Martha in America Ch. 09

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I hope readers love Martha and my sister as much as I did, also as individuals, and can enjoy that they discover that two girls can also enjoy each other. At the end of the week, I join them, but it will be a few chapters later.

After his parents left, Martha took her bag into his older sister’s room. His sister had already said that she was going out to sunbathe, so she got out her bikini and put it on. Then she put the six-pack and two cans of beer in the refrigerator and found a towel and went out on the deck to join her. She was lying on her stomach with her bikini top unhooked, and the straps under her arms.

Martha lay down and reached back and untied her top, and then after a moment, undid the bow behind her neck. His sister turned her head and smiled and then said:

“Hi. This is just great, that you can come out here too. For me too, I’m going to have the best tan I ever had.”

“Um-hmm,” Martha agreed, smiling back: “… for me too. Nice that your parents suggested that I could.”

“It was my idea, but it was great that they agreed. … Oh, you should have some suntan lotion, at least to start. I’ll get it.”

She held her top and got up and slipped her arms through the straps, just adjusting it without fastening it. and went back in the house and returned, saying: “Here, I’ll do it for you.” “Thanks,” Martha replied.

His sister started to lean down, and then snorted when her top started to slip and fastened it before she rubbed the lotion on Martha’s back and legs, and then lay back down again and slipped her arms out of the straps of her top as she smiled at her again.

“Thanks,” Martha said again, smiling back.

“I didn’t wear my bikini when my parents were here.”

“Thoughtful of you. You did with your brother?”

“Of course, wouldn’t you with yours?”

“Of course, even with my parents, when I had one. I guess they’re more liberal than yours.”

“One like that? My parents certainly wouldn’t have liked that. Bet your brothers did, though.”

“I didn’t ask them, but I guess I didn’t mind their seeing me in it.”

“Wanted them too?”

“Didn’t really think about. Oh, I was pleased that I could wear it, you know, that there was something in it.”

His sister chuckled with a nod. Then Martha did, remarking:

“Oh I guess I did want them to see it – see me. Long before I had a bikini, when I got my first bra … I guess all girls want to. I didn’t think I really needed it, but Mother said I had to, … when school started.”

“What did you do? Show it to your brother? Which one?”

“How did you guess? The younger one, both older than me.”

“Really!? Just like that? In just your panties and bra?”


His sister sat up in her surprise, forgetting her top as she asked again: “Really? Oh!” and she blushed and picked up her top.

“That doesn’t matter,” Martha said, smiling at her, and rolled onto her side and raised herself up on her elbow, leaving her top behind. His sister looked less embarrassed and snorted with a grin and put her top back down as she looked at Martha’s breasts and replied:

“No one can see us.”

“Looks like the sun saw you a lot, however.”

“Oooh! He didn’t tell you, did he?”

“That you wanted to go topless in France.”

“He did?!”

“Looks like you did here.”

His sister blushed, nodding, replying:

“He said he couldn’t stop me.”

“Hm-hmm! Could have been an interesting struggle.”

“He didn’t. You don’t mind if we do?”

“No, sometimes we go topless in Norway.”

“Oh, that’s good, nice. Want some lotion on yours?”

She handed the lotion to Martha, who sat up and spread it on her breasts and elsewhere. His sister watched her with a smile and then looked more serious and asked:

“If you talked about that, … uh, … well, … I guess you got on well together.”

“Um-hmm. Told me your parents were worried that we might get on too well.”

Martha’s nipples had popped out, but they both were looking past each other. Then his sister murmured:

“I kind of got that impression too, from a few words I overheard.”

Her nipples had also popped out. They were silent for a few moments, their nipples relaxing. Then his sister’s popped out again, and she blushed. Then Martha’s tightened again. She rubbed her arm over them and then murmured:

“They were right,” still looking at the horizon.

It took a few moments before his sister found her tongue:

“Oh? I hope they didn’t find out!”

“I do too, he does too.”

“Must have been tense driving home with them. … You did?”

“Yes, we did … sleep with each other.”

“Sure hope they didn’t find out.”

“Me too. Surprised?”

“Hmm? Not really. Well, yes, but I could imagine that it could happen.”

They looked at each with slight smiles. Martha said:

“It did.”

His sister nodded, but then looked a little uneasy and glanced away for a moment, but then looked back at Martha. She took a deep breath, and then let it go and took another one and asked: “And did bursa escort you talk more about me? What did he tell, if you were, well, like that?”

