Secret Class Ch. 02-03


People are catching on that this is a direct reference to arguably one of the most popular erotic manhwas out there, “Secret Class”. The art is amazing but the plot is garbage so I just thought I could do better. Another story that I will be releasing takes serious inspiration from some of Manabe Jouji’s work (Ring x Mama and Makunouchi Deluxe) so I’d suggest checking those out.


I survived class and proceeded to wander around campus until Meg picked me up. She informed me that the date would be tonight which only racketed up my anxiety and Meg had to spend a good portion of the trip home talking me down from the ledge. She assured me that Kristy was well aware of my unique situation and understood this to be a sort of ‘therapeutic training’. I wasn’t sure if I was okay with someone outside of the family knowing *anything* about my past but I couldn’t take back what she said so I kept my mouth shut.

When we had arrived at home, Aunt Kendra and Meg immediately set to work on me, making me change into more presentable clothes. It turned into a fashion show where they would lay out new outfits, have me take them to my room to try them on and then showcase them.

As Val was exiting her room to go to the gym, she saw the commotion and stopped to aid Aunt Kendra and Meg in determining the proper attire for the night.

“I liked the black jeans and navy blue blazer the most,” she said, standing in the hallway with arms folded across her sports bra.

“Yea, I think that one looks the most comfortable while also being stylish,” Meg commented. She stood close by her mother, looking at me with a careful eye, weighing the different outfits in her mind. I was fidgeting over by the door wearing a very tight green turtleneck and feeling very stiff.

Aunt Kendra moved over toward me and started to smooth my over to the side of my hair. “Well, then it seems like it’s a settled matter.” Her large breasts bounced with a healthy enthusiasm as she continued to play with my hair. It was quite the sight and I did my best to avoid looking.

I did happen to catch Meg smirking but I ignored it.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang. Meg was the first to react

“It’s Kristy! I’ll get it!” She raced down the stairs, heavy footfalls sounding through the house.

Panic settled over me like a tidal wave. Could I really go on a date with a girl? I hadn’t ever even gone on a single one before. How was I supposed to do this?

Apparently I didn’t have much to worry about. Aunt Kendra made me go finish changing and then brought me downstairs to introduce me. Kristy honestly looked quite a bit like Bella Poarch (I was quickly becoming acclimated to the outside social media world thanks to Meg and Val). She was wearing a gray low cut sweatery top and great sweatpants that looked more presentable than normal sweatpants. Of course, she wasn’t as stacked as anyone else in the house but she sure was damn cute.

Everyone essentially dispersed after that. Val snuck away to the gym after introducing herself, Meg went out with friends, Aunt Kendra stayed in the kitchen making us snacks, and I wasn’t even sure Amy was home.

Kristy turned out to be really nice, doing most of the heavy lifting in the conversation. It was a relief since I didn’t really have to offer anything interesting on my own, just ask questions. We settled on the couch and just talked. She told me about her classes at Meg’s university, told me about some of the clubs she was involved in, and even told me about her social media presence, which was apparently something she was attempting to grow.

She had asked me a few questions but I think my short answers indicated that I wasn’t really ready to talk about myself and she took it in stride. At some point, Aunt Kendra had delivered us some cheese and crackers, which we both helped ourselves to. After a while, our conversation slowly died down and I flipped on the TV. It took us a minute to decide on a movie but eventually a romcom was selected. It had Andy Samberg and J.K. Simmons in it and apparently Kristy also liked those actors.

We were probably halfway into the movie when Kristy snuggled into me. I had been sitting stock still, straight as an arrow for pretty much the entirety of the date so far. She scooted over and leaned her head on my chest, one hand slipping around my lower waist.

My mouth became dry as a desert and my chest started thump rapidly at her being so close. She must have heard it because then she asked, “You don’t mind if I stay here like this, do you?”

“Oh, uh, n-no, it’s fine.” My stutter had returned, something that came about sporadically and in the worst possible times, like right now. She seemed to take my okay at face value and turned back to watch the movie. I wasn’t able to do the same. Instead, everything about her caught my attention and ratcheted up my anxiety another notch. That lavender-scented perfume of hers, the way her hair fell onto my chest, the rising and falling kızıl gaziantep escort of her own, the slight movements she would make as she watched.

