A Cuckquean’s Tale: Impregnation

Solo Male

Was it a little strange? Possibly. Would others be most likely disgusted by the situation happening in front of Laura? Absolutely. But for Laura, and most importantly her loving husband Paul and her mother Stephanie it didn’t feel that way. In front of Laura, a woman in her late twenties with auburn red hair and a slim, athletic figure, was a scene that she had been attempting to make happen for a few months now. Her husband was balls deep inside of her own mother, in an attempt to impregnate her.

It had all started with Stephanie, who had been in her mid 50’s at this point telling her daughter that she wanted another child. Now sadly her husband had already left the family and neither Stephanie or Laura were wanting it to be some stranger so the consensus was that someone familiar needed to be the one. Enter Paul, Laura’s husband for two years and boyfriend for nearly 10 years now. It was the typical college love turned marriage and they had been loving each other a lot. Inside the bed. On the kitchen counter. In their garden.

Yet there was a spark inside of Laura that was missing. Something that she wanted to see and experience. And that was being a cuckquean. Watching her husband fuck another woman right in front of her. At first Paul was very much against the idea. He only loved her and didn’t want to have fun wit anyone else, but Laura kept telling him and reassuring him that this wasn’t about love. It was only going to be about pleasure, for both of them.

And so they slowly dipped their toes into that lifestyle, mostly using various sites to find discreet hook-ups that really did work out well. Paul found to enjoy himself as he fucked woman in front of his wife, even having her encourage him to go harder or to slow down and let her beg for more. And Laura enjoyed it just as much. And it made their playing after each of those situations even hotter, Laura absolutely loved tasting another woman on Paul’s cock and he as a result loved her eagerness for him.

Now, Stephanie and Laura had always been rather close to each other. Some might say a little to close at times, at least for what the common folk would imagine a Mother and Daughter to be like. Kisses were often accompanied by some groping, they often talked about nurdağı escort each other’s sexual activities. It was normal to them. Due to that Stephanie knew about her daughter’s escapades with Paul and when it came to finding someone to impregnate her, they quickly came to the decision to let Paul do the honor, if he was interested in it. Just like with the whole beginning of their cuckquean adventures, it needed quite a while to get him to even consider it.

Laura kept telling him that there was no problem with it, that there would never be any trouble between them. Paul couldn’t get himself to do it though. Fucking other women in front of his wife was something else entirely compared to not only fucking but impregnating his wife’s Mother. A lot of Laura’s days were spent trying to convince him that it wasn’t any problem, and after some time it actually seemed to work out. Paul slowly got more and more accepting of that offer and in the end did agree to do it.

And that’s how they found each other inside of the married couple’s bedroom with Paul and Stephanie on the bed with Paul already behind her while the older woman was on all fours and her body rocked back and forth. Stephanie’s black hair was waving back and forth as Paul was already inside of her, Laura watching with great pleasure from the sidelines.

It wasn’t a very rough session, but it was supposed to get the job done. Paul had to try his best as his size, which was around 7 inches, was definitely something Stephanie wasn’t used to. It was a little too big for the older Lady but that wasn’t going to stop the two from enjoying it. Stephanie’s moans filled the room and made Laura enjoy it just as much with her hand down between her thighs, loving the sight of her own Mother being fucked by her husband.

Paul’s hands were firmly gripping the still quite peachy bottom of Stephanie, really digging his fingers into her skin to keep bouncing her back and forth onto his hard, throbbing shaft. There was so much more Paul wanted to do. He wanted to pull her by her hair, really bury himself deep inside of her and take her like he would take Laura. But that wasn’t the point of the situation and so Paul just kept gently thrusting nurdağı escort bayan into his mother in law with his hips crashing against her ass.

“God yes, fuck me! Give it to me, Paul!” Stephanie groaned out in pleasure. Her hands were roaming over her own body, squeezing and groping her D cup sized breasts that were swinging around below here with Paul taking her from behind. Her head was hanging down and she was slowly leaning down to place it onto the sheets, lifting her hips up even further while her back was arched downwards. “That’s the spot!” She moaned back at Laura’s husband.

Laura kept watching seated in a chair next to the bed, propping her right leg up onto the armrest to spread her legs for an easier time to rub her fingers over her clit, letting Paul see how much she enjoyed it whenever he looked to the side to look at his beautiful wife. Paul had a huge grin on his face, his cock getting more and more covered in Stephanie’s wetness, making it glisten in the light whenever he pulled out. Laura was biting her lip whenever she saw it, loving the view of her own Mother being so turned on for her husband.

“Tease my ass..” The older woman started moaning into the sheets as her voice cracked and her sounds of pleasure only became more intense. Paul didn’t want to waste any time with it and let his thumb push against that tight little ring between her cheeks, pressing and opening it slightly while he increased the pace and made sure to keep the older woman well satisfied.

Stephanie screamed out loud in pleasure once she felt Paul’s thumb pushing against and slowly into her ass on top of his cock getting deeper inside of her as any man had gotten in at least a few decades. Her body was starting to squirm and Laura scooted a little closer to see it up close and personal. Paul pulled his finger away from her ass for a moment and slid outside of her slit, quickly sliding his thumb over that wetness to use her own juices as lube.

After a few seconds he pushed himself straight back into her aching pussy and shoved his thumb slowly and gently into her ass, starting to thrust it in and out of her while continuing to fuck at a steady pace, his balls continuously escort nurdağı slapping against her backside.

“Oh fuck.. fuck! Yes that’s it!” Stephanie voiced her satisfaction with Paul, moving one of her hands from her heavy breasts down to her clit, circling tow fingers on top of it to give herself even more pleasure than she was already getting from Paul’s cock alone. It only made her scream out louder, moans echoing through the room and Paul could feel her pussy tightening around his thick shaft.

“Come on Paul! Fill me up! Breed me!” She encouraged him, able to feel his cock swelling up inside of her as well and within seconds after she said that her whole body started squirming and her pleasure came all over herself, a heavy, intense orgasm rolling over her as she screamed into the room. Laura was loving the sound of her own Mother getting so much pleasure and stepped up behind Paul to whisper into his ear.

“Go on.. fill my Mother with your seed, give her what she wants..” She purred into his ear, biting at his ear as he buried himself as deep as possible inside of Stephanie’s pussy. His cock started pulsing and throbbing and soon after he growled deeply into the room, his cock sending rope after rope of potent seed right down into her womb, filling her up with a big load of cum and giving her what she truly wanted from this. “Take it, Stephanie!” He growled, digging his hands into her ass once more while he stayed deep inside of her, letting every spurt of cum flow into her deepest regions before slowly pulling out. His cock coated in cum, shining and glistening with it. As soon as he pulled out Stephanie started dripping with it too, the cum staining the sheets underneath her while she collapsed down onto the bed, breathing and panting heavily.

“Wow.. that was… wow..” She said, trying to catch her breath while Laura gave her husband a quick kiss on the cheek for a job well done. “That was one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen…” Laura let both of them know while idly stroking her husband’s cock. Stephanie turned around on the bed to face the married couple, her face ridden with pleasure.

“Thank you.. both.” Stephanie had a genuine smile on her face as she looked down at her slightly sweaty body that was dripping with cum between her thighs. Paul looked down at her with both a bit of regret and happiness, not sure how to feel about having impregnated his mother in law quiet yet. But in that moment, he was well satisfied at the very least.

But would there be any problems coming up in the coming months? Only time would tell…

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