Martha glance at her. His sister looked at her questioningly, still looking uncomfortable as Martha nodded and then replied:

“Um-hmm, we did. He told how you wanted to, and that you did. I might have wanted to, too, with my brother.”

“He did?! You might have wanted to with your brother?!”

“He dreamt about you one night in my bed.”

“And told you?!”

I think he had told me before, your brother. I guess it didn’t really surprise me as much as it should have.

His sister smiled briefly, looking a little less uncomfortable for a moment, but then more so again and asked: “But I guess if you slept together, and he told you that, that wasn’t all he told you,” and looked at Martha questioningly.

She shook her head, and then after a moment replied: “No, it but sounded all right, so natural, like it could have … like I would have liked it to happen, if it had been me. … Of course, I was surprised, but not much, … after what he had told before. Of course, you both wanted to see each other, and then one thing led to another. But it just seemed so natural, … a little funny, but delightful, the way he told it, and sounded like you both enjoyed it.”

His sister looked relieved as she smiled and nodded and agreed: “Um-hmm, we sure did.” She paused for another long moment, glancing away and then back at Martha, and then away again before she asked in a whisper: “He told you everything?” and looked at her questioningly again.

“Um-hmm, eventually. I finally asked him. It just seemed that you must have, that it had to happen. Why not, after …, just natural, if you wanted to, and very difficulty not to, and difficult if you didn’t then. … I would have, … well, … that was what I was thinking: how, … what I would have done … if I had been you. Like I told him, he was the kind of brother a girl would want to do it with.”

His sister smiled and nodded, still looking serious, but then after a moment nodded again and smiled more broadly and agreed:

“Yeah, it was like that, real good. And I guess I was the one that led him on, wanting to go topless and then asking if he had slept with girls. He sure didn’t take advantage of me. I was wondering last week if he would tell. He always talked about ‘gentlemen not telling,’ but then did tell some. But if you slept together …. Oh, I like it, that we can talk about it. You just want to tell someone how good it was. … You don’t mind?”

Martha shook her head with a smile.

“Oh, and thanks for being so … empathetic? Is that the word: understanding, feeling like I did?”

“I think so. I do. It just seemed so natural and inevitable, and that it was good, that you both apparently found it good.”

“Oh, I sure did! It made me feel so good! I just felt wonderful afterwards.”

Martha nodded again with a smile and agreed:

“That’s the way I felt, too.”

“Wasn’t your first time so good? They say it usually isn’t.”

“Oh, it was good, but not that good. … Oh, it was real good, no fear of getting caught or of not having enough time, just not as good as it was for you. But I’m glad it was, for you.”

“Me too. How old were you?”


“Hmm? And now he has spoiled both of us.”

Martha shrugged with little nod, but then said:

“I told him that maybe I could tell them, show them how to make it better for girls.”

“You did? Like doing that to us?”


“Mmmm! That’s good! Surprised me a little the first time.”

“Me too, the first thing he did.”

“Oooh! Nice. … Uh? … Maybe I shouldn’t ask.”

“If I did it to him?”

His sister nodded, murmuring: “I did.” Martha nodded with a smile and replied:

“I didn’t know about it before, … well that nice girls did it. But then I wanted to, at least to try it, and then I wanted to, wanted to be one of those who liked it …”

“And you did?” his sister interrupted.

“Um-hmm,” Martha agreed with a snort and smile. His sister grinned and said:

“Oh, that’s good.”

“Um-hmm, and like you said, funny, that I loved him for letting me do it, but I tried not to use that word to say so. But then we did, and agreed that making love just makes you love someone a little, that that is what the expression says.”

“Um-hmm, maybe I shouldn’t have said it so often, … but it just came out. Oh, I’m glad you like it, too. … Hmmm! I told him he would too.”

“Me too, and he agreed that he probably would, except for …, well, you know.”

“Um-hmm. We got that far too. And he told me that I would like what he liked. I had to agree, knowing how good it is – for me. I guess we were pretty open about talking about everything. Yeah, we were. After that, of course, we didn’t just go topless.”

Martha chuckled and said:

“Bottomless. Funny! I could have known that before he said anything, seen that he didn’t have a tanline. That didn’t even occur to me after I knew.”

“That’s bursa escort bayan good.”

“Yes, better that he told me, than my wondering, making an assumption, before he did.”