Hell, I couldn’t even keep track of the TV. I was doing everything I could to not start hyperventilating. I had never been in a situation like this before and my mind kept flashing back to memories of my uncle’s house, dark memories, things he had said to me in the dead of night from his chair in the living room, things that floated behind me like neon signs. I couldn’t do this. I had to tell her to get off me.

Just before I could, Aunt Kendra called my name. “Kam, honey, can you help me with something quickly?” Her voice came from the laundry room on the first floor. Immediately, Kristy moved off me.

“Want me to pause the movie?”

“N-no,” I said as I rose to my feet. “You can keep w-watching. I’ll catch up.” And then, like a boy who was about to be scolded by his mother in front of a very cute girl, I trudged over to her.

I saw Aunt Kendra folding some clothes and as soon as she saw me, she walked over to the door and closed it behind me.

“How are you doing, Kam? You seem stressed.” She grabbed my shoulders and looked into my eyes, searching for an answer. I turned away from her gaze.

I wrung my hands rather intensely. “I don’t know. I’m pretty scared.”

“Do you want to continue? Do you feel like you want her to leave?” Her tone was so gentle, so caring that it actually served to soften some of the more debilitating spikes of anxiety although it absolutely did not remove it.

“I-I don’t know. I don’t know what to do. It’s going too fast.”

“Ok, don’t worry, sweetie. Don’t worry.” She pulled me into a hug and I couldn’t help but notice the way her fleshy breasts felt against my chest. She rubbed the back of my head in a way that actually felt really nice. “Don’t worry, don’t worry,” she whispered into my ear.

She held me like that for a minute and I was filled with the scents of roses and daisies.

She then let me go but placed her hands back on my shoulders and kept me in place. “Now, what does ‘too fast’ mean?”

I chewed on my lip for a bit before responding. “I don’t know. I guess it just means that I don’t know what to do or how to interact.”

“Ok, got it. Would me telling you what to do help you?”

I hesitated. It kinda felt weird to have her assisting me like this. After all, I was old enough that I should be able to handle situations like these and, yet, here I was.

“That would be nice,” I responded quietly after I had finished discerning what to do.

She nodded her head. “Then I should also tell you that Kristy was okay with you kissing her.”

“Wait what?” My heart had been pounding before but now it was frozen.

“We had all talked before and Kristy-“

I interrupted her before she could speak. “You mean this is really a training date.” I don’t think I was offended but it made everything feel even more weird, like Kristy was just doing me a favor. I guess they probably did explain this to me at one point, now that I thought about it. It’s just hard to focus on anything they are saying because of their…. assets.

“Well, that *was* the plan,” she responded. “Is that still okay with you?”

And then the panic returned.

“I can’t kiss a girl!” I whispered so Kristy couldn’t hear. “I’ve never done anything like that before. Her just laying on me was too much for me. I don’t even know what to do with that, much less how to actually kiss someone. I mean, I can’t even-“

Now it was her turn to interrupt me. “Shh, shh,” she hushed and then, with a delicate precision, placed a single finger on my lips. Just the feel of her dainty finger pressing onto my lips, so close that I could stick my tongue out and taste it, was enough to immediately silence me. “It’s okay, sweetie. Remember this is *training*. It’s just practice. But, listen, I said I would practice with you so come stand by me.”

I instantly did as told, the feeling of her finger still against my lips. I went shoulder to shoulder with her and stared at the door in front of us, unsure of what exactly all this was going to entail but not worried enough to ask because of the fact that she actually had touched me.

She continued to look at me. “Pretend I’m Kristy. What I want you to do is wrap an arm around me, casually.”

I could only stare back.

“It’s a roleplay. Just try it,” she gently prodded.

I slowly, awkwardly, obeyed, stretching out my hand behind her back and then hovering it above her shoulder. It just felt suddenly intense to place it on her shoulder like I was hitting on her. Aunt Kendra, of course, was having none of that. She grabbed my hand and placed it on her shoulder herself.

