Peggy Befriends A Fugitive


Hello readers. This is the complete version of a story (Befriending A Fugitive) that I accidentally submitted for it was finished, but luckily it sort of made sense even if it was a very short part of the whole story. If you think the first part up until the *** break is familiar, you’re correct. If you didn’t read it, then it’s all new to you. Thanks.


“Probably working late tonight,” Hank Palmer grunted as he left for work, not bothering to kiss his wife of 27 years goodbye.

Peggy Palmer didn’t bother answering because the door was closing as her spouse’s declaration ended, and as she heard the truck start up out in the driveway the middle aged woman’s attention turned from her increasingly detached husband’s behavior to a more interesting topic.

He was out there somewhere, Peggy knew, her secret friend who she had recently befriended. Befriended might not be the right term because at 50 she was more than twice the age of young man who had been sleeping in the woods way back down towards the railroad tracks well behind the Palmer’s house. Adopted might be more than accurate because although Ronnie was on the cusp of being 20 he had a baby face that made him look younger even though at about 5’9″ and 150 pounds he had a manly build.

Peggy had seen the young man a week ago sneaking out of her garage carrying some of her husband’s old clothes meant for charity, and although she knew it was foolish Peggy followed him back to the woods where she saw him changing the shirt he had on for one of Hank’s old wife-beater t-shirts, getting a glimpse at his surprisingly muscular upper torso in the process.

In retrospect Peggy could see how dangerous this was to be confronting a thief back there, especially since she recognized the shirt the boy had discarded as one they had the inmates wear at the local prison, but maybe it was an indication that Peggy no longer much cared what happened to her. Beside, there wasn’t much pain some criminal could inflict on Peggy than her beloved husband hadn’t already done.

As it turned out Ronnie wasn’t a hardened convict, or at least that was what Peggy concluded, although she knew from listening to her husband that the prison was full of guys that claimed to be innocent and she also suspected Ronnie might be a bit of a con artist too instead of just a thief. He claimed he had run away from home long ago and needed no one but she knew he was just scared and lonely, something that Peggy could relate to, so after Peggy scolded him briefly she began taking care of him in a way, first by bringing back some leftovers to the primitive shelter the kid had fashioned and then evolving to making him lunches of things he said he liked.

Yesterday though, after Ronnie ate and they chatted a while Peggy got up from the rock she had been sitting and declared that even though she didn’t want to, she had better get home just in case Hank came home for dinner instead of banging whatever floozy he was seeing now.

“Why do you put up with him?” Ronnie had asked, revealing that the teen actually did listen when she talked.

“I guess we’re a habit. Besides, where else can I go?”

“Hell Peggy, you could do anything you set your mind too, just like I do,” Ronnie told her as he rose, his rippling neck and shoulder muscles filling the shirt like the garment never had on her husband’s body, and as her eyes went to the crude tattoo on Ronnie’s bulging bicep that read “REBEL” she heard him add, “You’re smart – sexy too.”

“Oh come on Ronnie,” Peggy tittered at the compliment that might have been correct when she had been his age and she wasn’t carrying about 25 pounds too much like she was now.

“I dig older women. You know you are hot too Peggy. Damn, after you leave I can’t get the image of you out of my mind,” Ronnie added as he reached over and held her upper arms, and when he had leaned down and kissed her she had been too stunned to protest. “You kiss nice too.”

“Ronnie, I’m married,” Peggy reminded him when the kiss ended.

“Not happily,” Ronnie had astutely noted.


“I want you Peggy.”


“Is it because I smell? I know I must after being back here like this.”

“It’s not that dear, not that at all,” Peggy replied, and it really wasn’t that because while the teen was funky the manly aroma of him aroused something inside of her. “As a matter-of-fact, I was trying to figure out a way to sneak you up to the house so you could bathe.”

“I thought you liked me.”

“I do.”

“You seemed to have been making yourself extra pretty lately when you come back to see me. I noticed and I liked it,” Ronnie explained. “You’ve been dressing nice, wearing a little make-up too, and I see you shaved under your arms. Was that for me?”

“Omigod,” Peggy blushed, lifting her arm and looking at the smooth cavern, unaware that her previous unkempt nature had been noticed.

“I didn’t care Peggy,” Ronnie smiled as he reached over and ran the back of his index finger under her moist armpit, causing the woman to shiver. escort gaziantep bayan tanıtımları “To tell the truth I kind of dug it. You sure had a lot of hair under your arms too. Bet that means you have a lot of hair down there between your legs too. Am I right?”