“Do people in Norway go nude?”

“Of course, some sunbathe naked, … not my family, but I know some others who do, and, of course, couples alone, or with close friends. Yeah, probably a lot do when they’re alone. That’s easy in Norway, lots of space, cabins in the mountains. We love the sun for the few weeks of real summer.”

Martha chuckled and added:

“If you want to?”

“Just waiting for you to ask!”

They grinned and took off their bikini bottoms and faced the sun, dropping back on their elbows. His sister remarked:

“I knew I would enjoy being out here with you, but didn’t think it would be like this. Of course, after I started thinking that you were probably also sleeping with him, it occurred to me that, well, …”

“We’ve clarified that.”

“Um-hmm, thank you.” His sister glanced over at Martha and saw her nod, but she didn’t say anything, and she continued:

“A little funny last week: hiding that I didn’t have tanline. Oh, I guess he told you that going topless was about my wanting to do it in France. I had asked my sister about that, so she knew that I had been thinking about it. Luckily, she didn’t say anything.”

“Tactful of her.”


They looked at each other and smiled and then were silent for a while. Then Martha looked over at her again and snorted softly and said: “He was right: like half grapefruits, your breasts.” His sister’s nipples stood out as she looked down at them and snickered, replying:

“Did he tell you about that, too? Our trip to the museum?”

“Um-hmm. I went there last week, and he suggested I find the paintings you looked at. Boucher and Fragonard liked them like that, like yours, and I bet their customers did too. Maybe buxom young girls were more acceptable subjects then. They’re lovely.”

His sister snickered as her nipples stood out again, and she sat up and rubbed them as she looked over at Martha’s and said:

“Yours are just as nice. A couple of years ago, I wished mine weren’t already so big. Some girls still didn’t have much, but they weren’t happy with that either. But I like them now, and like the way they can feel. … Do you think it feels that good when you’re nursing a baby?”

“I should know? It must feel good, but probably different for a nursing mother, wanting to nurture – is that the word? – her baby. Seems funny that some women don’t want to, lots in America, apparently.”

“Um-hmm. I guess we’ll find out. … Oh, that was funny, once when he was doing it – just sucking my breast … Oooh, did I say that?! Anyway, he was, and I was holding his head, and suddenly I felt sort of motherly, like when you’re holding a little puppy or kitten, wanting to be gentle and protective. That was funny, … well, … I guess, … motherly, but funny with my brother, and what we were doing, and going to do.”

“I can imagine, … what you mean, and that it was funny. That didn’t happen with me, with him, or before …”

“Is he … I mean, you …, you would know, … is he a good lover?

Martha looked at her and then looked back towards the sun, and then looked at her again and smiled and then nodded and almost murmured:

“Um-hmm, real good. You’re lucky, … we’re lucky. Maybe the next one won’t be so good.”

They were both silent for a moment, not looking at each other, and then his sister said:

“Oh, I’m going to make him be good. I’ll tell him what I want, … and show him what I want to do. He’ll like it!”

Martha snorted and smiled at her and replied:

“It sounds like you will. And I guess you’re right. We can help them, if they just let us. I told him that I was going to maybe surprise the next one at home.”

They both snickered with a glance at each other and then looked towards the lowering sun. His sister drew her knees up, and then smiled briefly to herself when she saw Martha do so too, and then after a moment said:

“I bet you will. But they’ve got to like to do it too. He sure does, but maybe some don’t, … like the girls who don’t …”

“I hadn’t thought of that. None did before, but they were too interested in doing it … for themselves, and I didn’t know to suggest anything else. But he likes to, and I learned that I did, so, … why shouldn’t they, and if they know we want to, … want them to …”

“Mine will, just maybe be surprised. Yeah, I guess I’ll have more experience than he has. Maybe he won’t like that.”

“If it bothers him, then he’s the wrong one. But then we’re back to what I was saying, maybe the next one won’t be as good, even with your help.”

“Hmm? Yeah, maybe? I hope not. … But anyway, I’m better off – lucky – knowing how good it can be. I’ll find one who does.”

Martha snorted and glanced at her and then agreed:

“Me too. … This is a little funny, our talking like this, … and being like this … already. I knew that I would I like to sunbathe nude, but escort bursa didn’t know how I was going to suggest it. … Oh, I guess – knowing about you two – I thought it wouldn’t be a problem, just didn’t know how I could suggest it.”