“Good,” she said, praising me. “Now, you’re going to want to sit like this for a little bit and let her get comfortable with what’s coming next. It’s good to give the girls gaziantep kızıl escort bayan time to reflect on that and anticipate it. We’re going to skip all that.” She leaned into me slightly as she spoke, getting close enough that my entire mind and body were focused on her. I did my best not to look at the way her breasts fell with each breath or how certain movements made them jiggle more than others. I tried not to smell too much of her perfume nor notice the way her head was resting on my shoulder. It was far too dangerous to let any of those things take my focus and run away with it. My pants would not be able to hide a boner.

“With your other hand, I want you to lightly grab my chin with your thumb and pointer finger, almost like you’re holding a card. Remember to be tender. Tenderness is key.”

I had trouble processing the fact that she wanted me to actually take hold of her like that but that didn’t seem to phase her. She waited patiently for me to do so and eventually I became more embarrassed by her just staring at me, waiting, than I did by touching her face. I did as told, taking her chin oh so gently in between my fingers.

“Now pull it close to your face,” she instructed, not even registering the insanity of all this. I honestly didn’t know what else to do except listen.

I could feel her hot breath on my lips, see into her emerald green eyes, and practically hear her heart pumping blood. She was looking into my own eyes. I would normally turn away from a woman this close to me, unable to meet her gaze but this time I didn’t. Maybe it was the fact that she was so calm, maybe it was the fact that I was so terribly turned on. Maybe it was that I was also terribly curious where she wanted to go with this. But what she said and did next surprised me beyond anything I could imagine.

“Lean in and kiss me.”

For probably the third time of this very, *very* short night, I froze and it was probably written all over my face.

“Don’t make a big deal out of it, sweetie. It’s just practice.”

I tried to focus on the words she was saying but watching her plump lips move with each word was too mesmerizing. They had this deep pinky tenderness to them without even requiring makeup and looked as soft as pillows.

I think she realized I was frozen again because she placed her hand against the back of my head and pushed me in. Before I knew it, my mind was exploding in a display of dazzling fireworks.

She sucked on my bottom lip, her own wrapped around it like two silky pillows. My mouth was just barely parted but it was enough for her. The scent and taste of apricot now filled me up, simultaneously sweet and tart. She smacked her lips before returning to suck on mine again and her hand ran just a little through the back of my hair.

Aunt Kendra pulled on my bottom lip just a little before releasing her hold. She didn’t dive back in. Instead, with her lips a hair’s breadth away, gave me more directions. “Try sucking on my bottom lip. That’s all kissing really is, at least at its base.”

I, of course, couldn’t move a muscle if I tried so she once again moved me in and our lips met. The fireworks set off once again and this time it flipped onto the reptilian part of my brain, the one in charge of sexual decision-making, and I was able to gently suck on her bottom lip. She purred in praise of that and started to make out a little more intensely with me.

I couldn’t believe it. I was actually making out with Aunt Kendra. I had always thought my only recourse to such experiences would be my dreams but here I was, standing beside her, lips locked. It was so wild to think that such a hot MILF was actually going this far with me, someone who was essentially filling the mother role in my life.

Her hand continued to caress my head as the other one ran down my chest. It stimulated me beyond belief and I was sporting a serious boner in no time.

Then I felt her tongue poking at my lips. It slipped in silently, bringing with it her warm saliva. I practically almost jumped back from the intrusion but the hand on my head reassured me that it was okay. It danced in my mouth, playfully slapping against my own tongue.

Her lips and tongue melted into mine, a steaming pile of MILF deliciousness. I could feel the anxiety floating away as she continued to search the insides of my mouth. Slight, wet smacking sounds emanated from us as she would pull her tongue out only to get a slightly better angle to stick it in deeper.

Her free hand drifted towards my own after tracing a path down my chest and it grabbed my wrist. With no deliberation nor hesitation, it was pulled onto her chest. My open hand sank into her soft titflesh. Even through the shirt, I could feel just how soft and heavy it was.

My fingers reflexively dig deeper into it as she continued to probe my oral cavity with her tongue. All the while, her hand hadn’t left my wrist but instead gaziantep kızıl escort made me move in circles.

I wanted to feel more, to taste more, but she broke away from me and my hand fell away from her breast.

“See? You’re a natural!”

She didn’t acknowledge my raging hardon, not because it was too awkward to do so but because she probably didn’t care or think it was an inappropriate reaction. “It’s just biology,” she would often tell the girls.