“I ain’t like a lot of guys my age,” Ronnie explained as he softly rubbed Peggy’s shoulders while her eyes widened at his audacity. “Most of them like it when the girls shave it all off down there, but not me. I like my women to look like women, not little girls.”

“Ronnie, I have to leave,” Peggy had told him when the woods seemed to start spinning around her.

“Will you come back tomorrow Peggy?” Ronnie pleaded. “You’re the only friend I have in this world.”

“I don’t know,” Peggy had told him.

“In that case, I’m sorry I upset you. I love you. Take this with you,” he asked just before taking the stunned woman into his arms, kissing her like she hadn’t been kissed in decades while his hands squeezed her ass, all the while grinding his crotch into hers until she finally broke free.

“Ronnie. I can’t,” Peggy almost sobbed as she hyperventilated a bit.

“Look what you do to me Peggy,” Ronnie insisted as he pulled down his zipper, and as he struggled to free his member Peggy shook her head and looked at the boy with pleading eyes as he said, “I know you won’t laugh at my cock like some girls do.”

“Look at me!” Ronnie insisted as he took a step towards the woman, and when she shook her head he took Peggy’s wrist and forced it onto his manhood.

Peggy’s eyes darted down as her hand was squeezed onto the throbbing erection, and when she saw what her hand was unable to fully encircle she looked back and forth in horror at the fugitive’s eyes and the monstrous purplish organ which seemed inhuman in her sweaty grasp.

“Want you so bad Peggy. I know you like the way I feel in your hand. Imagine what it would feel like inside you,” Ronnie suggested as Peggy struggled to pull free of his grasp. “And with a sexy housewife like you I can go all day… wait!”

“I have to go!” Peggy practically yelled as she stumbled away, nearly staggering into a tree on the way when she glanced back as the brazen teen standing there with his penis sticking out of his pants. “Must go!”

Peggy heard the boy call out after her as she made her way out of the woods and towards her house, but he didn’t follow her as she hurried inside, locking the door behind her and leaning on it as she caught her breath.

“That was close,” Peggy had muttered before peeking through the curtains to make sure he wasn’t coming for her.

It had been terrifying. There was no denying that, although as she went in to the bedroom to lay down for a minute, a sick side of her suggested that in a perverse way she had liked it. The crude kissing and his almost feral groping of her breasts suggested that he really did want her, and as for the way he had exposed himself and forced her to hold him? She knew she should have slapped him, but she hadn’t.

As Peggy rested on the bed and looked up at the ceiling, she brought her hand up and thought of what she had just done. She had just held another man’s penis for this first time since before she had married nearly 3 decades before, and while she was ashamed to recall how many men and boys of all shades and sizes she had held before that, none of them resembled what Ronnie made her hold, however briefly.

Peggy lowered her hand as she closed her eyes, replaying that scene in her mind until she brought that hand up under her house dress, and after she worked her way into her panties she cursed herself when she felt how wet she was.

A few minutes later Peggy had curled into a fetal position after her body stopped convulsing from the effects of the only kind of satisfying sex she had been having for years, but this orgasm was particularly intense, making the middle-aged woman glad that without her giving Ronnie food and drink the fugitive would likely move on and out of her life.

“Just as well,” Peggy mumbled before she dropped off for a nap.


“I wasn’t sure you would still be here,” Peggy said after making her way back to the fugitive’s primitive sleeping area and coming over to the young man.

“Got nowhere else to go,” Ronnie said as he raked his fingers through his long unkempt hair, the movement making the muscles in his biceps bulge as he came closer, so close that Peggy could smell the manly funk coming from his bushy armpits. “Besides, what I want is right here.”

“Thought you might have taken off – maybe hoping is a better word,” Peggy sighed.

“You didn’t bring me lunch.”

“No,” Peggy replied before hesitating briefly. “I was wondering if you might want to – maybe come up to the house and clean up.”

“What if he comes home?” Ronnie asked of her husband, someone that Peggy had spoke of during their conversations.

“He won’t come home until late.”

“His shift at the prison ends at 5. How escort gaziantep bayan telefonları come he gets home so late?” Ronnie asked, enjoying the married woman’s shocked expression.

“How…” Peggy wondered aloud, stunned because she never said where Hank worked and had no idea how Ronnie knew when he came home.

