brought my right hand up and started to rub her other boob. Her breathing became deeper. Heavier. I massaged the breast in my mouth. It was like the most tender way I’d sucked off my ex’s dick but involved a nipple and my drunk, unconscious sister!

While I was heady on the scent of her things must’ve got too much in her sleep as she kicked her legs pushing off the blanket leaving her completely exposed except her cotton thong. I took my right hand and moved it down to her clit. I could feel it engorged through her damp underwear. In time with her breathing I started rubbing her in long strokes. Breathe in. Breathe out. As her breathing got quicker, her body naturally reacting to the sex acts I was performing on it, I decided to move my head down. I started by moving aside her underwear. She was clean shaven. No stubble. She’s obviously wanted to feel sexy in her bikini this holiday.

It was only a passing thought as my hot and hungry mouth latched onto her clit. The taste was incredible! Why hadn’t I eaten pussy before? It was salty with a bitter tang. And it was addictive! The moment I tasted Sara I knew I had to make her come. I sucked hungrily at her clit, teasing the bud with my tongue!

Suddenly a pair of hands grab my head and yanked me away. My sister was a awake! I immediately panicked as I’d been so caught in the moment I didn’t even think was I was doing was incest and illegal!

I didn’t have time to stop as my sister pulled me head gaziantep yaşlı escort bayan up and buried her face in mine! She sucked her own juices off my tongue and said, ‘If I don’t cum in your mouth I’m telling mum!’ Smiling wickedly she ripped off her thong, put her legs over my shoulders and pulled my face back into her pussy.

I took my time. I spread my sisters lips apart and sucked on each labia. Teasing myself across her hole. I lapped gently until sara dug her nails into my shoulders. With a groan I wrapped my mouth over her pussy and ate it like I hadn’t eaten all day. Holding my head in place and grinding her pussy over my face Sara came. I was flooded. Sucking on her hole I wanted every last drop of her in my mouth. She tasted amazing.

Pulling me up to her she said ‘You’re good, but I’m better. Straddle my face and I’ll have you coming so hard you won’t want another man in your life ever!’

‘Good luck baby sister’ I said staring in awe at her ‘I’ve come tonight and you won’t be able to beat it.’

I climbed on the bed and sat over her face. Immediately I knew she was right. I could feel her hot breath on my pussy. I didn’t realise how starved it felt so set to work on fucking myself. Her tongue never appeared so I started digging two fingers in. The anticipation was killing me, and getting me closer.

Just as my knees started to shake I stopped.

Slowly and delicately a hot, wet digit probed my asshole. That’s a one way deal and to show Sara I clamped up tight shutting her out.

Two fingers curved into my pussy massaging my g-spot, and a thumb worked my clit. It was incredible. Her technique was so much more delicate and loving than any guy I’d ever been with.

Slowly I got back into rhythm. Grinding down over my sister. Again, getting close, my baby sister gently pushed my back forward. Slowly put her tongue directly on my brown bud. I tried to stop but I was so close. I did clench up but she was so wet she slid in easily.

She must’ve got in an inch or two but it felt like 10 face fucking my ass. Being forced to do anal, just like I forced myself onto my sister was such a rush! I came so hard I collapsed onto my naked sweaty sister. Each of us covered in each other’s juices.

The final come down was my amazing baby sister, lapping deep into my asshole. I don’t think she had any plans to stop any time soon.

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