“Oh, I would have taken care of that, just didn’t know if you would too. I was thinking that maybe I would just do it, but this was better, is better.”

“Um-hmm, and the talking, … funny, but nice. Funny, real funny, talking so much about sex when we both slept with the same man. … Oh! That sounds funny too, hearing myself say that. But I sure would not have talked about it with girlfriend at home, if I knew we both had. Funny, nice that we can share him. I guess because we know that neither of us can have him, aren’t competing for him. … But still a little funny. But I like it.”

“Me too. Funny, my liking that you slept with him. Yeah, I guess it’s like you said, nice that we could share him – a week for each of us. … Oh? Or didn’t you … till … later?

“Oh, we did, Sunday night. It just happened, … well, I wanted it to, … no, … had considered the possibility, but, of course, didn’t know if he did, but it worked out, drinking beer, and then …, well it just happened, better than I could have hoped.”

“I bet. You’re lucky, … or managed that well. Hmm! Like I did, but I didn’t really know what I wanted. … Well, maybe I just didn’t recognize – dare to recognize – what I might be wanting, suggesting, … I guess, … and certainly didn’t anticipate that he would, too. I guess he told you about that too – how one thing led to another.”

“Um-hmm. I know how you felt. … Well, … I can imagine, like I said, that I could understand that it was good.”

“You’re just great! God, what if you had been a prude?! I didn’t think you were, but if you hadn’t slept with him, maybe not liked him, or been all up tight ’cause it didn’t happen, and then didn’t know about us. Oh, I don’t want to think about it! This is just too good!”

Martha nodded and smiled and agreed: “I think so too. … I want a beer. You too?”

“Did he tell you about that, too? You have some? Yes please. I’ll get them. Where are they?”

“I put them in the fridge. It was his idea. Thanks.”

“Oh, that’s great! This is great!”

His sister grinned and glanced out at the shore, and then scrambled stooped to the door and went off. After a little, Martha heard the door to the refrigerator close, and then looked around and saw her at the door, looking off at the beach, and then she quickly strode to her and sat down again and handed her a can. They sat cross-legged and opened them, and his sister grinned and said: “Here’s looking at you” as Martha said “Skaal” and they both drank, and then snickered slightly as they look at each other.

“That’s how it started,” Martha volunteered: “… with your brother. I told him that after saying ‘skaal’ he had to look me back in my eyes, so we did it again, and he did, and then, … well, we kissed. He said later that I looked like I wanted to be kissed, and I guess I did.”

“And he said: ‘Here’s looking at you,’ once when we were both naked, had grown accustomed to being so, but then when he said it, I really felt naked, embarrassed for a moment. That was funny. … How do you do it? ‘Skaal’.”

They both drank again and looked back up in each other’s eyes, and then grinned, and then took each other in with their eyes, directly facing each other for the first time. After a brief glance down at Martha’s sparse, reddish blond pubic hair, his sister took another sip and said:

“Seeing you, I wish I didn’t have so much. It’s sort of like an exclamation mark – when I look at myself in the mirror. ‘Here it is.” No wonder artists seldom show it. Yours is nicer, just tone in tone, not calling attention to it.”

She took another sip of her beer, and Martha did too and then snorted softly and replied:

“Funny, he said something like that, too. I never thought about it before. But he liked it, telling me once that it looked like they were trying to say: ‘Here it is, an adult, ripe …, but we’re not trying to hide it …’ Oh, he went on, but I won’t repeat that.”

“Hmm! That’s sweet. I guess he is a good lover. He told me mine was real pretty. Oh?! … Oh! I guess I shouldn’t have said that. He wasn’t talking about my hair.”

“He is a good lover, and not just with words.”

“You can say that again! God, he does it good, … doesn’t he?”

Martha snickered with a nod and drank from her beer. His sister took a sip, too, and then another one when Martha didn’t reply.

“That must be good,” his sister remarked: “… if he likes it so much. I know it must be good.”

Martha nodded slightly with a brief, sly smile, then looking past her for a moment, still not looking at her as she replied:

“We told him he would like it, … what we like,” and then looked at her and took a sip of her beer.

His sister took a sip too, and then they were silent together for a long moment, and still silent as they took another sip of beer and both turned back towards the sun, extending their legs again. They finished their beers and leaned back on their hands again. When their toes inadvertently touched, neither reacted or moved her foot away, and then they were silent for a while longer, both of them just looking off into space.

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