“Do you feel ready to go back downstairs?” she asked with genuine concern.

I don’t know why I nodded but I did. I sure as hell didn’t feel ready, although now it was for entirely different reasons than before. My head was spinning, my private area was throbbing, and I couldn’t shake the feeling of my fingers actually touching her breast. It was barely less than thirty seconds and through clothes but… I still felt it.

“Ok, hurry back over to her then. She’s been waiting for a while.” She lightly pushed me out of the room and I essentially stumbled back to the living room. Kristy looked up from the couch and smiled at me. Thankfully, my boner had receded enough that it wasn’t terribly noticeable and I settled down beside her, feeling like a whirlwind of emotions.

“You okay,” Kristy asked after a minute.

I nodded again, still rather dumbly, before I could gather my words. “Yea, I’m fine.”

But I couldn’t focus for the rest of the night. I never did make a move on her. Instead, we ended up quietly finishing the movie and she left shortly after.

Chapter 3

After it all ended, I retreated back to my room without saying a word to anyone and promptly closed the door. Of course, I could hear some hushed talking outside once Val returned but I only caught snippets. I was most concerned about Aunt Kendra telling Val what we had done together, that we had actually… kissed but the only mention of that moment was when Aunt Kendra said that she had pulled me aside to ‘practice’.

There was only two options here; Either Aunt Kendra was attempting to hide what she had done by only referring to it as ‘practice’ or it truly didn’t register that anything *wrong* had happened. Something told me it would be right to assume the latter.

I also knew that Val and Aunt Kendra were worried it had gone too fast for me, that having Kristy go on a fake date with me was bringing up traumatic memories or making me too anxious. They weren’t wrong. The idea of kissing her, of me making a move on her, was still too anxiety-provoking but the real reason was the fact I couldn’t get Aunt Kendra’s lips or breasts out of my mind.

I opted to stay locked up for the rest of night, just listening to music as I tried to distract myself from my raging thoughts but it was totally useless. At one point, I heard Amy leave her room and briefly talk with her mom before leaving the house. It also sounded like Val was in the basement because I could hear repetitive bangs against the wall as she did some cooldown exercises.

Honestly, I didn’t plan on coming down for the rest of the day so it was Aunt Kendra who finally made the first move.

A light rapping at the door stirred me from my thoughts.

“Uh, yes?”

“It’s me. Mind if I come in, sweetie?” Aunt Kendra asked. It sounded just like she always did but my brain couldn’t help itself and took it sexually.

“Sure,” I responded after a moment’s hesitation.

She entered the room, still wearing that tight white and exceedingly thin t-shirt that looked like it was hanging on for dear life and those jeans that gripped her ass so tightly that no detail was left to the imagination.

Her expression was clearly one of concern as she sat on the bed next to me. I moved into a sitting position.

“I just wanted to check up on you and make sure everything was okay.” Her hand descended onto my knee and rubbed it affectionately.

Having her here suddenly left me unsure of what to say. I couldn’t just tell her to her face what the issue was, especially because I had actually liked it so much.

“Y-yea, I’m fine.”

She cocked her head slightly, concerned expression growing. “Are you sure? Kristy left really soon.” She looked out the window and then back at me. “I didn’t mean for you to feel uncomfortable with her nor did I want you to feel things you weren’t ready to handle with her. I just figured that being able to go on a safe date with a girl would be best for a guy of your age. You would be able to try out different things without any fear of rejection.”

I nodded, probably looking quite sullen. This confirmed that she didn’t understand what the issue was and I certainly was not gonna bring it up now.

“That said, I don’t want this to be a failure. Instead, we should see this as a learning experience.”

I was doing my damndest to focus on her words but I just couldn’t get the sight of the light glinting off the nape of her neck out of my head or the way that a few strands of her hazel hair had fallen out of her messy bun or even that her hand was still rubbing my knee.

“I think what we should do is help you prepare even more. I don’t know what it is that you’re struggling with but if you tell me, we can practice. Is it that you have trouble with small talk?” she asked.

I fought to find my words, feeling suddenly speechless. “Small talk is a l-little tough,” I mumbled.

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