“I recognized him,” Ronnie said in answering the question she hadn’t asked yet. “Don’t look so shocked. You knew I wasn’t no kid who ran away from home. He don’t look so tough without a badge and a billy club. Pitiful pecker too.”


“Last night I was bored – no cable TV back here,” Ronnie chuckled. “So anyway I sneaked up to your house and looked in the window. Got lucky because you keep your window open so I could see right in your bedroom. I like that nightie you were wearing. Not fancy but you can sort of see through it when you were walking around.”

“What – what if Hank saw you?”

“He wasn’t home yet, and I tell you that when I saw you in that nightie if I wasn’t scared you would have a heart attack because I was tempted to crawl in the window ’cause you looked so good,” Ronnie leered. “Those titties of yours swinging around without a bra? Damn, they’re even bigger than I thought they would be, and I could see the shadow of your bush through the nightie too. Beautiful hairy pussy you got there Peggy. Too bad your old man came home then. I stuck around a little bit. Long enough to see him waddle into the bedroom after you got into bed. When I saw that little stub of a dick he had under his belly I could see why you lit up when you grabbed my cock yesterday.”

“I didn’t grab you. You made me hold it,” Peggy challenged.

“You didn’t put up much of a fight,” Ronnie correctly noted. “And I bet you thought about my cock all night too.”

“You think you have all the answers,” Peggy sniffed. “You’re an escaped criminal.”

“I don’t know much but I do know women,” Ronnie said. “I might only be 19 but I’ve done a lot of living in my 19 years. I know that when a woman home alone starts getting chummy with somebody that might be dangerous to them, she must really want it.”

“You’re not dangerous. They don’t put hardened criminals down there,” Peggy said. “I was just trying to be nice to you because you looked like you needed help.”

“You said something about taking me up to your place and cleaning me up,” Ronnie reminded her.

“The more I think about it, the more I think that’s not a good idea,” Peggy answered. “Why don’t I just make you some lunch, and I can give you food to take with you?”

“I like the idea of a shower better, or maybe a bath,” was Ronnie’s reply as he walked past Peggy towards her house.

“No. Wait Ronnie,” Peggy said but he was already on his way, and she had to hurry to catch up with him before he reached the back porch.


“Nice place,” Ronnie commented after Peggy let him in, and he snickered when she not only locked the door and threw on the deadbolt, she propped a chair up against the door.

“The bathroom is down the hall,” Peggy said with a wave of her arm. There’s extra towels in the cabinet and while you’re bathing I’ll make you some lunch. I still have some of that turkey breast you liked.”

“Why don’t you help me get undressed for my shower Mrs. Palmer?” Ronnie asked while slowly herding Peggy down the hall.

“You’re a big boy Ronnie. I – and please don’t call me that.”


“You know what,” Peggy replied as she found herself down near the bathroom.

“Mrs. Palmer you mean? Why? Is it because you hate the name or because you feel guilty about what you’re thinking about right now?” Ronnie asked.

“The – uh – shower’s a little tricky,” she mumbled as she cleared the damp towel her husband had used off the bar of the tub and fiddled with the water. “It’s tough to find a happy medium between hot and cold. How do you like it?”

“Doesn’t matter, but I do need help getting my clothes off,” Ronnie insisted as Peggy straightened up. “And I think you want to do it too. Do you want me to force you to do it? Seems as though you might be one of those kind who like being made to do shit so you aren’t embarrassed to admit it. First my shirt.”

Peggy pulled the tank top from out of the fugitive’s pants, and as she lifted it up the teen’s ripped body the pungent aroma of the clothes and the boy hit her hard in the small room. She tried not to look at the jagged scar at his rib cage or the crude tattoo of a devil on his chest that looked to be done by the same person who did the “REBEL” tattoo on his arm.

“I can wash your clothes while you shower,” Peggy said.

“Pants too,” Ronnie said in grabbing her hands and bringing them to his belt, and after the trousers dropped and he stepped out of them he added, “My socks – and these nasty boxers too.”

“Ronnie,” Peggy pleaded and was rewarded with an icy stare in return before she knelt down and peeled the crusty socks off his feet while looking warily as escort gaziantep bayan videoları the bulge on his baggy boxers.

“Doing fine Mrs. Palmer,” Ronnie chortled as she grimaced. “And after you get my underwear off I’m gonna let you sit on the toilet and watch me shower. It must be fun to watch because there were a few guards down there who would stand there and stare at me when I would shower, almost like they wanted some but couldn’t admit it. One guy in particular loved to look at my cock. You know anybody like that?”

