Siblings Connect


Owens was tall, well over six feet, light-skinned and slender. He had a big voice, and a manner that could be called rough; his language filled with a phraseology all his own. The boldness of his expression would have made some feel insulted as he did not hesitate to speak his mind. But his friends knew that he held no malice in him, no matter how rude he might have sounded.

His family history was tragic to say the least. While he was still in college his father had died suddenly. This had caused great shock as it was so unexpected. He was a very quiet person and very gentle. After a lull of only a few years his younger sister committed suicide by setting herself alight. His brother was found on his bed with his throat slit and the knife still in his hands. Hardly had the village come to terms with these events than his elder sister died in hospital. It was said she had taken an overdose of the drugs given by the doctor for her condition. In the same year his mother, a headstrong woman seemed to give up the will to live and expired. Thus in the space of ten short years he was the only surviving member of his family.

Well, almost. Jean was his cousin, daughter of his mother’s sister who had died young when Jean was still a baby. Thus she had been taken into the family and grown up with Owen and his siblings. In school when other boys had made suggestive remarks about Jean they would earn a healthy clout from him for their trouble. But it was an undeniable fact that she was very good-looking, one that Owen could hardly have been unaware of. Indeed recently when a businessman’s son had come courting his sister-cousin he had felt a stab of jealousy, although she had not made clear whether she liked the man or not.

Their life continued on a very even tenor. After work they would watch TV after dinner. Often she would go to bed leaving him still glued to the screen. In the mornings she needed to get up early as her workplace was on the other side of town; this meant changing buses. This early retirement gave him opportunity, one evening, to watch a noisy gaziantep olgun escort bayan blue movie, and which left him steaming. He thought he heard Jean’s door creaking but was not sure. At breakfast she asked politely what he had been watching. Although he liked her (or maybe in spite of it) he could not tell her.

A few nights later Jean had an unusual look in her eyes as they had their dinner. He noticed that her clothes that day had been rather bold and she had changed into a light blouse that was teasing even to his eyes. She seemed to touch him rather more (and more tenderly, he thought) than usual in conversation. She retired as usual but about an hour later came to fetch a glass of water. Owen, engrossed in his movie did not notice her until she sat on the sofa next to him. He pretended not to be shocked at having been caught in the act. He decided to play it cool and made comments about what was going on in a matter-of-fact way and Jean, as smart as he, answered in the same vein. In the business-like way they had adopted she let him know that she had found him watching the dirty movies and that she did not blame him.

She turned in her seat to place her legs under her and gave him a good shot of her thighs. Whereas he had seen such before he knew it was only accidental. Not so this evening. She was in a different mood he was uncertain of. At the climax it was plain that each was excited in their own way. So as he helped her to her feet they could feel a different excitement at the touch hithertofore ordinary and platonic. He held her close and kissed her gently. As if she was expecting it she responded by throwing her arms around his neck. These were long-time lovers and not siblings any more. Feelings that had been suppressed rose to the surface and they stepped into their new roles smoothly. You would have hardly recognised the almost siblings of earlier in the evening.

When he cupped her breasts it felt so natural that his sister’s tits should be so soft and firm. gaziantep oral yapan escort bayan He rubbed the nipples, pinched them lightly. She moaned in his ear and held him tight. His hands were exploring her body all over. He luxuriated in the feel of his “sister’s” firm buttocks. Hands were on the backs of the thighs. It felt so natural to them. Years of growing up together had drawn them really close so that everything seemed as if it had been rehearsed before.

“Oh, Jean,” he whispered. “I have longed so long for you!”

“No,” she softly replied, “it is I that have been hungry for you, brother.”

“Oh God!” This as he started to explore her thighs, moving to the inner parts. As he climbed higher she parted them for him. Then he decided to pull her onto the sofa he had been lying on. In this position he could gain better access. Gosh! were those thighs smooth! Almost silky. She pinched on his nipples gently while she gave him a deep French kiss, wet and hot.

As his hand arrived at her panties he felt the warm dampness that told him she was wet. The very thought that she was so for him, her brother, drove him wild. She pulled the elastic of his tracksuit trousers down and dived for his pole. She felt him gasp at her warm touch on him. By now her legs were splayed wide, one on the back of the sofa. She was lost to this world enjoying the play of his fingers on her cunt. She had no idea where her panties had disappeared to and could not care less.

The only emotion in that room was their hot, urgent desire for each other. She scooted her bum of the seat, and placed her leg on the floor thus opening herself up completely. The sight of his sister displayed for him like this was fire on his brain. He pinioned his body over her and he nearly died when she took his penis in her hand and parked it smartly on her cunt lips. A gentle movement caused her cunt to produce a sucking noise; her juices were flowing like the Jordan. Gently he lowered himself into her as she gaziantep otele gelen escort bayan lifted herself to meet him. They both seemed to understand that they were so close the edge they needed to go slowly. When he was well into her they stopped all movement to savour that feeling of being completely one. He could feel her vagina enveloping his shaft snugly and she felt his manhood buried in her, filling her completely.

“Oh! sister,” escaped his lips. “Just the two of us in the world.”

“And now we are one,” she whispered back. They were completely in another sphere unlike anything they had ever before experienced.

He pulled back a little and she thought he wanted to leave her. Grabbing his buttocks she rammed him back in. The movement of their genitals locked together as they were sent them into ecstasies of joy as they came into each other screaming like banshees.

They lay on the sofa for a few minutes more then went to bed, hands around each other. But they could not part company; they went into his room; before they got to the bed proper he was hugging her again. Lowering her onto the bed he spread her thighs and started licking the inner parts. He had no idea that mingled sweat, cunt juice and his come could taste so good. When his tongue arrived at her cunt it seemed all the tastes of heaven were assembled there. A sharp tangy, sometimes sugary, at others fishy, salty flavour was to be found. He lapped greedily at her. She, meantime was enjoying the warmth of his wet mouth on her. His tongue entered her hole, sending her sky-high. Oh! the love-wizard, my brother! Now he was creeping closer to the clit and lifting her bum off the bed, she came again powerfully. It seemed the whole world became dark all around except for where her feelings raged and seethed. She thought this surely must be heaven. Nothing supersedes this. When he entered her again it felt a completely different organ, sliding along on his saliva and come juices. They moved softly against each other. It was as if all their nerves, feelings and thoughts had migrated to their groins. It was all they could be in touch with. His penis felt as if it was his whole body and she felt her cunt to be her whole being. They wanted to get fully into and possess each other. It took only a few thrusts to send them to pieces all over the bed.

Afterwards they wound themselves about each other and went into a deep slumber, numbly aware that their closeness had reached a new depth and a new height.

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