Sister + Brother – First



It was a usual night. I was jerking off over celebrity photos. Suddenly I heard a noise. It sounded like a steps but disappeared in a second so I assumed it was nothing and continued making myself feel good.

I was getting close to the edge when I heard: “What exactly do you think you’re doing?” It was my 18 y.o. sister.

My blood froze and I tried to hide my erection. Late. She pulled the blanket off of me. “Show me, go ahead. I wanna see ya.”

Seeing no better option I started tugging on my dick once again trying to make it hard after the shock. It took me a minute but after a while I was bigger even than before, reaching 7.5 inches, and precum was already leaking out.

While watching she lowered one of her hands to her panties and then she started to rub her pussy through the fabric.

In a while she started moaning and moved from the doorstep onto my bed. Before falling down she pulled of her pyjamas t-shirt.

“What-what are you doing?” I asked as she moved her perky breasts closer to my face.

“What you always wanted, bro.” She replied in a slutty way. “Or did you think I wouldn’t notice you rubbing yourself through the sweats when we watch the TV or you taking pictures of my ass when I exercise?”

I was breathless. “I know you want this…” she carried on while replacing my hand with hers stroking my dick.

“Please don’t” I tried to resist but she gripped my now throbbing cock even more tightly and started jerking me off very skillfully.

“…I’ve watched you big bro and I know şanlıurfa escort bayan what you like. You enjoy incest porn. And guess what, I do too.”

After these words she lowered her head closer to my dick and wrapped her lips around it.

It felt heavenly to have her little, warm and moist mouth pleasure me.

At the beginning she just sucked on the head sending waves of pleasure down my body.

Then she decided to go harder on me and slowly her pace became faster and faster and my dick was sliding even deeper into her throat and I heard gagging noises from her and felt her throat muscles spasm as she tried to deepthroat me.

Saliva was now dripping down my hard member as she pushed it as far as it would go.

Feeling the pleasure I grabbed her hair and face-fucked her. She moaned as her hands were playing with her erect nipples.

“Sis, I’m gonna cum!” I grunted feeling myself about to cum. “Cum in my mouth.” She whispered with a grin when she pulled out. I grabbed her head once more but this time she pushed me away.

“Let me.” She added. And then started to deepthroat me once again. This was as much as I could withstand and when she trusted extra hard the one last time and took me whole I lost it.

I came into her throat. I held her head tightly on my cumming dick and felt her swallow every last drop.

I never came this much but this time I shot ropes of cum into my sister’s throat almost half a minute.

When I finished she kept herself on for a little while longer gaziantep sarışın escort bayan to really catch everything I had to give her.

After she was done she pulled herself away and smiled at me “Thank you.” She said panting a little.

Then she moved herself so we were face to face and kissed me passionately. It felt like minutes. Her soaked crotch rubbed against my exhausted dick.

She broke off as we both heard one of our parents move downstairs. She kissed my now again hard cock, grabbed her t-shirt and waved.

I couldn’t sleep it so that night I wanked over this event maybe ten more times.


The second night I waited until everybody was asleep and crept into her room. There she slept. On her side just in a t-shirt and pink panties.

I entered and sat there for a minute just stroking my dick and watching her.

When I decided to go on with it I pulled off her blanket and started rubbing her pussy through the fabric.

Her breathing became faster as she felt this even though being asleep. In no time her panties were gone and I was pushing my thumb inside her ass.

Then when I couldn’t hold it any longer I started teasing her pussy and asshole with my throbbing dick. Her pussy was dripping wet and I used her wetness to lube my head.

Then I aimed at her tight hole and pushed the tip inside. I pulled out and pushed back in a couple of times. When I got her ass a little relaxes I grabbed her hips and shoved my cock deep inside of her.

She şehitkamil escort bayan gasped but she didn’t wake up. I thrusted inside as hard as I could. How come she was so tight? Even though I saw her once buttfuck a huge dildo (and I assumes it wasn’t just that one time) she felt as if she was an anal virgin.

I rammed my dick balls deep into her young asshole and I was getting close to the edge.

I decided to push my luck even further and I moved her lower half over the edge of the bed so I could fuck her doggy style.

I positioned myself behind her round ass and aimed my cock at her waiting anus.

At once I shoved my dick balls deep into her as she stirred. I was petrified what would she say if she found out?

Luckily enough she did not wake up and so I continued to push my dick into her unexpectedly tight asshole.

Now I was really close to cumming and so I pulled out of her butt and sticked it in her warm mouth. She was sucking in her sleep and I couldn’t believe my luck and the fact that she was still asleep.

It took me two more thrusts and I came inside her very hard. Ropes of cum shot inside of her as I pushed it even deeper into her throat.

When I was done cumming but my cock was still hard I pushed myself back into her butt and played a little with her wet pussy.

After lying on top of her for several minutes I pulled out my now limp cock from her, gave her young ass a final kiss, laid her back onto her bed and put her panties back on.

Then I left the room but not without a last look at her perfect body which I have just so wonderfully abused.

“Hope we will do that again sis.” I whispered as I left her doorway and as she once again stirred, this time she even woke up.

This is my first story so please remember I’m gonna get better. Also I plan to switch perspectives between stories – write please what you think of it. Also if you have any suggestions or ideas comment or PM.

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