“Certainly not,” Peggy sniffed, the idea that her gay hating husband would look at another man ridiculous. “You know, after you clean up you can put fresh clothes on and be on your way.”

“Waiting. The water’s running,” Ronnie reminded her, at which point she took the elastic of the briefs in hand and pulled them down, trying and failing not to look at what she had exposed, and to her horror even though unlike yesterday Ronnie was not aroused, the size of his flaccid penis was just as outrageous.

“You like it, don’t you Mrs. Palmer?” Ronnie sneered as he grabbed his limp uncircumcised cock and pulled on it, stretching the already absurd organ like it was made of elastic before turning and stepping into the shower, adding, “Gonna give you all you want of it. Now pull up a seat and enjoy the show.”

“But the floor will get wet,” Peggy noted and was ignored as the fugitive grabbed the soap and began scrubbing, and although she tried not to she couldn’t take her eyes off the boy.

Peggy shook her head as she thought of seeing Ronnie as a boy, because he was nearly 20 years old. Although he was somewhat muscular he was a rather slight lad and had a boyish face, but there was nothing else about him that remotely resembled a kid. The scars and the hideous tattoos were only the start.

So hairy, Peggy mused as the skinny kid got wet. His legs, especially from the knees down, looked black as the wet hair coated them, and his armpits were incredibly bushy as well. In the end though, Peggy’s eyes strayed down to the absurd organ swinging like a metronome between Ronnie’s legs, something the kid seemed to love to show off.

As she watched the soapy water roll down the beige uncircumcised penis Peggy racked her brain, trying to remember the name of that guy who used to star in all those dirty movies Hank used to make her watch. John Holmes. That was it, Peggy thought. John Holmes. Hank told her that they made that guy look like he did with trick photography, but Ronnie was in front of her in the flesh.

Maybe because Ronnie was such a little guy otherwise physically, this made his dick look bigger than it actually was, but that wasn’t it. The boy’s penis was as big as her arm from the elbow down, and it wasn’t even hard. He had been hard back there in the woods when he showed it to her, even bigger and angry looking. Peggy shuddered at the memory, and then shuddered again when she remembered what it had felt like it her hand and how she was likely going to find out soon enough how it felt somewhere else, unless she found the courage to stop him.

“Gotta get it nice and clean for you Peggy,” Ronnie snickered as his voice roused the woman from her trance, his fingers pulling back the foreskin so he could scrub the bulbous head of his organ, rinsing it and then pulling the shroud back down. “Take your blouse off Peggy.”


“That wasn’t a request Peggy. Now take that thing off.”

Peggy reluctantly stood up and slowly unbuttoned the loosed fitting top, her fingers shaking so hard the simple task giving her trouble before she finally managed to get them undone, and after she took the top off she set it aside and stood there on shaky knees.

“Your old man should buy you some nice bras. Tits like that deserve it. What are you, a D cup?” Ronnie asked, and when Peggy didn’t answer he continued. “Got to be a D cup at least. Shit, that Mexican broad he’s banging ain’t got nothing like them.”

“How do you…”

“Ronnie knows everything,” the convict chuckled while the shower spray rinsed the soap off him, and as he directed the the guard’s wife his hand was on his cock, pulling and stretching the monstrous penis while enjoying the show. “Now the bra – wait – take those shorts off first.”

“What if my husband ever came home now?” Peggy choked out as her fingers held the top of her shorts.

“I’d let him watch me fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before, sure as hell not like he does you,” Ronnie guffawed. “Maybe I’d just kick his ass, like he probably does to you only worse.”

“Hank, he…”

“Tell me you wouldn’t like to see me beat the crap out of him. He ain’t tough without the badge and billy club. I could tell that just by looking at him. Now those shorts…”

Peggy slowly coaxed them down, and after she stepped out of them the middle aged woman felt naked even though she still had her bra and panties on, ashamed of the way her body had aged and tried not to think about what the muffin top above the elastic of her baggy panties must look like to the convict, but Ronnie’s attention was elsewhere.

“Damn woman. I knew it. Remember how I told you back in the woods that I thought you had a hairy pussy?” he asked while leering at the way her untamed pubic hair stuck out of the sides of her undies, and when Peggy’s hands reflexively brought her hands in front of herself he ordered her not to hide his view. “That’s so sexy. Look how hard you’re making me.”

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