Parvati’s Son Ch. 02


All characters are over 18. This is a work of fiction.

Hemant had been in a relationship with his mother Parvati for 5 years (read Parvatis son). She had been trying to conceive a child with him. She enjoyed the sex but was missing the presence of a child in the house. She also had a daughter Ananya 25 who did not have a boyfriend and had still not married. She thought it would be so nice if Ananya had a baby.

Ananya was 25, 42D size boobs, tall and slim. She normally wore a sari with her midriff exposed and short deep blouses. Parvati had noticed Hemant looking at Ananya with lust filled eyes several times. She spoke to Ananya and said why dont you have a boyfriend even if you dont get married. Ananya said she had no such wish. Then dont you get frustrated without chudai. Every girls chooth needs to be fucked.

Then Ananya told her that when alone she would dream of Herself with her brother. He would suck her boobs, lick her chooth, put her sari up and make her cum. She would be saying “………OOOOH……AAAAH…..CHODO…..NAFTA DO….” and this fuck session would go on the whole night. She wanted her brother in her chooth özbek gaziantep escort and to scream “bhaiya chodo…..BAHENCHOD CHOD MUJHE…..mujhe ek beti de…….CHOD bahenchod maderchod…….zor se chod…..fuck me…. fuck me hard……give me your cum…..jaldi chod…….bahenchod apni bahen ko maa banaa…….”

Parvati told her that at night she should go to his room when he was fast asleep, lift her sari and put her chooth on his mouth. He would not be able to resist the smell of her vagina and leave the rest to his hormones and reflexes.

So that night Ananya went to Hemants room, lifted her saree and sat on his mouth so that her chooth was on his mouth. She started moving her chooth so he could feel it. Soon he was licking her vagina and she was saying “……bhaiya mujhe lick karo…..pyaar karo…..meri chudhai karo…….bahenchod bano……bach do meri kok me…..”. He was licking her chooth for a long time, then he put her on the bed, opened her blouse hooks, put her petticoat up and wham bam his laurda was in her chooth. He was ramming her and she was enjoying gaziantep özbek escort the fuck and saying “…..chodo…..maderchod……chodo……bahenchod…..mujhe nafta do….bacha do…” Soon his semen was all over her and she smelt gorgeous.

Just then Parvati walked in and said “…..meri chudhai nahi karoge kya…” Hemant then approached her nangi chooth and started ramming. In the meantime Ananya was sucking Parvatis boobs. The three of them were fucking like rabbits. Ananya was saying “……bhaiya maa ko maa banao……chodo……bahenchod….hum dono ko bacha do……maderchod….jaldi zor se chodo….”

This fuck session went on the wholebnight. Morning came and Parvati brought a red saree, sindoor and payal and asked Hemant to give it to Ananya. After Hemant applied the sindoor on Ananya he then put it on Parvati who then said we are now both your wives. You have to look after and cherish us and give us babies. Hemant took a vow to then look after both his wives.


Ananya asked Hemant to take them for a honeymoon to Dalhousie where gaziantep özbek escort bayan they stayed at the Honeymoon Hotel. They did a lot of sightseeing and even went upto Patnitop. They wore jeans, saris and lehnga choli. The whole day they were out and at night they were fucking.

Either Ananya or Parvati would be down and Hemant on top. He was expert at licking chooth and kissing. Ananya loved to eat Parvatis chooth. Hemant lover the gaand and the chooth both. Ananya would scream “…..gaand maro…..maa ki bhi chooth maro…..bahenchod….maderchod…..zor se chod…..”

Parvati would say “…….chod chutiya……dono ko bacha de…..chutiye apni maa aur bahen ki chooth aur gaand fill kar?…zor se chod……chutiye……nafta de….mujhe chod….ananya ki chudhai kar…..”

Ananya use to look beautiful in lehnga cholinand Hemant would start kissing her navel, put her lehnga up, suck her chooth while Parvati sucked her boobs. The mother daughter combine loved the way their husband fucked and made love to them. He loved Parvati in a sari with her short neck deep blouses. Her boobs were soft and nipples hard.

Hemant introduced both sister and mother as his wives. Everone appreciated how he looked after both his wives. The regular chudhai brought results and soon both the wives were pregnant with his seed. They had a god bharai ceremony for both the ladies. All the friends who attended were envious that soon there would be two babies in the house and Parvati would be granny as well as mother.

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